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Yes, women vote for rape, conquest, and enslavement

Sunday, September 25th, 2016

Some of my supposedly red pilled commenters doubt my account of the nature of women.

So, I am going to steal shamelessly from the great and wonderful Heartiste, Minion of Satan.

Bleeding heart (and bleeding bush) Frenchwomen are lining up to fuck the rapefugee dregs of humanity….in a romantic setting that looks like this:


Contrast: There are White beta males at this very moment paying for dinners and nights out in glittering cities to impress unenthusiastic dates, while women make pilgrimages to the Calais Sex Camp to volunteer as eager holsters for penniless, smelly migrant meatsticks. The Crimson Pills don’t get harder to swallow than that.

When we voted to emancipate them, we failed their shit test.

“Hey”, I hear you saying: “How come they vote for emancipation and conquest, both? Aren’t you being inconsistent Jim. You cannot have it both ways. Why are they shit testing us harder than they shit test the rapeugees?”

Because we are weak and guilty about it, and the rapeugees are bold and aggressive about it. You need to tell girls to make a sandwich and take their pants off. And when they are difficult, you need to hit them, hit them in a properly careful and loving way of course.

Yes, Trump legally can fire the bastards

Wednesday, September 14th, 2016

We all know that Trump loves firing people who are no damned good, and that giving effect to his program requires firing a whole bunch of civil servants.

From time to time the pious say that this shows that Trump has no understanding of how government works.  The president cannot fire people.

Someone who may not be named drew my attention to Myers v. United States a much ignored but never overruled Supreme Court decision that the president can fire any federal government employee he damn well pleases for any reason or no reason at all, and that any law restricting his power to do so is unconstitutional.

Actually firing people is still going to resemble a military self coup, but at least this makes the self coup clearly legitimate, a restoration of presidential authority that has been unlawfully and unconstitutionally usurped by the president’s overly numerous and overly powerful servants.

Actually firing people is likely to result in Trump becoming God Emperor after the style of Augustus or King by the Grace of God after the style of King George the third, because the powers his dangerously powerful servants have usurped from the people and the states then fall into his hands, but at least this Supreme Court decision gives firing people the plausible appearance of a constitutional restoration of the Old Republic, making the loyalty and obedience of the military easier to maintain during the purge.

How to remove eleven million illegals.

Sunday, September 11th, 2016

Trump has promised to triple the number of ICE deportation officers, the people whose job it is to remove illegal aliens already in America, the ones that made it past the border regions.

Since public servants can never be fired, the ICE deportation officers (ERO) are still there, and are still theoretically deportation officers, but their status has been systematically lowered, and these days they push paperwork in circles rather than actually deporting anyone.

If you catch someone near the border, you can deport them pretty easily, but the huge problem with ERO is that in order to deport anyone, they have to go before a judge, and judges are extremely reluctant to deport anyone.  There is an unending due process legal labyrinth in which illegals, even criminals, even murderers, circulate forever.  If Trump empowers ERO officers, judges will continue to disempower them.  Trump not only needs to triple the number of ICE deportation officers, he needs to empower them.

The Australian solution to this problem was to just deport illegals and completely exclude judges from the process altogether.  In Australia an “unlawful person” (Aussie for illegal immigrant) is just administratively sent to Villawood Detention center.  From there, they can get a ticket home.  Or if they cannot get a ticket home, they are sent to an “Offshore processing center”.  (Australia’s equivalent of Gitmo.)  This tends to highly motivate them to get a ticket home.  Some, who it seems were insufficiently motivated, have just been dumped by the Australian navy on some foreign country’s beach between the high tide and low tide mark.

In Australia, whenever someone in authority encounters an “unlawful person” inside Australia, for example at a police stop or a hospital visit, they are supposed to rat them to border control, and they generally do rat them to border control.  And from border control, to Villawood Detention center.  Trump has to make sure that police stops, hospital visits, welfare applications, and so on and so forth, rat illegal immigrants to ERO, and that ERO has a nice convenient prison in which they can throw people and leave them to rot without pesky judges bothering them.  If all ERO can do is take them before a judge, the judge will let them loose, even murderers and rapists. An unlawful person is likely to become a whole lot more cooperative if his only way out of his oubliette is to go home.

Let us call the wall, “The Great Wall of Trump”, and the prison, “The Trump Archipelago”.

On the day of the rope

Sunday, September 11th, 2016

On the alt right, a lot of people correctly observe that certain groups are all enemies, and conclude we have to hang them all, or give them all helicopter rides to the Pacific.

