Raping Sanza Stark

I have not been watching Game of Thrones since they killed off every character I cared about, but the recent fuss about rape caused me to watch the latest episode. To see the controversy, fast forward to the end. All the rest is people you don’t know or care about talking about things you do not understand, apart from a scene where the youngest Stark kid gets the beating she has long deserved.

Game of thrones piously promotes the Victorian myth that women don’t like sex.

Nah, women don’t like sex with you.

They really like sex with the manliest man around.  Fertile age women are ten times as horny as men.   Because of the immense risk and hazards of pregnancy in the ancestral environment, if women were not extremely keen on sex, human race would have become extinct shortly after women figured out the connection between penis in vagina sex and pregnancy. Trouble is that the manliest man around is usually the guy in a romance book or a romance movie, who is ten times as manly as any real life person around.   Or perhaps the man she is pining for is a real person who dropped a load into her in a five minute meeting in the executive toilet, and she has been pining for that man ever since, what Roissy calls alpha widowhood, as for example Monica Lewinsky pining for Bill Clinton.

Since the manliest man in the Game of Thrones universe, as women measure manliness, is undoubtedly her husband, realistically Sansa Stark would have started tearing his clothes off with her teeth before he got a chance to bring her to the wedding.

We need to ban romance novels where there is a ridiculous disparity between the attractiveness of the male protagonist and the female protagonist.   Such a ban would bring our fertility rate right up.  Ugly fat forty  year old women with kids divorce their husbands because they expect to marry a handsome billionaire athlete.  Happens all the time in books.

A short while ago a washed up elderly female movie star complained because she was deemed too old to play the love interest of a fifty five year old male movie star

In an environment of casual sex where family formation is generally failing, we would expect any female past fertile age to get no attention, any female approaching the reduced fertility age to get substantially reduced attention, and any physically fit man to get about the same attention regardless of age, though old physically fit men are considerably less common than young physically fit men.

And that is biology.  Old women do not score old men.  (Unless they married them when both were young, and were good wives all their years)

And in an environment of family formation, we would expect considerably greater emphasis on female youth and virginity – in such an environment, older male movie starts would be discriminated against, but older female movie stars much more discriminated against, female movie stars would be washed up and over the hill at twenty, so a common movie scenario would be an older long established male romantic lead, with a bunch of successful movies under his belt, forty years old playing a thirty five year old, romances a character played by a seventeen year old actress, whereas in our current environment of casual sex without family formation, there is no reason why Sean Connery could not romance twenty year olds till he drops, except for feminist meltdown.

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  1. meh says:

    Jim: “And how come we are now supposed to like Jaime Lannister when in the first episode he throws a small child out of a high window. I am in favor of all surviving Game of Thrones characters dying in fire.”

    You can’t stop watching and then start watching again later and expect to understand what has changed. Did you notice that he is missing a hand?

  2. Seamus says:

    You will notice there was no uproar when Daenarys was raped by kal drogo, the reason being kal drogo was an ultra alpha and had a masculine face and body.

    The reason there is uproar this time is because Ramsey Bolton is not good looking enough.

    Studies have been done showing women orgasm more when the man is good looking.


    • Zimriel says:

      Seamus, up to then the series hadn’t told us much about Drogo, except as a barbarian brute. And, sure enough, when the time came Drogo had no idea how to please his wife and also didn’t know that there was pleasure in doing so. Dani taught him all that. You’ll note that in that season, their sex grew to become lovemaking.

      With Ramsey on the other hand, we know all about him already. It’s not that he’s not good looking; he’s better looking than most guys I meet day to day here. It’s that he’s a sadist and a philanderer. Sansa’s nights are *not* going to get better with *this* man.

      • Red says:

        And, sure enough, when the time came Drogo had no idea how to please his wife and also didn’t know that there was pleasure in doing so. Dani taught him all that. You’ll note that in that season, their sex grew to become lovemaking.

        And yet the sex scene women loved the best was the initial rape scene.

  3. Lex Corvus says:

    There’s something else odd about the mainstream discussion of the “Sansa Stark rape scene,” which is how everyone blithely describes it as rape. It’s clear from context that Sansa, while clearly not happy about what is happening, is doing her duty by her new husband. I.e., it’s rape by the modern progressive standard of “any penis in vagina not doubly notarized for every thrust is rape,” but by the laws of her fictional home (Westeros), and arguably even by the traditional laws of Western society, Sansa has consented to the inaugural marital sex act.

