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Rabid Puppies and My Little Pony

Saturday, April 30th, 2016

For a long time the major science fiction publishing houses have been vomiting forth tedious hate filled political lectures that patronizingly scold the traditional audience for science fiction and fantasy: White males. The only part of what they produce that actually sells is romance porn for women where the female protagonist or gay bottom protagonist gets nailed by demons, dinosaurs, vampires, zombies, and werewolves.

(I have only just now discovered that dinosaur porn actually exists. I thought it was a joke of the Rabid Puppies. You would think it would be ironic, but porn does not do irony. Girl gets nailed by carnivorous dinosaurs with grotesquely large equipment.)

The Hugo awards have generally celebrated the most pompous and worst written political lectures, works that are very little read, plus a few celebrations of grotesquely deviant female perversion, works considerably more widely read.

The Rabid Puppies are akin to Gamergate, in that social justice warriors don’t like anything that white males do for fun, and intervene to stop it from being fun and instead make it morally improving. Thus, for example, Title IX is largely aimed at stopping white males from engaging in physical team sports. Apolitical white males get pissed with this and become political. Hence the rabid puppies want good science fiction and fantasy to get the awards. And particularly good science fiction and fantasy that pisses on social justice warriors.

And among their nominations were a two episode My Little Pony story.

Social Justice warriors took this as a troll, that the Rabid Puppies were nominating something bad just to show that they could, much as Social Justice Warriors stage revolting and disgusting events to see how far they can force people to degrade and humiliate themselves, but of course that is not Rabid Puppy style. If they nominate it, has to be good, or something they think is good.

So I downloaded this My Little Pony Episode, “the cutie map”, And it is pretty good and very deep. 1984, Brave New World, and Harrison Bergeron, written for ten year old girls.

A commie pony has established a commie utopia, and our major characters drop in to investigate.

There is the mandatory official happiness of “Brave New World”, the destructive equalizing downwards of “Harrison Bergeron”, and the poverty, ugliness, and lying authoritarianism of “1984”. All depicted for ten year old girls.

Of course “My Little Pony” is in the business of teaching little girls prosocial lessons, and the first lesson that we are beaten over the head with is “people can disagree, and still be friends”. Which gets repeated numerous times. Sounds pretty bland and innocent as a lecture to ten year old girls. Right? Except that it is set in a society of terrifying political correctness where everyone agrees with everyone or else. Which makes it not at all bland and innocent.

In other words, Social Justice Warriors, the mob who wants to no platform Moldbug, the rioters trying the shut down the Trump rallies, are behaving like naughty, unpleasant, bad, nasty children. Like naughty ten year old girls.

Another lesson, less heavily thumped, is that some people are better than other people, and that some people can be better than other people, and still be friends. Also, the commie utopia has no choice in goods, and what goods it does have are no good. The equal ponies are dressed in identical coarse sacks, and eat identical bad food. Since everyone is supposedly equally good at muffin production, the cook is in fact dreadful at cooking muffins.

At eighteen minutes in the first episode, we find that the incompetent muffin cook has, like Harrison Bergeron, been deprived of her special talent that once made her better than others.

We also encounter the Overton Window “that sounds extreme”. Or rather “that souNDS EEEXXXTEEEEEEEEME!!” – for views that before the communist revolution would have been utterly ordinary and taken for granted. Even those plotting counter revolution are incapable of crimethink. They want moderate and reasonable counter revolution – nothing EEEXXXTEEEEEEEEME!! They are cuckservative ponies. Communism is horrible, brutal, and failing disastrously, so they want just slightly less communism. But nothing “EEEXXXTEEEEEEEEME!!”

Yes, My Little Pony features a cuckservative.

And then, at the end of the first episode, they discover there is no leaving utopia,

At the start of the next episode, we hear propaganda broadcast by loudspeaker. “Exceptionalism is a lie” say the loudspeakers. But the ten year old girls viewing the episode know the major characters are exceptional – leading to a moral unusual in shows directed at ten year old girls “Don’t trust the mass media – it is probably propaganda.”

But the major characters have had their special abilities, their superiority, magically removed from them. They are handicapped down to the lowest common denominator. They find that they like dull books and crappy soviet style goods.

Then comes the pressure to rat out your fellow reactionaries and counter revolutionaries.

Then Fluttershy discovers that some commies are more equal than other commies, reveals it, and counter revolution ensues – an ending that I fear is far too optimistic. We already know that some commies are more equal than other commies, and no one is revolting.

Spiritual Security

Friday, April 29th, 2016

Putin coined the useful and important concept of “spiritual security”, as a part of national security.

