Fixing housing, health, and education.

April 23rd, 2016

Housing, health, and education are unaffordable. So people think something must be done, and punishing the rich sounds like something. Hence Sanders.


Getting stuff zoned for building houses is basically illegal, and when you somehow bribe and litigate enough bureaucrats to get houses built, tends to be overrun by inferior races who make the housing very cheap by driving out whites – typically around a quarter of the cost of building stuff, so if you build, you lose your shirt and are underwater on your mortgage when you flee ethnic cleansing.

Reconquer these zones, and the price of housing should fall substantially, both because humans can move back into areas overrun by plains apes (gentrification) and because investors will have confidence they can build houses and not lose money.

That building houses is pretty much illegal is a special case of the problem that building anything tends to be illegal. Bureaucrats like to subdivide power into ever smaller bite sized chunks, so pretty soon, to get anything done, you need the OK of umpteen bureaucrats, each of whom wants a bribe of a substantial part of the added value – so the total squeeze will far exceed the added vale.

The solution is to gate many no men through one yes man. For any project there should be one bureaucrat who has the power to say yes, and the power to blow off a thousand bureaucrats saying no.

Reconquer unsafe areas, and make it legal to build stuff. Price of housing will fall radically.


You will notice that in America, you can pay for surgery for your dog by swiping your credit card, while the same surgery for a human costs the price of a big house in a nice neighborhood plus a really nice car. So it has to be paid by absurdly expensive insurance.

Well, in India, Singapore, and Thailand, you can, and usually do, pay for that surgery by swiping your credit card.

Free market healthcare, healthcare for the rich in India, for the middle class in Singapore, and for the well off in Thailand, is simply affordable, in the sense that you can pay for pretty much any medical procedure using your credit card without exceeding your credit card limit – or at least without exceeding my credit card limit.

Nominally free market healthcare gets expensive because of cross subsidies. A hospital has a thousand NAMs show up who will not pay their bills, gives them abortions and diabetes treatment, then one white man shows up with an ear infection that needs a course of antibiotics, and hits him with a hundred thousand dollar bill. Indian healthcare is cheap for white people because the hospital you go to is full of whites and rich Indians – you are not providing a bed and food for thousands of poor Indians and it is efficient because genuinely free market. They post their prices up front, those are the real prices, and you go to the hospital that offers a fair price, whereas American hospitals will never tell you what it is going to cost.

Singapore has the best healthcare in the world, and the cheapest for the taxpayer, and reasonably cheap for the individual person needing medical services. Simply copy Singapore’s system. Singapore has forced savings accounts, so that when someone has an emergency, he has savings, rather than hitting up the taxpayer. For the very poor, the very unlucky, or the very sick in Singapore there is free government healthcare – complete with death panels and the usual government healthcare suck. Socialism for the very poor, capitalism for the affluent.

Copy Singapore


Educrats are our priesthood, and priests always think people should spend more time in church. Hence degree inflation.

It is time for the dissolution of the monasteries. Confiscate the endowments.

It used to be that only pretty smart people, about equivalent to IQ 115, pretty close to the white intake of today’s Ivy League students, could pass the school leaving exam, administered at the start of white male puberty.

And the top of the top elite, did matriculation, the completion of high school, at about the completion of white male puberty.

At one time, employers could look at a school leaving certificate, issued at the start of white male puberty as a signal that a candidate not only had a great work ethic and a strong sense of follow-through but that they were cut from a different cloth from most average or above-average young people. It signaled something unique about the candidate and made it that they were somebody in whom it would make sense to invest.

Then our priesthood started issuing school leaving certificates to everyone

At one time, employers could look at a high school certificate, issued at the completion of white male puberty as a signal that a candidate not only had a great work ethic and a strong sense of follow-through but that they were cut from a different cloth from most average or above-average young people. It signaled something unique about the candidate and made it that they were somebody in whom it would make sense to invest.

Then our priesthood graduated everyone from high school.

At one time, employers could look at a college degree, issued long after a man should have gotten married and started fathering children, as a signal that a candidate not only had a great work ethic and a strong sense of follow-through but that they were cut from a different cloth from most average or above-average young people. It signaled something unique about the candidate and made it that they were somebody in whom it would make sense to invest.

Then our priesthood graduated everyone from college.

A college degree has become the new high school diploma: the minimum credential required to get even the most basic, entry-level job.

Degree inflation is proceeding faster and faster. 25 percent of people employed as insurance clerks have a BA, but twice that percentage of insurance-clerk job ads require one.

