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Police fine with left wing violence

Saturday, January 21st, 2017

Milo attempted to give a talk. Leftists arrived to blockade the talk and prevent people from entering. The blockade was allowed to succeed, in that only those who came early got in. People who merely arrived on time were prevented from entering.

Bricks, firecrackers and paint were thrown at officers and others — and then a gunshot rang out.

Seattle Police Chief Kathleen O’Toole said there were no arrests and no serious injuries other than the shooting on the UW campus. “Things went well,” she said

Evidently I am a bit old fashioned, but it seems to me that if bricks are thrown, and people are prevented from going where they wish by violence and the threat of violence, there damn well should have been some arrests.

If you allow violence, violence will escalate. Hence the shooting. My guess is that someone who was unaware of events was suspected of attempting to attend the meeting, probably wrongly, was attacked, and defended himself. Because that is what happens when some privileged people are allowed to engage in violence with impunity. The police presence is to not to keep ordinary people safe, but to enable impunity, to keep those who are attacking people safe.

Smoke grenades and such are merely providing the drama to entertain violent people. Violent people need to be arrested and removed from society.

Deploraball totally cucked.

Friday, January 20th, 2017

Pepe banned from the Deploraball, which means the left gets to define what symbols mean, and what symbols are permitted.

If the left can ban Pepe from the Deploraball, they can make Deploraball attendees cheer someone in drag as “stunning and brave”, and the first Deploraball attendee to stop cheering loses his job, and will never be able to get another job.

Open Letter to Scott Aaronson

Thursday, January 19th, 2017

Obviously you are not going to read this, because even though you keep patting yourself on the back about how open minded you are and how you refrain from cutting off contact with those who disagree with you, how you love all of humanity and want to maximize utility, you are in fact isolated in a self imposed bubble and blinded by hatred, self imposed ignorance, crimestop, and ignorant prejudice, which hatred and ignorance will quite likely get both of us killed, you more likely to be killed than me, because I lie low, have more than one passport, and more than one identity, while you hang out with totalitarians even more murderous, cruel, hateful, and intolerant than yourself. You know this, and at the same time you refuse to know it. You say it, and you deny it.

You are a very very smart guy – except that crimestop makes you very stupid. You think yourself a very good person, but have sold your soul to evil that is likely to devour you and all of western civilization.

And here is a good example of self imposed ignorance, willful stupidity, and self imposed isolation from outside thought.

The emancipation of slaves, the end of dueling and blasphemy laws and the divine right of kings, women’s suffrage and participation in the workforce, gay marriage—all these strike me as crystal-clear examples of moral progress, as advances that will still be considered progress a thousand years from now, if there’s anyone around then to discuss such things.

Obviously I disagree strongly with all of those things. I hope that Trump will make himself King to be succeeded by his sons, and so does pretty much everyone who uses the phrase “God Emperor Trump”. Which is a lot of people, many of them very smart people. You may think you are right, but if you think they are crystal clear, you are just suffering from ignorance and self imposed stupidity. You will not listen, and will not understand, why some people argue we need a King, that we are suffering from chronic Kinglessness.

If gay marriage is crystal clear and will be recognized as crystal clear in a thousand years, why was it not crystal clear eight years ago? Answer me!

Take my favorite topic: Female emancipation. Men and women very much want to form families and want those families to last into their old age. My wife was eighteen in my eyes all her years, except near to the very end, and even though I sometimes have some pleasant youthful female companionship, I still sometimes find myself shaking and weeping when I remember my wife.

If you look at any successful family, no one is equal. Dad is in charge, mum picks up the socks. In principle, it is possible to form families in a society where men and women are equal, by freely contracting out of equality, but in practice, it is hard, and I see how hard it is for my sons. We have prisoners dilemma with few iterations, so the natural equilibrium between men and women is defect/defect. To prevent defect/defect, to ensure cooperate/cooperate, requires heavy handed coercive intervention by state, family, and society, and this heavy handed coercion necessarily bears far more heavily on women than on men. If you want a society where men and women know sexual love, or if you want a society which has above replacement total fertility rate, women just cannot be allowed to follow their pussies. And this requires a lot of supervision and coercion, primarily keeping women under control, rather than keeping men under control. For most women this requires that they be subject to the potential threat of physical discipline by the men in their lives. For a great many women, this requires that they be subject to the actuality of physical discipline by the men in their lives. So women should never have been emancipated, and some “violence against women” is legitimate, proper, and proportionate. Women, like children and dogs, need discipline and supervision and are never happy if they do not get them. A spoiled child, or a spoiled woman, or a spoiled dog, is never happy. The dog and the woman bark all the time.

