Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia capitulate and allow the boats.

May 22nd, 2015

Since Tony Abbot has been elected prime minister of Australia, no one is known to have successfully illegally immigrated to Australia. Their boat goes back, or if they are unusually stubborn and persistent, they wind up in a military run prison camp in a third world hell hole. From time to time progressives complain about the conditions in these camps. As far as is known, no one has yet wound up in Davey Jones locker, though some have come close.

It looks like one hundred percent successful enforcement and if it is not, it is mighty close to one hundred percent.

Illegal immigration can be stopped. Completely. You have to break a few eggs, and maybe set a few boats on fire. There are underage orphans in those prison camps (and if there are not, the Australian government says that there are so that no one thinks that they can successfully play the pity card), but you don’t have to drown or shoot anyone.

Under international pressure, Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia have agreed to accept the illegal immigrants for up to a year, in return for first world promises that the illegals will then go to some first world country – presumably Australia. The Australian government has other ideas. Presumably the pressure will escalate on Australia, while simultaneously, with a deal guaranteeing illegal migrants unspecified first world residence, we can expect a gigantic flood of illegals piling up in Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

The flood is going to rapidly grow to spectacular and alarming proportions, so either Thailand and Malaysia are going to get screwed (which I think is the most likely outcome), or Europe and America is going to take this lot (second most likely outcome), or Australia yields, which I think is the least likely outcome, because Tony Abbot has balls.

The plan, however, is that Australia will take them. As illegals pile up in Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia, pressure will increase on Australia.

This growing pile of illegals will be the camp of the Saints. The plan was probably to rewrite history that Australia had implicitly agreed to take them, and then shame Australia for failing to live up to this implicit and unstated promise, but Tony Abbot’s swift application of a flamethrower has made that rewrite difficult. Anyone joining the camp is expecting an airlift to Europe or the United States, not Australia.

A letter to Sunnis facing Shia Democracy

May 20th, 2015

They are going to kill you all. So you had better sign up with the Caliphate.

It is inherent in the nature of democracy that you get rule by a religion that has open entry into the clerisy.

It is inherent in the rule of a religion that has open entry into the clerisy that it becomes ever more extreme and eventually, ever more left wing.

They have gotten rid of all the Christians and such. Every election, every year, they get more and more radical. You are next. Then everyone who is insufficiently Shia. They are now mobilizing and arming with American weapons the poorly disciplined and poorly trained Shia mobs that previously attempted genocide.

The Camp of the Saints

May 18th, 2015

The good and the great have announced there is no such thing as an illegal immigrant, in part because anyone who (however implausibly) claims to be a refugee, is legal.

Some time ago Australia adopted a policy of turning the boats around, Read the rest of this entry »

After white male america

May 13th, 2015

Law enforcement against blacks is inherently racist. Gentrification proceeded under an unprincipled exception. Eric Holder is rolling back that unprincipled exception. Not only does every good progressive know that being black is no indicator of propensity to commit crimes, he also knows that a past history of criminal conduct is no indicator of propensity to commit crimes in future – see “Les Miserables” for the correct progressive position on crime and punishment, which is, pretty much, that punishment is horribly oppressive and old fashioned.

Thus Krystalnacht in the small parts of Baltimore where whites are permitted, areas which were suddenly revealed as a precarious ghetto subject to the terrifying whims of a non white male majority.

If white nationalists were allowed to behave the way the rioters were, we would be back to overwhelming white majority lickety spit.

I suspect that most of the Cathedral is quite comfortable with gentrification, and are horrified to see it rolled back, but, because no enemies to the left, are unable to restrain the radicals among them.

After all, if the radical program succeeds, and ethnically cleansing white males becomes the next big holy cause, the way ladyboys were yesterday’s holy cause, each member of the establishment wants to be last to be fed to the crocodiles, and to this end will industriously feed his fellow establishment members to the crocodiles.

If Baltimore is being ethnically cleansed of whites because two thirds black, then this has no great implications for the rest of America. There is a lot of ruin in a nation. We let leftists destroy Detroit out of hatred for whites, we can let them destroy a hundred Detroits.

If on other hand Baltimore is being ethnically cleansed because the New York Times and Eric Holder are rolling back the unprincipled exception that white laws are enforced on black people, then every white male in America is in the same boat as white males in Baltimore.