That is a lot of helicopter rides.

Does not follow.  A lot of these people are Havel’s Greengrocer, and will chant the new slogans as mindlessly as they chant the old, without even noticing that the slogans have changed.

In the English restoration, people in politically sensitive jobs – preachers, university professors, etc, were invited to reapply for jobs similar to the jobs that they had before the restoration, at similar pay, but these offers were conditional on “conformity”.  So in the job interview, one had to display the same enthusiasm for the new political correctness as for the old, and most announced that they had always believed what they now believed in the post restoration job interview, despite the fact that in their pre restoration job they had had to enthusiastically display the opposite beliefs.

Seems to me that the English restoration was a huge success.  It eventually, after a long time, came apart, as all things come apart, but this was not due to any failure in the early purges.  It was failure to continue the early purges.  They stopped monitoring people in politically sensitive jobs for apostasy.

William Wilberforce should have been enslaved for apostacy and sold to cut sugar cane in the Caribbean, and if that had been done to him and the entire Clapham church, all of them that were in politically sensitive jobs, the British Empire would still be doing fine.

The dangerous ones are not Havel’s Greengrocer.  The dangerous ones are the ones who sincerely and strongly believe one thing, and conspire with other people believing that thing, while pro forma saying they believe a different thing – entryists.  You need an organization to watch for entryists in governmental and quasi governmental jobs (banking, universities, foundations, ngos, and major media), an inquisition, which takes stern measures against them, but you don’t want to put Havel’s Greengrocer through the inquisition.

The policy of the Spanish Inquisition was that if people said they believed what they were supposed to believe, and superficially acted as if they believed it, they were fine.  The Spanish inquisition did not torture people till they confessed.  It tortured people till they stopped confessing.  If someone was obviously practicing and advocating different religion, while claiming to adhere to the official religion, they would make him confess his “error”, confess that he was supposedly a sincere adherent of the official religion who had supposedly mistaken and misunderstood the beliefs and practices of the official religion, and give him a moderate punishment for his “error”, the purpose and the effect being primarily to make apostasy low status and economically unrewarding.  Unrepentant heretics, people who boldly claimed to be holier than the inquisition, they burned at the stake, but when you were in the hands of the Spanish Inquisition, it was mighty hard to stay unrepentant.  They knew that actually burning a heretic was a big win for heresy, so sought to avoid it as far as possible.

The Inquisition depicted in Warhammer 40 000 is very popular on the alt right, but the fictional Warhammer 40 000 Inquisition, unlike the Spanish Inquisition, is apt to arbitrarily torture and execute heretics without due process.  We need to be very careful to torture and execute the correct people.  No torturing Havel’s Greengrocer  (even if he is Jewish)!  Even if we don’t care about groceries, still a win for heretics.

There will be war

Thursday, September 8th, 2016

Politics is about who whom.  Politics is tribalism and sectarianism.  The question is simple.  Who’s side are these guys on?  What tribe to they favor grabbing all the loot, and what tribe to they plan to destroy?  Ferguson burning is real politics, not ethanol subsidies.  Milwaukee burning is real politics. The violence that followed Trump’s cancelled Chicago rally is real politics.  Politics is the destruction of your enemies, the burning of their homes, the seizure of their women.

Politics is to defeat your enemies, to drive them before you, to take from them all they possess, to see those they love in tears.  If you are not ethnically cleansing Ferguson, and Milwaukee or resisting the ethnic cleansing of Ferguson and Milwaukee, it is not politics.  If you are not dumping weeping anchor babies over the border, it is not politics.

And if the other side is engaged in politics, and you are not engaged in politics, you lose.

Rotherham was the women of one voter group being forcibly emancipated, and then forcibly unemancipated to the benefit of another voter group.  Similar operations are taking place conspicuously and spectacularly in Sweden and Germany.   That is politics.

Politics is not abortion.  Politics is who gets control of women’s sexual and reproductive services.  Emancipation is not natural for women, and if one group’s women are emancipated, they will be taken by another group, and will be mighty glad of it.

Politics is ethnic cleansing and seizing the women of your enemies, politics is about land and women, and it has been about land and women ever since the wealthy and successful were driven out of the American inner city and lost their inner city properties.

If you are not destroying your enemies and securing land and women for your supporters, you are not engaged in politics.  The left is engaged in politics, mainstream conservatives are not.

For a conservative party to exist, it must unite to protect those that commit sacrilege against PC, in the same way it now unites to destroy them.  This requires them to reward their friends and punish their enemies, in the same way that they now reward their enemies and punish their friends.