And, in case you have not noticed, we still have blasphemy laws – except that these days you cannot blaspheme against magic Negroes. For reasons I have explained at length, all societies need blasphemy laws, and prohibiting people from blaspheming against something like holy oil or the flag, causes considerably less harm and suffering than prohibiting people from blaspheming against John Lewis. All your objections to Trump are objections to blasphemy. What is supposedly crystal clear to you is in fact something you do not believe in the slightest. Elsewhere I argue that we should venerate holy oil from Mount Athos because of all the things we might venerate, that is likely to cause the least collateral damage.

Daily Shoah doxed for not being sufficiently anti semitic

Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

If the Daily Shoah is insufficiently anti semitic and pro Hitler, who is sufficiently anti semitic and pro hitler?

If they doxed me for being insufficiently enthusiastic about wanting to rob and murder Jews in sufficient numbers, there would be some logic in that, but the Daily Shoah?

Those doxers are evil and crazy, they are our enemies – because none of us is sufficiently anti semitic.

The Daily Shoah are not my enemies, but my friends, and those who are their enemies, are my enemies. Whosoever goes after the Daily Shoah is likely to go after me.

Progressive Jews divorce Israel and religious Jews.

Saturday, January 14th, 2017

German court calls torching a synagogue free speech against Israel. Arsonists get suspended sentences, which is to say, go unpunished.

If you say that the holocaust was not exactly as officially depicted, that is not free speech, but an act of hate. Molotov cocktails, however are OK.

Trump denounces the press

Wednesday, January 11th, 2017

“You are fake news”

Trump is able to take on the mass media because he has is own non state power base. He is the Batman’s Bruce Wayne.

But the elephant in the living room is Academia. He has small plans to take on Academia over global warming pseudo science and reluctance to subject vaccines to adequate safety testing, but the biggie is degree deflation, and we have not heard a word about that – yet. Any plans for degree deflation will burn everyone who has spent a fortune on inflated credentials and will be massively misrepresented as plans to deny education to the masses, so that is a tricky one.

The evidence that Russia hacked the election

Saturday, January 7th, 2017

When you subtract the spin, the evidence is that Russia Today News reported true things about the American election that the mainstream media did not want reported, that this is the same sort of thing as stealing true emails from the Democrats and giving them to Julian Assange to publish, therefore the same authority as ultimately has charge of Russia Today News stole the emails.

The spy agencies do not in fact know anything about the hacking that is not known to everyone. The emails themselves reveal that the Democrats were spearphished. The spy agencies are just forming an opinion on it from the point of view of someone who finds the existence of news media outside the power of the United States Government outrageous.

It is just an opinion based on the same evidence as is available to every well informed person, and most well informed people have formed a different opinion.

That Russia Today News reports truths that the mainstream media do not is reported as a horrifying outrage that pretty much constitutes an act of war. How dare anyone mention stuff that goes against the Cathedral spin?


Thursday, January 5th, 2017

The Dark Enlightenment is simply the scientific method applied to politics, society, and religion – resulting in a big pile of highly unpopular bad news, that people are different from each other, that races are different from each other, and that the sexes are different from each other being a major part of that bad news.

Neoreaction is a political program (largely inspired by the Dark Enlightenment) for restoration – to recover western civilization and rebuild Chesterton’s fences – racism, ethnic states, and patriarchy. Israel should be Jewish, and America should not be Jewish. That does not imply that America should murder and rob all Jews in America, any more than it implies that Israel should murder and rob all non Jews in Israel – but it is fine if Israel murders and robs any non Jews in Israel who are determined to take political control of Israel away from Jews. The Old Testament position on non Jews in Israel is reasonable, commanding tolerance and hospitality for the stranger in the one case, and mass slaughter for the stranger in the other case. One should neither be a cuck on the one hand, nor avoidably multiply enemies on the other hand.

The alt right is everyone who is literally worse than Hitler and has decided to laugh about it. Needless to say, one alt rightists is literally worse than Hitler for one reason, and another alt rightist is literally worse than Hitler for a different, and often entirely opposed, reason.

