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Trump is the man

Friday, January 29th, 2016

Among the red pill community there is a debate as to whether Trump is an exemplar of manliness, and his latest move in blowing off the presidential debate is an example of manliness, or whether it is the opposite.

Obviously, if someone treats you with disrespect, as Kelly disrespected Trump, the manly thing to do is to blow them off and ignore them. And critics of Trump say that by throwing a tantrum over Kelly, he is not ignoring her.

Well, perhaps. But if he showed up at the debate and accepted her as moderator and responded to her hostile interrogation, he would even less be ignoring her.

In support of Roosh

Tuesday, January 26th, 2016

Roosh is a great and valuable ideologue of the alt-right

A lot of white nationalists want to purge Roosh because he is a non white degenerate who sleeps with lots of white women.

If a virgin sleeps with Roosh, she slept with a man who made it perfectly clear he was only in town for a week, and was in town to sleep with as many women as possible.

If a non virgin sleeps with Roosh, where is the problem?

White knighting is a first step to cuckservatism.

Come the revolution, those sluts will get a caning, and Roosh will get a shotgun marriage, and will probably be much improved by it.

The red pill is the alt right’s killer app. If you know what women are like, you will conclude that emancipation was a really bad idea. If female emancipation was a bad idea, you are well and truly off the reservation.

The trouble with fashism and 1488

Tuesday, January 12th, 2016

It is really great that so many young people are turning fashi, just as it is really great that so many people are turning to Donald Trump.

But Trump and fashism are just yesterdays’s leftism – a leftism that supports the white working class, while progressives piss on the working class.

Long ago, commies and fashi competed for the working class, and it became obvious that the white working class preferred the fashi. And ever since then progressives have hated the working man with the rage of a jilted lover, and suppressed fashism using methods that cast doubt on their claim of democratic legitimacy. If Trump becomes president, it will be delightful to see the fourth estate explode in apoplectic rage.

But sorry. Lower class people are not the solution. They are the problem. Fashism is just another near far alliance, intellectuals with proles, very similar to Trump with proles. It is a white with white alliance, but near far alliance is inherently suicide and treason. It will go wrong in a way that does not involve race replacement, but still involves the destruction of white civilization. If you are fashi, you are still on the slippery slope heading ever leftwards. Recall the last days of the Roman Populares. In their last days, they allied with the Samnites. The Populares, I suppose, probably wanted a Roman Republic in which the subject states, such as the Samnites, were treated fairly. The Samnites wanted to level the walls of Rome and kill all Romans. Kind of like the alliance of progressives with Islamic State.

The trouble with “gas the kikes” is that it presupposes the expropriation of the Jews. And when you expropriate people, you are going to screw up corporate capitalism, which is the foundation of western civilization, the foundation of the scientific and industrial revolutions. People thinking out of covetousness and envy think that if they take that rich guy’s stuff and make him poor, they will be rich, but instead, their neighborhood mysteriously winds up looking as if bombed.

Similarly “Day of the Rope”. You are proposing to hang Havel’s Greengrocer, though all you have to do, rather than hang him, is announce new and different posters for his window. He will put up the new posters, and barely notice that they say the opposite of the old.

“Gas the kikes” and “Day of the rope” are proposals for redistribution and disorder, when what we need is order in place of anarcho tyranny, and an end to redistribution.

Fashism is in large part just 1930s leftism, leftism as it was before the Jews came to dominate leftism. But leftism went to hell not when the Jews got in on it, but when they emancipated women, freed the slaves, raised the age of consent, and banned liquor, all of which they did well before major Jewish involvement. Genealogically, nazism is lutheran descended, progressivism is puritan descended, and communism is judaism descended, but in the 1930s, not so very different. National Socialism was just the New Deal on steroids. Jews that become progressives are conversos, Jews that become communists are heretical Jews.

