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The Cathedral defined

Monday, December 19th, 2016

Because of the big expansion of the Alt Right, the Dark Enlightenment, and Neoreaction, we are getting a lot of people unfamiliar with the theory.

Know your enemy, know yourself:

The Cathedral is the Academic-judiciary-media complex.  It is also priestly power, even if some of the priests are not actually in academia, the judiciary, or media. It the set of people, with actual privilege under democracy.  All people are equal, but some are more equal than others.  The Cathedral are the ones that are more equal than others.  Jews tend naturally to priesthood, but the Cathedral is not entirely ruled by Jews, and in practice Orthodox Jews are normally excluded from the Cathedral as unbelievers, revealing the Christian roots of progressivism.

The Cathedral has organizational continuity with the state religion of Massachussets, in that Harvard was the headquarters of the state religion of Massachusetts.  Harvard is a heretical offshoot of the Church of England, in that Harvard was founded by clerics expelled from the Church of England by Charles the second, clerics known at the time as dissenters or noncomformists, and the State Religion of Massachusetts was founded by clerics who fled England to avoid the authority of Charles the first, clerics known at the time as Brownists.  The frequent name changes, which continue to this day, indicate that this religion keeps developing a dreadful reputation.

The problem is the priesthood of all believers.  This is wonderful in theory, but in practice, some believers are more equal than others, so what you get in practice is what Moldbug calls informal power – power that is unofficial, secretive, insecure, conspiratorial, and based on lies and pretence, as illustrated by the Climategate files.

It used to be that Royal society decided what was science, what was the scientific method, and awarded prestige to some scientists more than others.  Its motto was “Take no one’s word for it” – which meant that scientists that claimed X had to show how they knew X.  When Harvard got supremacy over the Royal Society as a result of World War II, we got scientific truth determined behind closed doors on the basis of secret evidence that they will not show you even if you mount freedom of information requests.  Peer Review is in practice the clerical synods that the State Church of Massachussets demanded.  Similarly accreditation of educational (credentialing) institutions.

The British civil war (1640-1660) was a result of dissident/brownist clerics demanding that the authority of Bishops appointed by the King be replaced by the authority of clerical synods.

This led to riots against the King’s Bishops, which Charles the first failed at first to treat as full on revolution against the King and at first failed to crush with full on military power.  The mainstream interpretation of events leading up to the British civil war is that Charles was too harsh, but my interpretation is the opposite – that the more revolution you allow, the more revolution you are going to get.

We are now entering a similar crisis, in that the permanent government claims to exercise authority and regulate not on the basis of what some mere president tells it to do, but on the basis of objective fact, where some people behind closed doors get to determine objective fact and others do not.

The permanent government has long been apt to commission “research” that makes it a moral and legal necessity to reward friends and punish enemies, and in the last months of the Obama regime has been aggressively claiming priestly independence similar to that of the judiciary, academia, and the mainstream media.  It has also been organizing quasi military forces independent of the regular military.  This is the priesthood of all believers all over again.

The priesthood of all believers would be fine if you added a little addendum that non religious authority gets to decide which believer may administer the sacraments – the family patriarch, the magistrate, or the King, as appropriate, so that we had formal, rather than informal, inequality between believers and priests.  Arguably this is implied by Saint Paul’s remarks on divine right, and in the end Martin Luther took this interpretation. Secular authorities should be able to regulate the church provided that they are not hostile to the faith and do not demand repudiation of the doctrines of the faith.

Or we could go with apostolic succession, and holy oil.  There is a sufficient supply of holy oil, because  if you have a bottle half full of holy oil, and top it up with regular oil, you get a full bottle of holy oil.  The holiness does not get diluted. (It is a miracle) But the Roman Catholic Church and the Church of England has become rather shy about apostolic succession.  Seems to me you cannot have apostolic succession, unless one apostolic successor who is a Bishop actually says to a candidate Bishop something like “By the power granted to me by the apostles, I  appoint you successor to the apostles”, and sloshes him with holy oil, or something along those lines.  A ambiguous pat on the head does not really count.  By which standard, no one in the Roman Catholic Church or the Church of England has apostolic succession any more, so if we go with apostolic succession we will have to import some Bishops who do have apostolic succession from Mount Athos or Moscow.  Mount Athos is safer.  We don’t want Moscow to lose intellectual sovereignty to Harvard, and equally we do not want Washington to lose intellectual sovereignty to Moscow.

