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Wednesday, November 30th, 2016

We just have to have stronger frame than theirs.

Their frame is that they are virtuous and we are wicked, and that we know they are virtuous and we are wicked.

They refuse to interact with anyone who fails to accept their frame of moral superiority – that they are better than us because they deeply care about people located in places that they cannot find on a map of the world.

In actual fact their supposed good intentions usually have horrifying and brutal effects on the supposed beneficiaries, and when their supposed good intentions have horrifying effects on the supposed beneficiaries they are entirely comfortable and have not the slightest hesitation in blaming the victims, as for example the recent aid to Haiti fiasco, the earlier imposition of Aristide on Haiti at gunpoint which resulted in Aristide torturing to death very large numbers of real, suspected, and imaginary rightists in highly creative ways, the humanitarian intervention in Syria which if Russia had not intervened would have resulted in the total genocide of the Alawites, the expulsion of Christians to Lebanon, and the expulsion or genocide of several varieties of Shiite, in particular the genocide of the Palestinian Shiites, and the very similar humanitarian intervention in the Congo which predictably resulted in many, perhaps most, Tutsi women in the Congo being vaginally impaled with objects larger than themselves

Our frame has to be that they are hypocritical sycophants engaged in an ever escalating contest to speak power to truth, that they mindlessly regurgitate ignorant and formulaic Stalinist boilerplate to ingratiate themselves to power, power that is alarmingly capricious, brutal, cruel, terrifying, and erratic. That goodness begins at home – which implies that a grown woman with no husband is a bad woman.

Their supposed goodness is confirmed in their minds a false history of the world in which white males cause black and female underperformance. They supposedly believe that women and blacks are equal while indulging female irresponsibility and black violence. Women are in practice treated as children, except that when a child misbehaves the child is hauled off to the responsible adult who is told to discipline his child, but women misbehave and get away with it, for no one can haul them off to the responsible male who will be told to discipline his women.

In their history of the world Rhodesia, the Belgian Congo, segregation and slavery were hurtful evil crimes against blacks committed because whites hate blacks. They read and believe a press in which covers in hostile and mendacious detail every incident where a white kills a black, while piously ignoring an enormous number of incidents where blacks attack whites out of hatred inculcated into them in school, in university, and in the mass media.

In fact, blacks were immensely better off under white rule in Rhodesia and the Belgian Congo than before and after, slavery was necessary because of black disinclination to work for a living, and ever since slavery whites have been carrying blacks upon their backs. Segregation was an early form of affirmative action for blacks, artificially creating a black middle class by protecting them from white competition.

Their supposed moral superiority rests not on actual deeds to friends and family, which are generally hateful and contemptible, but on what they have been mendaciously and flatteringly told about things that happened long ago and far away.

Hail Trump

Saturday, November 26th, 2016

That is Hail, not Heil

That is Hail Trump as in Hail Caesar Augustus, not Heil Trump as in Heil Hitler.

This is a reference and reverence to God Emperor Caesar Augustus who did to decadent Roman democracy much what Hitler did to decadent German democracy for much the same reasons, but fortunately your average Harvard graduated social justice warrior does not know any history other than Hitler killing the Jews, whites enslaving blacks, and that every thing was invented by blacks except what was invented by women.

That is why we call him God Emperor Trump, not der Führer.

By the way, the Roman salute to God Emperor Caesar Augustus differs slightly from the Nazi salute, in that the palm is visible, rather than down, and the fingers may be semi closed, but not clenched, but don’t try it because social justice warriors will not know the difference.

We are who we are, so to salute president elect Trump in the hope that he will soon become God Emperor Trump, I recommend the military salute universally used by western armies for a long time. For extra fun points, this salute was in fact the salute used by the German army in World War II, and every other white army, but social justice warriors don’t know that.

The Overton Bubble

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2016

The Overton window has formed a bubble. People inside the bubble now refuse to have anything to do with those outside the bubble, refuse to hear, refuse to understand, refuse even to notice, react to them only with ignorant crazy hatred, and if anyone respectable shows signs of listening, he loses respectability and gets cast out of the bubble. No longer will respectable people have anything to do with him. He shall be friendless and alone. Except that so many people have been cast out of the bubble that he probably will not be friendless and alone.

