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Yes, the US did treacherously stab Russia in the back over Syria.

Saturday, November 28th, 2015

Russia informed the US approximately when and where Russia would be bombing terrorists, as part of their agreement to avoid incidents over Syria that might lead to World War III.

According to Russia’s account, shortly before the pre-announced Russian bombing near the border, Turkey put up two F16s which loitered near the border, awaiting the bombing run near the border. When the bombing began, one of the Turkish F16s crossed into Syrian territory and ambushed a Russian bomber – direct conflict between Russian armed forces and Turkish armed forces without the fig leaf of a proxy, an attack conducted outside Turkish territory.

How do we know the Russian account is true and the Turkish account is false?

We know it is true because the Turkish media got a professionally edited video of the jet coming down faster than the Russians got their rescue mission – which means the Turkish media and Turkish forces on the ground inside Syria knew what was coming, while the Russians did not know what was coming. Therefore this attack was undertaken in response to notification that the Russians would be bombing Turks inside Syria near the border, therefore not undertaken in response to a bomber straying over the border. Note also that Obama’s speech was all about Russia bombing the good terrorists instead of the bad terrorists, not about the supposed border crossing.

Therefore official NATO forces have already attacked official Russian forces in Syria without the fig leaf of proxies. Therefore B already owes me a bottle of Ardbeg.

Recap on NATO shooting down a Russian jet and murdering the pilot

Tuesday, November 24th, 2015

A Russian Jet that was flying over Syria at the invitation and with the permission of the Syrian government was bombing Turks in Syria. While bombing Turks in Syria, was shot down by Turkey, which is part of NATO. Allegedly the jet strayed slightly inside Turkey, but it was shot down over Syria, the wreckage landed inside Syria, the pilots landed inside Syria, and the pilots were murdered inside Syria. We know it was shot down over Syria because of video uploaded by the Turks who murdered one of the pilots. Although Turkey says it was flying inside Turkish airspace, it was shot down in a Turkish no fly zone over Syria.

The pilots parachuted safely and were promptly murdered, by an organization that is theoretically an enemy of the US, but which in Syria is receiving backing and arms from the US and is composed of people who are ethnically Turks operating on the border of NATO ally Turkey with the protection of Turkey. The killers videotape themselves shooting the pilot endlessly while chanting “Allah Akbar” and upload the video to the internet.

Obama and the US enthusiastically backs Turkey, as Turkey makes war on Christians.

Obama says Turkey has the right to defend itself and its airspace. It certainly has the right to defend its airspace by shooting Russians in Turkish airspace. Does not follow that it has the right to defend its airspace by shooting Russians in Syria. The plane was shot down while bombings Turks in Syria. Hard for it to intrude on Turkish airspace while its bombs are landing where they are supposed to.

Will this incident lead to World War III? Probably not. But this kind of stupidity and recklessness will lead to World War III. It has been a long time since the last big war, so people are forgetting that peace is hard, war is easy. If we don’t get World War III this time over Syria, we will get it next time over someplace else, or the time after that. I am still inclined to bet on Civil War II rather than World War III, because the American elite is increasingly disloyal and incohesive.

Yes, all Muslims are like that

Sunday, November 22nd, 2015

Turks celebrate Paris attack

Turks boo and chant during moment of silence for Paris.

Not all Muslims will kill you, just as not all Christians will turn the other cheek, but if he will not kill you, he is not being a good Muslim. In this case, the no true scotsman fallacy is no fallacy, since killing infidels is required by the Koran. If he is not murdering innocents and raping children, does not take his religion very seriously.

How to deport eleven million people

Wednesday, November 18th, 2015

First, the Australian experience tells us that regular judges and government employees will not cooperate with the merely elected government. So the merely elected government has to rely on the military and on “civilian contractors” (mercenaries). The merely elected government has to give the “civilian contractors” sovereign immunity against the courts, which makes them not very civilian at all. Without sovereign immunity, any time a “civilian contractor” forcibly prevents an “asylum seeker” from going wherever he wills, it will be deemed a war crime, like the Israeli wall.

