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Now I understand the koan

Thursday, January 23rd, 2014

Several people have been darkly amused by the koan

I walked to Master Moldbug but the road was too long. I visited master Jim and he hit me with a stick.

I did not understand it.   Seems to me that I am a pussycat.

But now I think I understand

Reasons for the endless movement left

Sunday, January 5th, 2014

I have identified several different mechanisms for the endless movement left.
Entryism, the conspiratorial takeover of organizations by other organizations.  This is exemplified by Acorn, which has a single headquarters, but a hundred organization names, the residue of all the many organizations they have taken over.

Phariseeism:  The Puritans were holier than thou, their successors holier than Jesus. “I am holier than thou, therefore you should obey me.”

The madness of crowds, the tendency of consensus to go horribly wrong

And metastatic apostacy, the tendency of official belief systems to mutate to greater virulence.

All of these tend in practice to be the same thing.  Greater virulence is apt to be the same thing as greater holiness, greater holiness is amplified by the madness of crowds, and the entryist organization, being holier than the entered organization, takes advantage of the madness of crowds.

Thus in a single movement left, for example entryists taking over the the Science Fiction Writer’s Association, one observes entryism, the entryists are pharisees, the process of entry took advantage of consensus decision making, and the progressive pieties uttered to justify the takeover reflect that the official belief system is now more virulent than it used to be.  Each of these mechanisms was involved.

Leftism as cancer

Sunday, January 5th, 2014

Leftism is to memes as cancer is genes.

If the cells of the body mutate, cells that multiply at the expense of the body will be selected.  And cells that mutate to a faster mutation rate will be selected, since they will have more fast multiplying variants.

In a healthy body, each cell lives for the body, and performs its role in the whole body, making the body one. In cancer, each cancer cell lives for itself, at the expense of the body, parasitically, until the parasites devour the host

Left wing memes are selected by propagation through state power for propagation through state power. (more…)

Merry Christmas everyone

Tuesday, December 24th, 2013

The Jewish Conspiracy

Sunday, December 15th, 2013

A lot of people believe that the Jews act as one, that they secretively and conspiratorially pursue Jewish interests at other people’s expense.

The coordination problem is hard.  No one successfully acts as one.  Two Jews, three factions. That is why neoreactionaries propose terrible solutions to the coordination problem, on the grounds that other, more sophisticated, solutions are even worse.  The Cathedral acts more or less as one – one madman, but they have visible institutions to coordinate them, and even then, do not do it too well.

The Old Bolsheviks were mostly Jewish, and proceeded to purge each other until the party was damn near Judenrein.  The Trotskyists were overwhelmingly Jewish, and, lacking the power to send each other to the gulag, still are overwhelmingly Jewish, (hence the saying two trots, three factions) and they hate Jews more than anyone. (more…)

Radish on anarcho tyranny

Saturday, December 14th, 2013

Radish is excessively unkind to anarcho capitalism, though he is correct to point out that a lot of anarcho capitalists would be quite horrified by an anarcho capitalist polity in which, because the police and judiciary were in large part the direct employees of shopping malls and suchlike, capitalists had a lot of legal authority, and even more horrified if, because suburbia was protected by heads of households, and organizations paid by heads of households, each head of household had near total legal authority over his household, after the fashion of Republican Rome and the Old Testament.

But most of his wonderful article is on anarcho tyranny:

In 1961, 1971, and 1981, city street lights were not systematically de-wired. And the fact that plaques and bells of a century’s pedigree were just now looted attests that they all survived the Great Depression, the punks of the 1950s, and the crime-ridden 1970s.

Black Privilege

Tuesday, November 26th, 2013

No Limit Nigga

Martin Trayvon

This is a picture of No Limit Nigga.  If he does not much resemble the massively photoshopped image of Martin Trayvon you see everywhere, he nonetheless is a good match to the pre photoshopped image.

The knockout game

You have doubtless heard of the knockout game, where a black suckerpunches some random white in the street.

Is the knockout game happening everywhere all the time and the press and police are politely ignoring it, or is it a very rare occurrence, and evil white racists are making a big deal out of this very rare event? (more…)

Predicting collapse

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

I am a prophet of doom.  There tends to be an oversupply of prophets of doom, and the proportion who turn out correct is quite small.

Equally, there are also a large number of prophets of non doom, for example the numerous prophets of complacency during the fall of the Roman Empire in the west, who assume that everything will continue as today, often even when spectacular collapse is under way, they assume that everything has now stabilized, or will very shortly stabilize.

So, I reach for the mantle of an accurate prophet:  Ayn Rand in her science fiction novel Atlas Shrugged accurately predicted the condition of today’s Detroit, though her book was published when Detroit had the highest standard of living in America. (more…)

Your taxes at play

Saturday, November 16th, 2013

Crystal Mangum, the whore who accused the Duke University Lacrosse team of raping her, is currently charged with murdering her boyfriend Reginald Daye Wilson.

The incident that led to the death of her boyfriend started with her applying for food stamps, Medicare, subsidized child care, cash, and employment assistance, which application was, in whole or  substantial part, granted.   Your taxes at play. (more…)

Stupid U

Thursday, November 14th, 2013

Inequality, as you know, is rising (because of the mass importation of a low IQ Indio and Mestizo non working underclass from Mexico into the US) The progressive diagnosis was that university makes everyone affluent and middle class, so they would run everyone, especially women, through university.


Between 2000 and 2008 the typical earnings of men with at least a bachelor’s degree fell by more than $2,000, after inflation, to $70,332 a year. Between 2008 and last year they fell a further $3,500.

Falling rewards for a Bachelor’s degree reflects the dumbing down of Bachelor’s degrees, which is in substantial part driven by the flood of women in higher ed. (more…)