Trayvon autopsy

Here is what you did not hear about Trayvon’s autopsy, the dog that did not bark.

You did not hear about the mark of single blow, while Zimmerman looks like he had an argument with a cement mixer.

So Trayvon attacked Zimmerman.  He was bashing Zimmerman, while Zimmerman refused to fight back, screaming for help, hoping it would stop, or that help would arrive.  When it became apparent that Trayvon would not stop till Zimmerman was dead or gravely injured, and help would not arrive, then Zimmerman shot Trayvon.

Well of course he attacked Zimmerman unprovoked.  He was black.  And every single person that accuses Zimmerman of attacking Trayvon, adduces as evidence that Zimmerman provoked Trayvon by suspecting him of being a criminal merely because he was dressed like a criminal and acting like he was casing the joint.

But if Zimmerman provoked Trayvon, that is not reason to suspect that Zimmerman attacked Trayvon, that is reason to suspect that Trayvon attacked Zimmerman.

So what every single person that accuses Zimmerman really thinks is that Zimmerman deserved a beating for failing to show the respect that is due to blacks.

If you, a white guy, go into a gated community, or on a private road, or into a resort where you are not a guest, you expect someone to ask you what you are doing, and you answer politely.  I know this because I have been the guy asking, and the guy asked.  Everyone always answers politely.  They expect to be asked.  But though it is OK to ask a white guy, it is intolerably wicked to ask a black guy, and so Zimmerman supposedly deserved his beating.

Asking someone what he is doing in a restricted area is not provocation – unless, of course, the person being asked is black, because blacks are the masters of the universe.

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