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The Summoner’s tale

Thursday, May 5th, 2016

Chaucer depicts three priests:  The Friar, the Summoner, and the Pardoner.  All of the them are corrupt and avaricious.  The Summoner and the Pardoner are low testosterone gays, and the Pardoner is a predatory pedophile gay.  The Friar has seduced many women, and been forced, therefore, to pay dowries to get them married off.

The Moldbug canon is that the professors rule, with the mass media as the mid-level priesthood.  But lately Donald Trump and the alt-right have been giving the mass media a hard time.

Which tells me that the world is starting to lose faith in the superior virtue of our priesthood.

The disturbances in Hong Kong were a good example of priestly power.  Cathedral astroturf protestors were able to disrupt the city because backed by police.  The police did what was virtuous,  (they supported democracy and all that) rather than what their duty required.   (The police should have arrested criminals and troublemakers,  and kept the roads open.  It was police, rather than protestors, that closed the roads.  When a tiny handful of protestors declared a road closed, if police had walked away, drivers would have driven over the protestors.)

Had the same thing happened in Tiananmen Square, the Cathedral would have successfully mounted a “democratic” takeover of China, and Wall Street would have looted China the way it looted Russia after the fall of the Soviet Union.

Contrary to Cathedral myth, nobody got killed in Tiananmen Square.  The authorities, having the warriors cheerfully obey them, were able to quell the protests with very little fuss.  You only get real violence when the priests succeed in sowing disunity among the warriors.  Recall what happened when “Occupy Wall Street” ran into Wall Street rentacops.

What happened, I hear you ask?

Answer:  Absolutely nothing happened, because Wall Street rentacops were certain of their duty and the righteousness of performing their duty.  If you are a rentacop, you believe in private property rights.  It is part of your training, and if you don’t believe in private property rights, you fail your training.  So when Occupy showed up to violate private property rights, the rentacops said “No” and Occupy failed to violate private property rights.  And similarly, nothing happened in Tiananmen Square.

Priestly power rests on moral authority, on superior virtue, while warrior authority rests on the ability to kick ass. We know the priesthood is virtuous because they are ceaselessly nagging us to be virtuous.  All of us white males are racist and misogynist, and should be ashamed.  Our evil thoughts lower black and female self esteem, and thus cause black and female misbehavior and underperformance.  All black and female misbehavior is evidence of just how bad we white males are, and how ashamed we should be.  Similarly the extremely high death rate among gays from disease, suicide, and gay-on-gay violence is all our fault.  HIV is a heterosexual disease because it is caused by heterosexuals thinking bad thoughts about gays and denying them the opportunity to make blood transfusions.  When blacks burn down the cities built by white people that they stole from white people, and drive out the few remaining whites, that demonstrates what evil racists we whites are.  Whenever females get in trouble through underperformance and bad behavior, in particular when they render children fatherless, we males should pay the costs of female decisions.

All of which goes to show how much more virtuous the priesthood is than you and me.  Their standards are so very very high that it is very difficult for sinners like myself to live up to such high standards.

I notice that the going price for refusing to take rapeugees in Europe is about  250 000 US$ per rapeugee rejected.  Diversity is good for you and if you don’t want the immense benefits of diversity you have to pay 250 000 per diversity. Which is about the same as the price that our priests pay to live far away from the victims of white oppression.  Which, realistically, sets the value of diversity as negative US$250 000 per browner person.   It is harder to perceive prices for avoiding single women, since men like to meet them and visit them while not living too close to them, but I would guess the price for living away from women lacking male supervision to be about US$100 000.  The traditional connotations of the word “bastard” implies that female misconduct has substantial negative externalities, and residential patterns suggest a willingness to pay a substantial amount of money to avoid these externalities.

Remember all that indignation about blacks being forced to go to the back of the bus?  Well now, we don’t force blacks to go to the back of the bus … and whites don’t ride buses where they are likely to encounter significant black ridership, for excellent, obvious, and entirely unmentionable reasons.