It is really great that so many young people are turning fashi, and it is really great that so many people are turning to Trump. But the problem is that fashism is insufficiently radical, is just 1930s leftism, when what we need is 1660s restoration. Fashism is a step in the right direction, but far too small a step. Fashi support the white working class, and talk in dumbed down language to them. Western civilization was founded on feudalism and then corporate capitalism, systems that distributed power organically, valorizing and justifying severe inequality, decentralized but hierarchical, orderly but unplanned, systems that glorified and valorized the superiority of the few over the mediocrity of the many.

If you really want to secure the existence of our people and a future for white children, “gasing the kikes” is neither necessary nor sufficient. We need higher fertility, and we need eugenic fertility. We need smart women to get husbands and babies instead of PhDs and cats. Lots of babies, instead of lots of cats.

Hence my program “What to do in a restoration“.

What is stopping fertility is that:

* Marriage is not only an unenforceable contract, but the state applies enormous energy and effort to encourage and incentivise women to break the contract.

* That women are indoctrinated with the false life plan, where they pursue their careers while fucking Jeremy Meeks, and marriage and children just somehow spontaneously happens without them actually needing to do anything, while they really have to work hard on their careers, and hard on pleasing Jeremy Meeks.

* Coeducation means that fertile age women spend lots of unsupervised time in the company of men who have no ability to have a family, and no inclination or economic ability to settle down, and do not ordinarily get to meet men who might be able to marry them. By the time they get to work, they have already ridden far too much cock and have become jaded, their bosses are married, and their male co-workers are lower in status than they are.  And the smarter the woman, the more years she spends riding cock in higher education, so the less likely it is she will be able have a family.

* Degree inflation means that young people spend their most fertile years listening to boring propaganda, when they could be working and breeding. Used to be that a school leaving certificate signaled that you were substantially smarter and more industrious than than the average Joe. Then every good-for-nothing moron was awarded a school leaving certificate, and you needed to graduate high school to signal that you were substantially smarter and more industrious than than the average Joe. Then every good-for-nothing moron was graduated from high school, and we have now passed the point where, as the Challenger inquiry revealed, plenty of good-for-nothing morons receive postgraduate degrees from good colleges.  When I was doing job interviews I found plenty of people with degrees in computer science from good colleges, who should never have been allowed to show up for computer science 101, and had been completely wasting their time by attending the computer science course, that with their computer science degree and substantial debt they were no closer to grasping the basics than they had been on the first day.

* Degree inflation makes children impractically expensive, since you have to support them in a good school for twenty three years or so, which often enough somehow turns into thirty years or so. If most kids failed their school leaving certificate when they began puberty and promptly got kicked out of schooling (thus making the school leaving certificate an actually useful qualification and allowing teachers to require children to learn actually useful stuff for the school leaving certificate) then kids would be a profitable investment once again – particularly if the law backed the authority of the father over his male children till 21, and his female children until married or infertile.

* Anarcho tyranny makes housing impractially expensive, since you if you plan to have children you have to buy land somewhere free from dindus and vibrants – and the only allowed way to keep out dindus and vibrants is to for housing to be impractically expensive.

* The anarchy part of anarcho tyranny means you need land in a dindu free area. The tyranny part of anarcho tyranny means the business at which you work needs to be close to the regulatory revolving door, meaning you face a long commute from your expensive suburb into a big city, a far too big city.

Saudi Monarch executes US agent who tried to overthrow him.

Tuesday, January 5th, 2016

Note the sudden explosion of friendliness between Iran and the US State Department.

They were both trying to overthrow King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, King of Saudi Arabia and Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques.

Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr was the face of Arab Spring in Saudi Arabia. Pretty obvious he was a tool of Iran, but the interesting question is: was he a tool of the US State Department?

“NGO” stands for “non government organization”, but if an organization is actually non governmental, for example McDonalds, no one calls it an NGO. In practice, “NGO” means “US State Department Front Organization”. This is an open secret, as for example when they advertise for employees, they are apt to describe the openings as government employment.

The reason that they call themselves non governmental is that they actively campaign in US politics and foreign politics, which is illegal or embarrassing for the US government to openly do.