If you want something better than the most basic entry level job, you need an advanced degree – and by the time you get your advanced degree, all the women you might have married have spent years fucking one man after another, and their fertility is starting to be adversely affected by age and sexually transmitted diseases.

One of the mechanisms for ensuring adequate attendance at government indoctrination sessions – the state church – is that schools perform a sorting function. For the able and industrious to be sorted into the able and industrious category, they first have to attend X amount of time listening to government propaganda, where X is apt to increase without limit.

But that propaganda, that indoctrination, is against sorting – sorting is discrimination. We are therefore proceeding to subtler forms of discrimination, degrees in stupid, versus degrees in smart. The logical endpoint of this process is that everyone in America gets a PhD which costs six hundred thousand dollars, but most of the PhDs are in basketweaving and puppetry. The sorting function, which is the incentive to attend college, is continually sabotaged and subverted.

No one should run up large amounts of debt to get a degree in stupid.

Our elite is being stupidified by avoiding disparate impact. Anything that filters for smarts has disparate impact on women and blacks. Also, smart people tend to mansplain – give those affirmative actioned into jobs beyond their competence instructions and advice that they are incapable of following. In an environment where one has a large number of female affirmative action employees, filtering for political correctness is going to filter for stupidity since smart people will be perceived as discriminating against the less smart, no matter how pious and sincere their faith.

I propose degree deflation:

At puberty (measured by biology rather than chronological age, to avoid the disaster that ensues when you have twelve year old adult black men in the same classroom as twelve year old while male children), everyone gets a test that discriminates between the lower two thirds and the upper third.

The upper third get the option of going to special elite boarding school (real school) while the rest, if they feel inclined, can attend bullshit school to learn lies and bullshit as at present. (There would be too much outrage if we simply kicked them out) The intent is that after a while, bullshit high school empties out as people realize that it not worth anything, and then we can we burn them down, salt the earth, build condos where they stood, and send the teachers to the gulag in Alaska for re-education.

Smart kids can learn in elite high school maths to calculus and trig, science to special relativity, how to calculate pi from first principles, geography, history of western civilization, and can absorb the western culture and western civilization that university no longer teaches.

About one third are eligible for elite high school, about one third of those graduate at the completion of puberty.

This, of course, renders sorting function performed by the Ivy league redundant.

Ten percent of that 11 percent who graduate elite high school, the top one percent, people 135 and up, take an elite two year university course. This certificate is roughly comparable to Harvard Law, (except that it does not cover much law) rendering the existing academic system rather useless.

As the colleges empty out, confiscate the endowments, burn down the colleges, salt the earth, build condos where they stood, and send the professoriat to the gulag in Alaska for re-education, where they will be taught useful skills appropriate to their talents, and eventually re-integrated into the economy into positions that do not involve indoctrinating people. For Maths and Science people that will rarely be a problem, but the rest may well be learning how to say “Do you want fries with that?”. The re-education is conducted in Alaska because of the likelihood of trouble as the colleges shut down.

Attempting to use academic credentials to filter to smarter than the top one percent is unlikely to succeed, because of demand for lengthy recreational degrees. If we try to get an elite smarter than 135, going to need some new filtering mechanism. Also, using academic credentials as a filter means you are up against the bureaucratic imperative to expand. If one is supposedly in the business of educating people, one is naturally inclined to claim that the education is beneficial, and can benefit everyone, rather than acting as a filter. Thus academic institutions have an incentive to subvert their filter function, and thus an incentive to stupidify the elite.

We used to have a public service exam, a requirement for government employment in functions likely to exercise power, that was IQ heavy, though it also tested for diligence by requiring you to memorize a lot of useless nonsense. Unfortunately, this, of course, had disparate impact. Simply re-instituting the exam would dramatically improve elite function, and one could simply make it a substantially tougher exam for anyone in the system at a level likely to make policy.

Degree deflation, aptitude testing, and a gulag in Alaska.

On successful revolution

April 16th, 2016

One of those who must not be named wrote:

Old Martin had a secret protector
Who happened to be an Elector

Wycliffe did heresy flaunt
His sponsor was named John of Gaunt

King quickly pulled out ahead
With helpful support from the Reds

Women’s Studies got a small donation
From the generous Ford Foundation

BLM gets away with their rancor
As tools of a prominent banker

The Big lend a hand to the Little
The High and the Low vs the Middle

The alt right will be able to win when, and only when, the left is sufficiently terrifying to each other that some powerful people, or one powerful person, decides that the alt right might come in mighty handy.

Inequality is great

April 9th, 2016

We should love what we are, rather than conceding that the left is morally superior for wishing reality away.