One of the Eldar listed various missions for Neoreaction:
1. Vaisya Political Party of Soldiers — try to get a combination of numbers and power to actually take over USG and end democracy, or at least democracy with universal suffrage. I favor rule by a semi hereditary class of officer aristocrats, but Trump as God Emperor to be succeeded by his sons, or a republic with franchise limited to fighting men and males with property and children would also be good. Anything is better than a democracy in which we are bound to be permanently outvoted by a bunch of stupid parasites.
2. Vaisya Political Party of Priests — Build an out-of-power state church, ready to be adopted by Vaisya who take power. Provide the ideological justification for a Trumpist or soldier takeover, so that they won’t feel bad about themselves for doing so, and will have something to replace the Cathedral with if they do take over.
3. Subversive Brahmin Political Party — figure out someway to bring reactionary ideas about by appealing to disaffected Brahmins and doing an inside job. But Brahmin rule tends inevitably to produce the results it has been producing. Rule by the holy results in holiness competition, and here we are.
4. Mutual Aid Society/Fraternity/Meta-church/Asimov-style Foundation — provide a support system for helping red-pilled fathers or would-be fathers surviving the decline. Produce a religious political sect where mutual support between males supports male authority over women, so that in four hundred years or so, the foundation remains, and the Cathedral has quietly vanished. The plan is not to win power in the near future, but to survive the coming social collapse and dark age preserving something from which Western Civilization can be rebuilt. Observe that the high fertility of Orthodox Jews reflects a social order that demands that women give way to men, etc. This not only increases the fertility of the Orthodox Jews, but everyone who has substantial interaction with them, since they demand that all women, not just Orthodox women, give way. Similarly, Saint Paul on various methods for keeping female social status down. This plan is to maintain normal families in the here and now, and in the distant future, in a world where normal families are pretty much illegal. If we can have patriarchal families, we win in the long run, since the non patriarchs vanish, and our descendants survive. Men who believe in old style marriage and patriarchy get together socially and have social events in which the proper role of women is socially enforced. Notice that the Mormons also arrange for Mormon women to get together and have social female events – from which events a woman is excluded if she fails to behave.
5. Antiversity — an institution dedicated 100% to finding the truth. If all the smart people quietly believe the Dark Enlightenment, while merely giving lip service to progressive pieties, one day there is a preference cascade, and suddenly it is revealed that all the elite is quietly red pilled. Infogalactic is a good step towards this. I have set my browser to redirect Wikipedia links to Infogalactic links, and I recommend you do also. Infogalactic explicitly commits to observable truth, rather than official truth and official spin.
6. Poolside at the decline — just continue to live life, and maintain a select circle of smart, red-pilled buddies to correspond with and occasionally have a beer with. Die with no children, or thirty children that are half South Asian. This position accepts the end of western civilization and the white race as unavoidable. We shall drown, and no one will save us. Our race, and our greatness, will not be remembered, nor will we have descendents to remember us. The next civilization will find a few strange, ancient artifacts, and will be astonished to find the ruins of ancient machines on the moon, wondering who put them there.

Russia did not hack the Democrat’s emails

Saturday, December 31st, 2016

And Obama and the spy agencies know it.

Wordfence, a cyber security company, reports that the attacker used version 3.10 of an open source hacking tool written by a person who speaks English that can be downloaded for free from a Ukrainian website, by anyone in the entire world.  The current version is 3.17

Presumably the KGB uses its own custom written hacking tools, written by Russian speakers, with the documentation kept under lock and key at KGB headquarters, or at least keeps its free shareware tools updated.  The tool used is not Russian malware.  It is English language open source malware, used by hackers around the world.

Wordfence report that the IP addresses used in the attack have no particular association with Russia, and are similar to those used to attack random WordPress websites.  There is no Russian fingerprint in these attacks.

Obama’s story is that the tool and the IP addresses indicate the attacker is the Russian government.  Rather, the tool indicates the attacker was some English speaking kid in his pajamas whose mother did not give him enough pocket money to buy professional hacking tools, and the IP addresses indicate he has enough smarts to hide his own IP address.

Hat tip small dead animals

The evil of libertarianism.

Wednesday, December 21st, 2016

As the central defining issue of the left has become hating cis hetero white males and destroying capital, rather than hating capitalists and seizing capital, Libertarianism has become irrelevant.

Libertarians have responded to irrelevance by becoming evil. Tyler Cowen, who is arguably the primary remaining libetarian blogger, certainly one of them, just published a blog post that he does not care about Aleppo– this is the man who cares deeply that a billion black African Muslims are much worse off in Africa than they would be if they were allowed to come to America to live on welfare and crime and vote for more welfare and more crime, this is the man who is so much more moral than you are that you are worse than Hitler for not caring as much as he does.

We are under no obligation to worry about far away strangers hurting, particularly when they are being hurt by other far away strangers as is usually the case. We are, however, under an obligation to worry about us hurting far away strangers, particularly as if we hurt far away strangers and do not much care, they are morally entitled to defend themselves by killing us.

Aleppo is the result of a failed American effort to overthrow the legitimate and long established government of Syria.  To this end, the American government sponsored a bunch of genocidal terrorists who intended to kill every Syrian Alawite and kill or expell every Christian and every Shiite of Palestinian origin.  These foreign genocidal terrorists seized a portion of Aleppo, kept the civilian population hostage as human shields, and proceeded to lob mortars and rockets into the rest of Aleppo.

The reckless cruelty of progs in general and the American government in particular, with the extraordinary cheerleading of a mainstream media drunk with the blood of innocents, was steadily leading us towards thermonuclear war with Russia.

And this is the question on which Tyler Cowen decides he will not care.