All states have a state religion. If your state religion is controlled by a hostile state, you are toast. That is spiritual insecurity. The official state religion of most states is progressivism, and their progressivism is controlled by the NGOs, which are controlled by the US State Department, which is controlled by Harvard in pretty much the same way the US supreme court is controlled by Harvard. (Sometimes the president makes minor, and usually ineffectual and unsuccessful, efforts to influence the US State Department. If he gets too stubborn about it, the media demonize him.)

Back in the 1400 and 1500s the Pope was in the pocket of the Holy Roman Emperor and/or the King of Spain, and a lot of states were at war or near war or cold war with the Holy Roman Emperor and/or the King of Spain. These states found that the Pope was getting up their noses. They found Martin Luther handy to protect themselves from papism, which eventually led to the bloody holy wars of the Protestant Reformation west of the Hajnal line. Being Roman Catholic was spiritual insecurity – you were apt wind up incorporated in the almost universal empire of the triple crown.

More recently Jomo Kenyatta complained during the twentieth century: “When the Missionaries arrived, the Africans had the land and the Missionaries had the Bible. They taught how to pray with our eyes closed. When we opened them, they had the land and we had the Bible.” That is spiritual insecurity.

China has a big problem with progressivism and assorted Christian sects, many of which smell suspiciously like the State Department, discovering in the New Testament that gay sex is sacred, and husbands should obey their wives. The obvious solution is state sponsored Confucianism Manchesterized, or state sponsored Manchesterism Confucianized, but they are hesitant and confused. What exactly is their state religion? Supposedly it is Maoism, but Maoism is just not that credible these days, and they don’t particularly wish it was credible. They are half decided to go with Confucianism, but what sort of Confucianism? They are not sure. In the recent confrontation in Hong Kong, the police backed the protestors against the government, siding with the US state department against Peking. Such is the power of faith. Hong Kong suffers severely from spiritual insecurity. The authorities in Peking need to decide on something that is credible, persuasive, and sane, and go with that, for right now China is spiritually insecure. The state department plots a “democratic” takeover of China. If what happened in Hong Kong had happened in Peking, China would be ruled by the State Department and looted by Wall Street the way Russia was after the fall of communism.

Putin has a big problem with progressivism, but is taking forceful and effective measures against it. The unofficially official Russian state religion is highly unprogressive Russian Orthodoxy.

Russian orthodoxy in the west steers a delicate path wobbling between pissing off the State Department, and pissing off the patriarchy in Russia. There are no large scale hierarchical organized Christian religions in the west that seriously dissent from the State Department line that all religions, rightly understood, are the same religion, and that religion is progressivism.

On successful revolution

Saturday, April 16th, 2016

One of those who must not be named wrote:

Old Martin had a secret protector
Who happened to be an Elector

Wycliffe did heresy flaunt
His sponsor was named John of Gaunt

King quickly pulled out ahead
With helpful support from the Reds

Women’s Studies got a small donation
From the generous Ford Foundation

BLM gets away with their rancor
As tools of a prominent banker

The Big lend a hand to the Little
The High and the Low vs the Middle

The alt right will be able to win when, and only when, the left is sufficiently terrifying to each other that some powerful people, or one powerful person, decides that the alt right might come in mighty handy.

Trump for King

Wednesday, March 30th, 2016

History does not repeat, but it rhymes.

Today’s America is Wiemar Germany.  But Trump is not Hitler.  Rather, Trump is Kemal Ataturk.

Kemal Ataturk abandoned most of the Turkish empire, because most of it was run against the interests of Turks.  It was the anti Turkish empire, as the American empire is the anti American empire.

This put Kemal Ataturk on a collision course with the Caliphate, which continued to rule by soft power what Turkey no longer ruled by hard power.  Which Caliphate he was eventually forced to destroy.

Hitler wanted a German Empire. Trump intends to disband the American empire, or as much of the American empire as costs Americans money and delights in telling New York that their provincials are much holier than Americans.

The Cathedral will not be pleased.  Being universalist, world empire is their heart and soul. Abandoning empire is going to piss them off a lot more than an eight year delay in turning America brown and ethnically cleansing whites is going to piss them off.

Trump is not particularly right wing. He is what was middle of the road yesterday, though progressives find it hard to tell the difference between yesterday’s middle of the road and people who chant “Heil Hitler”.   The Republican establishment frequently complains that Trump fails to endorse all the wonderful policies that they did absolutely nothing to give effect to when they had the presidency and both houses.

We love Trump for the wonderful job he is done on political correctness, for being ten times as manly as any other candidate, and, last but not least, for being the only politician who is serious about not letting in the entire rest of the world into America to live on crime, welfare, and voting Democratic.  Who else proposes to throw out anchor babies?

