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Women like rapists

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016

In the current Muslim invasion of Europe, the invaders continually commit acts that would get a white male a long time in jail and permanent registration as a sex offender, but for the invaders, minor consequences or no consequences.   And you are seeing few if any complaints from women,unlike the extreme hypervigilance against imperceptibly slight micro aggressions by nerds.

A bunch of Swedish males protest about sexual assaults by the invaders against their women.  And Swedish feminists counter protest “We are not your women”

Decoding:  “You are insufficiently manly to grope us, unlike the invaders, we don’t want to be owned by men like you.”

In the manosphere, I see a whole lot of posts hopefully and optimistically proclaiming that all these assaults will show women that they need manly white men to protect them.

we are approaching a social tipping point where the physical necessity of conventional masculinity will outweigh the liability to women in ceding the power that feminine social primacy represents.

But women are not reacting that way.  Their reactions shows that to them, all these assaults reveal white men as insufficiently manly, not invaders as dangerously aggressive.  They rather like the invasion, and don’t really want anything effective done to stop the assaults.

Efforts to protect women from sexual assault by the invaders are unappreciated and unwanted.   Such efforts would only be appreciated and wanted if white men claimed and successfully enforced ownership over women, if individual white men claimed and enforced such ownership, with their individual enforcement backed by collective enforcement.

Women love it when a firm and confident claim of ownership leads to successful defense – and rather too much love testing claims of ownership by creating situations where the claim needs defending.  Absent confident and firm ownership claims, do not really like defense very much.

Recall that in the legend of Perseus and Andromeda, after Perseus rescues Andromeda from the dragon, he kills her fiancee, abducts her from her family and marries her.   He rescues her and firmly takes possession.

Trump is the man

Friday, January 29th, 2016

Among the red pill community there is a debate as to whether Trump is an exemplar of manliness, and his latest move in blowing off the presidential debate is an example of manliness, or whether it is the opposite.

Obviously, if someone treats you with disrespect, as Kelly disrespected Trump, the manly thing to do is to blow them off and ignore them. And critics of Trump say that by throwing a tantrum over Kelly, he is not ignoring her.

Well, perhaps. But if he showed up at the debate and accepted her as moderator and responded to her hostile interrogation, he would even less be ignoring her.


Monday, January 25th, 2016

Observing Hillary’s performances, it is kind of obvious that she is a drunk or druggie who cannot be trusted to be sober for a public appearance, or else she is suffering from some premature brain disease, or very likely both.

The email scandal is a storm in a tea cup. She committed umpteen felony offenses that could in theory send her to jail for zillions of years, but so does everyone. Everyone runs their own email server away from their employers and subordinates, and keeps data that could be potentially used against them on a thumbdrive. Everyone keeps a few spare identities here and there. It is like her husband smoking dope and raping women who had agreed to come to his hotel room in the middle of the night. I have never purchased dope, nor smoked it in private, and I notice that those who do tend to be losers, but once in a while I have been with a bunch of guys who are passing some grass around, and one needs to be sociable, and her husband is famously sociable. Nobody cares about his dope smoking, and feminists care even less about his rapes. The only people who ever worried about his rapes are Democrats-are-the-real-racists cuckservatives. Rape, like dope smoking or concealing or destroying information, is a crime that tends to be selectively prosecuted, and receives highly selective indignation. Consider for example Polanski. That was not statutory rape of a thirteen year old, that was actual rape, in the sense that Samantha continually said no and made some resistance. Does anyone care? Feminists don’t. Chances are that the top secret data was lot more secure on Clinton’s private thumbdrive than on the government official top secret system, because Clinton had real motive to secure it.

Hillary’s “health” problem – that she cannot be trusted to be sane and sober – is rather more serious. How did the democrats wind up anointing this drunken carpet muncher to be president?

Answer: Quid pro quo for sticking to her husband in spite of his innumerable infidelities. It is reminiscent of the harem politics of decadent empires.

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The goal is soft genocide. Unless stopped, the outcome will be hard genocide.

Thursday, January 21st, 2016

You saw that look of absolutely visceral disgust on Angela Merkel’s face when someone handed her the German flag.

I am pretty sure that if an AIDS infested tranny projectile vomited all over her, she would lick it up and think it was chocolate.

That look of visceral disgust tells me that she wants everything that flag stands for destroyed – the German people, the German race, classical music. In her gut she absolutely wants to see German cities destroyed like Detroit was. She wants every German and everything German to die with her when she dies, to be physically erased and absolutely forgotten. She wants the death of every German and the utter destruction of anything memorable that any German ever made.