In the time of Chaucer, summoners had the job of punishing people for their sins against religion, pardoners had the job of selling people indulgences for their current and future sins, while friars had the easier and more popular job of forgiving people their recent sins, supposedly conditional on repentance – thereby giving them immunity against the summoner.  Of course, you found the friar more easily impressed by your repentance if you made a small donation, but this was generally cheaper than buying an indulgence or bribing a summoner.   So friars, summoners, and pardoners were in competition and did not much like each other.

Chaucer’s Pardoner cheerfully admits to his own evil and corruption.  Chaucer’s Friar exposes the corruption of summoners, whereupon the Summoner gets vehemently stuck into friars, root and branch.  The summoners excessive interest in assholes becomes apparent.  Recall the conspicuous lack of testosterone and the popularity of gay sex amongst our priesthood today.

And then in due course we had the protestant reformation and the wars of religion.

Fertile age women should always be under the supervision and control of husbands or fathers, and if due to misfortune or misconduct, a fertile age woman is not under such supervision, she should be placed under male supervision one way or another.  If you don’t believe this, you will find it hard to handle women,  will be inclined to credit our priesthood with immense virtue, and will be ashamed of your irresistible sinfulness.

People whose misconduct adversely affects other people’s property values should suffer various forms of exclusion, segregation, and apartheid. Persistent petty criminals and vagrants, people profoundly disinclined to earn a living, should be enslaved.  In profiling individuals for their likely adverse affect on property values, and their likely future criminality and potential for productive free employment, race, sex, and ancestry (such as bastardy) should be legitimately part of the profile.  The deserving poor should be taken care of.  The undeserving poor should be dealt with.  Since the apple does not fall far from the tree, it should be legitimate to discriminate in favor of the children of productive people raised by their parents, and against the children of unproductive people and people who caused problems.   If you don’t believe this, property prices and living patterns make no sense, you will unnecessarily expose yourself to danger, will be inclined to credit our priesthood with immense virtue, and will be ashamed of your irresistible sinfulness.  Why won’t your ride the bus, you wicked man?


Spiritual Security

Friday, April 29th, 2016

Putin coined the useful and important concept of “spiritual security”, as a part of national security.

All states have a state religion. If your state religion is controlled by a hostile state, you are toast. That is spiritual insecurity. The official state religion of most states is progressivism, and their progressivism is controlled by the NGOs, which are controlled by the US State Department, which is controlled by Harvard in pretty much the same way the US supreme court is controlled by Harvard. (Sometimes the president makes minor, and usually ineffectual and unsuccessful, efforts to influence the US State Department. If he gets too stubborn about it, the media demonize him.)

Back in the 1400 and 1500s the Pope was in the pocket of the Holy Roman Emperor and/or the King of Spain, and a lot of states were at war or near war or cold war with the Holy Roman Emperor and/or the King of Spain. These states found that the Pope was getting up their noses. They found Martin Luther handy to protect themselves from papism, which eventually led to the bloody holy wars of the Protestant Reformation west of the Hajnal line. Being Roman Catholic was spiritual insecurity – you were apt wind up incorporated in the almost universal empire of the triple crown.

More recently Jomo Kenyatta complained during the twentieth century: “When the Missionaries arrived, the Africans had the land and the Missionaries had the Bible. They taught how to pray with our eyes closed. When we opened them, they had the land and we had the Bible.” That is spiritual insecurity.

China has a big problem with progressivism and assorted Christian sects, many of which smell suspiciously like the State Department, discovering in the New Testament that gay sex is sacred, and husbands should obey their wives. The obvious solution is state sponsored Confucianism Manchesterized, or state sponsored Manchesterism Confucianized, but they are hesitant and confused. What exactly is their state religion? Supposedly it is Maoism, but Maoism is just not that credible these days, and they don’t particularly wish it was credible. They are half decided to go with Confucianism, but what sort of Confucianism? They are not sure. In the recent confrontation in Hong Kong, the police backed the protestors against the government, siding with the US state department against Peking. Such is the power of faith. Hong Kong suffers severely from spiritual insecurity. The authorities in Peking need to decide on something that is credible, persuasive, and sane, and go with that, for right now China is spiritually insecure. The state department plots a “democratic” takeover of China. If what happened in Hong Kong had happened in Peking, China would be ruled by the State Department and looted by Wall Street the way Russia was after the fall of communism.

