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Hard left wins in Greece

Sunday, January 25th, 2015

The interesting question is not whether Greece leaves the Euro, or the Euro leaves Greece, but how many of the opposition will be arrested before the next election.

The victory of the hard left was made possible by arresting the hard right and forbidding them from campaigning.

Which had the effect of discouraging anyone from disagreeing with the hard left

Greek politics is already dominated by police intimidation and the direct use of state power to punish dissent.  Election of a hard left party is likely to increase the use of police intimidation and the direct use of state power to punish dissent.

The left, which is to say the state, talks about the side of history.  History tells us that if you use state power to suppress your opponents on the right, by and by your opponents on the left will use state power to suppress you.

The solution to Jihad

Monday, January 12th, 2015

Progressivism is universalist.  Islam is universalist.  Holy war necessarily ensues. To call on Muslims to abandon Jihad is to call upon them to unilaterally surrender to progressivism.

We faced this problem once before, and solved it once before by means short of genocide.  The solution is to impose the Peace of Westphalia, first on ourselves, then on Muslims.

Peace of Westphalia implies that Muslims resident in our lands are forcibly converted to our official belief system, or else are forced to get the hell out.  Our official belief system, to prevent entryism backed by violence aiming at state domination, must necessarily absolutely exclude the proposition that Mohammed is God’s prophet, let alone his final prophet,

Peace is hard, war is easy

Monday, December 22nd, 2014

For peace to continue, everyone has to play by the rules established in the last round of wars. Even if the rule is that the hegemon gets his way, he got to be hegemon by doing dreadful things, which tend to be forgotten or denied as time passes.

So there is always a temptation to bend the rules, which tend to get bent further and further, until one party responds to that bending with escalated violence, to which the other party responds with even more escalated violence. And people forget that this tends to get out of hand. They assume that if they escalate, the other party will have no alternative but to yield. And the other party, since so long has passed since the last all out general war, thinks the same.

People forget that the rules are maintained by the threat of general war, and become too clever by half at adjusting the rules in their own favor.

Europe’s peace is based on rule by America. They are all muppet states and have been since World War II. America’s peace is based on the fact that people still think the government is complying with the constitution, as radically re-interpreted after the civil war. But as speech gets suppressed ever more forcefully that illusion grows thinner. And so, in Ferguson, we see the state restraining whites so that blacks can attack them without being killed.

The president, who commands both the pentagon and the state department, keeps pentagon and state department from going to war with each other. For this to work, the pentagon must see the president as more than just a puppet of the state department.

If a government is cohesive, revolution is impossible, but war between governments all too likely. If a government is incohesive, war between elements of the government is likely, and, because of governmental weakness, war between the government and its citizens is likely.

We are moving towards all three forms of war at roughly comparable speed. Hard to say which one will come first. Likely one will trigger the others. The proximate cause of the fall of the Soviet Union was that Reagan drew them into more wars than they could afford, but upon losing one external war, it suddenly became apparent that no one believed in communism any more, and a wave of collapse spread from Afghanistan to Moscow.

The Pax Americana draws to an end, the American government becomes weaker internally and externally, at the same time as it acts more aggressively than ever, internally and externally. This does not mean war tomorrow, perhaps it might mean war in a decade. But it does mean war eventually. Perhaps external war and external defeat will result in economic collapse which will result in internal war. Perhaps internal war will result in external war and external defeat. The general trend in the US empire is that the restraints against all forms of war, external war, intrastate war between elements of the state apparatus, and revolutionary war with subjects of the state, are diminishing, and the provocations are increasing.

There is a great deal of ruin in a nation. This trend has been going on for a very long time without anything remarkable happening, and it could go on for a very long time further without any very remarkable results. But in the end …

In November 2005 I thought the financial crisis would blow up immediately, or within a few months. Instead, the superficial appearance of financial normality was maintained for two years, as underneath things became more and more abnormal. But in the end, the appearance of normality collapsed.