To deal with the problem, Trump is going to need to forbid heavy weapons and armored personnel carriers to any federal government agency other than the regular military, and then replace holy synods with Bishops – in other words re-organize the federal bureaucracy on das Führerprinzip.

He also needs to reduce the power of the Judiciary by demonstrating that an airforce commando outranks a supreme court justice.

And after he is done with the federal bureaucracy, do the same to Academia.

He needs to radically reduce the status of Academia by radical degree deflation- we need to reintroduce the bar exam and the civil service exam, so that you can take the exam without bothering with an accredited college, and create a viable apprentice  + exam based model for doctors of medicine.  And simply repeal all the other accreditation requirements, in particular and especially “disparate impact”.

Trump has already struck effectively at the power of the media without even being president.  Now he needs to do to the rest of the Cathedral what he has done to the media.

After that, send a request to Mount Athos for some holy oil.  We need to close off open entry into the priesthood.  Even when disempowered, it is still an attractive nuisance that will attract the dangerously ambitious.

Some possible approaches to closing off open entry into the priesthood.

1:  The priesthood of all believers firmly regulated by the state. The state gives them privileges and power, in return for them teaching loyalty and patriotism, but keeps them under tight formal and explicit control. (Luther’s later more conservative Lutheranism)

2: Bishops derive their authority from the King, combining apostolic succession with (1) as in the Church of England from 1660 to 1820

3: Full on apostolic succession, with appropriate respect for secular authority, as with Eastern Orthodoxy and today’s Russian Orthodox Church under Putin.  Get some holy oil.

4: Hereditary priesthood, as in the Old Testament Israel.

5: Priesthood as private property, as in today’s Japan and saga period iceland, where private ownership of an official state endorsed shrine makes you a priest.  We make the universities as independent in reality as they are in form, so that Academia tolerates, is unable to prevent, is incapable of suppressing, open dissent within Academia, shutting down the network of committees controlling committees that causes all Academia to speak with a single voice, that makes it a thousand loudspeakers all echoing one microphone.

Since the shrines are official, solution five always has substantial elements of solution one.  Give them too much independence, they will conspire to create an informal and unofficial apparatus of coercion that enables them to speak with one voice, for the added power that this gives them.  The state not only has to ensure that the priesthood is dependent on the state, but also ensure that the priesthood is genuinely independent from synods of priests, for synods of priests lead to wars and revolutions, exercising power without responsibility.

Boycott people who hate you

Saturday, December 17th, 2016

Using their products will harm you. Seek out alternative products

Boycott the Star Wars movie Rogue One. All the villains are white males. All the heroes are not. Not only will this depress you and persuade you that you are evil and villainous and doomed to lose, but this guarantees bad writing and a boring show for the reasons explained by Orwell. If it is written to political formula, it is written to formula, so all the characters are living dead, placeholders and formulae, not people that you might care about. They kill a few of the heroes to try and make you care, but you won’t care.

Use InfoGalactic not Wikipedia. Wikipedia treats academia and the mainstream press as authoritative, and forbids any direct personal knowledge as “original research”. If you want to say that Karl Marx was an anti semitic Jew, you are not allowed to quote Karl Marx saying genocidal things about Jews, you have to quote some academic interpreting Karl Marx’s genocidal remarks about Jews.

These days, most Academic “research” is custom ordered by the permanent government, global warming being an egregious example. The permanent government decides it will promulgate some regulation or finding in order to reward a friend or punish an enemy, and then commissions some “research” to authoritatively justify this regulation or finding. Thus most academic research is meaningless except as an answer to “Who does the permanent government intend to destroy?” We are in the third childhood of human reason, the latter days of the Roman empire being the second childhood of human reason.

Thus Wikipedia simply feeds you the poisons manufactured by Academia and the mainstream media.

Use DuckDuckGo not google. Google actively censors and manipulates your searches, in order to manipulate you. This becomes apparent when you start searching conspiracy theories. Which for most conspiracy theories is probably a good thing, but Google’s idea of what is a conspiracy theory and what is fake news is alarmingly broad and grossly biased politically. I would not mind a search engine censoring conspiracy theories and fake news if it would tell me it is doing so and allow me to turn off the censorship, but Google deceptively and silently censors, thus manipulatively deceiving you.