For democracy to exist without massacre, pogroms, arson, and ethnic cleansing, requires very high levels of social cohesion and trust that we no longer possess, and that our government has been systematically destroying.  Diversity plus proximity means war.  If white males start nakedly pursuing their own interests the way that every other interest group does, it is going to be war.  If they don’t, genocide.

War is easy, peace is hard.  Governments everywhere have forgotten how easy war is, how difficult peace is, and gleefully throw jet fuel on the fire.  The natural state of mankind is war. Peace requires a high level of trust, cooperation, and well functioning social technology, all of which are being enthusiastically dismantled.  Peace is an elaborate machine with many moving parts, all of which have to work together correctly.

The anglosphere has been internally peaceful since the Mormon War and the War of Northern Aggression, so we think internal peace is natural.  This, however, is survivorship bias.  The anglosphere rules the world because of long internal peace.  But peace is not natural.  Peace is hard.  Ever since the wealthy and successful were driven out of the inner cities, we have been on a trajectory to where politics gets serious.

Democracy explained

Wednesday, August 31st, 2016

For something over two hundred years, the anglosphere has moved ever leftwards, ever faster.

Ever leftwards policies are baked in to a holiness signaling spiral, and the government elects a new people to vote for these policies that are already baked in.

They are not going to change their policies because of the votes of two hundred million black Muslim military age males screaming for infidel blood and white pussy. Rather they need the votes of two hundred million black Muslim military age males screaming for infidel blood and white pussy because they are already changing their policies and intend and expect to very rapidly change them a whole lot more.

I would have thought that everyone reading my blog knows this, but recently one of my commenters needed to have this explained to him.

Clinton’s Booby Trap

Friday, August 26th, 2016

Hillary wants the alt right to take over the right, to become the Republican party.

Which means that the alt right gets all the lovely beltway gravy that the Republicans are getting today – and like the Republicans, gets no power. Like the Republicans, becomes the outer party.

The Republican party then becomes the white male party because white males are about to permanently outvoted and rendered politically irrelevant.

It is an improvement on the current plan of the Republican leadership, which is that elections from 2020 out consist of the Republicans saying “White males are hateful, evil and deserve to suffer”, and the Democrats saying “White males are really horribly hateful and evil and we are going to make them suffer even worse”. And the beltway gravy will be nice.

But remember. Demotic politics is never where the power is, it is just theater to manufacture legitimacy for rulers, never a source of power. It can, however, be a source of beltway gravy, which is not nothing.

The booby trap is that we will rationalize pursuit of the lovely beltway gravy by coming to believe, or at least pretend to believe, that demotic politics is where power comes from. The alt-right taking over the Republican party is not the booby trap. The alt right being exposed to the same incentives as the Republican party is the booby trap.

Natsocs are center left

Thursday, August 25th, 2016

Socialism is left. If Natsocs are not socialist, need a new name.

One might argue that socialism is only left if demotic. Socialism on das Führerprinzip is the way every well run corporation works internally. But every well run corporation, as for example Apple under Steve Jobs, works by delegating everything except its core competence to the market place, and it then operates its core competence on das Führerprinzip. Steve Jobs decided what sort of glass the Iphone, and thus all smart phones, would have, but he then sourced the glass he wanted in the marketplace – where not only Iphones, but also every android phone, now uses glass made to the specifications originally issued by Steve Jobs.

The sovereign has to grant property rights to his subjects in themselves and in their stuff, or he gets overwhelmed, as depicted in every critique of socialism, I Pencil, Atlas Shrugged by Rand, Ayn (1999) Paperback, Socialism: An Economic and Sociological Analysis, and The Road to Serfdom, and winds up being puppeteered by ministers and bureaucrats, as depicted in “Yes Minister” and “Atlas Shrugged”, leading to anarcho tyranny.

The Soviet Union wound up depending on criminals, because the criminals, who like the sovereign had primary property rights established by their own violence, were alone able to be productive.

When natsocs propose Kristallnacht, they succumb to the secret stash theory of economics, that smashing up Jewish pawnshops and vodka stills will make non Jews rich. Similarly Venezuela cannot develop its gold mines because thugs from the government keep coming around expecting to find a pile of gold. Jews are a problem, but Jewish professors of social studies and the Hollywood Jews who produced “The Kingdom of Heaven” are a problem. Jewish pawnshops are not a problem. And implying that they are is pandering to the kind of short time preference people who borrow from pawnshops, who think if usury is forbidden they will be able to borrow for free, who think that if they smash up the pawnshop, they will be as well off as the people who run the pawnshop. It has been said that antisemitism is the socialism of the stupid – implying that the peopile running Venezuela are very smart when they smash up every pawnshop instead of only Jewish pawnshops.