There will be war.

The vast majority of rape accusations are false

Sunday, December 14th, 2014

When the media goes shopping for stories of innocent black victims shot by whites, whom do they come up with?

They come up with nine year old honors student Martin Trayvon and gentle giant Michael Brown, that is who, because in reality almost every black shot by a white was committing assault resulting from a recent or intended robbery.

And when they go shopping for stories of innocent women brutally raped, who do they come up with?

They come up with Crystal Mangum and Jackie Oakley. (more…)

Koreans are allowed collective defense. Whites are not.

Saturday, November 29th, 2014

With the permission of property owners, “Oath Keepers” took measures to prevent properties in Ferguson from being burned and looted.

Police, though unwilling to prevent arson and looting, shut them down.

New York Times tries to get Officer Wilson’s pregnant wife murdered

Thursday, November 27th, 2014

The New York Times is waging a terrorist war on the process of justice, to create a world where any white who defends himself against attack by non Asian minorities gets punished, and any non asian minority who attacks a white gets off.

And if you are Asian, in that world Gentle Giant Michael Brown gets to rough you up and take your stuff, and you have to smile and say you like it.

The New York Times published the full name of Officer Wilson’s pregnant wife, and the name of the lane and suburb on which their house is located. They did not give their house number, but there are only twenty eight houses in that lane. Of course, officer Wilson and his pregnant wife have fled their house – but the problem remains, her full maiden name and employment has been published.

Darren Wilson of course has been threatened with death by the New Black Panthers, which of course will not get the black panthers into trouble with the Justice Department.

In an impressive display of brass balls, Gotnews has published the full names and addresses of the journalists trying to get Officer Wilson’s pregnant wife murdered, and a photograph of one of them.

These journalists seem to live a comfortable distance from the violence that they incite.

The two journalists who doxed Wilson’s wife are:
Julie Bosman
5620 N Wayne Ave Apt 2
Chicago, IL 60660-4204
Cook County

Campbell Robertson
1113 N Dupre St
New Orleans, LA 70119-3203
Orleans County.

Those are not particularly classy locations. Darren Wilson has a nicer house. (Or he used to, but it is no good to him now.) But they are safe locations. Not everyone gets to live in a safe suburb. Some people get to play the polar bear game as the polar bear. And that is what is making housing in the US so horribly expensive. If you want to have kids, need to buy a home somewhere safe. And every time the New York Times incites its pet blacks to violence, fewer places are safe. If you want kids, need a backyard. There just is not much land that is safe, so, a limited supply of backyards. So, fewer white kids. It is a slow motion genocide, to become a considerably faster motion genocide when whites become a minority.

Ferguson on fire. World to follow

Tuesday, November 25th, 2014

In her book “World on Fire”Amy Chua surveys various market dominant minorites. Usually, sooner or later, they get exterminated or ethnically cleansed. Not always, and often it takes quite a while before the killing starts, but that is the way to bet.

Whites are now a market dominant majority, soon to become a market dominant minority, and when I turn on the television to hear about Ferguson, I hear the narrative explaining why we need to be exterminated or ethnically cleansed, and see the fires burning.

Once outvoted, self defense by whites will be deemed inherently offensive, as will any acquittal of a white defending himself, or any conviction of a colored person attacking a white.  The next Ferguson after we lose the majority will be Kristallnacht.

White nationalists have this theory that once things get bad enough, whites will stiffen up. The Jewish reaction to Kristallnacht was to go limp, and, looking around the world, the whiter a country is, the more willing it is to resist massive colored immigration, and the less white the less willing. Similarly, the whites of Rhodesia and South Africa.

A very large proportion of whites, most of them single women, will vote for a Kristallnacht against whites, and by that time, most white women will be single.