This particular form of the left singularity, like many forms, leads inevitably to civil war. Unlike most forms of the left singularity, it will lead to civil war that the left is likely to lose.

Know your enemy and know yourself, win a hundred battles without jeopardy
Know yourself, but not your enemy, win some, lose some.
know neither yourself nor your enemy, always lose.

The left has weaponized self inflicted ignorance, symbolized by literally and physically turning their backs on their opponents. This weapon is apt to backfire. Not a good idea to show your opponent your back.

The back turning maneuver is a DHV (demonstration of higher value) It subcommnicates “You want our attention, but are beneath us, and are no threat to us”. It will be harder to pull off once Trump imprisons the officials of a few sanctuary cities and fires the Washington press core. (Which despite being a supposedly private enterprise organization works from government offices and receives the usual services and benefits provided by government employees to people in government offices, as do a great many politically critical supposedly private enterprise organizations. The phrase “NGO” has become a joke, with even NGO employees describing their work as government employment.)

A good reply to the physical back turning maneuver is to pour an iced drink over the offender. You have to respond to the “You are no threat” subcommunication by showing you are a threat.

The winds of freedom already blow

Thursday, November 10th, 2016

Whatever Trump may do after he ascends the throne, he has already done more for freedom than every past president.

Twitter shadowbanned numerous people, including Trump himself. The morning after the night that Trump’s election was called, the CEO of Twitter resigned.The COO of twitter resigned at 2PM on the 9th, about the time it became obvious that Trump had won. The “where is Hillary” hash tag ridiculing Hillary’s failure to concede in a timely manner appeared at about 5PM on the ninth.

I imagine he expected a short and unpleasant board meeting, and decided not to attend.

I expect the man responsible for shadowbanning Donald Trump to remain radioactive for quite some time.

The practical effect of this is that the Altright has been mainstreamed. For years, progs have been saying that anyone outside the ever narrowing Overton window is literally Hitler and is going to genocide the Jews, to which the Altright replies:

“Yeah, sure”

Anti semitism, promulgated by the Altright but not by Trump himself, was a hugely effective counter measure against the stream of anti white, and anti white male propaganda. It freed people from their guilt for being white.

I expect that the Trump campaign, and the Republican party remade in Trump’s image, will hire numerous Altrightists for cushy government and party jobs, though probably not the unironic day-of-the-rope fire-up-the-ovens factions. Trumpism is that we are going to this legally and constitutionally – well, legally as the people judge legality, not necessarily legally as far left judges judge legality. Trumpism is populist. Neoreactionaries don’t really care what the people might judge as legal. But today, we are all Trumpists. And Trump does care what the people might judge as legal.

I am rather doubtful that this can be done legally and constitutionally, but obviously needs to be tried. And tried damned hard. I rather suspect that trying damned hard is likely to morph into the Trump monarchy, regardless of Trump’s intentions.

Anti semitism is false and dangerous, in that though Jews are overrepresented among political insiders and progs, political insiders and progs are not an instrument of a vast Jewish conspiracy, rather the reverse, but nobody was fighting fair, and antisemitism, the stream of memes originating largely in Pol, worked in its usual function as a populist appeal to the masses, to the considerable benefit of Trump, who though he did not get his own hands dirty, was not overly horrified by his allies and supporters getting their hands alarmingly dirty.

White people and males pull the lever for Democrats because they feel bad about being white and/or bad about being male. Trumpism was and is an upsurge of outrage against this feeling and the stream of propaganda that makes whites and males feel bad about themselves, the stream of hateful hostile venomous propaganda denigrating whites and males.

But if you think that stream is a Jewish conspiracy, you are apt to overlook the even more obvious stream of hateful hostile venomous propaganda denigrating husbands and fathers.

Demon Worship

Tuesday, November 8th, 2016

The Clinton circle ritually and collectively perform degenerate acts as a sacrament (Podesta’s Spirit Cooking). There are increasing grounds to suspect that they engaged in child sacrifice.

I don’t suppose they would think of it as demon worship, rather they think they are worshiping themselves and their own magical powers, but the connections to child traffickers reveal that it is demon worship. Hillary famously said “It takes a village”, and she has taken a few, or at least she applied State Department power to protect child traffickers that stole a few.