The obscure town of Ferguson, Missouri remains in the spotlight of national concern because in Ferguson the cops tend to be white and the criminals black. Something must be done about this! Of course, this pattern is observable everywhere in the United States. Ferguson is an extremely average town.  Liberal cities like Santa Monica, CA tend to have racial disparities in arrest rates that are much worse. Indeed, the more liberal the city, the more that arrests consist of whites punishing blacks.

Because blacks are naturally and inevitably violent and subhuman, law enforcement is naturally and inevitably racist. Did I hear someone say “Not all blacks are like that”? But when you take statistics over all arrests, all unpleasant encounters between police and citizens, as Eric Holder has been doing, you get the mean, the median, and the mode, and the mean, the median, and the mode is that law enforcement consists of blacks being vicious subhuman thugs and whites stopping them, which is racist. So Eric Holder issues an injunction to stop this racism, which is to say, to stop police from protecting whites against black violence.

If all men are created equal, it is morally wrong for police to protect whites from black violence. And Eric Holder has proven this, in a court of law, over and over again.

If the Obama Administration and the press were out to do to every municipality in America what they’ve talked of doing to Ferguson, the country would soon become a lawless Mad Max post-apocalyptic wasteland.

Conservatives tend to suppose that progressives are basically sane, so will refrain from making the US into a lawless Mad Max post-apocalyptic wasteland.

I don’t think progressives actually think things through, I don’t think they ask themselves “would it be good if we progressives, acting as a whole, did X”. Rather each progressive does that which maximizes his status relative to other progressives, makes him holier than the next progressive, and if the net effect of all these holy actions by all these holy progressives is utterly disastrous, they rewrite history and reality that the net effect is just wonderful.

Eric Holder is just proving himself more holy by burning down Ferguson and Baltimore, and if that works, over time, lots of people will prove themselves more holy by burning down lots more.

Since trannie acceptance has maxed out with seven year olds being taught transexuality rather than the three Rs, each of the elements of the Cathedral is casting around for some new cause to be the next big thing.

And what they are right now trying on is getting rid of white males. It is ambitious, but with leftism moving left ever faster, with the overton window shrinking ever smaller, pays to be ambitious, to be in there first with the next big thing.

Quite likely there will be a reaction that causes them to try something less ambitious before all America is on fire. And quite likely there will not be.

Something similar to this happened in the period 1953 to 1969 leading to the 1967 race riots which ultimately resulted in the ethnic cleansing of whites out of Detroit and many other places, and it was rolled back, leading to the era of gentrification.

People take it for granted that “the inner city” is occupied by hostile subhuman savages. But in most of the world the inner city is where the civilized and elite upper crust live and play, since it is naturally desirable to be close to the center of things, and the subhuman savages are excluded to the exurbs, the favelas, where land is naturally cheap. And, until the Warren Court, that was the way it was in America. The Inner City went black due to the courts privileging black violence against whites. If do an ngrams search on inner city and you go through google books by date, you don’t see references to the inner cities being a scary dangerous place, poor and black, until you see references to civil rights and such, until the Warren Court period. The inner cities are the way they are because, during the Warren court period, whites, rendered second class citizens, denied the right of collective self defense, were ethnically cleansed out of the most desirable real estate, with the result that it became the least desirable real estate.

In the fifties and sixties, the courts systematically abused judicial discretion and due process protections to excuse criminals generally and black attacks on whites in particular. Due process protections were systematically abused to obtain the substantive result that it was difficult to punish crime, and near impossible to punish black crime against white people.

To counter this, the politicians struck back against the judges with mandatory sentencing and terrifyingly broad prosecutorial powers, prosecutorial discretion being abused to counter abusive judicial discretion, and punitive prosecutorial process being abused to counter judicial abuse of due process to obtain substantive results.

Gentrification ensued – or rather regentrification, as parts of the inner city resumed the civilized character that they had had before Civil Rights and the Warren Court.

But since then, with unlimited nonwhite underclass immigration, with huge numbers of foreigners entering the country to live on crime and welfare, which is to say, to live on white males, the white vote has become effectively irrelevant. Most white males vote outside the Overton window, in that they will reliably vote for whichever major politician is closest to the right edge of the Overton window. Single women tend to live on welfare and affirmative action jobs, so vote with non whites.

The great majority of white males already vote for the rightmost candidate permitted.  What are we going to do?  Vote twice?   Backlash is just not going to have any noticeable electoral impact.   There is no substantial electoral downside to hating white males twice as much as the other guy and thus being twice as holy.  As a tidal wave of non white underclass immigration floods the country to live on crime and welfare, the white male vote becomes increasingly irrelevant.  Everyone is asking themselves what they can do to win these new voters.   No one wonders what will influence white males.

