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US State Department hints at invading Ukraine

Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

We currently are working with Ukraine to determine its requirements across the security sector. Based on those requirements, we will review options for potential additional security assistance. 

This follows the path that the Soviet Union followed into Afghanistan.

The Soviet Union mistreated its allied government in Afghanistan, after the style of Darth Vader

I am altering the deal. Pray I don’t alter it any further. 

The allied government, upon being treated as a servant, became difficult, so was overthrown and replaced by a puppet government. The puppet government faced rebellion and a military disinclined to follow orders, so the puppet government was brushed aside and replaced by direct rule of imperial troops. Long, messy, expensive war ensued. Eventually the Soviet Union decides to retreat – but discovers that retreat under fire is a difficult and dangerous maneuver.

Similarly the Cathedral mistreated, then eventually overthrew, its ally in the Ukraine, creating a puppet regime that now finds itself with a rebellion on its hands and a military disinclined to fight. Perhaps the Right Sector is willing to fight, but it is far from clear whether it will fight the puppet government’s enemies, or fight the puppet government, or, quite likely, both.

Could the Cathedral be that stupid? Probably not this time, but sooner or later they will do something that stupid. They are blind, crazy, and not as smart as they used to be.

Obama’s gut instinct in international affairs is to avoid trouble and make concessions, and right now is the time for that policy, but there are some in the State Department beating the drums for a more martial policy, to cover the fact that the coup was just a bad idea, badly executed, from which the Cathedral needs to retreat.

Obama is infamous for bowing to our enemies, but the USG has also been busily blowing quite a few of them up, a contradiction resolved if we suppose that he is just the PR guy and is not always told what is going down – which is roughly how the Kaiser found himself in World War I.

Puppet regimes have a tendency to disappear. The most easily attainable peaceful outcome would be for Russian speakers to rule the eastern states of a loose Ukrainian federation, and Right Sector to rule the western states of a loose Ukrainian federation, while the puppet regime remains nominally in charge, but abandons real power. The Cathedral and Obama, however, thinks that the natural flow of history is ever leftwards, and that such an outcome is “on the wrong side of history”. The State Department was happy to hand China over to Mao, that being the correct side of history, but is profoundly reluctant to yield Ukraine

Real Rebellion in Ukraine

Monday, April 14th, 2014

Reuters shows a video of these people seizing the police station, mayor’s offices, and so forth
real rebellion

Observe, no two in quite the same uniform.

It is very hard for a militia to get uniforms exactly the same.  It is very hard for astroturf to get uniforms varied.  Therefore, real militia, not Russian astroturf.

These are described as “anti Maidan” protestors.  Maidan’s website is in English, written in the dialect of the US ruling elite, thus Maidan is Cathedral astroturf.  Thus this is local rebellion against the Cathedral on the periphery of the blue empire.

Creeping coup in the Ukraine

Tuesday, March 25th, 2014

The fascists took over Japan in the 1930s by a creeping coup. There was a fair bit of violence and assassination by people with friends in government, and people in government had friends in the violence and assassination business. Similarly, that is how Mossadegh “democratically” came to power in Iran, without ever facing the inconvenience of an election.

And that is how the Cathedral installed a puppet regime in Ukraine.

I read, in google translation, a Russian web page on the amazingly cute Prosecutor General of Crimea

Natalia Polonskaya

Natalia Poklonskaya cartoon

She has survived one assassination attempt. She is guarded by two men with machine guns. She got the job because the first four candidates they approached were frightened to take the job.

Before she became the Prosecutor General of Crimea, she was a prosecutor in the Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine. In that job she complained because people in Ukraine were engaged in political violence, and yet not being prosecuted – and so was “invited” to take a holiday.

And that is how a creeping coup works.

The USG immigration problem

Monday, February 17th, 2014

The problem is that people we are allowing in have too much power over us. Also, most of them are stupid people, and when their children go to school, the Cathedral teaches them to hate us and attack us.

When nonwhites have the majority, whites will be a market dominant minority, like Jews or overseas Chinese. In nonwhite countries, market dominant minorities seldom exist, because they get exterminated or expelled. In the middle east, sometimes enslaved.

Smart fraction theory implies that intelligence primarily produces externalities, benefits for other people.

Thus, people of below average intelligence produce large negative externalities.

The policy of the King of Dubai, assuming that policy to reflect the best interests of an undeniably able monarch, indicates that even when stupid people are not allowed welfare, not allowed to vote, are subject to an ironfisted law enforcement system that completely eliminates the kind of crimes that stupid people might commit, are subject to the iron fisted control of employers, who may at any moment expel their employees back to their home countries to face the horrors of those governments that they democratically elected, even with all that, stupid people still have substantial negative externalities. (more…)

Cathedral imperialism revealed

Saturday, February 8th, 2014

We hear Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt discussing what role which people will play in the post coup Ukraine government, revealing that the Ukraine “opposition” are puppets, entryists, cogs in the Cathedral machine, loudspeakers for microphones held in Harvard.