Why so?

Well, one way of answering this is that a long time back, students campaigning for the supposed achievements of NAMs to be given more attention in universities, sung “Western Civ has got to go” – meaning, or thinking they meant, the course “Western Civilization”

And similarly those calling for “the liquidation of the kulaks as a class” did not at first think they were calling for the liquidation of kulaks as individual human beings.

But in holiness competition, we get the phenomenon that neoreactionaries call “not getting the joke”. If you are going to be selected for loyalty to progressive memes, best take those memes absolutely literally and seriously, since only the truest believers get into the best universities and get the plum jobs. So the next generation of progressives takes the most ridiculous things as holy writ, the more ridiculous the better, since precisely the most stupid, ridiculous and outrageous things will differentiate you from the other applicant to Harvard.

Thus students sing “western civ has got to go” (meaning the course) and not long thereafter, you are not going to make it into the elite unless you believe in your very heart and soul, believe absolutely and utterly, that “western civ has got to go”, meaning the buildings, the books, the art, the science, the technology, and the people.

Another more or less equivalent explanation of this odd henomenon is the laws of majority minority relations

The logical extrapolation of these laws is that if equality, all whites must somehow be made to not be around any more, by some means that no one wants to think too much about, since their continued existence produces inequality. White males keep emitting these evil thoughts that somehow cause dindus and vibrants to underperform.

The methods for making whites somehow not be around any more will inexorably become more vigorous with the passage of time as the white male and married white female voting block gets smaller. (Single white females vote for rape, of course. What did you think they would vote for?)

Believing in male supremacy will make you more attractive to women.

Tuesday, January 19th, 2016

If you believe that you are entitled, that women should obey, submit, serve, that unless you are buying sex by the hour, women should be sacrificing their own good to serve you, then red pill behavior comes naturally.

If, on the other hand, you believe that women are equals, then it seems obvious that you should treat them “fairly” – which is to say, as if buying sex by the hour. Even if you know the red pill intellectually, it seems horribly unfair that women should respond to you doing good to them by doing bad to you, and equally unfair that the more you demand from women, the more you get.

If you don’t know the red pill, but believe that women should submit and obey, you will naturally act red pill. If you do know the red pill, but believe women are equals, then doing what gets you laid will seem artificial, unnatural, repugnant, and immoral, and women will seem bad when such behavior works.

If you think of woman as equals, you cannot judge yourself to be a good man when you do what gets you laid, and you cannot judge a woman to be a good woman when you do what gets you laid, and then she obeys you, has sex with you, and serves you.

But such a woman is a good woman. Women are content to serve, and should be content. Only whores are equals, and equal women are whores.

Those were the good old days

Tuesday, January 5th, 2016

When La Droit de Seigneur was in effect, an ordinary man could expect to marry a wife that had only slept with one alpha male.

When the Spanish inquisition was operating, they shut down free lance witchfinders.

In 1992, I visited Cuba and remarked how Cubans walked small, walked in little steps, took up little space. I could see the fear pressing them down, squeezing them, making them little.

Today, I see white males walking small, taking small mincing little steps, keeping their hands close to their bodies. The statistics show falling testosterone and falling sperm production, but you don’t need statistics, you can see the that the testosterone has drained out of white males, while blacks walk large, as if they are aristocrats and whites are peasants, and women casually talk over their boss and interrupt him.

Boys are staying home, staying in Mum’s basement. There is no place for them in the world.

In favor of a repressive state religion:

Saturday, January 2nd, 2016

We anthropomorphize the Cathedral as a person or a conspiracy.  Such anthropomorphizing is a good approximation for corporations, since they make considerable efforts to make the approximation true – by concentrating all power in the CEO, and then delegating power from the CEO.

However, the cathedral is rather a bunch of conspiracies, and its direction is determined by entropic forces akin to enthalpy, rather than a sinister and clever plan.  To build a ruling coalition, divide power into bite sized morsels and distribute widely.  Not a good plan for operating a functional organization.   Mann is sovereign, and Mann is an idiot.

In Europe you go directly to jail for thought crimes.   The US has the first amendment, so employs a workaround.  If a business employs thought criminals, it has a “hostile work environment”, so gets sued by social justice warriors, and has to pay them large sums, making thought criminals effectively unemployable, and social justice an obscenely lucrative career option.

