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Harry Lee was the greatest statesman of our age, but …

Tuesday, March 24th, 2015

Harry Lee took Singapore from third world to first world. He created an economic order that every nation should imitate, and many have.

Singapore was about to fall to communism and racial violence, following the path of so many other third world hell holes abandoned by their colonial masters. Harry Lee created order peace, and economic freedom, which brought prosperity. As Spandrel says, he was a legalist, not a reactionary. Legalism, done right, brings order, peace, and prosperity. So, why would one need more than legalism?

In legalism, the great man decides what is to be done, then makes people do it. And then he dies, and the tide comes in, and washes away his sandcastles, however impressive they may be.


Saturday, March 21st, 2015

“Racist” is just a hate word for white, therefore I am not racist, merely white. I am anti anti racist.

“Racist” has multiple, vague, slippery, and shifting definitions. I think it is really bad news to live close to blacks, and property owners should be entitled to protect themselves against what happened to those owning property in Ferguson. I think that blacks are, on average, genetically inferior. I think that the genetic and cultural differences between genetic and cultural groups are such that they need different laws, de-facto or de-jure, and in particular that blacks should be subject to different laws than whites, laws that are simpler, harsher, and more restrictive. And in practice, we see that in highly progressive left wing towns like San Francisco, blacks are furtively subjected to different laws than whites.

Those that have a ready supply of numerous different definitions of racism, which definitions they selectively apply in some circumstances and refrain from applying in other circumstances, will undoubtedly find that a pile of my positions fit a pile of their definitions. And I don’t care.

Nationalism, whiteness, and kin

Sunday, March 15th, 2015

B.S. Haldane observed “I would lay down my life for two brothers, four nephews, or eight cousins.”

In otherwords, kin altruism does not go far, being pretty much limited to the nuclear family and the extended family.

It can be stretched to somewhat larger groups by deliberate inbreeding, by the practice of father’s brother’s daughter marriage, but then you get moderate IQ depression due to inbreeding, and the achievable group size is not all that much larger.

Nazis tend to believe that whites would not make war on each other except for the evil mind control rays emitted by Jews.  Thus world wars One and Two were supposedly Jewish plots.

History demonstrates otherwise.  Whites are markedly better at war than other races, because we have been practicing on each other so hard for so long.

The program of Nazism is Socialism for white people only.

To hell with that. Lets be really racist and have capitalism for superior people like ourselves and socialism for inferiors, for people we don’t like and wish to see crushed. (more…)

Nazis are commies and commies are progressives

Friday, March 6th, 2015

As you probably know if you read this blog and others like it, the overthrow of the Ukrainian government by Soros et al was a Jewish/State Department conspiracy. Maidan’s primary documents are in English, in the dialect of the America Harvard educated ruling class, like so many other similar movements all over the world. The Ukrainian secession movement was and is a response to this foreign created coup installed government.

So, which side do you think the Nazis would support?

Ara Maxima has a nice rant on these pinko progressive nazis here and here. Nazis for the Jewish conspiracy, because loving America, they naturally love the State Department.

As Orwell said, anyone who thinks there is a big difference between Nazis and commies is in favor of one or the other. And, it would seem, sometimes both.

It is always possible to argue that we should support side X because side Y is too far leftist, overlooking the fact that everyone today is leftist by the standards of yesterday, and everyone yesterday is leftist by the standards of the day before yesterday, but if you want to find a genuine reactionary, a Russian who wants to restore the Tsar and Greek Russian Orthodoxy under the Tsar, that man is or recently was fighting for the independence of Russians in the breakaway republics of the Ukraine.

On one side, who started this war?

George Soros, progressive atheist anti zionist Jew.

On the other side, who kept this war going when it would have ended with only the Crimea detached?

Igor Ivanovich Strelkov, Tsarist and theocrat.

So which side are you going to support. The side of George Soros, or the side of Igor Ivanovich Strelkov?