Secondly you have to find the illegals. What countries that actually have control of their borders do is that local forms of ID are only issued to people with a right to reside there indefinitely. Everyone else either cannot get that ID, or gets a special form of that ID that requires a passport or photocopy of the passport to also be presented. And the foreign passport always shows entry permission which expires after a certain time. And you cannot rent a room, or get a regular job, or open a bank account, or drive a vehicle, etc, without ID. If you are a foreigner, need your passport to rent a room, get a most types of job, or drive a vehicle. Further, if you come to the attention of police, some types of rentacop, or the military guard, they can demand your id, as for example, bad driving, reasonable suspicion of an offense, drunk and disorderly, homeless and no visible means of support, or being obnoxious in a shop or a bar. If the rentacop at the mall detects you are illegally resident, and he does not like you much, he puts you in the mall pen, and calls border control to collect you. The control on renting rooms or buying homes catches far more people more effectively than the control on jobs, since the landlord does not particularly want to rent to illegals, while the employer may well want to hire illegals. And your landlord very much wants your ID so that he can go after you if you trash his stuff, while your employer likely has you under supervision, so does not really want your ID except the government tries, usually not very successfully, to make him. And if a landlord does illegally rent to an illegal, that illegal better be on time with the rent.

Will this catch all eleven million?

No, but it will catch a lot of them, and it will catch the most obnoxious ones, the ones that are causing problems.

Minor Australian politician says out loud what everyone in the world is thinking

Monday, November 16th, 2015

Josh Frydenberg, Australian minister for natural resources says:

a country that loses control of its borders not only invites the tragedy of the loss of life at sea … but also the direct security threats that are incurred by not knowing exactly the backgrounds of the people that you accept into your own country

It is odd that in the entire world, I cannot find any other politician saying this out loud in plain words. Waiting for Trump, who so often outrages the elites by saying the unsayable.

Yes, we are at war with Islam

Saturday, November 14th, 2015

And always have been.

For over a thousand years, a multitude of nations, states, peoples, cultures, religions, and empires have attempted to coexist with Islam. None have succeeded. We will not be the first.

If you have a few percent of Muslims, you have what you can pretend is a major crime problem. If you have ten to thirty percent, you have a low level civil war, which intermittently becomes a high level civil war whenever you relax or show signs of weakness. If you have thirty percent, you can have a fairly tense peace, like the not-quite-war in Mindanao if you have a large well disciplined military, guards and soldiers everywhere, and regularly and routinely deploy death squads, but you cannot afford rule of law – you can have peace only by ruthlessly and unhesitatingly applying the laws of war. With a large Muslim minority you need death squads and the routine and frequent application of torture to keep the almost-peace, the not-quite-war.

France has five or ten percent Muslims, regular car burnings, Calais has been burning for some time, and the French state has no power over substantial areas that have been successfully seized by Islam.

France has taken pretend measures – checking passports at major entry points. This is security theater. Calais continues to burn, and the French authorities avert their eyes. Muslim illegal immigrants continue to flood over the borders unopposed. Rapes by Muslims are piously ignored. Preachers continue to preach terror, and while Muslim preachers preach terror, the French authorities arrest and prosecute Marine LePen and Eric Zemmour for incitement.  A Muslim that gets over the border cannot be deported.

Far from France getting serious about stopping terror, it remains a criminal offense to advocate getting serious about the problem.

Under recent international law you cannot return people unless their country of origin agrees to accept them, or at least that is how international law has recently come to be interpreted.  And the countries of origin never agree. Australia and Israel have been cheerfully breaking this law, and New Zealand has been furtively breaking it.  Burma has been dumping Muslims into boats and telling them that if they want to live under Islam, start sailing to a Muslim country.

When France rounds up illegals and dumps them in Africa or the Middle East, then France will be beginning to get serious.  But no one can imagine such a thing, let alone propose it, for to imagine such a thing is a thought crime.

France is absolutely unserious about dealing with terrorism, and to even think seriously about dealing with terrorism is a crime no Frenchman will admit to committing.

The only good Muslim is a bad Muslim.  If a Muslim is not murdering innocents and raping children, he does not take his religion seriously.

Bay of Pigs operation

Saturday, November 14th, 2015

Bay of pigs official history:

“On January 1, 1959, a young Cuban nationalist named Fidel Castro (1926-) drove his guerilla army into Havana and overthrew General Fulgencio Batista (1901-1973), the nation’s American-backed president. For the next two years, officials at the U.S. State Department and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) attempted to push Castro from power. “

But it was the state department that overthrew Batista and installed Castro. Maybe they repented of this when Castro revealed himself to be a full on communist. But if they ever repented, official history would call Castro a communist, not a nationalist, and would call the Bay of Pigs a revolt, not an invasion, for it was conducted by Cuban Nationals and therefore arguably a revolt, not an invasion.

Initially the invading force had US air support, which would have made it impossible for Castro to deploy heavy weapons or massed troops against them, thus extremely difficult to destroy them. But the US air support was abruptly and unexpectedly withdrawn, leaving the invasion force hanging out to dry.