    • jim says:

      And, pretty clearly, Sansa, unenthusiastically, consented. She is not fighting or even verbally objecting, she is just not cooperating energetically enough.

      • lord_ says:


        If you know that if you don’t physically comply then you’re going to be violently raped and probably punished in other ways on a continuing basis, then your compliance is consent? Only in the most technical, inhuman sense of the word.

        • jim says:

          She consented at the wedding. She gets her home back and someone able to defend it out of the deal. Now she has to hold up her end of the bargain, her end being to produce a son with a legitimate claim to rule her homeland.

          • Steve Johnson says:

            Her husband and his family are also sheltering her from execution and openly defying the king to do so.

            She had multiple opportunities to turn down the deal as well – Brieanne gave her one offer and even when Littlefinger arranged the marriage he told her she was free to refuse.

            Yes, now she’s in a spot where she can’t get out of it but she chose this directly several times.

            Sansa is just really fucking awful at making choices.

            • jim says:

              Sansa is just really fucking awful at making choices.

              She gets the palace, and her son gets the throne. This has been a consistent thread in her choices, and does not seem all that stupid. Cersei Lannister is the one that makes fucking stupid choices.

              And how come we are now supposed to like Jaime Lannister when in the first episode he throws a small child out of a high window. I am in favor of all surviving Game of Thrones characters dying in fire.

          • Steve Johnson says:

            Winding up married to Ramsey Bolton is not a positive outcome. Yes, the wisest course of action for Ramsey is for him to not torture her to death and instead to keep her around so he keeps legitimacy. No, he doesn’t seem inclined to act in his own long term best interests.

            Specifically taunting him about his bastardry isn’t smart or wise. What does she hope to accomplish?

            Sansa’s first bad choice was siding with Cersei over her father because of the promise of a marriage to Joffrey. If she doesn’t do that her father survives, she gets to be the lady of a castle somewhere in the world where the lord wants the Starks as an ally and instead of her life being in the hands of an unstable sadist her life is in the hands of someone not inclined to torture her to death.

            Her next bad choice was to not make the best of the marriage to Tyrion but the blame there rests with Tyrion.

            Cersei is actually very clever at obtaining power but she wields it disastrously. Every person she wanted out of her way ended up out of her way – Margery, Jamie, Tyrion, the entire small council, etc – through her actions. Of course if she was wiser then rather than wanting everyone out of her way she’d use her shrewdness to work out ways to meaningfully ally with the other players. I’m not sure what the right word to describe that is “stupid” doesn’t fit perfectly.

            • jim says:

              Specifically taunting him about his bastardry isn’t smart or wise. What does she hope to accomplish?

              Reminds him that he is married to the legitimacy that he lacks. Also women always taunt men to see what they can get away with.

          • Steve Johnson says:


            Also makes her quite courageous and changes the interpretation of her situation to one where she’s willing to take a risk on Ramsey.

            Still seems like she’d be wiser to go to the wall and ally with Stannis and marry a non-insane northern lord. Littlefinger’s assessment was that Stannis would beat the Boltons – that would have to go double for a Stannis that has a northern ally who draws off a large chunk of the Bolton army.

            This has the double effect of allying her with an enemy of the people who want to execute her for regicide and keeping her away from Ramsey. The reason this doesn’t happen is outside of the story though – the show tracks the major events from the books but has made enough changes so that the characters have to act illogically to keep the story on course.

  4. Red says:

    Notice how SJW are defining rape here? SJW rape is a women having sex with a man who is unattractive.

  5. Mandos says:

    Agree with LBF, I have trouble making Ramsay Bolton the manly man here. I have no problem buying that his sadistic freak frame looks more creepy than alpha in the eyes of a traumatized virgin girl like Sansa.

    Actually I have trouble with the notion of the manliest man in the GoT universe itself. GRRM, not exactly an alpha himself, seems to struggle depicting one among his main characters. The ones I can think of would be mostly secondary characters from low ancestry like Bronn or Daario Naharis. Main characters that would fit the description tend to die quickly and to be overly archetypal (Khal Drogo, Oberyn… even Ned Stark).

    • jim says:

      My assessment of traumatized virgins differs from yours.

      • Zimriel says:

        If their core father figures growing up are creeps like Ramsey, then yes, the teenager is going to think Ramsey is hot.