Are you going to support the side sponsored by the State Department, or the side whose soldiers sing “O righteous God” – the anthem sung today by the rebels on the battlefields of eastern Ukraine. was born nearly 100 years ago during the Russian Civil War, sung by the soldiers of Gen Mikhail Drozdovsky, a White Guard commander.

National Socialists are Socialists.

The reason George Soros supports Nazis in the Ukraine is that he does not give a shit about Jews, but does care about socialism.

Ada Lovelace, poster girl

Sunday, March 1st, 2015

If one poster girl, or black poster boy, fake, then all fake, since obviously progressives will run with the best they can find.

From time to time I read people gushing over some poster girl or other. Lately it seems to have become mandatory in every book on computing to announce that they are inspired by the glorious leadership of comrade Stalin all early programmers were women and evil men stole all the credit.

Supposedly the first programmer was Ada Lovelace. This is based on her addendum to Luigi Menabrea’s explanation of Babbage’s analytical engine.

Her notes contain several “computer programs” – or rather walkthroughs, outlines of how a program might be written were Babbage’s engine actually built. However, all of these “programs” were written by Babbage several years previously.

Ada Lovelace had rather ordinary mathematical and scientific skills – which made her already famous as a poster girl long before she met Babbage, not for being good at maths and science, but for being good at maths and science for a woman. This is the dancing bear effect. A dancing bear is famous not for dancing well, but for dancing at all.

Babbage needed publicity because funding running out. He approached Ada Lovelace because she was already famous as a poster girl, because any connection between her and the analytical engine would generate favorable publicity for the analytical engine.

So, far from Ada Lovelace’s contributions being ignored by patriarchal males, they were receiving manufactured publicity before they even existed.

The weak have it coming to them

Sunday, February 15th, 2015

The New York Times is getting worried about the wave of persecution that it has done so much to create.

They recently did a pity piece on poor little Justine Sacco

Justine Sacco is a good progressive. She has no enemies to the left, no friends to the right. She had a good progressive job with a good progressive company. She had a good progressive family. One fine day she twittered

“Going to Africa. Hope I don’t get AIDS. Just kidding. I’m white!”

Ten thousand progressives mobilized in outraged horror. She lost her job. Her family disowned her, and she was deeply, deeply ashamed. Whenever anyone told her that her tweet was OK because whites seldom get AIDS, was as outraged as anyone.

Meanwhile I had sometime earlier posted that

The Red Cross donation form is way too long. Could cut it down to one line “Are you a member of an official victim group? If so, we don’t want your filthy AIDS infested blood”

with no reaction other than some moron arguing that sodomy was just as bad if a white person does it.

Among my many possibly controversial posts:
Slavery was good for most blacks, segregation was good for blacks, we should have different laws for blacks and whites, we should restore slavery for problem people – and most such problem people would be black.
Very few rape accusations are real, very few rape convictions are just.
Cuckoldry is worse for men than rape is for women, therefore we should deal with heterosexual sex offenses on the old testament model as property rights violations against the owner of the woman.

To the best of my recollection, the only time I got a substantial hostile reaction was when I very politely opined that sex change operations usually left the victim in uncanny valley between male and female, hence the high suicide rate. Perhaps had I added that such perverts make me want to chuck, would have gotten away with it. In my subsequent post on the topic, was careful to emphasize the horror inducing characteristics of intersexuals.

The mob that the New York Times has unleashed is attracted to the smell of fear and weakness. Phil Robertson stands up to them, and it blows over. The victims usually issue confessions of their crimes and apologies for their crimes, as if they are about to face torture and the gulag – because they have been selected for the propensity to break down easily.

I think the Phil Robertson incident led to a general feeling “Let us not try shaming people who live in the middle of nowhere”. People who live on the revolving door are vulnerable to all sorts of consequences, and so the mob jumps in, hoping to apply those consequences. If you work in PR, extra vulnerable crunchy target.

Nothing exciting happening with Greece

Wednesday, February 11th, 2015

For as long as I can remember,  the Greek government has been spending other people’s money.