This, however, does not work on open source, hence Gamergate is relatively successful.  The Social Justice Warriors attempt to seize open source projects.  Sometimes they seize them, and to their surprise destroy them, often they get pushback, which pushback they attribute to Gamergate and the Neoreaction.  And indeed it is true, in that Gamergate and the Neoreaction is the think tank of the pushback, but what makes the pushback effective is the propensity of the revolution to devour its children, what makes the pushback effective is that leftists pretty soon start persecuting leftists for insufficient holiness, with the result that pious leftists find themselves, to their horror, deep shame, and great embarrassment, joining forces with Gamergate and the Neoreaction in self defense, as the Montagnards found themselves collaborating with the Dantonists.

There is always a state religion.  There never was a golden age of freedom of speech and thought.  However if you have many states with many state religions, and there is a lot of movement and communication between them, as in America before the civil war, then truth stands a chance, because if the gentleman from Massachusetts cannot say the truth, the gentleman from Virginia can say it, because before the Mormon War and the Civil War, the State of Virginia had a different and independent state religion from the state of Massachusetts.

The religion of Massachusets wound up conquering the US, and eventually the world, in large part because Virginia took religious freedom seriously, while Harvard and Massachusetts was unyieldingly and fanatically determined to extirpate it with fire and steel and still are unyieldingly and fanatically determined to extirpate it with fire and steel. When crazies and fanatics go up against moderate, compromising, and cynical cosmopolitans, the moderate and cynical cosmopolitans tend to get trampled.

If ever there was freedom from the state religion in a white state, that state was Virginia before the War between the States, and it did not end well.

We today have two problems:  A single monolithic state religion, that since World War II has dominated the entire world, and a state religion with no archbishop and inquisition to keep the crazies in line.   Kings put Bishops on the payroll to shut up the crazies.   If you have a state religion controlled by the holiest, you get holiness spirals of ever more holy people

Having freedom would be the cure, but freedom within a single state is tricky, and, as we saw in Virginia, vulnerable to violence from the holy.  Whites are prone to state religions.  Asymmetric repression leads to movement ever leftwards.  The state religion has to repress the excessively holy as well as the insufficiently holy, or it inevitably gets ever crazier.

If freedom for the insufficiently holy is hard to achieve, restricting the liberty of the excessively holy is easy to achieve.

White nationalists tend to mistake repressing the excessively holy, controlling the priesthood, for controlling the Jews. Effective measures to keep the priesthood and the excessively holy in line would quite disproportionately affect Jews, but Jews as such are the wrong target.

James Deen rape and porn

Friday, December 11th, 2015

The very Jewish and quite politically correct pornographer James Deen has been accused by eight female porn stars of raping them.

The accusations are all obviously false in that none of the pornstars are bringing charges or suing him, probably because he has videotapes of most of the “rapes”.

What is obviously happening here is that pornstars realize that they are hurt, humiliated, degraded, and their souls are being destroyed, but the culture gives them no words with which to express the thought except “rape” and “consent”.   But female consent really is not all that significant.  Consent does not make it good, nor lack of consent make it bad.   Thirty year old women are only marginally more competent to consent than nine year olds.

James Deen tells us (and since it is all videotaped, doubtless truthfully tells us) that all the BDSM is done with safe words and carefully negotiated boundaries.

I have done a bit of BDSM also, and never used safe words or negotiated boundaries.  Safe words and negotiated boundaries are contract negotiations, and you get contract negotiation in sex that is done for money.  The safe words and boundary negotiations are not an indication that all is well, but rather an indication that something is terribly wrong.

Yet another PC outrage, again

Monday, November 23rd, 2015

Point Deer Make Horse.

Lately there has been some hand wringing about how freedom of speech in Academia has just been killed.


Academics have been terrified, servile, docile, and submissive since the middle of the nineteenth century.

The purpose of political correctness is to humiliate and degrade by demanding that people accept an obvious lie, thus demonstrating who has the power and who shall submit.

Every so often a new act of submission is demanded to show submission to new masters, and all of academia absolutely without a single exception turns on a dime and endorses the new obvious lie, just as it endorsed all of the old obvious lies, for nearly two hundred years.

This is nothing new. What is new is that the lies are coming faster and faster, indicating greater and greater instability within the ruling elite – but they have been coming every faster for nearly two hundred years. This is a sign of decline, but decline has been happening for quite a while, ever faster.

Hence the Chinese saying: Point Deer Make Horse:

In other words, absurd ideas are made up on purpose to humiliate people and check who is really loyal to which power holders.