Not deploying the US air force at all makes sense. Deploying it makes sense. But deploying it, and then suddenly not deploying it only makes sense if you want your invading force to be annihilated.

The moment there were juicy high value targets available to the US air force, including Castro himself commanding his troops in the field, the US airforce went home.

If you want to overthrow Castro, blowing him up in the battlefield is likely to be highly effective.

If they were so overconfident that they expected their forces to win without air support, why apply air support initially? Surely if overconfidence was the problem the normal sequence would be to try it without air support, then when the $#!& hits the fan and large concentrations of enemy show up, apply air support.

Looks to me that those men were betrayed to their deaths, same tactic as Lord Howe betraying his men to their deaths.

The purpose of the Bay of Pigs operation, as actually implemented, was to prove that communism could not be rolled back because of the direction of history and the glorious liberation of the oppressed masses.  History is supposedly on the side of the left, and if history fails to conform to script, it gets a helping hand.

If the purpose of the Bay of Pigs operation was to overthrow Castro, would have bombed command, control and communication on the prospect that he might be there, as in fact he was.

If the purpose of the Bay of Pigs operation was to overthrow Castro, official history would call him a communist, not a nationalist.

If the purpose of the Bay of Pigs operation was to overthrow Castro, official history would call it a revolt, just as our pet infidel raping mass murdering terrorists in Syria are supposedly revolting against the evil and oppressive Syrian government, not invading Syria.

The inability of the American government to overthrow Castro resembles the inability of the House and Senate Republicans to pass a budget that denies the left a single item on its wish list, however outrageously repugnant and violently unpopular.

Putin successfully stabilizing Syria

Sunday, October 18th, 2015

Where you have a substantial Islamic minority, the only stable solution is for Islam to rule or to be violently and brutally crushed. Nothing in between works, despite over a thousand years of governments, peoples, cultures, and religions trying to find something in between, and endlessly failing. Where you have several different substantial Islamic factions in a single country, the only solution is a brutal dictatorship to keep the Islamics in line. That, or genocide. It is the nature of Islam to make war till it conquers or is very thoroughly conquered. Very thoroughly conquered.

Aleppo is about to fall. The fall of Aleppo will be the defeat of the “moderate” (“Christians to Beirut, Alawites to the grave”) opposition.

The difference between the “moderate” opposition and Islamic State is not their position on Christians and Alawites. They both intend to kill every Alawite everywhere. It is their position on the royal families of Jordan and Saudi Arabia. The “moderate” opposition supports and is supported by royalty. Islamic State is republican and intends to overthrow the royal families. Thus the defeat of the “moderates” is likely to cut off royal aid for the overthrow of Alawite rule in Syria.

The “moderates” are at present transferring large amounts of American and Saudi military aid to Islamic State, with a wink and a nod from the State Department, making the war in Syria a major profit center for Islamic State. With the defeat of the “moderates” Syria becomes a cost sink, so Islamic State (which needs to make war pay) will retreat, likely under cover of some face saving formula that pretends Islamic state is not defeated, pretends that Sunnis are not being ruled by Alawites, and pretends the State Department has not suffered a humiliating defeat.

The Pentagon, the red empire, the empire of the bases, supports the royal families of the Middle East. The State Department, the blue state, the empire of the consulates, opposes the royal families of the Middle East.

Putin will be reluctant to humiliate America by rubbing it in the way America was humiliated in Vietnam, since that is likely to destabilize the world, and will therefore try to maintain some pretense of Sunni autonomy. On the other hand, the American government is getting aggro, responding to its defeat in Syria by pushing for war with China, much as Hitler, when up to his neck in alligators, declared war on America.

Thus while Putin would likely favor some compromise that allows the State Department to save face by pretending it is still destabilizing Syria, the US, to judge by its behavior towards China, is not in the mood for saving face, but rather, believing that history is on its side, wants victory and to be seen to be victorious, where victory means at minimum maintaining Syria a chaotic bloody hell hole, with the final objective of expelling the Christian minority and exterminating the Alawite minority, thus making possible a “Democratic” Syria. Democracy requires a Syria with a single religion, Sunni, and a single ethnicity, Arab, and the State Department has repeatedly demonstrated that it so loves democracy that it is willing for other people to pay the price.

There is a significant risk that the State Department will regard peace, stability, and order in Syria as an intolerable affront, and will do something drastic to ensure that history proceeds as it is supposed to.