Meanwhile, the State Department some time ago installed Ms. Park Gyun-Hye as the President of South Korea, and was and is confident of her servile obedience, and continues to feel that were she replaced, it would be a bad thing for “the international community”.

But it was recently revealed that Ms. Park Gyun-Hye was the servile and mistreated puppet of a circle of people who claim magical powers and perform magic rituals.

So if she is the puppet of a religious leader, then the religious leader must be the puppet of the State Department, or, more likely, since cohesion usually comes from shared religion and ritual practice, the State Department is controlled by practitioners of the same religion, who meet together to do disgusting stuff like drinking the blood of children, which bonds them together.

The Cathedral is not so much a single conspiracy, as the net entropic consequence of a huge number of conspiracies. It cannot be accurately modeled as a single conscious being. Apple under Jobs was an extension of the will of Jobs, and its actions were explicable as the pursuit of profit and the pursuit of excellence. The American government cannot be modeled as the will of Obama, or the will of a small group capable of meeting around a coffee table and its actions cannot be modeled as the pursuit of anything coherent or sane. But the largest and most cohesive conspiracy will exercise the most power and gain the most privilege, and the largest and most cohesive conspiracy is apt to be the beneficiary of shared religious worship and belief.

Since the Clinton circle is clearly the most powerful conspiracy, we would expect it to be the largest and most cohesive, hence we would expect it to be held together by the glue of shared religious worship and belief – religion and belief that supplies plentiful amounts of blackmail material. It is inherent in the nature of the Cathedral that one is likely to find something like a cult of demon worshipers exercising the most power. You have inner circles, inner circles within inner circles, and natural selection for the meme system most capable of gaining and holding power.

You will notice that the pope and almost every christian authority has backed Hilton to the hilt, knowing that she engages in degenerate acts conducted as a sacrament.

Rolling Stone found guilty of defamation for rape hoax

Saturday, November 5th, 2016

The judge, unreasonably and improperly, set the very high bar of “actual malice”.

Either the jury ignored the judge’s direction, or, more likely, the jury consciously or subconsciously realized that when every single person connected to this case piously agreed that there was a whole lot of rape on campus, they did not actually mean that there was a whole lot of rape type rape on campus, or indeed any rape type rape on campus, that these pious proclamations were intended as a theological truth rather than a literal truth, intended to signify that the speaker feels the pain and traumatization that women are feeling in sexual jungle, not to signify that women were literally being raped.

If we realize that consensual sex is apt to be traumatic for women, maybe we should not be letting women make these decisions. Jackie Coakley was traumatized because Ryan Duffin would not have sex with her twice. The reverse decision, refusing to have sex with the father of one’s children, or refusing to have sex with one’s husband, is apt to be equally disastrous for women.

If two men agree to exchange apples and iron, we should conclude the deal makes both of them better off, that consent is proof that the deal should go through, and lack of consent is proof it should not. With fertile age women possessed by raging hormones, similar reasoning is inapplicable.

Jobs and education make women ugly and unattractive

Sunday, October 30th, 2016

Women find jobs and education attractive in men, so mistakenly and foolishly think that men will find jobs and education attractive in women. They find arrogance, cruelty, sexual promiscuity, and assholery attractive in men, so mistakenly and foolishly think that men will find arrogance, cruelty, sexual promiscuity, and assholery attractive in women.

What men like is primarily youth and fertility, but close second to this is kindness, fidelity, humility, and obedience. “Will this woman”, the man subconsciously thinks, “look after me and my children?”

A woman has all her life to do jobs and education, but limited time to get married and start a family. After thirty, she is not so hot any more, still bangable, but no fun for a long term relationship. She is also running out of eggs. After age thirty she can still have children, but there is a rapidly rising chance that she will not be able to have as large a family as she or her husband might wish. After forty, high chance she will not be able to have any children at all. And after forty, well, there are some men that will bang forty year old women, but most men would prefer whiskey, porn, and whores if a forty year old woman was the only alternative. Old men seldom marry old women. I am pretty old, and infamously indiscriminate about which women I bang (if it goes up, it goes in) but I don’t bang forty year old women, and there is a limit to how many times I will bang a woman in her thirties, unless she is exceptionally good looking for a thirty year old.