Here is Spandrel telling the story:

Well the emperor died out of the capital, so nobody knew. The only ones who knew were his prime minister, Li Si, and his close minister Zhao Gao, who may or may not have been a eunuch. Well apparently Zhao Gao didn’t like the crown prince Fusu very much. He had reason to think that Fusu hated him, and would execute him as soon as he became emperor himself. So Zhao Gao gets Li Si and says “hey, dude’s dead, we’re the only ones who know. Fusu doesn’t like you either, so why don’t we get this kid Huhai and name him successor?”

Li Si took some convincing, as did Huhai himself. But eventually they got on the plan, and sent a forged imperial edict ordering Fusu to kill himself. Which strangely he did, even after opposition by his entourage. With crown prince Fusu out of the way, the three got back to the capital, and set up Huhai as Second Emperor of Qin.

Soon later Zhao Gao found some excuse and executed Li Si and all his family, and took his prime ministership. He obviously knew too much. Then he proceeded to execute all those little Schelling Points that were the emperor’s brothers and sisters, so there was no contest about who had the right title to the crown. Still after Huhai was secure in his thrown, he was starting to be a little uncooperative with Zhao Gao. The Chen Sheng rebellion had started, and the empire was having trouble suppressing it. The Emperor blamed Zhao Gao for the mess and he had a point. But Zhao Gao didn’t like that. He started to think that maybe they should have a change of emperor, but he couldn’t be sure he could pull it off.

So Zhao Gao brings a deer into the palace. Grabs it from the horns, calls the emperor to come out, and says “look your majesty, a brought you a fine horse”. The Emperor, not amused, says “Surely you are mistaken, calling a deer a horse. Right?”. Then the emperor looks around at all the ministers. Some didn’t say a word, just sweating nervously. Some others loudly proclaimed what a fine horse this was. Great horse. Look at this tail! These fine legs. Great horse, naturally prime minister Zhao Gao has the best of tastes.

A small bunch did protest that this was a deer, not a horse. Those were soon after summarily executed. And the Second Emperor himself was murdered some time later.

It is a compliance test. Will you be party to a blatant lie? If you will be party to one blatant lie, then you be party to each of the other lies.

So we get a ruling elite that lies without hesitation. But in fact it is not in the interest of people, society, or the state, to have a ruling elite that lies without hesitation. It makes elite cohesion difficult, which increases the likelihood that the elite wind up murdering each other in large numbers, usually murdering a lot of innocent bystanders in the process to provide cover.

PC is pretty much the opposite of the old honor codes. Instead of an honor code, we have a dishonor code. Instead of compliance testing potential elite members for courage, honor, and dignity, we compliance test them for cowardice, lying, and groveling.

Watching female oriented video porn so you don’t have to

Thursday, October 22nd, 2015

Most female sexually oriented material is books or chick flicks, which are entirely under the thumb of the social justice warriors, so it is sometimes tricky to disentangle what is a reflection of the unbridled female id, and what is social justice propaganda, what the social justice warriors wish the female id was really like.

However a small minority of female sexually oriented material is porn that is clearly intended to be watched one handed, and this is, for the most part, stupendously and shockingly politically incorrect. This stuff is a direct manifestation of the female id while that female is beating herself off. From time to time I hear feminists covens announce that they are going to produce politically correct feminist porn, but it looks like no woman beats herself off to feminist porn. Female porn looks like it is entirely untouched by social justice concerns.

Most of this stuff is pretty icky. A majority of this material is interracial porn, with the white insert character (the character the female viewer is intended to identify with) being brutally abused by several black men. A large plurality of the material is cuckold porn. The insert character treats her husband with utter contempt, and then gets banged in front of him by several thugs and pimps.

Where there is enough story line to identify the class, personality, and motives, of the characters (and there frequently is not enough story line for that) the males that the female viewer is intended to fantasize having sex are, in the majority of identifiable cases, low IQ thuggish scum, and thoroughly nasty and unpleasant people.

Only a small minority of the sex in these videos is actual rape, but most of the sexy is pretty rapey, being degrading and coercive. The male characters just stick it in without waiting for indications of consent. The females seldom object very strongly.

In the majority of cases, where there is any story line at all, the old patriarchy is represented as impotent, powerless, and afraid in the face of the you-go-girl empowered slut insert character. However the you-go-girl empowered slut is promptly disempowered, degraded, and humiliated in a spectacularly politically incorrect fashion by thug males. Husband is impotent, but thugs rule.