Thus the kind of political backlash that occurred against the courts allowing criminals to go free, that led to mandatory sentencing and alarmingly broad prosecutorial powers, is now politically irrelevant. It will not change electoral outcomes.  It does not matter how white males vote, because most of them already vote their interests, and if even more of them vote their interests, that adds up to not many votes up for grabs.

These days, alarmingly broad prosecutorial powers are apt to be used against any person who attempts to defend himself against black violence.

With white males effectively already a minority, quite likely there will not be reaction that causes them to try something less ambitious – quite likely this will slowly escalate into the coming purge of whites as a market dominant minority.

It is early days yet, but that is the way the wind blows.

And it seems to be working as a political cause. Baltimore and similar riots America wide seem to be gaining the Cathedral support. Only white males care, and they already vote for the least progressive candidate. All the church ladies are having orgasms for the manly rioters, and worrying about how the rioters are oppressed victims.

Whites are well on the way to becoming a market dominant minority. Market dominant minorities tend to get ethnically cleansed or genocided, sooner or later. Further, the necessary mythos for genocide and ethnic cleansing is already in place. We whites, merely by existing, cast baleful magic spells that cause all other groups to underperform. It is like original sin. We can only atone by vanishing. Pretty much everyone believes this, including most whites. Whites possess the evil magic mind control powers previously attributed to Jews.

The nominally Christian Churches, like the mainstream media, are all preaching we deserve ethnic cleansing for our sins, for casting these evil spells. Our powerlessness in the face of ethnic cleansing makes all white males look beta, so naturally all women will vote alpha. Women always identify with the conqueror against their own people.

Progressives collect mountains of evidence that group x is doing poorly compared to white males, for numerous values of x, and there really are only two possible explanations. Evil white males are casting evil spells harming members of group x, or group x really is inferior and needs to be ruled by their betters.

And, of course, no decent person would suggest that group x really is inferior and needs to be ruled by their betters.

Libertarians and Conservative Christians attempt to mark out a position somewhere in the middle, avoiding these two extremes, but a position in the middle turns out to be mighty slippery, seems that rather than avoiding both extremes, they embrace both extremes, depending on whether they are being criticized from the left or the right. Whenever they explicitly deny one position, they implicitly affirm the other.

But I really was not expecting the market dominant minority treatment until whites really were a minority. Cleansing Baltimore the way Detroit was cleansed seems premature. Efforts to cleanse New York, Baltimore style, have been forcefully checked by good old fashioned politically incorrect policing. But if ethnic cleansing is the next big cause, the way ladyboys were the last big cause, the New York check is only temporary,

From the point of view of the Cathedral as a whole, it does not make sense to make a start on ethnic cleansing and genocide so soon, but from the point of view of any one member, any one faction, any one conspiracy within the Cathedral, if ethnic cleansing and eventually genocide is inevitable sooner or later, it is in the interest of any one element of the Cathedral to try for sooner, to gain a status advantage by jumping the gun on the next big thing.

The Cathedral is more like a cancer than a conspiracy. It is not necessarily capable of following its own best interests.

Where do whites go from here? Alaska and Australia are looking good. Settlement of the Arctic is forbidden. Settlement of Antarctica is similarly forbidden, but Australia, the last white haven, has a claim, not internationally recognized, to most of the interesting parts of Antarctica.

Or we could do what the Koreans did – repel troublemakers and cops alike.

Recall the Cronulla beach riots. Police were ordered to back the Muslim rioters and repress the white rioters, but were either unable to obey those orders, or disinclined to obey them very effectively, whereupon the whites made short work of the Muslims.

Ethnic cleansing of white males from most of America, with the probable exception of Alaska, begins. It will not happen all at once, but rather, one city after another, one excuse after another. First Ferguson, now Baltimore, Krystalnacht proceeds.

Quite possibly it will hit determined opposition, and be postponed a decade or two, or many decades, until whites truly are a minority. Early days as yet. But so far, seems to be sufficient that white males are minority, and white females are being taught to despise them.

Because effective law enforcement against blacks is racist, and since the declaration of independence has been an unprincipled exception, and unprincipled exceptions get rolled back one by one, there is no lasting solution short of moving to Alaska, or rolling the enlightenment all the way back, back to that all men were not created equal, and women do not count at all.