If a woman marries a man while she is still young and beautiful, and he is in love, wife goggles come into effect and she seemingly remains the same age forever. I saw my wife as about seventeen all her years until she was dying, but of course, the later a woman marries, the less she is going to benefit from wife goggles.

The worst part of jobs and education is that they suck up time that a woman should use to get married and have a family, but they also tend to mark up a woman’s face.

If a woman goes to college, and does not nail down her future husband in the first year, she is going to wind up banging a long succession of charismatic alpha males, and getting dumped by a long succession of alpha males, resulting in the infamous thousand cock stare, and the thousand cock stare is chillingly ugly.

Highly educated women get married less, get divorced more, and have fewer children than less educated women.

And then she goes to work.

Men need to be needed. Men do not want an independent woman. And being an independent woman hardens a woman’s face.

Women in high socioeconomic status jobs get married less, get divorced more, fuck around more before, during, and after marriage, and have fewer children than woman with low socioeconomic status jobs.

This problem has been made far more severe by affirmative action. I recall a lawyerette in Telstra’s legal department (78% female) boasting about how much affirmative action was in place, and arrogantly, impudently, and aggressively demanding that a whole lot more affirmative action be put in place.

These days, most women’s jobs are affirmative action jobs. Women get jobs on the backs of men because companies are forced to hire woman.

One big problem with affirmative action is that an affirmative action hire is largely fireproof, so if there is any drama between a man hired on his merits, and woman hired for being a woman, the man gets fired. And women love drama. Which makes all the women in the workplace socially superior to the men who are theoretically their equals on the organization, since the men are frightened of the women, frightened that if a woman picks a quarrel with them it will have grave consequences, and often socially superior to their immediate boss. Watch how the poor boss cannot get a word in edgewise.

Yeah, I know feminists say that when a man speaks over a woman, he is being aggressive and shouting her down, but when a woman speaks over a man, she is not interrupting, she is being friendly and helpful – but the boss would have had a much easier time without all that “help”, which resembled the help given by a backseat driver to the driver.

So the women go around with a hard and hostile face, lest any of their male social inferiors should get sexy ideas about them, and that hostile face becomes permanent, so that even when she tries to smile at an alpha male, she is smiling through a permanent hostile condescending sneer that has engraved itself on her face. And that is not what any man needs in a wife. Jobs for women are, in the overwhelming majority of cases, affirmative action jobs where the men carry the woman on their backs, affirmative action jobs make women arrogant and hostile, and arrogance and hostility makes them ugly.

There is a certain amount of truth to the feminist proposition that women never interrupt men, they are just being friendly and helpful – and a great big untruth. And the great big untruth is revealed if the man does not let her interrupt, if he keeps on speaking and raises his voice to be be heard, her face will distort into the face of a witch, a monster, and a toad, she will scream incoherently at the top of her voice and swell with furious rage, that even though her interruption is superficially pleasant and courteous, that it is an interruption is discourteous, a demonstration of arrogance, hostility, and social power, the power of state enforced affirmative action hiring, and this arrogance and discourtesy, and the state power backing it, is suddenly, brutally, and shockingly revealed the instant the interruption is resisted.

Every time a woman interrupts a man, her face gets a tiny bit uglier.

UVA Dean surrenders to PC in Rolling Stone defamation case.

Saturday, October 29th, 2016

Supposedly thousands of University of Virginia students are raped every month, or possibly every day, by privileged white heterosexual males.

Yet strangely, Associate Dean Nicole Eramo of the University of Virginia has not punished a single privileged white male for actually raping someone.

Therefore, either Dean Nicole Eramo is worse than Hitler, or rape is a massively over reported crime, with the vast majority of rape accusations being false, and the vast majority of rape convictions unjust. Rolling Stone told us that the Dean is worse than Hitler. The Dean is suing them.

Rolling Stone is defending its story, not on the basis that it is true, but that it is truthy, that the Dean really is worse than Hitler.

The Associate Dean is unable to say the glaringly obvious, that rape is massively overreported, that the vast majority of rape accusations and convictions are fraud committed by evil and irresponsible women who need to be severely punished.

