Trump: Empowering the powerless

There is a rule that people like Jorge Ramos are entitled to act like like the subhuman savages that they are, and white males must respectfully suck it up.

Trump broke that rule.

People like Jorge Ramos should not be allowed out in public without a leash. All men are not created equal, and forcing people to act as if they were unavoidably and necessarily oppresses the superior.

This post categorized in culture rather than politics, because election campaigns are merely theater. Trump bouncing Jorge Ramos is more important than anything a president can do.


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  1. Alan J. Perrick says:

    “…opposed to the swamping of our land by foreign races that will inevitably lead to our physical extermination and extinction, as a people and as a race…And, the reality is there aren’t any white communities left. Call it what you will: White Flight, ethnic cleansing, genocide; in many areas whites are now irrelevant. There aren’t any whites left. So the reason I live in London is so I won’t forget this. And, I won’t forget what the political class has done to my people…”

    “Jez Turner ‘Put not your trust in Princes’”

  2. Mark Citadel says:

    White Texas deputy shot execution style by black suspect. Breaking… Race war is on.

  3. Glenfilthie says:

    The usual race whores are so syphillitically scrambled right now…who cares what they think, what with their phony negroes and politically correct reverse racists. The menopausal harridans at Salon, for example, can’t decide if George Zimmerman is white or latino.

    All I know is that Trump made a media slob shit in his boot and eat it afterward. It takes a special kind of man to bitch slap the press when they try to change the subject…but he did it. I hope he wins.

  4. Ron says:

    This post is over the top on rhetoric, that’s the kind of rhetoric we reserve for thugs and murderers. Jorge acted like a rude hysterical little bitch. He was thrown out of the event. End of.

    • peppermint says:

      He’s an enemy of my nation and the cucks and kikes let him act like he’s some kinda hero. Until he can be sent home with all the courtesy of an ambassador of an enemy country, we’re stuck with discourteous rhetoric.

      • peppermint says:

        Margaret Thatcher replied to a journalist asking why she sank the Argentine boat that she dedicated what she had to, history would vindicate her, and poofters and trots don’t care about anything but bringing her down.

        She couldn’t say cucks and kikes.

  5. Zach says:

    Election season is sheer entertainment for me.

    The full exchange was better, when he got let back in the room.

  6. peppermint says:

    I like the way Trump said ‘what a shame’ about the deaths of those reporters. Fuck reporters. I hope they all get shot by dindus.

    • fnd says:

      Looks like we have a white cuck here, lol. It’s hard to feel sympathy for journolists getting killed nowadays, but they weren’t the usual jewish-progrie clickbaiters we see on the internet. The media owner is to blame for hiring a black homo.

      • peppermint says:

        that gay nigger shot people who would have defended him if he had shot anyone else. The media. The media even dutifully reported that victor “affirmative pump action” flanagan did it because alison had said racist stuff. Victor “call me nigger hear the trigger” Flanagan shot two humans who had hung out with him after work, eager to be in the presence of a numinous negro.

        I personally know some newsmedia people who feel like Victor “breaking news, i have a short fuse” Flanagan might just have attacked them. But this won’t affect the way they report other dindus like Victor “black lives matter, white skulls splatter” Flanagan. The jewsmedia is too locked down for any hint of ideological dissent, even after Victor “shoot the reporter on my camcorder” Flanagan makes pretty pictures like this:

        • fnd says:

          If Victor killed them for being racists, them it is enough for me to feel sympathy for the victims. When the likes of Nick Denton get’s killed by dindus or wn, then i will say fuck them.

          • peppermint says:

            I just like hearing these people talk about how shocked and terrified and survivor’s guilt they feel interspersed with their usual rhetoric about white privilege and educating people and the responsibility of the media to be responsible and socioeconomics

            Like a tranny wearing a swimsuit, if they can’t see it, they deserve it

            I won’t feel bad for that dude unless I find out he was a regular poster on fullchan /pol/ and just waiting for an opportunity to put on the air

  7. Alan J. Perrick says:

    You put it in “Culture”, “Jim”, but I don’t think it can be overstated just how typical the phenomenon of what we might call hubbub around the electoral process is…In fact, this circus is one of the reasons many of us have chosen the path of Neo-Reaction.

    Best regards,


  8. B says:

    But Jorge is white!

    • Chris B says:

      Blue eyed and of conquistadors heritage as well, and spokesman for all the non-manorial derived peasents.

      • B says:

        What is whiter and more upper class than an upper class white guy who proclaims himself the spokesman of oppressed brown people?

        • Mister Grumpus says:

          Bullseye again!

        • jim says:

          What is whiter and more upper class than an upper class white guy who proclaims himself the spokesman of oppressed brown people?

          An upper class white guy who proclaims himself the spokesman of oppressed brown people but nonetheless continues to uphold the behavior characteristic of white people, rather than imitating brown misbehaviors.

          Or, to say the same thing in different words.

          An upper class white guy who proclaims himself the spokesman of oppressed brown people and yet continues to act white.