Putin has a big problem with progressivism, but is taking forceful and effective measures against it. The unofficially official Russian state religion is highly unprogressive Russian Orthodoxy.

Russian orthodoxy in the west steers a delicate path wobbling between pissing off the State Department, and pissing off the patriarchy in Russia. There are no large scale hierarchical organized Christian religions in the west that seriously dissent from the State Department line that all religions, rightly understood, are the same religion, and that religion is progressivism.

On successful revolution

Saturday, April 16th, 2016

One of those who must not be named wrote:

Old Martin had a secret protector
Who happened to be an Elector

Wycliffe did heresy flaunt
His sponsor was named John of Gaunt

King quickly pulled out ahead
With helpful support from the Reds

Women’s Studies got a small donation
From the generous Ford Foundation

BLM gets away with their rancor
As tools of a prominent banker

The Big lend a hand to the Little
The High and the Low vs the Middle

The alt right will be able to win when, and only when, the left is sufficiently terrifying to each other that some powerful people, or one powerful person, decides that the alt right might come in mighty handy.

Trump and Israel

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016

On the one hand, Trump says, or implies, that he is going to pursue America’s interests, not Israel’s.  On the other hand, he says and implies that he does not care deeply for the poor long suffering victimized saintly Palestinians.

Thus the mainstream media contradicts itself on his AIPAC speech (his speech to a bunch of powerful Zionist Jews)  He got a subdued response, they laughed at him, and they cheered him wildly.

Then the Jews themselves are embarrassed that they cheered him wildly, and issue a shamefaced apology for cheering the horrid evil Trump, who is so uncaring about the sainted Palestinians, unlike our multiple peace prize winning president, who loves both Israel and Palestinians so deeply.

Anarcho tyranny in the Chicago riots

Friday, March 18th, 2016

Police in Chicago were set up to take a kayfabe fall, to be the bad guys, and lose.

The plan was that at a pre-arranged signal, multiple mobs would simultaneously rush the podium, and nail Trump, thereby solving the Trump problem.

Police would be unable to prevent this, having been disarmed, forbidden to use effective force and set up to be legally at fault in any lawsuit.

What really happened at the Chicago Rally.

How the cops were set up to lose and be defeated.

It is entertaining just how much the Chicago Chief of Police hates the police.  I assume something similar is happening in the Army.


The Cathedral triumphantly announces victory in the streets

Saturday, March 12th, 2016

The Daily Beast:

Protesters Scare Trump Out of Chicago

The Riverfront Times in Saint Louis

The activists in this town are battle-hardened and ready to go. They’ve had a lot of fights in the last year or so, and that’s only primed them to take on bigger ones. It really makes you wonder what Trump was thinking.

Well, a short time ago, Trump’s rally in Saint Louis took place. How, I wonder, did it go?

Bunch of arrests, one guy who decided to fight the cops somewhat the worse for wear.

If you want to look for videos of violence at the Trump rally in Saint Louis, you see Trump’s adoring crowds drowning out the protester with a Trump chant, followed by Trump commanding the cops “get him out of here!”, and then you see a crazy black guy trying ineffectually to fight a couple of cops who are throwing him out with smooth efficiency and complete control.

When you try to control political outcomes using the threat of crazy black guys, crazy black guys are only a problem is no one is allowed to fight back.

And so we see frequent noisy announcements that Trump is being outrageous and horribly politically incorrect for having his people fight back. The Cathedral is confused and continually surprised by the way government cops keep maintaining order and following Trump’s directives at Trump events. The Cathedral is accustomed to controlling both sides of the pretended confrontation, the protestors and the cops both, and is confused, disoriented, and surprised by what happens when the cops support order. Order prevails.

Meanwhile, large numbers of American voters notice that, outside of Trump rallies, order does not prevail.

Despite the frequent and triumphant announcements of disorder at Trump events, what the voters see is someone able and willing to maintain order, who has the support of the men he needs to maintain order.

The Cathedral is implicitly threatening voters, that if they elect Trump, the NAMs will come around and beat them up, but what the voters see at a Trump rally tells them the reverse.