Use, not twitter, for you and the people you follow in twitter are apt to be silently censored without you or they realizing it, making you feel isolated, alone, frightened, weak, and powerless.

I have not found any evidence that Kellogg is putting testosterone blockers and xenoestrogens in their cornflakes and bran, but given that they hate males and that testosterone levels are mysteriously dropping, why take the chance?


Tuesday, December 6th, 2016

The American government has over several decades passed sterner and sterner laws to prevent illegals from entering and to deport illegals when they do enter, and then proceeded to ignore those laws.

On day one, Trump will start enforcing those laws – and then the Judges will legislate open borders from the bench. They will find in the emanation of the penumbra of the constitution a universal human right for every person in the world to vote in the United States, to predate on white people by welfare and crime, and to vote for more welfare, less law enforcement against criminals, and more law enforcement against the middle class, after the fashion of Venezuela, which exemplifies anarcho tyranny in that everything is illegal, except crime, which is legal.

America’s anti discrimination laws work rather like Venezuela’s price control laws. The government legislates reality away. America makes unequal groups equal by law, Venezuela makes everyone prosperous by law. When reality continues to be real anyway, the law is being broken, therefore the government can punish anyone they please for breaking it. In America they don’t punish crimethinkers directly, but they do punish businesses that employ crimethinkers thus indirectly punishing crimethinkers. The same is partly true in Venezuela, except that in Venezuela they have shut down so many businesses that there is very little left, resulting in chaos and famine.

We on the alt-right are largely ex Brahmins, or in revolt against Brahmin culture in which we are deeply immersed, so we tend to think there is not much that Trump can do against the judges. When the judges rule deporting immigrants illegal, and being racist illegal, and that being white makes you racist, people within Brahmin culture think that will be that.

But that is not in fact how Joe Sixpack, the guy with the remote in one hand and a can of beer in the other, thinks about legality. Nor, more importantly, is it what the armed man wearing a uniform thinks about legality.

He thinks that legality is a man wearing a uniform and a gun enforcing explicit formal officially stated rules in obedience to his chain of command. And the neater the uniform and the shinier the gun, the more legal those rules are. In this, Joe sixpack is wiser than we are. Because the neatness of the uniform and the shininess of the gun is an indicator of discipline, and discipline is an indication that the rules are going to be enforced as intended, and thus an indication that the man with the gun is no threat to Joe sixpack

So what Trump needs to do is send out people in sharp looking uniforms with nice looking weapons to enforce those laws whether the judges like it or not, and imprison or deport people who break those laws without bothering with judges.

When Trump does this, the left will suffer total meltdown.

One percent of the people will say “Oh it is terrible that Trump has abandoned due process”.

One percent of the people will say “Oh it is terrible that Judges are legislating from the bench”.

Ninety eight percent of the people will say “The open borders people are being boring, change the channel to the sports news.”

The vast majority of people just do not care about due process, in part because judges have been abusing it so grossly for so long.


Sunday, December 4th, 2016

When mainstreamers read the red pill on women, they read it as “women are evil and dangerous”.  Well, women are certainly dangerous, but not exactly evil, rather subject to volcanically powerful sexual impulses that are apt to have disastrous consequences for themselves and everyone around them.

Now, me, I would fuck every fertile age woman I meet if I could.  The little man gives pretty much all of them the salute.  Obviously women are not like that, so men tend to interpret female behavior as women are less interested in sex than men – which rapidly becomes women are pure, women are angels, women belong on pedestals.

Not so.  It is that men are polygynous, women are hypergamous.  A woman will crawl nine miles over broken glass to fuck her demon lover.  And then not give her husband the time of day.

Conversely, if your wife does not much want to fuck you, she is fucking her demon lover.  If she is fertile age, and is disrespectful and disinclined to fuck you, she is going to leave, destroying all your assets and ruining the lives of your children.  Fertile age women need sex, quite a lot of sex.  If she does not need sex with you, you have a big problem. Conversely, if you fail to gratify her pretty regularly, you are going to have a big problem.

In real life I regularly see women behaving badly with disastrous consequences for themselves, their husband, and their children.  Yet I never see this in the media or in fiction.  In this, the media presents us with a wildly false image.  Women themselves are deceived, and their own bad behavior and the resulting evil consequences catches them by surprise.