In a minority of cases, the men of the old patriarchy are, however, depicted glowingly, as good men, as sexy alpha male wild beasts, and it seems to me that in a majority of cases where the viewer is intended to get off on watching white males, and there is enough story to identify the social roles of the characters, those white sexy alpha males are of the old patriarchy – husbands, boyfriends, rich men, powerful men, aristocrats, and fathers.

Yes literal fathers. There is quite a bit of biological dad rapes biological daughter porn, and it seems to me that the women watching this porn are not only getting off on the fantasy of a powerful older male savagely raping a young powerless and submissive girl, they are also getting off on the fantasy of an intact nuclear family presided over by a strong man who loves his family and takes care of them, the latter fantasy being more improbable in their lives than the former. The daughters are always trash sluts who had it coming, and the dad is always a great dad. I am not being ironic. Porn does not do irony.

Either way, the porn sends the message loud and clear that emancipation was a disaster for women’s sex lives. Every male that they beat themselves off on cheerfully oppresses women, often in a brutal and degrading fashion, whether as thug, pimp, or patriarch.

One of the porns was pretty much a plea by women for their beta boyfriends to man up: Girlfriend visits boyfriend, who is a programmer or some such, one of those guys with a high pay low status cubicle job. He is working at home on his computer doing something job related. Girlfriend wants some sex but he says he has to finish the work related stuff, then he will visit her. He almost seems like a beta male, other than his striking alpha ability to brush off his girlfriend and tell her what she will do. She goes away, and he discovers she has forgotten her phone. He reads her instant messaging history, and finds she has been making unfavorable comments about their sex life.

Instead of curling into ball and whimpering softly as a beta male would do, he heads to her place to punish her. He grabs her by the throat, smashes her cell phone, pulls her hair rips her clothes off, puts her into crushing submission hold, and proceeds to stick it into every orifice. Which of course she loves and their sex life is, as a result, absolutely great forever after. The porn is largely about sex while being strangled. It is not exactly rape, but he does not ask permission, and the only foreplay in which he engages is hair pulling and strangulation, and he applies a painful submission hold whenever he sticks it into her.

That drip drip dripping sound you hear is one thousand pussies opening wide and dripping moisture at the thought “Successful middle class upwardly mobile handsome young software engineer who nonetheless has balls enough to engage in domestic violence when he is disrespected”

Then there was “The Castle” In the dungeons underneath the castle a bunch of naked women are chained up. From time to time the gentlemen from upstairs come down stairs to amuse themselves. This porn was pro patriarchy, pro feudalism, pro class differences, and pro rape. The guys from upstairs are presented as great guys. This was unusually extreme and unrepresentative of mainstream tastes, in that only a few of the videos featured girls in chains, but it was representative of mainstream tastes in that most of the videos featured girls overpowered and dominated by powerful males.

In most of the videos with sufficient story line to identify character and social roles, the women are having sex with the scum of the earth who are depicted as total scum. In “The Castle”, they are having sex with noblemen, who are depicted as genuinely noble – feudalism as women wish it had been when they are beating themselves off.

The Cinderella fantasy, where a rich and powerful male gives a girl a makeover, and she looks like princess, and thus becomes a princess, as for example the movie “Pretty Woman” is undoubtedly a popular romance story. But it is not what they beat themselves off on. When they are beating themselves off, the story is more along the lines that the pimp rips her clothes off and makes her a whore, than that the rich guy gives her nice clothes and makes her a princess.

A few of the videos depicted women being subjugated and degraded in extreme ways, ridiculously extreme ways. One of the fantasy worlds made the world of the Gor series look like a feminist utopia. In the imagined world they never domesticated animals, so, like the natives of South America, raised humans for meat and milk. “The Dairy Farm” features a factory farm in this imagined world. The converse video, of women as princesses, never occurred. The median and modal video was degrading, and range of humiliation and degradation was between “sluts get hammered hard” to stuff that makes “Gor” seem feminist. If Cinderella was done as a video porn, then once the prince had finished using Cinderella, every other male at the ball would take his turn.

I conclude that because of female emancipation, affirmative action, and anti sexual harassment laws, status in the male status hierarchy no longer registers in the female mind as status. High status by male standards is low status as indicated by the status signals of the environment of evolutionary adaptation, so females just are not turned on by it. Hence the attraction to the scum of the earth.

In the ancestral environment, an alpha male was someone who frequently poked holes in other people with a sharp object.