Ethnic cleansing in Ferguson

Friday, March 11th, 2016

Not all houses in Ferguson have dropped to a small fraction of 2014 prices, some substantial areas are holding value, but houses in large parts of the Ferguson zip code have dropped far far below the cost of building, or even maintaining, the house. If the ad says “located close to shopping”, it usually means that whites have been forced to abandon their homes to blacks by black violence.   The shopping areas are still partly ruins, often with rubble that no one has yet bothered to clean up.


These houses are generally listed as sold in foreclosure, suggesting that the occupants simply fled, abandoning their house to the bank.

Whites build houses for black people to live in. When the neighborhood is utterly destroyed, blacks move on to another white neighborhood.  Hence the abandoned ruins of Detroit, as blacks flee the ruins of Detroit, to ruin more recently built homes.

That is how the inner city became black.  And now, the process that made the inner city, where the wealthy used to live, a terrifying jungle stalked by upright walking plains apes, is being repeated on those suburbs targeted by the HUD and the department of justice.

This predation by blacks on whites is a major part of what makes housing and family formation unaffordable to whites – the high, and ever rising, cost of buying a house in a neighborhood which is unlikely to be taken away from you.

Everywhere, blacks live in the ruins of homes built by whites that whites were forced to abandon, often, as in the inner city, quite wealthy whites.  For white people to afford housing, we simply have to restore segregation, apartheid, and slavery.  Even if this is unfair to some individual high performing blacks, what is happening with housing is immensely more unfair.  Collective racial violence by blacks as a race against whites as a race gets blacks free stuff from whites, and this absolutely has to stop. If you don’t like my program for stopping it, what is your program?

Leftism, suicide, autogenocide, and cosmocide.

Saturday, February 13th, 2016

If all men are created equal then it logically follows that all white males must die, because they keep emitting evil thought rays that cause blacks and women to underperform, blacks to commit crimes, and render women incapable of agency.  If you believe all men are created equal, you are going to pursue the goal of the death of all white males regardless of whether you are Jewish or not. This was obvious in the French response to the Haitian slave revolt.

Working class Trump voters must be bitter clingers who are worse than Hitler simply by existing.

The left has always been autogenocidal. When the Populares allied with the Samnites that showed they wanted to kill all free Roman males.

Indeed, cosmocidal. They want to immanentize the Eschaton, and the only way to do that is to kill everyone and destroy everything.

Your ordinary leftist, for example Scott Alexander is undeniably a nice guy.  But he has no enemies to the left, and no friends to the right, which means that all his friends are his enemies, and all his enemies are his friends.  He is incapable of seriously criticizing those to the left of him, and does not dare allow himself to comprehend those to the right of him. Thus Scott will completely and accurately identify some problem with leftism “but still, quite sincerely, ritually abase himself to it.  He writes long sincere thoughtful screeds pointing out that baby sacrifice is lowering the birth rate and causing family trauma, though of course he fully understands and endorses that Lord Moloch must be sated with the only food acceptable unto him.”

Leftism is holiness, and in any discussion, any consensus, the holiest leftist or cuckservative always wins, so nice leftists always lose to evil crazies, and piously agree that they deserve to lose, since the holiest, being holier, should get their way.

And if you want to immanentize the Eschaton, you are holier than anyone like Scott, who might be suspected of thinking that immanentizing the Eschaton might be difficult.  Only a total asshole like myself could possibly oppose immanentizing the Eschaton altogether. And if one wants to immanentize the Eschaton soon, one is holier than anyone who merely wants to immanentize some time in the distant and indefinite future.  And if one wants to immanentize the Eschaton right away, one is the holiest of all, and every leftist and cuckservative wants to be one’s friend, and none of them dare offend one, even though one will undoubtedly take offense anyway.

And thus the Khmer Rouge.  And thus Chang Hsien-chong

Angela Merkel hates Germans and Germany – is viscerally repulsed by them, clearly wishes all Germans and all memory of Germany and all German culture to end with her. Remember her revealing reaction to the German flag. She reacted to the German flag like a vampire doused with holy water, or exposed to the rising sun.