Any politically thinkable solution merely postpones the inevitable, temporarily keeping the unprincipled exception in place to allow gentrification, and preserve areas already gentrified. Any permanent solution is going to require the politically unthinkable

And by the unthinkable I don’t mean Nazism or white nationalism. Nazis were leftists in 1930, Roosevelt on steroids, became rightists in that the rest of the left continued to move ever leftwards. I mean the reaction of the eighteenth century.

Because the establishment is secretly not all that keen on the latest program, because the establishment rather likes gentrification, it is likely that whites could fight back, and not be crushed by the united power of the state, because the state is not really all that united. We really should try a Cronulla, we should render unsafe white areas safe by judicious lynching of particularly badly behaved blacks and/or wholesale removal of nonwhites, yet I see no one trying that.

We cannot continue the enlightenment project because the effective law enforcement that preserved parts of America for whites is an unprincipled exception to the enlightenment, and always has been

One could have predicted Baltimore from Les Miserables. For whites to live in Baltimore, we need a society in which no one could take Les Miserables seriously.

Here is the outline for such a society. See also.

Libertarians, conservative Christians, and such, don’t want to accept the position that white males cast evil spells that impair the performance of other groups, which position has the disturbing implication that white males need to be eliminated, but neither do they want to accept the positions that whites should rule over inferior races and men should rule over women, and so they attempt to take a variety of intermediate positions, but these intermediate positions consist of crimestop, doublethink, and unprincipled exceptions, and so are inherently vulnerable to the superior holiness of the position that white males cast evil spells, and since it seems that no amount of punishment or castigation can stop white males from casting these evil spells, white males have to be eliminated.

Thus, for example, a libertarian may piously say that there is no such thing as race, that that is collectivist thinking.

This pious tactic works just fine in Turkey, in most of Latin America, and in Egypt, where anyone who notices that the ruling class is white, and the underclass brown, is apt fall down several flights of stairs in a one story police station. In consequence, everyone piously agrees that all Turks are one race, all nationals of the Latin American country in question are all one race. Similarly, there are a lot of black countries where the ruling elite varies from milk chocolate to “Huh? That guy is white!” and somehow strangely no one seems to notice.

But in America, such piety does not go far, because a progressive points out that black schools are invariably very bad schools, and proposes that whites fix this problem (presupposing that whites caused this problem). Saying that there is no such thing as black school because there is no such thing as a black is unlikely to be persuasive, because it is perfectly obvious that the progressive is correct in that there are such things as black schools, and that black schools vary from bad to worse.

So the libertarian, inconsistently, temporarily dumps his position that there is no such thing as race, and snarkily asks “Why is that when blacks are bussed to good schools, those schools then immediately become bad schools”

But the libertarian dare not answer his own question, for the true answer is crimethink, whereas the progressive can easily answer the question: White males are so evil and hateful that they cast evil spells upon the school when blacks are bussed there.

So the progressive asks the libertarian what is to be done about black schools. And the libertarian cannot answer, for were he to answer, the true answer is that the black schools must be subject to white authority, black students forced by harsh discipline, including the frequent application of corporal punishment, to behave like white students, (in other words, whites must rule over blacks), and that mothers who deprive children of their biological fathers need to be shamed and punished as trash, sluts, and whores, (in other words, males must rule over females).

And so the libertarian has no answer that he dare speak, or even dare think, but the progressive does have an answer: Somehow make sure that white males are just somehow not around any more.

Any program for races and sexes living together as equals will always run into the problem that they are not in fact equal, and political activists will then always make hay out of this inequality.

And the end result of activists making hay is that one race must be eradicated, or one race must rule the other.

Any solution short of whites ruling over blacks and men ruling over women is always necessarily vulnerable to the superior holiness of those who wish to prevent evil white males from casting evil spells.

Any measure to prevent evil white males from casting evil spells will always fail, requiring ever more drastic action to deal with the evil committed by white males and the very great harm that they magically inflict.

The point of the dark enlightenment is to understand the world, not to change it.

May 10th, 2015

Theory is understanding and understanding is theory. Seeing the world as a collection of bare unexplained facts is effectively the same as seeing the world as filled with magic. To suppose that somehow price controls on wages or medical treatment do not behave like price controls generally is in effect to believe in magic.

Without theory the world is a collection of magical events, something that defies understanding.

Experiments can be faulty. Experience can be faulty, and its interpretation can be faulty. There are experiments “showing” that Uri Geller is a spoon bender. A person who understands the world will know, despite the seeming evidence, that Uri Geller is a fraud. Reflect on Moldbugs demonstration that macro economics is a fraud.