When the Saudi princes arrested Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr for trying to overthrown them, the NGOs – pretty much all of them – went bananas, revealing Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr to be an NGO tool, and thus a US State Department Tool.

Note the great success of Arab Spring in Syria, Libya, and Egypt.

Yet another PC outrage, again

Monday, November 23rd, 2015

Point Deer Make Horse.

Lately there has been some hand wringing about how freedom of speech in Academia has just been killed.


Academics have been terrified, servile, docile, and submissive since the middle of the nineteenth century.

The purpose of political correctness is to humiliate and degrade by demanding that people accept an obvious lie, thus demonstrating who has the power and who shall submit.

Every so often a new act of submission is demanded to show submission to new masters, and all of academia absolutely without a single exception turns on a dime and endorses the new obvious lie, just as it endorsed all of the old obvious lies, for nearly two hundred years.

This is nothing new. What is new is that the lies are coming faster and faster, indicating greater and greater instability within the ruling elite – but they have been coming every faster for nearly two hundred years. This is a sign of decline, but decline has been happening for quite a while, ever faster.

Hence the Chinese saying: Point Deer Make Horse:

In other words, absurd ideas are made up on purpose to humiliate people and check who is really loyal to which power holders.

Here is Spandrel telling the story:

Well the emperor died out of the capital, so nobody knew. The only ones who knew were his prime minister, Li Si, and his close minister Zhao Gao, who may or may not have been a eunuch. Well apparently Zhao Gao didn’t like the crown prince Fusu very much. He had reason to think that Fusu hated him, and would execute him as soon as he became emperor himself. So Zhao Gao gets Li Si and says “hey, dude’s dead, we’re the only ones who know. Fusu doesn’t like you either, so why don’t we get this kid Huhai and name him successor?”

Li Si took some convincing, as did Huhai himself. But eventually they got on the plan, and sent a forged imperial edict ordering Fusu to kill himself. Which strangely he did, even after opposition by his entourage. With crown prince Fusu out of the way, the three got back to the capital, and set up Huhai as Second Emperor of Qin.

Soon later Zhao Gao found some excuse and executed Li Si and all his family, and took his prime ministership. He obviously knew too much. Then he proceeded to execute all those little Schelling Points that were the emperor’s brothers and sisters, so there was no contest about who had the right title to the crown. Still after Huhai was secure in his thrown, he was starting to be a little uncooperative with Zhao Gao. The Chen Sheng rebellion had started, and the empire was having trouble suppressing it. The Emperor blamed Zhao Gao for the mess and he had a point. But Zhao Gao didn’t like that. He started to think that maybe they should have a change of emperor, but he couldn’t be sure he could pull it off.

So Zhao Gao brings a deer into the palace. Grabs it from the horns, calls the emperor to come out, and says “look your majesty, a brought you a fine horse”. The Emperor, not amused, says “Surely you are mistaken, calling a deer a horse. Right?”. Then the emperor looks around at all the ministers. Some didn’t say a word, just sweating nervously. Some others loudly proclaimed what a fine horse this was. Great horse. Look at this tail! These fine legs. Great horse, naturally prime minister Zhao Gao has the best of tastes.

A small bunch did protest that this was a deer, not a horse. Those were soon after summarily executed. And the Second Emperor himself was murdered some time later.

It is a compliance test. Will you be party to a blatant lie? If you will be party to one blatant lie, then you be party to each of the other lies.

So we get a ruling elite that lies without hesitation. But in fact it is not in the interest of people, society, or the state, to have a ruling elite that lies without hesitation. It makes elite cohesion difficult, which increases the likelihood that the elite wind up murdering each other in large numbers, usually murdering a lot of innocent bystanders in the process to provide cover.

PC is pretty much the opposite of the old honor codes. Instead of an honor code, we have a dishonor code. Instead of compliance testing potential elite members for courage, honor, and dignity, we compliance test them for cowardice, lying, and groveling.