Old legends present a more accurate and realistic picture of women.  For example King Gradlon and the City of Ys.

King Gradlon was raider based in Cornwall, but on one of his raids to the cold North, his armies melt away because of bad weather and logistic failure, and he is left all alone.  Then he meets Queen Malgven who proposes that he should kill her husband and steal the royal treasury, so King Gradlon gets back to Kinging again.  His wife bears a sea witch daughter, Dahut.  When Dahut becomes a teenager, she prevails on her father to build the city of Ys, which is built below high tide level, protected by dikes.  The city of Ys is a big success.  Many people migate to Ys.  It is a popular and successful pagan city based on sea trade.  At low tide the sea gates open to allow ships into its port.   Every so often his daughter sacrifices someone to the sea.  Then a sea demon arrives, makes love to his daughter, and prevails on her to open her gates to the sea at high tide, and the entire city drowns.

Female voting behavior in Europe is well explained by the theory that women rather like rape.  They are importing the rapeugees to do the raping that white men will not do.  Female resistance to rape is a shit test intended to separate the strong rapist from the weak.

At 1:20 in the video the white girl is groped by a bunch of Iranians. At 1:26 in the video freeze the frame to look at the expression on her face.

Similarly, if you see a woman alone in a twenty four hour laundromat, late at night when there is no one around, she is a single woman, because if she was married her husband would not permit it. Or if he is too weak to stop her, she will not be married very much longer.

Female sexuality and reproductive capability needs to be kept under male control and male supervision. If women have control of their own bodies, they are apt to behave badly.


Wednesday, November 30th, 2016

We just have to have stronger frame than theirs.

Their frame is that they are virtuous and we are wicked, and that we know they are virtuous and we are wicked.

They refuse to interact with anyone who fails to accept their frame of moral superiority – that they are better than us because they deeply care about people located in places that they cannot find on a map of the world.

In actual fact their supposed good intentions usually have horrifying and brutal effects on the supposed beneficiaries, and when their supposed good intentions have horrifying effects on the supposed beneficiaries they are entirely comfortable and have not the slightest hesitation in blaming the victims, as for example the recent aid to Haiti fiasco, the earlier imposition of Aristide on Haiti at gunpoint which resulted in Aristide torturing to death very large numbers of real, suspected, and imaginary rightists in highly creative ways, the humanitarian intervention in Syria which if Russia had not intervened would have resulted in the total genocide of the Alawites, the expulsion of Christians to Lebanon, and the expulsion or genocide of several varieties of Shiite, in particular the genocide of the Palestinian Shiites, and the very similar humanitarian intervention in the Congo which predictably resulted in many, perhaps most, Tutsi women in the Congo being vaginally impaled with objects larger than themselves

Our frame has to be that they are hypocritical sycophants engaged in an ever escalating contest to speak power to truth, that they mindlessly regurgitate ignorant and formulaic Stalinist boilerplate to ingratiate themselves to power, power that is alarmingly capricious, brutal, cruel, terrifying, and erratic. That goodness begins at home – which implies that a grown woman with no husband is a bad woman.

Their supposed goodness is confirmed in their minds a false history of the world in which white males cause black and female underperformance. They supposedly believe that women and blacks are equal while indulging female irresponsibility and black violence. Women are in practice treated as children, except that when a child misbehaves the child is hauled off to the responsible adult who is told to discipline his child, but women misbehave and get away with it, for no one can haul them off to the responsible male who will be told to discipline his women.

In their history of the world Rhodesia, the Belgian Congo, segregation and slavery were hurtful evil crimes against blacks committed because whites hate blacks. They read and believe a press in which covers in hostile and mendacious detail every incident where a white kills a black, while piously ignoring an enormous number of incidents where blacks attack whites out of hatred inculcated into them in school, in university, and in the mass media.

In fact, blacks were immensely better off under white rule in Rhodesia and the Belgian Congo than before and after, slavery was necessary because of black disinclination to work for a living, and ever since slavery whites have been carrying blacks upon their backs. Segregation was an early form of affirmative action for blacks, artificially creating a black middle class by protecting them from white competition.

Their supposed moral superiority rests not on actual deeds to friends and family, which are generally hateful and contemptible, but on what they have been mendaciously and flatteringly told about things that happened long ago and far away.