But surely The Reaction is at least a little bit interested in changing the world?

Theory suggests two paths for changing the world.

The Moldbuggian path is to be worthy of power, wait for leftism to self destruct, as it has so many times before, and then when the military come looking for a priesthood, we are available.

The other, more activist, path is to form a thede, tribe, religion, religions being synthetic tribes, and proceed on the long march through the institutions of the red empire, the empire of the bases, and in due course subjugate the blue empire, the empire of the consulates. From time to time the Red Empire has blown up Blue Empire proxies, and vice versa. It would not take much for the fighting to get serious.

The reaction has engaged in a number of experiments in tribe formation. It is too soon to evaluate the results. We don’t yet have much empirical data on tribe synthesis.

Which brings us to the secular reaction’s view of religion. Which is that Religio matters, religion not so much. A religion’s unfalsifiable beliefs, its empirically neutral beliefs, are reverse engineered from its rituals, are rationalizations of its rituals, rather than the rituals being engineered from the beliefs. The unfalsifiable beliefs of Shinto are incoherent, since Shinto is a random grab bag of rituals, yet Shinto still worked quite well regardless, despite having very little in the way of beliefs for people to believe in.

A religion should be an effective tool for transmitting the wisdom of parents to teenagers, telling stupid people to do what smart people already know to do.

Hiatus till early May

April 8th, 2015

Blogging will be light to nonexistent until early May, as will answering email, approving comments that have gone into the moderation queue, and pretty much everything else.

Evil League of Evil wins Hugo awards.

April 5th, 2015

With assistance from Gamergate.

Hugo awards controversy

(Actually they dominated the short list, so it is not over yet, but the final outcome is pretty much baked in now)-

Politically correct science fiction simply is not science fiction, none of it, not a single recent Hugo award winner until now, because it continually lectures us on the latest issue, even if those delivering the lecture are supposedly martian elves, thus is always about the present place and the present time, and the martian elf costumes are less than skin deep.

All recent Hugo award winners have been boring tedious lectures spitting on their audience as racist and sexist, which is why Hugo award winners of fifty years ago are still today massively outselling recent Hugo award winners.

By the way, we don’t drag gays to death behind pickup trucks. That is a completely false and malign accusation. That would be lower class, demotic, and democratic. We take them out to sea, till we get to where the currents run offshore to the middle of the pacific, then blindfold them, and make them walk the plank to celebrate the traditions of our colonialist predecessors who so gloriously founded the British empire. It is much more dignified. (Were you wondering why there are so few old gays? Now you know.)

Chimp politics and Cromwell’s puritanism

April 4th, 2015

Moldbug is a big fan of Carlyle. Carlyle is a big fan of Cromwell.

Well I am a big fan of Cromwell also, but Carlyle takes Cromwell’s Christianity seriously. If Carlyle was around today, I would have the exact same quarrel with him as I have with B.

Reading Carlyle on Cromwell, Carlyle takes it as simple fact that the Puritans were very sincere and strong believers in God, which obviously they were – but declines to inquire as to why this sincere and strong faith in God increased dramatically with every election, until Cromwell made himself supreme, whereupon it evaporated like Marxism in the Soviet Union.

A striking thing about this simple and strong faith is that Carlyle shows us that they are always talking about the goodies, about who gets Church of England sinecures. Being simple and strong believers in God, they believed that the goodies should go to simple and strong believers in God, like themselves, and were homicidally indignant when the goodies went to more worldly men, men they indignantly accused of being interested in mere goodies. Carlyle enthusiastically endorses the passionate and angry language with which they expressed this indignation at the worldly concern of those who wanted Church of England sinecures merely for the money and power, rather than wanting them for the greater glory of God.

The Puritans focus on the next world resulted in remarkably passionate and intense focus on the distribution of state and quasi state jobs in this one. Carlyle reports, approvingly, a bunch of incidents where puritans acted like a mob of apes. One expects leftists to act like animals, since they identify with subhumans, but it is disturbing to see Christians act like leftists. Puritanism, to judge by the activities described by Carlyle, was almost entirely about jobs for the boys, and to the objective of getting jobs for the boys, they brought out the mob, made alliances with far against near (Englishmen using Scots against Englishmen) and became startlingly enthusiastic about equality and social justice.

The social justice puritans were outflanking Cromwell, being holier than he. But he put a stop to that.