How to deport eleven million people

Wednesday, November 18th, 2015

First, the Australian experience tells us that regular judges and government employees will not cooperate with the merely elected government. So the merely elected government has to rely on the military and on “civilian contractors” (mercenaries). The merely elected government has to give the “civilian contractors” sovereign immunity against the courts, which makes them not very civilian at all. Without sovereign immunity, any time a “civilian contractor” forcibly prevents an “asylum seeker” from going wherever he wills, it will be deemed a war crime, like the Israeli wall.

Secondly you have to find the illegals. What countries that actually have control of their borders do is that local forms of ID are only issued to people with a right to reside there indefinitely. Everyone else either cannot get that ID, or gets a special form of that ID that requires a passport or photocopy of the passport to also be presented. And the foreign passport always shows entry permission which expires after a certain time. And you cannot rent a room, or get a regular job, or open a bank account, or drive a vehicle, etc, without ID. If you are a foreigner, need your passport to rent a room, get a most types of job, or drive a vehicle. Further, if you come to the attention of police, some types of rentacop, or the military guard, they can demand your id, as for example, bad driving, reasonable suspicion of an offense, drunk and disorderly, homeless and no visible means of support, or being obnoxious in a shop or a bar. If the rentacop at the mall detects you are illegally resident, and he does not like you much, he puts you in the mall pen, and calls border control to collect you. The control on renting rooms or buying homes catches far more people more effectively than the control on jobs, since the landlord does not particularly want to rent to illegals, while the employer may well want to hire illegals. And your landlord very much wants your ID so that he can go after you if you trash his stuff, while your employer likely has you under supervision, so does not really want your ID except the government tries, usually not very successfully, to make him. And if a landlord does illegally rent to an illegal, that illegal better be on time with the rent.

Will this catch all eleven million?

No, but it will catch a lot of them, and it will catch the most obnoxious ones, the ones that are causing problems.

Minor Australian politician says out loud what everyone in the world is thinking

Monday, November 16th, 2015

Josh Frydenberg, Australian minister for natural resources says:

a country that loses control of its borders not only invites the tragedy of the loss of life at sea … but also the direct security threats that are incurred by not knowing exactly the backgrounds of the people that you accept into your own country

It is odd that in the entire world, I cannot find any other politician saying this out loud in plain words. Waiting for Trump, who so often outrages the elites by saying the unsayable.

The Jewish problem

Saturday, October 24th, 2015

Nazis are commies and commies are progressives.

If you are a Nazi, you think that the rot set in around 1930-1950. If you are a progressive, you think the rot has not set in yet.

So if you are a Nazi, you pretty much want the New Deal, or the New Deal on steroids. Nazis are leftists who have been left behind by the movement ever leftwards.

If you are a Nazi, you think leftism is fine except for Freudian Theory, second wave Feminism, race denialism, and the Frankfurt School’s Cultural Marxism, all of which can be plausibly blamed on Jews.

But when the Supremes hypocritically endorsed “separate but equal”, that was race denialism, with a touch of hypocrisy to make it actually workable.

The Jewish problem is that Jewish conversos to progressivism failed to pick up on the hypocrisy, and started demanding that people actually live according the moral standards that everyone piously endorsed around 1820 or so.

The rot did not set in with cultural Marxism. The rot set in with “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights”. There is your race denialism right there.

As for feminism and the destruction of marriage, the attempted divorce of Queen Caroline in 1820 established the moral principle that women are so naturally pure and virtuous, that it is mere cruelty to enforce the marriage contract on women, it should only be enforced on the naturally wicked and despicable sex, men.

If you want to get out of the trap, say after me: “All men were not created equal, some should command some should obey, some should not merely obey, but are naturally slaves, and should not be allowed to make their own decisions. If found wandering loose causing problems, should be placed under the control of an owner. Women’s sexual choices are apt to be dangerous to society and to themselves, thus fertile age women should always be controlled by husbands or fathers. A women not subject to a man is suffering misfortune, as for example an orphan or widow, or is wicked and needs punishment, as for example a harlot.”

