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Leftism as cancer

Sunday, January 5th, 2014

Leftism is to memes as cancer is genes.

If the cells of the body mutate, cells that multiply at the expense of the body will be selected.  And cells that mutate to a faster mutation rate will be selected, since they will have more fast multiplying variants.

In a healthy body, each cell lives for the body, and performs its role in the whole body, making the body one. In cancer, each cancer cell lives for itself, at the expense of the body, parasitically, until the parasites devour the host

Left wing memes are selected by propagation through state power for propagation through state power. (more…)

Moore’s law ends. Technological singularity postponed indefinitely

Wednesday, November 27th, 2013

The fabs will soon be delivering “16nm” chips.  But they are not in fact 16nm chips.  That is just marketer spin.  The wire to wire spacing, the pitch, is still 64nm, as it has been for some considerable time.  There have been substantial improvements in power consumption, and this and that, but chips have just stopped getting denser.  There are no more transistors per unit area than in previous technology generations.  They are 64nm chips, and we have been stuck at 64 nm for some time. (more…)


Sunday, October 27th, 2013

In 1900, there were no planes, no space travel. Motorcars were toys that enthusiasts played with, not useful means of transport.  There were no computers, no radios, no antibiotics, no rockets, no nuclear power, no knowledge or understanding of the interior the atom, no very useful plastics.

In 1961 we had all of this stuff

Since 1961, what have we got?

The last man on the moon is getting pretty elderly.  We have abandoned supersonic transport, and supersonic fighter planes are close to being abandoned.

Cell phones and the internet show radical improvement, but are just more intense and improved use of computers and radio, technologies that existed well before 1961.  Genetic technology shows promise, but is not yet doing anything big.  While reading genes continues to improve, writing them may well have peaked, and without vastly improved writing, gene technology is not going anywhere exciting.  AI remains thirty years in the future, as it has been for the past sixty years, even though every desktop now contains more computing power than the human brain.

And, as I regularly point out

The last man on the moon left in 1972

The tallest building in the united states was finished in 1974.

Cars are becoming humbler.


Dysgenics and mutational load

Saturday, August 31st, 2013

It seems probable that most variation in health, beauty, and IQ is due to genetic load, large numbers of rare genetic variants. About fifteen percent of the human genome is under negative selection, meaning that in about fifteen percent of the human genome, any random change is likely to be harmful, most variants get eliminated by natural selection in a reasonable time.

The mutation rate in humans is one or two mutations per hundred million bases per generation, probably around one mutation per hundred million bases, for a total of around thirty to sixty mutations per generation, implying around five to nine harmful mutations per generation.

Since we must have been near equilibrium in the ancestral environment, this implies five to nine harmful mutations were eliminated every generation.

This amounts to natural selection working fiercely – that just to stay in the same place we were running mighty fast, that survival of the fittest was pretty harsh.  Since we have not been experiencing severe natural selection since the Industrial Revolution, the number of harmful mutations in the typical individual must have increased by about forty or so.  We must have devolved quite significantly. (more…)

On Funding Science

Saturday, August 10th, 2013

Funding science is not job that government can do, due to diseconomies of scale, and because government is inherently a religious organization.  It winds up funding pseudo science, thus damaging real science.  The patron has to know and appreciate that field that he is patronizing, and has to personally gain status from the success of his clients.  Otherwise he has the wrong incentives and the wrong knowledge, so patronizes the wrong things, resulting in pseudo science substituting for science. (more…)

The decline of sperm production

Monday, July 15th, 2013

Today’s average male has sperm production and sperm motility considerably lower than when these were first recorded, the data least subject to systematic error being sperm counts from couples tested for infertility where the infertility was subsequently determined to be due to the female.  It has been in decline over the last seventy years.  Testosterone levels have also fallen substantially.  Changes in obesity and other factors do not explain the decline in testosterone. (more…)

Debate with Vox Day: Evolution by natural selection

Saturday, June 1st, 2013

We have been discussing on what the various kinds of reactionary agree.  We agree on reality and agree that reality is important.  I also agree with Vox Day about Scalzi, who exemplifies the progressive tendency to cut the balls off male progressives.   John Scalzi is exhibit A for Heartiste’s position that any man who is a man should reject the entire progressive political movement, including and especially the early nineteenth century emancipation of women, which led to the English 1857 Matrimonial Causes act legally privileging wives above their husbands.

So let us see if we can discuss what we disagree on and remain courteous and continue to respect each other.


Evolution by natural selection


Dark Enlightenment and the Endarkenment

Sunday, April 7th, 2013
The Dark Enlightenment:
The movement that concludes that the Enlightenment took a bad turn, or that the Enlightenment itself was a bad turn.  I take both positions: That the Enlightenment was wildly and dangerously wrong to proclaim all men created equal, and that restoration England was a pretty good political system, which gave us the scientific and industrial revolutions, and the British conquest of most of the world, and it has been downhill since the restoration, with things going to hell in a handbasket around 1800 or so, and getting steadily worse since then.
Dark Enlightenment:
Forbidden knowledge about society.  For example that while women want their husband to do woman’s work around the house, they don’t want their husband if their husband does woman’s work around the house.  If you realize the truth of some hate fact, you have been darkly enlightened (verb).
The Endarkenment.
Plain meaning: The coming dark age of the west, and perhaps the world, the rise of magical and superstitious thinking, for example Hillary Clinton and Oprah Winfrey, the transformation of science into theocracy, the stagnation of an increasing number of technologies.
Ironic meaning: A sarcastic reference to the enlightenment, implying that it blinded men, rather than enabling them to see. Roger Bacon and Galileo popularized rationality, but Voltaire and Rousseau abandoned rationality. That the planets go around the sun follows from the evidence. That all men are created equal defies the evidence.
The Left Singularity:
Leftism leads to more ever more leftism, ever faster. If the process was not interrupted by dictatorship, civil war, or social collapse, it would end with everyone torturing each other to death for insufficient leftism, Khmer Rouge style, and the last torturer committing suicide for his failure to inflict infinite torture in finite time.

How sweet it is

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013

Marcott et al recant the blade of their Hockey stick

This is a huge change, in that previously, when warmists lied, and got caught doing so, every scientific institution, every science journal, every prestigious academy, and every organized group of scientists would piously swear holy fealty to the lie.  Now, instead, they quietly twist the liar’s arms behind closed doors.  (more…)

The latest PC

Sunday, March 17th, 2013

It used to be mandatory to believe that evolution was a mere creation myth, something that happened long, long ago, and far far away, but had not happened in the last hundred thousand years or so, so that it was impossible for there to be differences between races, or indeed between men and woman.

But, in that case, we would still be shaped for eating meat and fat, and not yet shaped for eating wheat and vegetable oil, which is horribly politically incorrect. Vegetable oil would produce heart disease, which is as bad as lack of global warming. And so, it is now mandatory to believe that evolution is extremely fast when it would produce politically correct results, and does not happen at all when it would produce politically incorrect results.

PC gets ever more stupid, as the arrogance of power has excused it from making any sense at all. (more…)