A religion is a synthetic tribe. (I use the term religion broadly to include things like Marxism and progressivism.) Being a synthetic tribe, useful for shaking down smaller tribes and those less cohesive, thus religion and state naturally become one. A state can hardly exist except it propagates and enforces an official belief system, in other words, something suspiciously like a religion.

Membership of the state apparatus for propagating its official beliefs is lucrative and high prestige, thus if the official belief system is not already a religion, it will be taken over by an organized group of sincere believers in one thing or another, taken over by a religion. If you have open entry into the priesthood (also known as community organizers), you wind up with the most sincere and extreme believers organizing against the slightly less sincere and extreme believers, an endlessly escalating sequence of conspiratorial takeovers by ever holier people, endlessly taking over the State system for propagating official beliefs – in our case, high status universities are endlessly turbulent, endlessly going further left, and endlessly dragging the rest of society along with them.

Stable long lived states have some mechanism against this. The Hebrews had a hereditary priesthood. Japanese shrines were and are private property, even though it is a state religion, and you cannot easily whip up new and competing shrines. Pagan Icelandic shrines were private property, and again, new shrines were not permitted. You could buy your way into the cartel, but you were not allowed to out holy them.

A lot of reactionaries daydream about the dissolution of the universities. It is plausible, indeed likely, that the universities will be dissolved in the quite near future. When the tail wags the dog, surgical tail removal becomes increasingly likely. Leftism can go on getting ever lefter for a while longer, but universities cannot go on spending ever more money, becoming ever more expensive, taking up ever more of people’s time, and becoming an ever greater pain in the neck for the Pentagon and the State Department.

Such dissolution would not necessarily in itself result in the abolition of state supported official belief, and abolition of the wealth, privilege, status, and power that comes from controlling the system of state supported official belief. Henry the Eighth dissolved the monasteries, but a hundred years later the problem was back and worse than ever.

The system for propagating official state belief is an attractive nuisance, and attractive nuisances need to be fenced. A libertarian would like to abolish it, but fencing is easier. I would like to see true separation of information and state, which is to say, true separation of Church and state no matter how religion redefines itself to be not religion, but this is utopian. It is a lot easier to have an Archbishop and a Grand Inquisitor to stop the process of mutation to ever greater holiness. We also need to make positions in the system semi hereditary or private property in order the bribe the indolence of the clergy. We need clergy to have the power and the incentive to keep out those holier than themselves, just as we need a King to keep people out of politics.

B complains that I use the word “Holy” to mean “Screaming mob of chimpanzees hurling their feces and biting anything they can bite, including themselves”, but no one was holier in B’s sense than the puritans, as Carlyle quite correctly tells us, yet when goodies were in reach, they became a screaming mob of chimpanzees hurling their feces and biting anything they could bite, including themselves, as for example the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland in the prelude to the Bishop’s wars.

Anime and decadence

April 2nd, 2015

Japan is decadent and is committing suicide with impressive grace and style. This is intentional Cathedral and MacArthur policy.

It does decadence very well, and decadence is attractive and entertaining. A little poison, every now and then, makes for an agreeable life, and a lot of poison, in the end, makes for an agreeable death.

In the course of watching more anime that I should, I have observed that the ideas projected in anime are invariably corrupting and self destructive, and probably a major cause of Japan’s epidemic of shut ins who live in their mother’s basement, watching hentai and playing video games all day.

Been watching various Japanese anime which increasingly indicate a terrible testosterone deficit in Japan, and probably are part of the cause of the deficit.

I recently randomly sampled an episode from the anime series Cat Girl Planet. Science fiction harem anime about cat girls. Sounds good.

Episode five, starting in the middle. Big pirate battleship whose all female crew wear a cross between sexy maid costumes and sexy pirate costumes.

They are under attack by umpteen different and mutually hostile groups, among them a couple of pirate girls wearing bunny costumes and teensy weensy itsy bitsy bikinis, two girls wearing powered battle armor suits, with almost identical uniforms but belonging to different and opposed factions, a bunch of identical robots, and probably maybe some more factions

Oh, I forgot, also under attack by the male protagonist and his super powered cat girl friend.

Unfortunately, her super powers, and her mind, are gone, because she is in heat. To restore her to normal, she needs to be laid, but the protagonist, the only male around, fails to take the hint.

Maybe I forgot them because they fail to do anything brave or manly unlike all the other teams.

Much dramatic action girl combat ensues, action girl on action girl. Finally the big confrontation.

