False rape fantasies

Roissy proposes four possible motives for the UVA false rape accusation, of which sexual fantasizing is only one, the other three being political fantasizing.

Well, I suppose he is more expert at girls than I am, but it seems glaringly obvious to me that the UVA accusation was rape fantasy:

The story departs from realistic rape in numerous ways, and every departure is in the direction of female rape fantasies.  That the students are high status fits political fantasies.  The broken glass, and a whole pile of them sharing one girl, fits only female sex fantasies.

Men having sex with a girl amidst broken glass is an obvious female fantasy.  Gang rape by absurdly many high status males is an obvious female fantasy.  If I told you I had sex with the Swedish beach bikini volleyball team, would you believe me?

She is not raped by some random low status male, but by a whole team of the very highest status males in her social circle.  Instead of  being on the booty call rotation of one high status male with thirty other women, she has more than half a dozen of them all to herself.

And they are so frantically eager to rape her that they get down in the broken glass.

And they rape her for three hours, which works out at twenty two minutes per student.  The typical university student is lighting a joint after a couple of minutes.  The performance of these rapists tell me she has watched too many porn movies.

Now I can easily imagine that if the girl is in broken glass while being raped that might well make it more fun for the rapist, and more fun for her, but if the guy is in broken glass also – that is going to make it a lot more fun for her, but considerably less fun for him.

No highly attractive high status guy is going to share a girl with half a dozen other highly attractive high status guys, and if I was going to rape a girl for twenty minutes, would first turn on the light, get out a broom, and correctly position all the broken glass.  In fact, if going to have sex for twenty minutes, going to do it on a comfortable bed, and find some other more precisely controllable fun way of inflicting fun amounts of pain, such as a spanking.  Broken glass implies frantic eagerness, which frantic eagerness does not fit with twenty minutes per rapist, nor does frantic eagerness fit with high status highly attractive guys having sex.  The story in unreal in ways that provide the teller with the maximum sexual arousal.

Her being down in the broken glass makes sense if she is telling a political tale about cis heteronormative rape patriarchal oppression, but the oppressors being down in the broken glass only makes sense as  getting her off sexually.


Obviously the reason this appeared in Rolling Stone rather than a slash fiction is political, not sexual – UVA wants to shut down the fraternities.    But “Jackie”, the woman that composed it, and continues to claim it is true, was enthusiastically beating her pussy while she composed it.

Fake rape accusations featuring real people ruin lives.  The women that do this need to be destroyed.  “Jackie” needs to be identified.


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  1. Another partially false rape accusation involves Rotherham. Modern post Christian Europe seems to permit ‘child grooming’, young , above puberty , girls being recruited by drug dealing gangs, then pimped out to customers as a business. Often these pimp drug gangs are Asian, and the customers white. It is a Islamaphobe race fantasy to pretend this is rape. Women dont succumb to being pimped out hundreds of times without once going to authorities unless they are drug addled voluntary prostitutes , thats different than rape victims. Its easier for the parents and the society to see their daughters as coerced rape victims, but thats not the whole story. Its an exculpatory fantasy. Obviously pimp coercion is part of the business, as in the legal variants in Nevada or in the porn dens of LA.

    Yet In any non western society these pimps would be killed by street justice and the authorities would not prosecute those who carried out these penalties.

    If post Christian euro Civ can’t protect its young girls, it has no biological or moral right to survive.

    Bill to fight child grooming introduced to prevent ‘Irish Rotherham’

  2. Cantor Frat says:

    Is it a more credible rape allegation when we realize it was a Shiksa in a Cantor Frat ?

    Eric Cantor’s Son Belongs to University of Virginia Fraternity in Rape Scandal
    Michael Cantor Not Suspect in Wrongdoing at Phi Kappa Ps

    Michael Cantor’s older brother, Evan, a University of Virginia alumnus, also was a member of Phi Kappa Psi. He graduated before the incident was alleged to have taken place.

    Read more: http://forward.com/articles/210379/eric-cantors-son-belongs-to-university-of-virginia/#ixzz3LKyDwV3j

  3. dan says:

    What people rarely address– even in this forum sometimes– is what is the endgame for these people? Let’s say they got the charges to stick somehow
    (Duke), what would be the next hammer to come down, and the one after that? And barring that result, they still get the result of the “white male patriarch” continually having to mount constant rear-guard defense.

  4. Observer says:

    John Nolte’s reporting on Lena Dunham’s rape fabrications deserves more circulation:


    The idea that women never lie about rape simply doesn’t hold water.

    • jim says:

      It looks like every campus rape allegation that has become a left wing cause has been false.

      It is unlikely that campus rape allegations that did not become left wing causes are more reliable, consistent with the conclusion that the overwhelming majority of rape accusations are false.

      Also, the great majority of campus rape allegation that become left wing causes appear to be made by women of bad character.

  5. Alan J. Perrick says:

    As to the topic of this blogpost:

    L.O.L… This story would be easier to pass over if I did not have a physical proximity to this place. It’s embarrassing that Feminism has gotten so far out of hand, but the obvious embellishments does give the patriarchy a lot of stick to beat them with.

    But will it change anything in the long run? The answer is: only if the right people are in the right places…

  6. Alan J. Perrick says:


    Oh, I got banned from that site long ago. It seems to me as if that blogger is not particularly interested in winning and more about running a blog with a very clubby atmosphere, with full inclusion even of a Christ-hating Jewess, the drubbing of whom got me Shut Down over there. “Oy Vey, They Know!”

    Best regards,


    • Sam says:

      Oy vey indeed.

      Heartiste has named the Jew in this very post:

      ” driven by white females, and particularly by academic white females of a highly ethnocentric minority tribe (Erdely, Merlan),”

      But I guess any deviation from DailyStormer’s stance on the Jewish Question is just not enough for some people. Someone’s still butthurt over that “Hitler Was Beta” post.

      • Alan J. Perrick says:

        All that “Jew wise” vs. “phlosemite” stuff belongs on the grade school playground. My comment was about pretty boy C.H. not being able to stomach a strong rhetorical display (such as my own, praise be to God).

        And your “butt hurt” silliness belongs on that playground as well. Now leave.

      • Hail Europa says:

        LOL. I just came from Daily Stormer.

    • Matthew says:

      I say FAR more jewfensive things at Heartiste on a regular basis, with no banning. He has a peculiarly weird set of filter terms though (apparently the number 40 is one), so perhaps you merely got temporarily stuck in moderation.

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