Instead, the Dean piously tells us that rape is massively underreported, and explains that, due to pervasive sexism in the system, it is just very difficult to find anyone actually guilty of rape.

But Dean Nicole Eramo, you are, or rather were, in charge of the system. If rape really is massively underreported, then you really are worse than Hitler.

Women cry rape for many reasons, one of them, as for example Jackie Erdeley’s story, to attract sympathetic male attention. But the big underlying reason is that in a world that says that sex is always fine if two adults consent, and never right if one of them does not consent, they have no language to express the thought “I have been banging like a barn door in high wind, and somehow I feel really bad.”

How to implement patriarchy

Wednesday, October 26th, 2016

Implementing patriarchy is a lot harder than it looks. There are a lot of moving parts that have to work together right.

The problem is that nature has given women so much power, that it is very hard for law to take it away from them. Spandrel has plenty of amusing tales of women disruptively exercising power from the bottom in a system where they were theoretically completely property.

If I beat a woman, it is because she wants me to beat her. If I don’t beat a woman, it is because she does not want me to beat her. If I dump a woman, it is because she wants me to dump her. We men are all dancing monkeys on a chain, and just as much a dancing monkey when administering a beating.

Back when husbands theoretically had absolute power over their wives, and Kings theoretically had absolute power over their subjects, Kings mistresses tended to be their wives of their courtiers. Now you might suppose the King was shaking down his courtiers – but hang on there. The wife screws the King, and goes back to her beta orbiter husband’s bed, where presumably they chastely cuddle while she weeps on his shoulder about how badly the King treats her. If the King’s power can reach into the courtier’s home and stop him from whipping his wife, how come it cannot reach into the courtier’s home and stop the wife from cuddling her beta orbiter husband? Further, how come the King’s mistresses have already had children with other men? Who wants seconds? Yes, the King was shaking down his courtiers, but he was being manipulated into shaking down his courtiers, and his courtiers were being manipulated into letting him shake them down.

Obviously what happened was that the lord on his own domain is the ultimate alpha male, lord of the manor, everyone grovels to him. His wife thinks she has hit the jackpot. Then they go to court, he grovels to the King, she despises her husband, stops fucking him, and fucks the King. Her husband is definitely not getting his way. The King is not really getting his way. She is getting her way. It was unrestrained hypergamy. She gets fucked by the King, cuddled by her beta orbiter husband.

To protect Odysseus from the sirens we need to tie him to the mast.


If a man sleeps with another man’s wife, the offended husband may kill him, or the state will execute him. The wife may be punished according to the husband’s discretion.

If a man prostitutes his wife or girlfriend, makes her sleep with another man, he shall be executed by the state. If a man allows himself to be cuckolded, allows his wife to sleep with another man, the state shall execute both of them.

We do this not to punish the wicked husband, but to protect the husband from the wiles of woman, as Odysseus had himself tied to the mast, and ordered his men to slay him should he break free.

If a man gravely wrongs his wife, the state may relieve her of the duty of always being respectful to him, always obeying him, never speaking back to him, and always being sexually available to him, while requiring him to continue to support her, which is to say, allow her divorce for grave wrongs, but the state should not relieve her of the duty to never be sexually available to another man, because otherwise she will concoct fictitious grave wrongs, or manipulate her husband into genuinely committing grave wrongs, as soon as she encounters a man seemingly more alpha than her husband. If she does sleep with another man after divorce, her husband can stop supporting her, or he can forcibly take her back and punish her at his discretion.

Women should be fully under the authority of the male head of household, and should remain legally children until menopause. The head of household should have authority to physically discipline wife and children.

Normally marriage should be romantic, consensual, monogamous, should reflect erotic love and should be permanent. Normally couples should not be allowed to date unless engaged, where engagement consists of a promise to marry, understood as a promise to marry if they have sex.

However, due to various forms of misconduct, we often have to break from this ideal one way or another. We should break from the ideal not by dissolving the marriage, but by coercing people to marry and to stay married, by enforcing both the man’s duty to support the woman, and the woman’s duty to obey him, respect him, be always sexually available to him, and never sexually available to anyone else.

Female consent is foolish, irresponsible, reckless and easily manipulated. So the first principle to be laid aside should be female consent, and permanency the last principle to be laid aside. Female consent does not make sex right, nor lack of consent make sex wrong.