As soon as you denounce the declaration of independence and the emancipation of women the logical case the Jews are a big problem collapses. And the emotional case for hating Jews is the same as that of any market dominant minority, envy and covetousness, which is also at the root of declaration of independence and the emancipation of women.

Getting rid of the Jews will not help you. The problem is inside your head. They are not emitting evil mind control rays at you. You have been emitting evil mind control rays at them. Umpteenth wave feminism is the logical consequence of the failure to divorce Queen Caroline.

Republican party funds the sale of baby meat

Saturday, October 10th, 2015

As you may have heard:

Boehner’s announcement Friday that he will step down at the end of October came just after he persuaded conservatives not to threaten to shut down the government unless Congress cut off Planned Parenthood funding.

“Threaten to shut down the government” means “pass a budget forcing taxpayers to fund every single thing on the left wing wish list except funding for a particular corporation that sells baby meat.”

This would “shut down the government” because the Democrats would reject such a terribly extreme ultra far right budget.

Hang on a minute. If the Democrats reject the budget, are not they the ones shutting down the government?

As the Overton Window moves ever leftwards ever faster, the pretense that there is an opposition party to the permanent government becomes ever thinner.

Not the Zionist Occupation Government

Sunday, September 20th, 2015

Is the problem an evil Jewish Conspiracy, or, as Mencius Moldbug argues, out of control runaway Christian descended holiness.

In Moldbugs account: the Puritans started off holier than thou, then became the Evangelicals and such, who were holier than Jesus, then the Unitarians, who were holier than Christ, and finally the progressives who are holier than God. And here we are while they get holier still. While Jews are overrepresented among progressives, they are conversos.

Jews are massively overrepresented in various areas of life, sometimes to their credit, sometimes to their considerable discredit. There are a number of websites which list Jewish overrpresentation in various unpleasant activities, but none of these unpleasant activities matter much, except that they are rather strikingly overrpresented in the Cathedral, from which throne they venomously condemn Christianity, the crusades, white history, whites and white culture, while considering themselves nonwhite.

Is this because the Cathedral is a Jewish plot using non Jews of tools, or is it a ruling class plot using Jews as tools? Historically rulers have routinely used Jews for various objectionable activities, and then, when these activities attracted too much heat, proceeded to throw the Jews to the wolves, like the matador using his cape to distract the bull.

Remember the war on Christmas was a traditional Puritan activity – Jews never cared much about other people celebrating Christmas one way or another until they signed up with progressivism.

So, are the Jews the matador, in which case getting rid of the Jews would make a big difference, or are they the easily discardable matador’s cape, in which case getting rid of the Jews would be a mere distraction?

The voice of the Cathedral is the New York Times.

The voice of the Cathedral made an interesting report on the murder of Alexander Levlovich by Palestinians.

If Jews ruled America, Hamas and the Palestinian Authority would be reduced to smoking grease spots in half an hour and the Al Aqsa Mosque would be flattened in a day. Therefore, the matador’s cape, not the matador.

There are a lot of things wrong with Jews. But my diagnosis is that exile has made them sick, has made their religion sick. For Jews to heal, not only do Jews have to go home, but Judaism, which is still in exile, has to go to home. A nation state religion became an exile religion. For Jews to heal, it has to become a nation state religion once again. Today the state religion of Israel is not Judaism, but progressivism. Hence the stoning of Alexander Levlovich.

Over time, Jews should move to Israel or be assimilated. And that is what, in fact, is happening. As Jews become progressives, which is to say conversos to the official state religion of their country of exile, they become indistinguishable from, and intermarry with, Christian derived progressives, as we would expect if Jewish progressivism is conversion to a Christian derived heresy, rather than a Jewish plot. If Israel exists, the long run solution, and the long run trend, is for people to become adherents to the state religion of their country of residence, or residents of the country of their religion.