By the way, Tony Abbot kicked anchor babies out of Australia, and not a dog barked.  The judges cowered and hid as they realized an airforce special forces commando outranks a high court justice.   The left thought it would be a huge deal, and tried to make hay out of it, and no one paid the slightest attention.

But could Trump manage what Moldbug called “the true election”  – could he attain actual power to govern?

The presidency has been steadily accumulating legislative and budgetary power.  But the presidency is not the president.  The presidency is a horde of fireproof bureaucrats who theoretically answer to the president, but, being fireproof, do not in fact answer to anyone.  It is clear that they intend to ignore Trump and govern as they have always governed.

This will undoubtedly irritate Trump.  If he does something effectual, he is going to look quite a bit like Stalin or Cromwell, and this election will be the true election.

This seems like a ridiculously optimistic hope, and I suppose it is, but Trump does not seem like the kind of man who would plan to be president without planning to actually govern.

Obviously Trump, a middle of the roader, has no intention of implementing a restoration.

But for Trump to implement anything at all, he is going to have to make a good start on a restoration.

Anarcho tyranny in the Chicago riots

Friday, March 18th, 2016

Police in Chicago were set up to take a kayfabe fall, to be the bad guys, and lose.

The plan was that at a pre-arranged signal, multiple mobs would simultaneously rush the podium, and nail Trump, thereby solving the Trump problem.

Police would be unable to prevent this, having been disarmed, forbidden to use effective force and set up to be legally at fault in any lawsuit.

What really happened at the Chicago Rally.

How the cops were set up to lose and be defeated.

It is entertaining just how much the Chicago Chief of Police hates the police.  I assume something similar is happening in the Army.


Crowd sourcing the question: How recent are open borders?

Tuesday, March 15th, 2016

Cathedral sources say that open borders, resettle them in green leafy suburbs on generous welfare, has been the law of the land since forever, and only recently have evil racists started to protest, but the way I recall it, worldwide, borders to white countries received some reasonable degree of enforcement until enforcement quietly but abruptly stopped world wide in 2011.  This led to a ginormous flood of illegal immigrants, increasing many fold each year, resulting in public resistance in numerous white countries starting in 2013.

Which resistance is on the one hand increasing with the flood, and is on the other hand collapsing under the impact of pious moralizing.

The way I recall it, before 2012, they were legally letting in lots of low IQ layabouts and petty criminals, to live on welfare and crime, with a small but significant number of rapists, serious criminals, and terrorists in the mix, but illegal entry was not a problem.  Then enforcement abruptly stops in 2011, huge numbers of illegals show up unopposed in 2012, and even larger numbers in 2013, with a corresponding rise in the proportion of rapists, murderers, and terrorists – who also live on welfare and crime.

One day even Obama opposes gay marriage.  The next day, no one opposes gay marriage, and no one remembers that they ever opposed gay marriage.   The same thing is now happening with illegal immigration.  Not only is it policy, it always has been policy and all decent people always have supported it.

Theoretically the Roman Catholic Church still opposes gay marriage – like it theoretically still supports the husband’s authority in marriage, theoretically opposes divorce, and theoretically has a male only priesthood.

But in fact, if you go to Roman Catholic Church you will see a woman doing stuff that looks very like the stuff a priest does, remarried women taking communion, and at a Roman Catholic marriage the priest will ad lib some feminist talking points.

We have abruptly moved from guarded borders, and border guards, being an uncontroversial fact that every single person takes for granted, to them being a crime equal in seriousness to being the first person to stop applauding at a gay wedding.  This does not look to me like “decades of kindergarten to hospice propaganda” but more like hate week in Orwell’s 1984.

Heartiste addresses the Jewish Question

Tuesday, March 1st, 2016

Heartiste, minion of Satan, addresses the Jewish Question with his usual combination of insight and empirical data.

His data and conclusions are consistent with mine: My conclusions being that Jews are priests by nature, and we suffer from a crisis of an ever escalating excess of priests, and an ever escalating dangerously great theocratic power, ever escalating persecution of ever more minor deviations from an ever more extreme official state theology and theocracy of equalism, covetousness, and envy, and it is this crisis that causes the over representation of Jews among bad people doing bad things, not the other way around. If we get priests under control, then Jews are under control. If we expel Jews without getting priests under control, we are still screwed.

Poland goes alt right

Thursday, February 18th, 2016

Poland goes /pol

This may be the start of a Soviet style collapse of the American empire.

In the new issue of the weekly Network, a report about ?*what the media and Brussels elite are hiding*? from the citizens of the European Union”.

OK, they are reporting sexual Jihad, but what about the Jewish question? Yes, Poles are now allowed to mention the Jewish question

So. Are the Jews plotting to rule the world?