Whereupon the male protagonist, the only male on the entire ship, and if he was not surrounded by extremely feminine girls, you would think him a girl also, proceeds to lecture people with moral lesson of the day – which moral lesson does not seem particularly relevant, but everyone is so impressed by this that they stop fighting.

The protagonist fails to do anything brave or manly, fails to hit on any girls, and fails to respond appropriately when girls hit on him.

The story line requires that the cat girl be restored to her normal self by the end of this episode or the start of the next. I suppose a bad guy is probably going to wind up servicing her off screen, demonstrating that manliness and hitting on girls is bad, but was not inclined to watch the rest of this series to test this theory.

Watched Btooom!

The protagonist has never hit on a girl, never intends to attempt to hit on a girl, lives in his mother’s basement playing video games all day. Never intends to get a real life woman or a real job. His single mum is getting increasingly pissed with this.

We see a flashback to his schooldays:

Evil horrible oppressive to women horrible sexist horrible bully at school learns that the protagonist loves some schoolgirl from afar. From very far. Evil Bully tells protagonist that evil bully is interested pumping and dumping that same schoolgirl, but he will hold back so that protagonist can score some sex.

Protagonist declines to hit on girl. Evil bully tells him to man up and hit on the girl. You will get no sex if you take no action he tells him.

Protagonist declines to hit on girl. Evil bully tells him to get moving or evil bully will hit on girl.

Protagonist declines to hit on girl. Evil bully tells him to get a move on, damn it.

Protagonist declines to hit on girl. Evil bully hits on girl, pumps her and dumps her. She cries a lot. Oh the horrible outrage.

Protagonist savagely attacks evil bully. Evil bully declines to fight back, even though he could easily beat the crap out of the protagonist. This is probably even more humiliating for the protagonist than being beaten up. The girl beloved from afar never has any idea why the protagonist attacked the evil bully.

It is perfectly obvious that the evil bully is going to become a successful man in a high status job when he grows up, and the protagonist is going to grow up to be a total loser. Further, the evil bully is not evil at all. He is mentoring the protagonist, trying to give protagonist a little bit of the fathering that he has never known and desperately needs, to help the protagonist to not become the total loser that he is growing up to become.

In the Btooom! universe fathers are invariably evil and a bad influence, and children are better off without them.

In the protagonist’s video game universe his player character has an in game wife. His fellow players tell him there are no women on the internet, and the player playing his wife is probably a fat fifty year old male. His in game wife declines requests for her real life identity, leading the main character to suspect “she” probably is a fat fifty year old male.

By an extremely improbable plot contrivance, he gets thrown into a real life adventure with the player playing his wife, who turns out to be an incredibly hot chick very much resembling her in game avatar.

Aaaand – still won’t hit on her. In fact, despite having completely heroic adventures, he remains the total loser he always was, never growing an inch.

I originally decided to watch Btooom! because of an online review that it oppressed and degraded the female love interest, though in fact the male protagonist is horribly castrated, and is incessantly bullied and oppressed by the female love interest, on whom he never makes a move.

Instant girlfriend plot, in that they wind up living together in an abandoned building. He risks his life to get food. She does not cook. Building is indescribably filthy. She does not clean. She treats him with absolute and total lack of respect. And did I mention the lack of cooking and cleaning? Good. I will mention it again just in case you forget.

He never hits on her. She never does any housework for him. The place where they hang out continues to look like a homeless squat. Skipping forward to the end of the series, he still has not grown an inch. At the end of the series, she assumes the position (on a couch that is no cleaner than when they first arrived) but instead of screwing her, or better, telling her to clean the couch so that it is fit for screwing on, he talks to the demons in his head.

Now I can see there is a moral argument for him refraining from slapping her around and telling her “I saved your life umpteen times per episode, so put out, woman” but she desperately needs to be slapped around and told to do some cooking, cleaning, and lose the bad attitude. Just as the protagonist would have been a whole lot better off if evil bully / mentor had beaten the crap out of him, she would have been a lot better off if the protagonist had beaten the crap out of her.

The moral universe of both animes is that masculinity is bad, the behaviors that lead to success are bad, male sexuality is disgusting and evil, while female sexuality is pure and chaste. Fathers are absent and/or evil in both animes.