It is great that women are what they are and men are what they are, otherwise I would have an absolutely terrible sex life. Vive la différence. It is good that men should lead, and women should follow.

It is great that whites are superior to all brown and black races in intelligence and prosocial conduct.

The east Asians are on average a bit smarter, though I think this is more that east Asian women are considerably smarter than white women than that east Asian men are smarter than white men. East Asian men are not all that overrepresented among competent engineers relative to white men, whereas east Asian women are way overrepresented among competent engineers relative to white women.

However, white men are more naturally manly than east Asians, and in some important ways more prosocial, hence better able to engage in large scale cooperation, hence white men are the most successful race at large scale war by far.

It is great that white males are better warriors than east Asian males, regardless of whether east Asian males might be slightly smarter.

East Asian men should build a great Chinese civilization, or maybe several east Asian civilizations, White men should build a multitude of great white civilizations (since whites will never form one nation) and the rest of mankind needs to be conquered and subdued.

I am not unduly worried about whether Japan gets absorbed into the greater Chinese co-prosperity sphere or vice versa, but it is a really bad thing that America rules the white world, this being contrary to our nature. We really need at least one white civilization west of the Hajnal line, and at least one white civilization east of the Hajnal line. One white civilization is far too few. (Hurrah Putin.)

Against urbit

April 5th, 2016

The world is moving to cloud computing – which means that the world is moving to giant megacorps that are excessively cozy with the government owning all your data.

Which, as general David Petraeus discovered, can be really bad for you. Google tipped off his enemies, not by reading his email, though they did read his email, but by tracking where he was when he logged in to gmail. Which is why Hillary likes to keep her email server’s database on a thumb drive that she personally controls. Supposedly this is bad for national security, but I am pretty sure it is mighty good for Hillary’s security.

Urbit is intended to fix this:

Your urbit is a personal server: a persistent virtual computer in the cloud that you own, trust, and control.

Unfortunately urbit is also a language, a rather weird language, and a language that is interpreted rather than compiled.

A compiler can compile itself, and usually does. An interpreter cannot interpret itself.

Urbit, as a language, is kind of like Haskell as a language.   Except that Haskell has a compiler, which is a huge advantage.

Let us suppose you want to multiply two times three in Haskell:

Well if you multiply two by three in C++, the compiler generates code that loads the number two into a register, loads the the number three into another register, multiplies the registers together, then stores the result where you tell it to store it.

If you multiply two by three in Haskell, the interpreter first creates a function to multiply any number by two, then applies that function to the number three, and it does not store the result. Which means if you have any non trivial program, it is pretty hard to figure out what the program is actually doing and how much time and memory space the task is going to take. Except that you can be pretty sure it is going to take more time and more memory space than doing it in C++.

Does anyone actually use anything written in Haskell?  All alleged successful uses of Haskell are in-house usages – the man who uses the program is the man who wrote the program.   We don’t see someone writing something in Haskell, and then large numbers of other people using his software.  If you google any standard language, you get lots of hits of people wrestling with vast amounts of data used by vast numbers of people.  If you google functional languages, you get academics playing interesting and clever games for the entertainment of other academics.

I rather suspect that no one except Yarvin is likely to be able to write any large efficient program in Urbit.

In order for Urbit “your personal server on the cloud” to be useful, your personal server needs to provide tools that are the functional equivalent of blogging, tweeting, reddit, facebook, Github, email, the pirate bay, the silk road, ebay, and such.  Tools whereby you can use your personal server to securely interact with other people.

Not seeing specs for such tools.   Such tools seem like a lot of work.

The huge advantage of a language such as Urbit is that the cloud is inherently massively parallel, and Urbit is designed to be inherently adapted to massive parallelism.  Your personal server on the cloud can scale – enormously.  Which is more of an advantage if you are a giant corporation.  And even so, giant corporations do not use such languages, because they are hard.

Something like Urbit is the right way to do things in a massively networked environment.  But it is an enormous and difficult task.  Writing a compiler would not be such a big job compared to all the other jobs that have to be done to make Urbit useful.

Urbit is a bright idea.  It is a correct idea.  But it is a really big job.


The Feminine Imperative

April 3rd, 2016

One of my commenters had never heard of the Feminine Imperative, and it is not listed the social matters compendium, so here is a description and definition.

The Feminine Imperative is that when a woman follows her pussy, it should have good results for her, and if it does not have good results for her, it is the fault of some dastardly man and not an indication that women are too childish and irresponsible to be allowed to follow their pussies.