        Sansa grew up under Ned though. Her experience up to now (in the series) should lead her to pine after Ramsey’s *father*, the treacherous but unsadistic and responsible Roose Bolton. Ramsey will remind her of Joffrey except worse. Sansa’s most likely reaction to a lustful Ramsey is panic and paralysis… as was shown in the episode.

  6. Laguna Beach Fogey says:

    Procreation did not depend just on women’s desire for sex, but also on rape. And I’m not saying this is a bad thing.

    I’m not sure Ramsay Bolton is a particularly manly man. There’s something sneaky, un-heroic, rat-like about him.

    Ugly fat forty year old women with kids divorce their husbands because they expect to marry a handsome billionaire athlete. Happens all the time in books.

    Yes, except a lot of those 40-year olds are still fit and attractive and make good sex partners (albeit on short term basis). I meet loads of them around here in wine bars and upscale restaurants. Trouble is, they age and find themselves increasingly bereft of male attention. Depression and med-taking ensue.

    And while we’re banning romance novels, we should also ban young people from having pets. Young [White] women use cats and dogs as surrogate bablies, satisfying their maternal urges and yet not contributing to the procreation of our people.

    • Alan J. Perrick says:

      L.B.F., I

      also see the phenomenon with pets as replacements for children and propose the instituting of a proper state church (Restoration Anglicanism) which would alleviate what appears to be backsliding into pagan Environmentalism, in this instance.

      Best regards,


      • A.B Prosper says:

        I’m going to pass in the Game of Thrones talk, read the book, tried the TV show was bored silly. I basically agree with our host on the issue of selection, women want men stronger by far than they are.

        Still , a lot of people on this part of the Right sure care about what goes on in other peoples wombs and heads. It gets sometimes I can’t tell y’all from the Left.

        Worrying about romance novels , pets and all that reeks of desperation and the same disease desire to micromanage that so many SJW’s have. Its unbecoming. Chill, go hang out poolside. Its better there,

        Really you think about it the troubles we have are pretty self correcting if we manage our borders and control the State, those that don’t want children won’t have them and the ones that do will be self selected for fertility. Society might implode but again, most of the SJW’s and the non natal will die off then anyway.

        Anyway there are around 600+ million White people already. I’d like the % of the global population of us to rise but turning into a theocracy won’t help/ especially with economic liberalism in place. Urban life makes children expensive and wise people will only have children they can afford. Automation makes less incomes an means less children in the long run.

        And worse, you can’t use socialism. This distorts the healthy mate selection process. And making women be with men won’t work either, This would presume men want that and with modernity out there, most of the best of us do not want to be a patriarch in exchange for sex. Its a stupid trade. Modernity is many years from going away, its distantly possible we will never be rid of some form of it or even recover from these follies. Best to have an adaption strategy

        Anyhow no matter what we do we won’t get smarter but brains above a certain point are unnecessary luxury anyway.

        besides if Western civilization fails, what of it?

        Every single human being in the planet will be dead in the fullness of time and the human race , the White race extinct sooner or later. Its not eternal . God might be but humanity isn’t .

        The best you can hope for is to delay the inevitable for your kids and grand kids and for them to rage against the dying of the light.

        Its a noble enough goal but ultimately futile anyway.

        Besides this is nothing new, West has gone through several iterations, decline and fall and at least two apocalypses anyway,

        There have been several version of the west not limited to the Pre Christian ones, the Roman one, the imported Jewish splinter group (aka Christendom) The Enlightenment, Modernity, Post Modernity, rise and fall, ebb and flow.

        And I know the attachment to Christendom is high. Its also misplaced,

        its not our memeplex, puts us into connection with people not like us , is universalistic and mostly exists to feed the ambition. elite European men being long an ambition and short on land. The only real strength it has unless you believe the theology is unification again Islam

        Christianity is getting dumber and browner anyway. Its becoming limited mostly to Mestizos. Africans and old Whites. Oh and low trust Eastern Europeans with subreplacment fertility

        Even highly natal White Mormons and Evangelicals aren’t growing at a great clip

        Socially, not theologically (that is unanswerable) you might be hitching your wagon to the wrong horse,

        of course what horse to use instead ? Ah that is the question. The folks who think we can borrow a one eyed man’s eight legged one are probably quite mistaken

  7. Dr. Faust says:

    Winter is coming sounds like something the nrx has been saying for years.

  8. Joseph says:

    I thought you would root for Stannis and Davos Seaworth, and John Snow, who are all still alive

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