The stupid elite

March 30th, 2015

It seems obvious to me that our ruling elite has been getting less and less elite, less and less intelligent, since around 1875, and I have previously produced a great pile of anecdotal data on this subject, for example the endless dumbing down of university entrance tests throughout the twentieth century, the hilarious conversations found in the Challenger inquiry archives, showing spectacular examples of pointy haired boss syndrome, the staff of the World Bank, Obama’s scriptwriters, and so on and so forth.

Purging engineers for real, suspected, or imagined heresy, seemed to me to purge the smartest engineers – seemed to me that whether or not smarts equate to heresy, smarts are suspected to equate with heresy regardless of whether the suspect is really a heretic or not, much as the Khmer Rouge wound up murdering everyone who wore glasses. They did not intend to murder everyone who wore glasses, or even intend to murder intellectuals. If you told one of them they were murdering all the intellectuals he would not have believed you. He would have said “We are intellectuals, would we murder ourselves?” (And immediately thereafter the secret police would have dragged him away to the torture chambers because of excessively complicated sentence construction, leading to suspicions of disloyalty and plots, much as the New York Times gets agitated because it is unable to parse sentences spoken by Sarah Palin.)

But all this is anecdotal. Ferguson has some actual statistics, showing systematic discrimination against dangerously smart people.

The probability of entering and remaining in an intellectually elite profession such as Physician, Judge, Professor, Scientist, Corporate Executive, etc. increases with IQ to about 133. It then falls about 1/3 by 140. By 150 IQ the probability has fallen by 97%!

Observing heresy persecutions in engineering, looks to me to a good approximation, they are getting rid of everyone above 145, that everyone above three standard deviations is excluded from engineering or science in high status firms, so I am unsurprised by Ferguson’s report that the same applies in academia, law, and so forth.

Looks like they are recruiting people two standard deviations above the norm, but purging anyone significantly smarter, whether out of deliberate hostility to dangerously smart people, or because smart people exclude women and blacks.

When a female engineer tries to talk to a smart engineer, she finds it hard to talk to him about engineering, so she concludes he raped her repeatedly and demands a million dollars in compensation. Thus the exclusion of smart people could be inadvertent, as the extermination of smart people was with Khmer Rouge. The purging of smart engineers appears to be inadvertent, a byproduct of including women. Likely the same thing is happening to judges, as I see happening to engineers. I see engineers, don’t see judges. Ferguson sees judges.

Ferguson’s data does not address whether problem is getting worse or better. My anecdotal information indicates that the problem is getting worse, and has been getting worse since around 1870 or so. You notice that smart members of the elite, like Rumsfeld, are much older than regular members, and that when they say something that shows that they are smart, all the chimps get rattled, start shrieking and flinging poop.

The elite:

OK, I hear you saying, these are two dumb as toad dropping nigger scum who won the debate because black and female.

But could not they find someone black and female who had an IQ above retarded?

OK then, lets look for a white male Jewish member of the elite chosen for his performance in a STEM field. Aaron Swartz. Official genius. a Fellow of Harvard’s Ethics Center Lab on Institutional Corruption.

Aaron Swartz conspicuously lacked hacking and social skills.

If he had been marginally competent at computers, he could have downloaded millions of documents from JSTOR through the MIT network without bringing the MIT network to a screaming halt, without committing burglary and vandalism against the MIT network administrators, without creating side effects that every single user of the MIT network noticed and was enraged by.

If he had been marginally competent at social skills, he would have known that despite the fact that the police and prosecutors were treating him as just another dumb no account petty crook, who got videotaped by security cameras performing criminal acts and got bagged by security, he was not going to prison, not going to be convicted, that he was still a member of the elite that never goes to jail or gets convicted no matter how stupid the crimes they commit.

If he had any of the normal prosocial qualities like diligence and forethought, would have found a way to hack the MIT network that was not blindingly obvious to every single user of the network.

Aaron Swartz, Jewish Harvard fellow, official genius, is only marginally smarter than the two retarded black ghetto scum that won the debate.

Now you can find genuinely smart members of the elite, for example Larry Summers. But notice: They are getting mighty long in the tooth.; whereas when you find a conspicuously retarded member of the elite, like Aaron Schwartz, they are very young. This is an elite that is getting dumber. When the likes of Larry Summers retire, they will be replaced by the likes of Aaron Swartz.

This is an elite that has been getting steadily dumber since 1875 or so. And it has been getting dumber faster.

Larry Summers born 1954. Aaron Swartz, official genius, born 1987.

A lot of people looking at the war powers debate say, ahh, that was Jews making black people look stupid. Well Aaron Swartz did not make Jews look smart.