Hail Trump

Saturday, November 26th, 2016

That is Hail, not Heil

That is Hail Trump as in Hail Caesar Augustus, not Heil Trump as in Heil Hitler.

This is a reference and reverence to God Emperor Caesar Augustus who did to decadent Roman democracy much what Hitler did to decadent German democracy for much the same reasons, but fortunately your average Harvard graduated social justice warrior does not know any history other than Hitler killing the Jews, whites enslaving blacks, and that every thing was invented by blacks except what was invented by women.

That is why we call him God Emperor Trump, not der Führer.

By the way, the Roman salute to God Emperor Caesar Augustus differs slightly from the Nazi salute, in that the palm is visible, rather than down, and the fingers may be semi closed, but not clenched, but don’t try it because social justice warriors will not know the difference.

We are who we are, so to salute president elect Trump in the hope that he will soon become God Emperor Trump, I recommend the military salute universally used by western armies for a long time. For extra fun points, this salute was in fact the salute used by the German army in World War II, and every other white army, but social justice warriors don’t know that.

The Overton Bubble

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2016

The Overton window has formed a bubble. People inside the bubble now refuse to have anything to do with those outside the bubble, refuse to hear, refuse to understand, refuse even to notice, react to them only with ignorant crazy hatred, and if anyone respectable shows signs of listening, he loses respectability and gets cast out of the bubble. No longer will respectable people have anything to do with him. He shall be friendless and alone. Except that so many people have been cast out of the bubble that he probably will not be friendless and alone.

This particular form of the left singularity, like many forms, leads inevitably to civil war. Unlike most forms of the left singularity, it will lead to civil war that the left is likely to lose.

Know your enemy and know yourself, win a hundred battles without jeopardy
Know yourself, but not your enemy, win some, lose some.
know neither yourself nor your enemy, always lose.

The left has weaponized self inflicted ignorance, symbolized by literally and physically turning their backs on their opponents. This weapon is apt to backfire. Not a good idea to show your opponent your back.

The back turning maneuver is a DHV (demonstration of higher value) It subcommnicates “You want our attention, but are beneath us, and are no threat to us”. It will be harder to pull off once Trump imprisons the officials of a few sanctuary cities and fires the Washington press core. (Which despite being a supposedly private enterprise organization works from government offices and receives the usual services and benefits provided by government employees to people in government offices, as do a great many politically critical supposedly private enterprise organizations. The phrase “NGO” has become a joke, with even NGO employees describing their work as government employment.)

A good reply to the physical back turning maneuver is to pour an iced drink over the offender. You have to respond to the “You are no threat” subcommunication by showing you are a threat.

The winds of freedom already blow

Thursday, November 10th, 2016

Whatever Trump may do after he ascends the throne, he has already done more for freedom than every past president.

Twitter shadowbanned numerous people, including Trump himself. The morning after the night that Trump’s election was called, the CEO of Twitter resigned.The COO of twitter resigned at 2PM on the 9th, about the time it became obvious that Trump had won. The “where is Hillary” hash tag ridiculing Hillary’s failure to concede in a timely manner appeared at about 5PM on the ninth.

I imagine he expected a short and unpleasant board meeting, and decided not to attend.

I expect the man responsible for shadowbanning Donald Trump to remain radioactive for quite some time.

The practical effect of this is that the Altright has been mainstreamed. For years, progs have been saying that anyone outside the ever narrowing Overton window is literally Hitler and is going to genocide the Jews, to which the Altright replies:

“Yeah, sure”

Anti semitism, promulgated by the Altright but not by Trump himself, was a hugely effective counter measure against the stream of anti white, and anti white male propaganda. It freed people from their guilt for being white.

I expect that the Trump campaign, and the Republican party remade in Trump’s image, will hire numerous Altrightists for cushy government and party jobs, though probably not the unironic day-of-the-rope fire-up-the-ovens factions. Trumpism is that we are going to this legally and constitutionally – well, legally as the people judge legality, not necessarily legally as far left judges judge legality. Trumpism is populist. Neoreactionaries don’t really care what the people might judge as legal. But today, we are all Trumpists. And Trump does care what the people might judge as legal.

I am rather doubtful that this can be done legally and constitutionally, but obviously needs to be tried. And tried damned hard. I rather suspect that trying damned hard is likely to morph into the Trump monarchy, regardless of Trump’s intentions.