For as long as I can remember, there has been a financial crisis in which those reluctantly funding the Greek government announce this is now going to stop.

In the latest crisis, the German government meets with the Greek government and with great firmness tells them to stop spending German money.

But, short of Germany leaving the Euro, the German government has no power to stop other people from spending German money.  The European Central Bank has, through a variety of moves, some of them immoral but arguably legal, some of them flat out illegal, gathered the power to spend unlimited amounts of the money of the more solvent countries of the European Union on its clients and cronies.

Only the unelected and permanent European Central Bank has the power to stop funding Greece.  When the Greek government starts negotiating with the European Central Bank, then negotiations might matter.

Hard left wins in Greece

Sunday, January 25th, 2015

The interesting question is not whether Greece leaves the Euro, or the Euro leaves Greece, but how many of the opposition will be arrested before the next election.

The victory of the hard left was made possible by arresting the hard right and forbidding them from campaigning.

Which had the effect of discouraging anyone from disagreeing with the hard left

Greek politics is already dominated by police intimidation and the direct use of state power to punish dissent.  Election of a hard left party is likely to increase the use of police intimidation and the direct use of state power to punish dissent.

The left, which is to say the state, talks about the side of history.  History tells us that if you use state power to suppress your opponents on the right, by and by your opponents on the left will use state power to suppress you.

Eight commandments for the neoreaction

Saturday, January 24th, 2015

Nyan draws a line in the sand

*Patriarchy and families are the foundation of society.
*The natural and unmolested course of selection and elimination must be allowed to occur in economics and society.
*Hierarchy is the natural and right way for people to cooperate.
*Different people are different. Equality is a lie.
*Progressivism is an insane religion advanced by a hostile media/academic machine.
*It’s not just “The Jews”.
*Democracy isn’t going to fix these problems.
*Merely denouncing those to the right creates a deadly signalling spiral, so no enemies to the right.

I would expand the last point slightly. Those who notice that females have characteristics that make it difficult to organize large scale cooperation in their presence, but think the leftist program is otherwise OK, are not enemies, but people who have taken one step on the path to dark enlightenment.

Those that think the Jews have mystic superpowers are not enemies, but people who are focusing far too hard on one rather small step to dark enlightenment.

Forget about cultural marxism

Wednesday, January 21st, 2015

Today’s left is, in substantial part Cultural Marxism from the Frankfurt School.  Should you conclude that the Frankfurt School is really really important?

If you conclude that Cultural Marxism is really really important and rules the world, it follows that Jews rule the world.  Hard to prove they don’t.  It also follows that leftism was just fine and democracy was just fine all the way up to and including the New Deal, and if we could revive the New Deal coalition and get rid of the Jews everything would be lovely.

If you believe that the Cultural Marxism is the problem rather than a problem, it follows that getting rid of Jews would solve the problem.  Hard to prove that getting rid of Jews would not solve the problem.  In the course of my many arguments with my Jewish commenter B, I have endorsed pretty much everything that /pol/ and Steve Sailer says about Jews, other than that they rule the world and are responsible for every bad thing everywhere that ever happened anywhere.  And B has mostly agreed, because we both agree that reform Jews are a problem, though not the problem, and Orthodox Jews have resisted the rot better than most.  We just disagree as to what extent Orthodox Jews have resisted the rot, and to what extent they will continue to resist the rot.

But it is pretty easy to prove that democracy was not just fine and the New Deal was not just fine.

From the day that Cromwell cracked down on those to his left in 1653, the predecessors of today’s regnant left were fleeing, or being expelled, to America, and, in America, were plotting to conquer America, reconquer England, and conquer the world.  To this end, they founded Harvard, which was from the beginning the center of their conspiracy.  And none of them were Jews.

As they became increasingly successful, obtained worldly power, they increasingly came to compete with each other for superior holiness, each holier than each of the others.  And pretty soon became holier than Jesus.  Being holier than Jesus, swiftly became unitarians, then atheists, then extremely militant atheists hostile to the parent religion from which their heresy sprung.