Whenever illicit female sexual desires lead to illicit acts which have bad consequences, those consequences are deemed to be the fault of men, and it is the duty of men to make female sexual desires come out with good consequences for the woman, even if it means bad consequences for the man. Man up and marry those sluts!

Thus, for example, serial monogamy is deemed to be perfectly moral, while polygyny is totally unacceptable meaning that women are allowed to be permanently on the prowl to trade up from their current husband or boyfriend, while it is absolutely terrible for a man to sleep with multiple girlfriends, or to sleep with other women in addition to his wife.

When women do bad things, they are treated like children morally, let off the hook, protected from the consequences, yet they are allowed to make potentially disastrous choices without adult supervision, choices that men will pay for when those choices go wrong. Thus women receive substantially lesser penalties for crimes, and are not really expected to honor contracts – yet any business that discriminated against contracts signed by women would be in big trouble, even though it is also in trouble when it tries to enforce those contracts.

A pregnant woman can abort, or give the child away, but if she decides to keep it, she can demand child support from the father – while denying the child a father.

The system that the father and the mother get married at shotgun point, and the father is forced to support his wife and child, and the mother forced to honor and obey the husband makes moral sense. The system that a single mother is on her own would also make moral sense, if women could be treated as independent adults, equal to men, but when we tried that the result was far too many women giving birth to fatherless children in the rain in dark alleys. So now we have a system where pregnancy obligates men, but not women, where women make the decisions and men pay for the consequences. That is Feminine Imperative.

The underlying mechanism leading to the Feminine Imperative is that adult women are assumed to be adult, to be capable of making responsible decisions about sex and reproduction. And when it becomes painfully obvious that they are not, then men have to pick up the pieces, without however having the power and authority to restrain women from making bad decisions.

The Feminine imperative is a result of the fact that letting women take the costs of their decisions leads to intolerably bad outcomes.  So men have to take the cost of women’s decisions.

But even if we try to ameliorate the costs of bad decisions, these decisions are still terribly harmful and should never have been permitted. For example Kate Gosselin should not have been permitted to be rude, hateful and shrewish to her husband, and should not have been permitted to frivolously divorce her husband, as these choices led to extremely bad consequences for her and her children, and making her husband pay for her wicked, foolish, and self destructive behavior did not much diminish the self destructiveness of it.

Trump for King

March 30th, 2016

History does not repeat, but it rhymes.

Today’s America is Wiemar Germany.  But Trump is not Hitler.  Rather, Trump is Kemal Ataturk.

Kemal Ataturk abandoned most of the Turkish empire, because most of it was run against the interests of Turks.  It was the anti Turkish empire, as the American empire is the anti American empire.

This put Kemal Ataturk on a collision course with the Caliphate, which continued to rule by soft power what Turkey no longer ruled by hard power.  Which Caliphate he was eventually forced to destroy.

Hitler wanted a German Empire. Trump intends to disband the American empire, or as much of the American empire as costs Americans money and delights in telling New York that their provincials are much holier than Americans.

The Cathedral will not be pleased.  Being universalist, world empire is their heart and soul. Abandoning empire is going to piss them off a lot more than an eight year delay in turning America brown and ethnically cleansing whites is going to piss them off.

Trump is not particularly right wing. He is what was middle of the road yesterday, though progressives find it hard to tell the difference between yesterday’s middle of the road and people who chant “Heil Hitler”.   The Republican establishment frequently complains that Trump fails to endorse all the wonderful policies that they did absolutely nothing to give effect to when they had the presidency and both houses.

We love Trump for the wonderful job he is done on political correctness, for being ten times as manly as any other candidate, and, last but not least, for being the only politician who is serious about not letting in the entire rest of the world into America to live on crime, welfare, and voting Democratic.  Who else proposes to throw out anchor babies?

By the way, Tony Abbot kicked anchor babies out of Australia, and not a dog barked.  The judges cowered and hid as they realized an airforce special forces commando outranks a high court justice.   The left thought it would be a huge deal, and tried to make hay out of it, and no one paid the slightest attention.

But could Trump manage what Moldbug called “the true election”  – could he attain actual power to govern?

The presidency has been steadily accumulating legislative and budgetary power.  But the presidency is not the president.  The presidency is a horde of fireproof bureaucrats who theoretically answer to the president, but, being fireproof, do not in fact answer to anyone.  It is clear that they intend to ignore Trump and govern as they have always governed.

This will undoubtedly irritate Trump.  If he does something effectual, he is going to look quite a bit like Stalin or Cromwell, and this election will be the true election.