Leftism is inherently cosmocidal. This suicidal, destructive, and self destructive tendency is as common as dirt even among the non Jewish left. Granted, the Jewish left is worse, but the difference is nothing to get excited about. They all want to kill you and everyone like you.  And if, like Scott, they are not completely 110% on board with killing you and everyone like you, they are nonetheless trying to avoid falling overboard for fear that those who are completely 110% on board with killing you and everyone like you might take offense – or rather might take even more offense than they do already.

Fall of Aleppo reveals that asymmetric warfare is bunkum

Thursday, February 4th, 2016

In war, the stronger party prevails.

Asymmetric warfare only works when the weaker party has political protection.  Perhaps like the Taliban, the weaker party is fighting soldiers required to operate as heavily armed nursemaids.  Perhaps like Mao after the long march or the communists in Greece, the weaker party is launching raids from across a border that the stronger party is reluctant to cross.

The usual scenario where asymmetric warfare works is that the State Department fears the Pentagon more than it fears America’s enemies, and requires US troops to operate by police rules, while those the Pentagon is fighting operate by the laws of war.

When Russia intervened in Syria to rescue their ally and preserve their Mediterranean base, the usual suspects, in particular President Obama announced Russia was getting into a quagmire.  Instead Russia has, as I predicted, been decisively and thoroughly winning, largely through shelling, bombing, blockade, and siege – slow but thorough tactics that deny the weaker party any opportunity to do even a small amount of damage to the stronger.  Less sweat that way than taking strong places by storm.

The Turkish controlled parts of Aleppo and west of Aleppo have now been cut off from Turkey, and are now already conserving food and ammunition.  Short of an open land and air intervention by Turkey, short of open non proxy war between Russia and Turkey, will wither on the vine and fall in a few months.

Russia is also bombing the hell out of Islamic State’s Turkish supply lines, but has as yet made no attempt to cut them off on the ground.  Once Aleppo falls to siege, will probably turn its attention to laying siege to Islamic State.

The current peace talks illustrates asymmetric warfare in a nutshell:  The weaker losing side rather than the stronger winning side is laying down preconditions and making demands, the primary demand being that Russia stop advancing.   In other words, they are asking the State Department to stop the Russians from winning in the same way the State Department has so regularly stopped the Pentagon from winning. The State Department indignantly blames Russia for the failure of the peace talks, which supposedly failed because the weaker side is getting hammered so hard and is suffering so badly.

Women like rapists

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016

In the current Muslim invasion of Europe, the invaders continually commit acts that would get a white male a long time in jail and permanent registration as a sex offender, but for the invaders, minor consequences or no consequences.   And you are seeing few if any complaints from women,unlike the extreme hypervigilance against imperceptibly slight micro aggressions by nerds.

A bunch of Swedish males protest about sexual assaults by the invaders against their women.  And Swedish feminists counter protest “We are not your women”

Decoding:  “You are insufficiently manly to grope us, unlike the invaders, we don’t want to be owned by men like you.”

In the manosphere, I see a whole lot of posts hopefully and optimistically proclaiming that all these assaults will show women that they need manly white men to protect them.

we are approaching a social tipping point where the physical necessity of conventional masculinity will outweigh the liability to women in ceding the power that feminine social primacy represents.

But women are not reacting that way.  Their reactions shows that to them, all these assaults reveal white men as insufficiently manly, not invaders as dangerously aggressive.  They rather like the invasion, and don’t really want anything effective done to stop the assaults.

Efforts to protect women from sexual assault by the invaders are unappreciated and unwanted.   Such efforts would only be appreciated and wanted if white men claimed and successfully enforced ownership over women, if individual white men claimed and enforced such ownership, with their individual enforcement backed by collective enforcement.

Women love it when a firm and confident claim of ownership leads to successful defense – and rather too much love testing claims of ownership by creating situations where the claim needs defending.  Absent confident and firm ownership claims, do not really like defense very much.

Recall that in the legend of Perseus and Andromeda, after Perseus rescues Andromeda from the dragon, he kills her fiancee, abducts her from her family and marries her.   He rescues her and firmly takes possession.