Anti semitism is false and dangerous, in that though Jews are overrepresented among political insiders and progs, political insiders and progs are not an instrument of a vast Jewish conspiracy, rather the reverse, but nobody was fighting fair, and antisemitism, the stream of memes originating largely in Pol, worked in its usual function as a populist appeal to the masses, to the considerable benefit of Trump, who though he did not get his own hands dirty, was not overly horrified by his allies and supporters getting their hands alarmingly dirty.

White people and males pull the lever for Democrats because they feel bad about being white and/or bad about being male. Trumpism was and is an upsurge of outrage against this feeling and the stream of propaganda that makes whites and males feel bad about themselves, the stream of hateful hostile venomous propaganda denigrating whites and males.

But if you think that stream is a Jewish conspiracy, you are apt to overlook the even more obvious stream of hateful hostile venomous propaganda denigrating husbands and fathers.

Demon Worship

Tuesday, November 8th, 2016

The Clinton circle ritually and collectively perform degenerate acts as a sacrament (Podesta’s Spirit Cooking). There are increasing grounds to suspect that they engaged in child sacrifice.

I don’t suppose they would think of it as demon worship, rather they think they are worshiping themselves and their own magical powers, but the connections to child traffickers reveal that it is demon worship. Hillary famously said “It takes a village”, and she has taken a few, or at least she applied State Department power to protect child traffickers that stole a few.

Meanwhile, the State Department some time ago installed Ms. Park Gyun-Hye as the President of South Korea, and was and is confident of her servile obedience, and continues to feel that were she replaced, it would be a bad thing for “the international community”.

But it was recently revealed that Ms. Park Gyun-Hye was the servile and mistreated puppet of a circle of people who claim magical powers and perform magic rituals.

So if she is the puppet of a religious leader, then the religious leader must be the puppet of the State Department, or, more likely, since cohesion usually comes from shared religion and ritual practice, the State Department is controlled by practitioners of the same religion, who meet together to do disgusting stuff like drinking the blood of children, which bonds them together.

The Cathedral is not so much a single conspiracy, as the net entropic consequence of a huge number of conspiracies. It cannot be accurately modeled as a single conscious being. Apple under Jobs was an extension of the will of Jobs, and its actions were explicable as the pursuit of profit and the pursuit of excellence. The American government cannot be modeled as the will of Obama, or the will of a small group capable of meeting around a coffee table and its actions cannot be modeled as the pursuit of anything coherent or sane. But the largest and most cohesive conspiracy will exercise the most power and gain the most privilege, and the largest and most cohesive conspiracy is apt to be the beneficiary of shared religious worship and belief.

Since the Clinton circle is clearly the most powerful conspiracy, we would expect it to be the largest and most cohesive, hence we would expect it to be held together by the glue of shared religious worship and belief – religion and belief that supplies plentiful amounts of blackmail material. It is inherent in the nature of the Cathedral that one is likely to find something like a cult of demon worshipers exercising the most power. You have inner circles, inner circles within inner circles, and natural selection for the meme system most capable of gaining and holding power.

You will notice that the pope and almost every christian authority has backed Hilton to the hilt, knowing that she engages in degenerate acts conducted as a sacrament.

Rolling Stone found guilty of defamation for rape hoax

Saturday, November 5th, 2016

The judge, unreasonably and improperly, set the very high bar of “actual malice”.

Either the jury ignored the judge’s direction, or, more likely, the jury consciously or subconsciously realized that when every single person connected to this case piously agreed that there was a whole lot of rape on campus, they did not actually mean that there was a whole lot of rape type rape on campus, or indeed any rape type rape on campus, that these pious proclamations were intended as a theological truth rather than a literal truth, intended to signify that the speaker feels the pain and traumatization that women are feeling in sexual jungle, not to signify that women were literally being raped.

If we realize that consensual sex is apt to be traumatic for women, maybe we should not be letting women make these decisions. Jackie Coakley was traumatized because Ryan Duffin would not have sex with her twice. The reverse decision, refusing to have sex with the father of one’s children, or refusing to have sex with one’s husband, is apt to be equally disastrous for women.

If two men agree to exchange apples and iron, we should conclude the deal makes both of them better off, that consent is proof that the deal should go through, and lack of consent is proof it should not. With fertile age women possessed by raging hormones, similar reasoning is inapplicable.