The politics of Hit-Girl

The politics of Hit-Girl

For a long time the left has controlled the gates for movies, books, and comics, in part because of the government control of television. Lately, however, I have been seeing more and more politically incorrect stuff.

As you probably figured out if you watched the movie Kick Ass, Hit-Girl is a conservative, what with being home schooled and all

It is a great movie.

In the comic book, her politics is more overtly conservative than in the movie, not that she is pacifist hippie in the movie. Here are some political scenes from the comics: Click on the images to see them in their full glory
Here she is on crime, punishment, and the effect of environment on sociopathy:
Hoping someone cares about your underprivileged childhood?

Here she is being home schooled:
Dad tells me everything I need to know
Sam Colt

Wherein she passes the test on “what is a Democrat” with flying colors.
What is a democrat
Marches for the right to murder babies, but holds a candlelight vigil for a serial killer

3 Responses to “The politics of Hit-Girl”

  1. I love that family.

  2. Fanwank says:

    Alan Moore is a Man of the Left if he is anything, but in his magnum opus, The Watchman, the right-wing Rorschach is the character that people are most likely to identify with. In theory, The Watchman is a illustrated screed against Thatcherism. In practice, the opposite.

    • jim says:

      You cannot write a fun character who is politically correct. The restrictions are too severe and mutually inconsistent. Fun characters are always rebels, so when the left is regnant, what are you going to write? Even if you are left winger, you have to write Rorschach. Theoretically poor Rorschach is psychologically maimed by his sufferings, and the same is supposedly true of Hit-Girl and Big Daddy, but every guy wants to be Rorschach and marry Hit-Girl as soon as she reaches sixteen.

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