The principle of merited impossibility

When gay marriage was first on the radar, it was piously declared that it was completely impossible that this would result in repression of Christians, and that when they get it, they deserved to get it good and hard.

Similarly, it is completely impossible that white minority status will result in ethnic cleansing and genocide, and when whites get it, they deserve to get it good and hard.

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  3. Alrenous says:

    Sure, the point was always to use the lower class against the middle. Import enough lower class to do the job, since they’re inefficient.
    Partly out of power lust and partly out of indirect power lust. First, the middle class is too dignified, the upper class hates that. Second, the high Sophists compete against the upper-middle Sophists to command the weak minds, the high Sophists win, and then use the lower classes to beat up and/or annihilate the upper-middles.

    However, the instant the lowers pose a threat to the high Sophists, they will all of a sudden stop being keen on diversity. Judging by how fast they could u-turn on gay marriage, they will be able to turn on a dime. The only question is whether it will be mass imprisonment, mass deportation, or straight-up massacre. It isn’t ‘whites’ being purged, it is non-elite whites.

    You can beat Sophists using truth. You need six-sigma truth, though, this weaksauce stuff won’t do it.

    Ironically if the middles could grovel before the upper Sophists it would sate them, but since they rely on demotism, they can’t demand or even accept such things without de-legitimizing themselves.

    There is a small chance the lowers will get so swollen before the u-turn that the Sophists will lose the attempted massacre.

    • Alan J. Perrick says:

      I think “Jim” was describing the white (anti-)elites being eliminated while you are on the white (anti-)middle class being massacred.

  4. Alan J. Perrick says:

    “Get it good and hard”- is that sexy talk?


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