Varying degrees of shotgun marriage should be applied for misbehavior. For example, if a woman gets pregnant, and the father is marriageable, they should be forced to marry. If he refuses to marry, he gets a support order. If she refuses to marry, she gets concubinage – the duty to obey him, respect him, provide domestic and sexual services to him and never to anyone else, the duties and obligations of marriage without the honor and protections of marriage. (That is how they did it in Australia at the end of the eighteenth century)

If she sleeps with a non marriageable man, she should be required to get married to someone marriageable, anyone, in a hurry, under threat of being assigned to someone in concubinage. Again, in Australia in the late eighteenth century, a lot of women somehow managed to find good husbands with amazing swiftness, usually in days, sometimes in hours.

Winning gamergate

Tuesday, October 25th, 2016

A few days before the election, the feminist blogger Go make me a sandwich has thrown in the towel, despite being handed large bags of money and unenending praise for her “courage” in complaining about sexism in games.

Another victory for the power of Trump, who has made every man stand a little straighter, walk with a slightly bigger stride, and grow bigger balls. Win, lose, or draw, he has already accomplished more change than every previous Republican candidate.

Her complaint has been to endlessly point out that male game characters are depicted as manly, while female game characters are … female. Which is to say, hotter than she is. This oppresses her. Not only that, but when she attacks artists for allegedly bad and sexist art, they have been known to disagree. It is supposedly horribly misogynistic for a male to do anything other than politely agree when attacked by a woman. People disagreeing with her cause her great pain. It is extremely cruel that anyone in the world publicly disagrees with her after she publicly attacks them.

Every fertile age female writing a book or blogging or giving a speech on anything she is passionate about is arguing that the world should be remade in such a way that the writer or speaker should be considered hot.

All her complaints are pretty similar to this one

She complains that Taki is physically impossible, because of waist to hip ratio.

When you compare the two, you can see that they’ve given Taki so much of an “hourglass figure” that her rib cage is practically inverting itself, as is her stomach. This begs the question, where does she keep her organs? Also, you’ll notice that I fleshed out Taki’s ass a bit. That’s not me making Taki a bit fatter, that’s me giving Taki the musculature needed to connect her legs to her torso.

So I put a tape measure the images of Taki in the link. Taki, as originally drawn, by the artist depicting a sexy ninja, has a waist to hip ratio of 1.9/2.8 = 0.0.67 (That is putting a tape measure on my screen, your screen will have different measurements but the same waist to hip ratio.

As “corrected” by the blogger to be supposedly realistic 2.2/3.0 = 0.73

In the bloggers black and red diagram, original Taki has 2.2/3.2 = 0.69, and supposedly realistic Taki 2.6/3.6= 0.72

But a real life hot caucasian chick is typically 0.7, and a real life hot East Asian chick, which the character presumably is, being a ninja, is indeed about 0.67 and yes, you can find, and bed, lots of real life asian chicks with a waist to hip ratio around 0.67. We are not talking freakish supermodels, but the reasonably slim and fit girl next door – well, next door if you visit East Asia.

My recent East Asian girlfriend had a waist to hip ratio better than Taki, and while her boobs were not nearly as large as fictional Taki’s boobs, which are indeed unreasonably large, they were better than the “corrected” Taki’s boobs. My recent East Asian real life girlfriend was way less “realistic” than the bloggers “corrected” Taki.

And the same is true of the regular complaints of “ünrealistic” depictions of females. They are only unrealistic if you demand that artists be forbidden from depicting that minority of women able to push aside the extra pizza slice.

By and large most videogame females correspond to a realistic slim athletic woman with big boobs, and most videogame males correspond a body builder male, reflecting what men and women want to be, and would like to have in their sexual partners – they are idealized, but except in deliberately cartoonish art, usually not absurdly exaggerated, nor are males any the less idealized that females. Pretty much every male in video game art looks like Superman.

The problem is that dumpy chicks find hot chicks far more threatening than dumpy males find hot males, and the blogger’s depictions of supposedly realistic female characters show this. Her “realistic” female characters show a realistic need to push aside the last slice of pizza and hit the gym. If she finds Taki threatening, she would find plenty of real life East Asians threatening.