This wikileak good for the US

Pajamasmedia argues the leak is bad for the US

The fact is, the WikiLeaks drop gravely hurts the U.S., not so much in what’s in the documents but in the disclosure itself. Imagine the U.S., China, Iran, Russia, North Korea etc etc all around a high-stakes poker table. WikiLeaks just took America’s cards out of her hands and plopped one of them on the table, while keeping the rest of them for its own use.  WikiLeaks has not done the same to the other players.  This asymmetrical disclosure helps the other powers and hurts us, just by the fact that we don’t control our cards anymore, and they still control theirs.  We should be afraid of the unforeseeable and unintended consequences that this disclosure is bound to have.  To not fear this is to not be prudent in the job of statecraft.

Well that would be true if the government was pursuing the interests of the US, but on the face of it, what is in Wikileaks suggests that the US government is pursuing the interests of the regnant left as an interest group, the interest of the Cathedral, that the government of the US does not much like America or Americans, that it thinks we are a bunch of stupid selfish white trash rednecks who pollute the earth and oppress and exploit the rest of the world, that it is just gut level hostile to ordinary Americans  in flyover country, that the government is left wing elitist, regnant left, at the top and at every level.

Your government just does not like you.  And electing politicians who do like you would not change much, because the real government is the permanent bureaucracy, whose conduct and policies is largely unaffected by the outcome of elections.

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