It was not the Jews that gave us prohibition, female emancipation, and the war between the states, though they eagerly attached themselves to those movements once those movements had already succeeded.

British Imperialism was an anti colonialist movement, the disastrous predecessor of today’s even more disastrous anti colonialism, and as one can trace modern leftism back through super protestantism to the prohibitionists and the emancipators, one can trace modern anti colonialism through the London School of Economics to British imperialism.  In the 1830s or thereabouts, the British government gradually came to notice that the colonialists had conquered an empire.  The colonialists were initially merchant adventurers, meaning they engaged in a bit of trade and a bit of piracy, were initially mobile bandits.  Being successful mobile bandits, they had, without anyone quite noticing, transitioned to being successful stationary bandits.  They had come to rule, and rule well.  The British government decided to shoulder the white man’s burden, to rule for the greater good of the poor victimized natives who were being oppressed by these evil piratical colonialist bandits.  The result was, unsurprisingly, extremely bad, and every failure convinced them to double down, which doubling down continued almost to the present day, until finally the Chinese started to step into the vacuum the anti colonialists had created.  The Chinese have fixed Nigeria, and throughout Africa are remedying the destruction and horror that the anti colonialists created when they drove the colonialists out.

You are not going to be able to make any sense of Africa if you fixate on Cultural Marxism and the Frankfurt School.

The sexual revolution did not begin in the sixties.  Rather, that was recovery after a retreat during the war and postwar period, during which the left had focused on the proletariat rather than female emancipation, an unsuccessful attempt to move towards socialism, an attempt that was largely the result of Jewish influence.  This failed effort to move left towards command socialism gave breathing room for marriage to make a partial and temporary recovery.  It gave the left something to do other than double down on destroying marriage.  The sexual revolution began in Victorian times.  And you cannot blame the Jews for either Victorian original, or its sixties rebirth.

If you want to blame Jews for the sixties sexual revolution, you are going to focus on Margaret Meade’s mentor.  But Margaret Meade herself was the protestant descended left, and we can tell who had the power by whom Margaret Meade fucked.  She was the protestant descended left, by blood, by culture and by upbringing descended from the prohibitionists and the emancipationists, and was fucking the protestant descended left.

The eighteenth century view of women was that they were the uncontrollably lustful sex, that given half a chance they would crawl nine miles over broken glass to have sex with their demon lover. In the Victorian era, this was replaced by the doctrine that women were naturally pure and chaste, except that evil lecherous men forced their vile lusts upon them.   This resulted in the abrupt removal of eighteenth century controls on female misbehavior.  Women, such as the protagonist of “Pride and Prejudice” were allowed to be “out” while fertile age and single, giving them every opportunity for twentieth century style misbehavior.  The evidence produced in the case of the divorce of Queen Caroline suggests that they did in fact misbehave, but, lacking cameras everywhere, it was possible to get away with denying this fact.   Queen Caroline attended a ball naked from the waist up, and returned to her hotel with someone she met at the ball, but the official truth remained that she was a chaste woman cruelly mistreated by her lecherous and philandering husband.   In view of what Queen Caroline got up to and got away with, and in view of the lack of controls on the protagonist of “Pride and Prejudice”, who at one point was in a cottage by herself visited by male love interests, we may suppose a covert sexual revolution in Victorian times, going public in 1910, in part because cameras were getting usable.

Queen Caroline getting sainted despite fucking around indiscriminately predates the Frankfurt School by quite a bit.

Forget about Cultural Marxism. Remember the divorce of Queen Caroline.

The problem with getting rid of Jews is not that it is rough on Jews. The solutions I propose are likely to be rough on lots of people. The problem with getting rid of Jews is that you wind up with socialism. If the Frankfurt School is the root of all evil, then the New Deal is just peachy.

The problem is not that “Frankfurt School” is the way that smart people say “Get rid of the Jews”. The problem is that “Frankfurt School” is the way smart people say “Let us have socialism”.