This seems like a ridiculously optimistic hope, and I suppose it is, but Trump does not seem like the kind of man who would plan to be president without planning to actually govern.

Obviously Trump, a middle of the roader, has no intention of implementing a restoration.

But for Trump to implement anything at all, he is going to have to make a good start on a restoration.

The quality of pussy that Jian Ghomeshi kicked out of bed

March 29th, 2016

Movie star, grad school.

Some white knight in the comments has been defending the virtue and chastity of womanhood and how warmly they treat nice guys, and how if you treat women as equals, or even better, the superiors that they naturally are, you will get laid.

Jian Ghomeshi’s procedure consisted of beating them up on the first date, having sex with them on the first date, and then brutally dumping them to make way for the next girl in line.

A woman will crawl nine miles over broken glass to have sex with her demon lover.  It is not in the nature of women to be chaste except that they submit to male authority.  If you are not having sex with your wife, she is getting it somewhere else.

Monogamy and chastity was invented by men to reduce conflicts between men, and imposed on women with a stick.




Trump is the man

March 26th, 2016

It is clear that Trump had this scandal in his pocket ready to fire at Ted Cruz for some time.

Why did he not deploy it earlier?

He deployed it now because Ted Cruz went after Trump’s wife.

Trumps biggest political advantage is that he cares about things that are more important than political advantage.

With every other politician on the face of earth you ask the question “Is it to his advantage to harm me?”

With Trump, the man, you have to ask the question “Will this piss off the Trump?”

Don’t piss off the Trump. He rewards those who do right to him, and harms those who do wrong to him. He is the man.

Jian Ghomeshi rape case

March 25th, 2016

Umpteen different women accused Jian Ghomeshi of raping them. He was rightly acquitted.

Reading the evidence, I interpret it as indicating that he was so besieged by hot chicks that he generally would not date the same woman twice. When he dated a woman he would rough her up to turn her on. This sometimes resulted in her becoming so sexually excited she would have sex with him on the first date. In which case he when he was finished using her, he would kick her out like a piece of trash. Or if she did not have sex with him on the first date, he would also kick her out like a piece of trash, presumably because he expected the next date to be more compliant.

She would then pursue him in email and in person, offering quick casual sex in language that became ever plainer and more direct, which contacts he politely or rudely ignored. This is a man who having had a woman once, would continually turn down offers to have her again.

Some women, after being ignored in this manner, then charged him with sexual assault. These were the classic failure-to-booty-call rape accusations.

Jian Ghomeshi is tolerably good looking, but not exceptionally handsome. He is not charismatic. He is mildly famous and mildly influential. He is not particularly narcissistic. I conjecture that the chief reason for his success with women was that he is just naturally and instinctively a total asshole with a tendency to sadistic violence.

Progressive degenerates define BDSM as role playing – safe words and all that. He states that he never role played – which would indicate Ghomeshi got real, rather than pretended, submission from women.

Ghomeshi piously claimed to be a feminist, which is a piety that is absolutely mandatory for someone with his kind of job, but in practice always treated women as they love to be treated – like domestic animals.

He is Iranian by ancestry, therefore may have been raised redpilled.

Warmists capitulate

March 25th, 2016

For the last eighteen years there has been little or no global warming.

Major warmists have been steadfastly denying the undeniable.  Then a paper appeared, signed by most of the big names in Anthropogenic Global Warming Alarmism, acknowledging “The Big Hiatus”

The Big Hiatus

The black line is what the the warmists predicted, the grey area was their error bars.

The colored lines are what has been observed.

The graph is divided into several sections. The hiatus/pause/slowdown is what has been observed since the accuracy of our tools for measuring climate change were improved.

This capitulation is largely due to the work of Climate Audit.

Climate models retrodicted the past with near perfect accuracy, despite the fact that our ability to measure or estimate past global climate was nowhere near that accurate. Conspicuously failed to predict future climate change.

I repeat my prediction of future climates: In times to come the climate will for long periods be substantially warmer than it is now. It will also for long periods be substantially cooler than it is now. There is now far more ice around Antarctica than was historically normal, and Antarctica has been abnormally frozen up for the past thirty years or so. In the past from time to time the North Pole has melted in summer. In the past the Northwest passage sometimes opened in summer and sometimes did not, and in the future the Northwest passage will sometimes open in summer and sometimes will not. In the future the North Pole will sometimes melt during summer, sometimes for several summers in a row, but mostly it will stay solidly frozen. Polar bears will get by either way. Having survived the North Pole melting in the past, they will survive the North Pole melting in the future.