The American government is now spiritually in the same position as the Soviet government used to be. It believes it is destined to rule the world, being the voice of truth, light, and history, while it buggers its economy and its technology stagnates, undermining its power to rule the world.

Putin reads neoreaction

Tuesday, October 6th, 2015

Or perhaps he listens in to State Department phone calls.

Putin on Islamic State as a state department proxy:

In these circumstances, it is hypocritical and irresponsible to make loud declarations about the threat of international terrorism while turning a blind eye to the channels of financing and supporting terrorists, including the process of trafficking and illicit trade in oil and arms. It would be equally irresponsible to try to manipulate extremist groups and place them at one’s service in order to achieve one’s own political goals in the hope of later dealing with them or, in other words, liquidating them.

To those who do so, I would like to say — dear sirs, no doubt you are dealing with rough and cruel people, but they’re in no way primitive or silly. They are just as clever as you are, and you never know who is manipulating whom. And the recent data on arms transferred to this most moderate opposition is the best proof of it.

We believe that any attempts to play games with terrorists, let alone to arm them, are not just short-sighted, but fire hazardous (ph). This may result in the global terrorist threat increasing dramatically and engulfing new regions, especially given that Islamic State camps train militants from many countries, including the European countries.

Unfortunately, dear colleagues, I have to put it frankly: Russia is not an exception. We cannot allow these criminals who already tasted blood to return back home and continue their evil doings. No one wants this to happen, does he?

Well actually I am pretty sure that the State Department does want it to happen. And that each terrorist incident in Europe and Australia will be preceded and followed by State Department pressure to address the “root causes” – the root causes being insufficient diversity and affirmative action. Observe that the recent Australian government initiative to mend fences with the Muslim Community was immediately followed by a terrorist incident, which proves the urgent importance of mending fences with the Muslim community.

Observe the smooth and continuous transition under way from affirmative action being necessary because the official victims are so weak, to being unavoidable because the official victims are so powerful and dangerous.

Arab Spring

Wednesday, September 30th, 2015

Arab Spring has predictably been an utter disaster.

By undermining the legitimacy of existing authority, it has turned the middle east into a sea of blood and fire, the worst cases being Syria and Libya.

Middle Easterners are mostly of inferior races, and at the best of times, it is hard for them to maintain the basic functions of a modern society, hard to keep the electricity running, the water running, the sewage off the streets, and all that.  To operate this quite ordinary stuff in a society dominated by an inferior race requires a fair bit of arrogant confident elitism and a cheerful willingness to smack grossly inferior people around to keep them from mischief.  Arab Spring has been democratic and anti elitist.  Thus most of the anti Bashar Assad groups in Syria just cannot keep that stuff functioning, and keep begging the horrid evil tyrant Bashar Assad to keep that stuff operating for them.

Near as I can figure, the major reasons that Bashar Assad is a horrible tyrant is that he stops stupid people from doing stupid things and he will not let them rape and murder those of non Muslim minorities.

Oddly, Obama and the Cathedral press have unshaken confidence that Obama is on the correct side of history.  From time to time they confidently predict that Putin will fail unless he overthrows Bashar Assad for the Cathedral, after many years of disastrous failure by the Cathedral in its efforts to overthrow Bashar Assad.

Obama and the New York Times and the rest live in an echo chamber, utterly impervious to outside reality.  Their policy cannot be a disaster, because they are on the right side of history.

The natural outcome of democracy is that each tribe votes for  its tribal interest.  The result is unacceptable to all the minority tribes.  War ensues, unless the majority group has a natural advantage in military struggle as well as voting, unless the majority group is the clearly superior group.  If you have democracy without war, it is because you have an ethnically homogeneous society, or someone is rigging the system to produce acceptable results.

Bashar Assad’s strength is that his religion is the only religion in Syria, other than Christianity, that is tolerant enough that it can be trusted to refrain from massacring minorities and his political organization is the only one that has the basic competence to keep the basic services of a modern society functioning and the will to keep the hands of subhumans off those basic services.

The Cathedral congratulates itself that it is rule by smart superior people, but rule by smart superior people was an unprincipled exception, which exception has now been rolled back.

The effects of rule by stupid people are most immediately apparent at your DMV department, at your airport security screening, and in Syria.

If you are not getting Syrian style brownouts, the people who are keeping our power system functioning, the people who making sure you do not get brownouts, are all rather old and due to retire soon.  Soon your power supply will be provided by the same people who operate airport security, because right now, white male privilege keeps the power on, and that is an unprincipled exception.