Nah. Socialism is stupid, and it becomes less stupid when it fused with racism because the result is less socialist. Antisemitism is the socialism of the marginally less stupid. Obama’s socialism, as for example Obamacare and Obamaphones, the socialism of the supposedly terribly clever people, that is stupid.

Natsocs are right about nationalism. And their socialism, socialism on das Führerprinzip, does not suck nearly as badly as demotic socialism. Notice that it murdered far fewer people than demotic socialism. Not only did the Nazis only murder a handful of Nazis, while the communists murdered enormous numbers of communists, the nazis murdered fewer communists than the communists murdered communists. If you are a communist, the sensible thing to do would have been to vote nazi, vote for people promising to kill you and against the people promising to put you in power. Commmies, such as Obama’s biological parents and mentor, are enormously more evil than nazis.

Hillary’s condition

Tuesday, August 9th, 2016

Hillary has been photographed being stabilized by two assistants as she climbs the stairs. This used to be Hollywood’s way of depicting someone as drunk – that he needed assistance to climb stairs without falling over and falling down.

Hillary is known to have injured her head by falling down.

Hillary has seizures. Seizures are typical of repeated severe alcohol withdrawal. Diazepam is used to control seizures and to treat alcohol withdrawal, and Hillary is accompanied everywhere by a man with a Diazepam injection pen.

Hillary is frequently unavailable for lengthy periods, while Trump is always on and ever ready to speak off the top of his head.

Hillary was famously unavailable for a considerable time during the Benghazi incident.

Why Trump is Hitler

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016

You have doubtless seen lots of people arguing that Trump is Hitler. Often “Trump is literally Hitler!”

Of course people who read my blog know what “literally” means, and though Trump is obviously not literally Hitler, there is in fact a good argument that Trump is Hitler.

But for some strange reason, Democrats never make the argument out loud in plain words. I wonder why.

The argument, said outright in plain words, is:

Hillary’s nomination speech was in large part urging black people to murder white people, and promising to use the justice department to prevent police from enforcing law on black people. If police, for some mysterious inexplicable reason, wind up arresting and killing a disproportionate number of black people – well that is disparate impact, which illegal. You don’t have to prove racist motivation. Disparate impact is racist. Treating people according to the content of their character is racist regardless of motivation if the outcome is bad for non asian minorities.

This has been the law and practice for a very long time, and failure to apply this law to school discipline and law enforcement is an unprincipled exception. Unprincipled exceptions always go away sooner or later, and Hillary, truthfully or untruthfully, is promising to remove this unprincipled exception for policing and school discipline. I hope she is being untruthful, but sooner or later it will be the truth. Unprincipled exceptions are always removed sooner or later.

Hillary also promised to take away the guns of law abiding people (law abiding gun owners being almost entirely white Republicans) so that colored criminals can kill them (Criminal gun owners being mostly black Democrat voters. In other words, she promises to take away the guns of white Republicans so that black Democrats can kill them once she has appointed enough anti gun supreme court judges.

Hillary also promised to keep the borders open, and in particular open to poor suffering Muslim refugees, who are generally brown or black, male, military age, and always vote Democrat. Every few weeks we read of some outrage where black male military age Muslims murder large numbers of people, usually large numbers of white people. It is unclear how many black male military age Muslims we will get under this policy, but there are several hundred million such in the world, and they would all be much better off coming to America to live on crime, welfare, and voting Democrat. So there is a good chance that Hillary will bring in a few hundred million black male military age Muslims screaming for infidel blood and white pussy, to permanently change the electoral landscape so that whites are permanently outvoted, and we end up with a brown republican party competing with a slightly darker brown Democrat party over who will burn the most white shops, murder the most whites and rape the most white women.

Trump’s nomination speech was law and order, and he proceeded do demonstrate his capacity to maintain law and order in a wide area around the convention center. Among his various law and order measures was that he was going to stop illegal immigration and Muslim immigration.

We all know that lawlessness and disorder is in very substantial part, non white criminals preying on whites, for example Kristallnacht in Ferguson, so this means Trump is the pro white candidate and Hillary is the anti white candidate.

And, of course, Hitler was the pro white candidate, therefore Trump is Hitler.

And I now raise another glass of moonshine, this time to 27. Februar 1933.