The red and blue empires

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

A government is supposed to be one thing, that can be thought of as making decisions like a single person. To the extent that a government is one thing, it is a stationary bandit. But, lacking virtue and asabiyah, is apt to be many things, thus more like horde of mobile bandits.

Moldbug argues that what were supposedly external wars by the US government against external enemies were frequently proxy wars between the red empire, the Pentagon’s empire of the bases, and the blue empire, the State Department’s empire of the consulates.

Thus the Vietnam war was lost in Washington, not Vietnam, and China fell to the state department, rather than to Mao. “Socialism with Chinese Characteristics” – which is to say capitalism, is China falling away from the blue empire, and the umbrella revolution is a move by the blue empire to regain control.

The relationship between the red and blue empires is like the relationship between the holy Roman Empire and the Papacy – theoretically united, but each seeking dominance over the other.
The red empire, the empire of the bases, the Chinese government understands. The blue empire operates through soft power, which the Chinese government does not understand.

For a long time, India was ruled by the London School of Economics, and the London School of Economics ruled by Harvard.

India took a position in opposition to the Pentagon’s red empire, the empire of the bases, while firmly allied to the blue empire, the empire of the consulates.

Lately, India has fallen away from the blue empire, and, worse than that, has been developing friendly relations with the red empire.

Thus I would expect increasingly vigorous State Department efforts to secure its return. Perhaps a bicycle revolution. They already unsuccessfully tried their usual efforts to manipulate election outcomes (the common man party), so, as in Ukraine, will probably find it necessary to destroy democracy in order to save it.

Overreach is inherent in the nature of the blue empire. It just cannot help trying to take over everything, whether video cames, comic strips, science fiction, or Hong Kong.

The people trying to rule gaming are mighty low rank in the blue empire – thus gamers find that though they are fighting the blue empire, they are fighting a lot less than the full might of the blue empire. Win, lose, or draw, they demonstrate it can be fought. The blue empire is the US Government, is also a symptom of the US government’s lack of cohesion, and also itself lacks cohesion.

Fake Hong Kong blockade

Monday, October 6th, 2014

Here are the protestors “blockading” the road outside the Hong Kong Government Complex
fake blockade

You will notice that three strong brave men with stun guns and rubber hoses could clear this blockade in fifteen minutes. If the blockade continues to exist, it is because the police wish it to continue to exist.

Hong Kong Government needs an inquisition

Saturday, October 4th, 2014

In the recent violence six police were injured, and nineteen people arrested, eight of who were triad members.

About half of those injured were police – therefore the police are acting to protect the protestors and or coming down like the wrath of God on the counterprotestors – much like the “antifascist” riots in Europe, where the antifascists assemble to beat up “fascists”, beat them up, and then the police beat up “fascists” for provoking other people to beat them up.

The protestors complain the police are not doing enough to protect them, and perhaps they are not – but they are doing a lot more to protect the protestors than they are to clear the streets.

When the “triads” attempt to exercise their right to use the streets, the police stop them, backing the protestor symbolic blockade with actual police violence, without which it could never succeed.

Over and over again, Leung Chun-ying orders police to clear the streets, and over and over again, police obey in a deliberately ineffectual manner.

At the very least, the police in Hong Kong are showing far more enthusiasm for acting effectively to protect the protestors blocking the roads than they are for acting effectively to clear the roads.

If Peking does not want Hong Kong turned into a Cathedral beachhead against China, it is going to have to thoroughly purge Hong Kong government employees – fire everyone who believes in democracy, equality, and social justice.

Because of the two systems agreement, it would be inappropriate to have the same archbishop and grand inquisitor for Hong Kong and the Mainland. Peking should appoint an inquisition and grand inquisitor with credible Hong Kong system credentials, and charge them with thoroughly removing Cathedral agents from Hong Kong government employment and the Hong Kong education system.

Democracy, equality, and social justice have never been part of what traditionally makes Hong Kong Hong Kong. They are a threat to what Hong Kong has always been.