They discuss what orders they will give to which Ukraine politicians, and what jobs they will assign to which Ukraine politician, like the CEO discussing new employees with HR, revealing that the “Unrest” in the Ukraine is a Cathedral plan to install a puppet regime.

Presumably this phone call was tapped by the Russian KGB, and then released by them to Youtube.

Trouble is, Cathedral puppet regimes have generally been disastrous, most infamously in Zimbabwe, Rwanda, the Congo, and Haiti.

This is not the colonialism that Neoreactionaries favor for the same reasons as North Korea is not the monarchy reactionaries favor.  Good imperialism is order supplied from outside.  Cathedral Leftism is disorder supplied from outside.  The old colonialism would punish, subdue, or enslave the worst elements of society.  Cathedral imperialism, most infamously in Rwanda, encourages them to run amuck.  Rhodesia was the old colonialism, Zimbabwe the new imperialism.

Hurrah for the Russian KGB! (more…)

Australia wins the right to remain white.

Friday, September 27th, 2013

Since Europe has been flooded with non whites, Australia is close to being the whitest remaining country, possibly is the whitest remaining country.   This is of course illegal under international law – since the Cathedral writes international law.

The Cathedral holds that international law requires that if a boatload of third worlders shows up, the first world country where they show up has to take care of them and put them on welfare for the rest of their lives.  (It is more complicated than that, and different rules apply to America, but that is the practical effect in Australia and Europe.)

This international law has been seriously getting up the noses of Australians.  The newly elected Australian government announced a new policy:  That boatloads of illegal immigrants would be taken back to the land from whence they came. (more…)

War with Syria

Sunday, September 1st, 2013

If crimes committed far away by bad people against other far away bad people are important enough for Americans to go to war over, they are important enough to call Congress back to work early from summer vacation to vote for war or peace.

If they are not important enough to interrupt congresscritters summer vacation, they are not important enough to go to war over.

On Judaism

Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

I have been arguing in the comments with B about Judaism, and in the course of this argument, my position shifted considerably.

Judaism was a theocratic national religion, state religion, and ethnic religion, a nation state religion. Just what the doctor ordered, just the kind of thing reactionaries like, just the kind of thing that makes a people strong.

Upon the Jews being exiled, the Sadducees lost their power base and Rabbis remade Judaism to be an exile ethnic religion, inherently hostile to, and subversive of, the host nation and host society.

This has become a paradoxical and psychologically unhealthy religion, since the Jews are no longer in exile, but Judaism is still in exile, still subversive of the host nation even when the host nation is Israel, and still subversive of the host society even when the host society is Jewish.  (more…)

The cause of social decay

Saturday, July 20th, 2013

Prosperity is not the problem.

Many great nations have declined before we did, showing much the same symptoms as we are showing, and none of them were as prosperous as eighteenth century America.

I suggest the root of civilization is patriarchy.

Firstly, patriarchy with monogamy gives men posterity, and civilization is what men build for posterity. In a society where most men do not have children or do not know who their children are, do not raise their sons, they have no reason to work, to save, to invest, to build, nor to fight, to defend, to conquer, so their society leaves behind nothing for future historians to remember them by.

Secondly, patriarchy where marriages are arranged between families rather than lovers links families, creates tight knit extended families, links families through marriage, marriage in patriarchy being between families rather than purely between a man and a woman. The resulting society is able to create public goods, good government being one such public good. Instead of government creating the public good of the road serving your homestead, you contribute to getting the road built, because otherwise your father, your father in law, your brothers, and your brothers in law would disapprove of you.

Women get liberated, marriage and the family break down, society becomes atomized, a sea of isolated individuals. Becoming incapable of creating public goods, society looks to good government to create them – but who will create the public good of good government? (more…)

I predict no riots in Seminole County

Sunday, July 14th, 2013

The press have been calling on blacks to riot in the event of a Zimmerman acquittal

Assorted black leaders have been calling on blacks to riot in the event of a Zimmerman acquittal.

We have a full Zimmerman acquittal, somewhat to my surprise, since I expected an all female jury to do whatever the judge signals she wants them to do, which in this case was to convict Zimmerman of a lesser charge.

The sheriff of Seminole county, where the incident and the acquittal happened,  says rioting will not be tolerated.

Black riots are astroturf.  Always have been, always will be. Every black riot happens when the authorities give a wink that rioting will be tolerated.

If a riot happens, and the Sheriff follows through with his promise that rioting will not be tolerated, then I will be proven wrong.  Even if the riot was swiftly squelched, indeed especially if it was swiftly squelched, we would know that blacks had rioted on their own initiative, rather than as directed, which would show that black riots are not necessarily astroturf.

If a riot happens and the Sheriff fails to follow through, then we may conclude he said one thing in public and another thing in private to community organizers.  Such an outcome would not prove me wrong.  However I am pretty sure he is not kidding, for he called on businesses to remain open, which is code for “call up every rentacop”.