Biblical prophecy is that Israel gets to rule the Middle ast, and clearly the Middle East would be better for it. Plus I don’t much care what happens to the middle east, and someone needs to keep Muslims in line. Fine by me if Jews plot to implement Biblical prophecy. They are supposed to plot to do that.

Since the exile there has been a whole lot of Talmudic and Rabbinical interpretation that reinterprets this Biblical prophecy as ruling us – as ruling whites, as ruling Europe, as ruling the lands of exile. Some Jews buy into this, some Jews do not. Perhaps some of my Jewish supremacist commenters can tell us how widespread is acceptance of this re-interpretation.

I would be inclined to suspect that Jews that want to take the Temple Mount back now tend to favor the interpretation that Jews should rule the Middle East, while Jews that do not want to return to Israel and do not want to take back the Mount tend to favor the reinterpretation that Jews should rule the lands of exile – but some of those are waiting for the Messiah to do the heavy lifting and are not necessarily going at it right now.

So. Did the holocaust actually happen?

Well the holocaust of the Jews did not happen quite in accordance to the official myth, but somehow most Jews under Nazi rule did wind up dead one way or another. There has been a whole of mythmaking and lies about the holocaust of the Jews, but it seems to me that the point of the mythmaking was not so much to make the Nazis more guilty, as to make killings by Nazis as different as possible from killings by commies. Anyone who tells you commies are very different from Nazis is in favor of one or the other.

Well, actually there is a big difference. Commies killed a huge number of commies. Nazis only killed a fairly small number of Nazis. Unless you count the war between Germany and Greece, in which they killed every Nazi they found.

Leftism is:

Tuesday, February 16th, 2016

As the destruction of Github illustrates, leftism is rule by priests, by priests selected by priests on the basis of superior holiness.  Degree inflation, Sarbanes–Oxley, and the Social Justice Warrior attack on tech is a program of seizing the means of production for the holy, just as communism was.

Leftism, suicide, autogenocide, and cosmocide.

Saturday, February 13th, 2016

If all men are created equal then it logically follows that all white males must die, because they keep emitting evil thought rays that cause blacks and women to underperform, blacks to commit crimes, and render women incapable of agency.  If you believe all men are created equal, you are going to pursue the goal of the death of all white males regardless of whether you are Jewish or not. This was obvious in the French response to the Haitian slave revolt.

Working class Trump voters must be bitter clingers who are worse than Hitler simply by existing.

The left has always been autogenocidal. When the Populares allied with the Samnites that showed they wanted to kill all free Roman males.

Indeed, cosmocidal. They want to immanentize the Eschaton, and the only way to do that is to kill everyone and destroy everything.

Your ordinary leftist, for example Scott Alexander is undeniably a nice guy.  But he has no enemies to the left, and no friends to the right, which means that all his friends are his enemies, and all his enemies are his friends.  He is incapable of seriously criticizing those to the left of him, and does not dare allow himself to comprehend those to the right of him. Thus Scott will completely and accurately identify some problem with leftism “but still, quite sincerely, ritually abase himself to it.  He writes long sincere thoughtful screeds pointing out that baby sacrifice is lowering the birth rate and causing family trauma, though of course he fully understands and endorses that Lord Moloch must be sated with the only food acceptable unto him.”

Leftism is holiness, and in any discussion, any consensus, the holiest leftist or cuckservative always wins, so nice leftists always lose to evil crazies, and piously agree that they deserve to lose, since the holiest, being holier, should get their way.

And if you want to immanentize the Eschaton, you are holier than anyone like Scott, who might be suspected of thinking that immanentizing the Eschaton might be difficult.  Only a total asshole like myself could possibly oppose immanentizing the Eschaton altogether. And if one wants to immanentize the Eschaton soon, one is holier than anyone who merely wants to immanentize some time in the distant and indefinite future.  And if one wants to immanentize the Eschaton right away, one is the holiest of all, and every leftist and cuckservative wants to be one’s friend, and none of them dare offend one, even though one will undoubtedly take offense anyway.

And thus the Khmer Rouge.  And thus Chang Hsien-chong

Angela Merkel hates Germans and Germany – is viscerally repulsed by them, clearly wishes all Germans and all memory of Germany and all German culture to end with her. Remember her revealing reaction to the German flag. She reacted to the German flag like a vampire doused with holy water, or exposed to the rising sun.

Leftism is inherently cosmocidal. This suicidal, destructive, and self destructive tendency is as common as dirt even among the non Jewish left. Granted, the Jewish left is worse, but the difference is nothing to get excited about. They all want to kill you and everyone like you.  And if, like Scott, they are not completely 110% on board with killing you and everyone like you, they are nonetheless trying to avoid falling overboard for fear that those who are completely 110% on board with killing you and everyone like you might take offense – or rather might take even more offense than they do already.