          When I propose the reintroduction of slavery, I never proposed slavery on strictly racial grounds. High functioning blacks are naturally freemen, freemen by nature, and it would be wrong to enslave them, was very wrong to enslave them. Low functioning whites are slaves by nature and should not be allowed to wander about unsupervised because they cause problems and lower property values.

          • Hidden Author says:

            Because property values are more important than freedom!

            • jim says:

              I was in a restaurant and a drunk white male wandered in and began to talk to me and my companions. He failed to get the hint to leave, and I told the proprietor that this guy was making me uncomfortable, and the proprietor asked him to leave. Pretty soon he was arguing with the proprietor, courteously but incoherently, pretty much the same behavior as Jorge, except that Jorge’s behavior was far more aggressive and egregious. Police arrived and hauled him off. If he was a black guy who was making people uncomfortable, would have been far harder to get rid of him.

              Further, in the morning when he wakes up in a prison cell he will be sober, but the black guy will still be black.

          • Erik says:

            That makes no sense. Property values are a major part of freedom. (“Freedom” is to some degree a pwned ideograph, but bear with me.) If I am “free” to burn down your house, you are not “free” to own a house. Good freedoms, such as being able to own property, require limiting bad freedoms, such as being able to lower other people’s property values.

            Insert relevant disclaimers against further insensible misunderstandings here.

          • Hidden Author says:

            What’s the point of your story, Jim, that you see yourself as a lord amongst men because you can sicc the police on annoying drunks who harass you?

            • jim says:

              The point of my story is that we don’t tolerate that behavior, and should not tolerate it, when whites do it, but are forced to tolerate it when colored people do it – as for example any classroom containing significant numbers of colored students. People who persistently behave in this fashion need to be brought under control.

          • Erik says:

            Hidden Author, it looks like you’re flinging shit. Please provide some kind of content or argument.

    • peppermint says:

      Surely Jim knows that and is trying to bait me and the other nazis here into defending him on the grounds of shared Whiteness.

      He’s a White Mexican. White Mexicans are a separate White nation and they are dumping biological waste on us, which should be a causus belli. He is an enemy national and I am as happy as Jim to see my prospective leader leader treat him appropriately.

      The idea of White nationalism is only found in White settler states. In Europe, no one would be confused by his subspecies into treating him like he’s anything other than a White Mexican.

      If he were to immigrate to the United States, he would be recognized as an American, and I might even call him a traitor. He does carry US citizenship. Dual citizenship was implemented in the US to help the Jews with their “dual loyalties” canard; in reality, Jews are only loyal to their nations.

      Their nations is nicely weasel worded. At times, groups of Jews have considered themselves to be distinct nations, the distinction between Ashkenazim and Sephardim, which is really one of language, is significant.

      At this point nation-builders, chieftly cucktians, will say that by imposing a history and a language and shared cultural experiences like Disney movies on a people, they can be forged into a nation, if only there is the will.

      But that was tried, wasn’t it?

      A nation is a super-organism. Nations can bud off from other nations, like Australia from England, or Iceland from Denmark and Ireland. Sufficient levels of miscegenation can merge nations, like the White Americans.

      An individual’s sense of what nation he belongs to can be adjusted through social engineering.

      Individuals don’t necessarily understand their patriotic impulse any more than they understand their impulse to romantic love; many individuals from my nation understand neither, turning their romantic love to degenerate sex acts that only weaken their position for reproducing and patriotism to NGO advocacy work that serves only to hurt their nation.

      Listen to the Moon Man. He knows what’s up.

      • Mark Citadel says:

        Most acknowledge the miscegenation of all Central Americans, Peruvians, Colombians, Venezuelans, Ecuadorians, Brazilians, Paraguayans, and Uruguayans has been so endemic that they no longer constitute being Occidental under the Spanish and Portuguese ethnicities. Only Argentina and Chile really retain enough ethnic characteristics to remain ‘white’, largely due to early cleansing of the Patagonian natives… even this is coming into question however.

        • peppermint says:

          We make fun of our Latin American friends for being backwards, living with subhumans, having rampant corruption and street crime by Whites, and their ancestors having been raped by dune coons 1488 years ago. But it’s clear that communities of Whites have successfully reproduced themselves in Latin America, since there are communities of Whites in Latin America.

          They just need to ditch the catholicity of their religion and then they can stop being hypocritical and backwards.

          Of course, they would make fun of us for having so much trouble with our subhumans, while sending us some of their biological waste on freight trains and taking new factories to be staffed by lower priced and more docile subhumans than we have.

    • jim says:

      Jorge acts brown.

  9. Red says:

    >There is a rule that people like Jorge Ramos are entitled to act like like the subhuman savages that they are, and white males must respectfully suck it up.

    I’d been wondering what all the fuss was about. The more hardcore progressive the commentator the more they sputtered about this without being able to define what upset them.

    • Chris B says:

      This quote from Leddihn sums it up “we have with us on one hand the finished product of the old left, a finished product of l’ education sentimentale, with its bent for social engineering and its tendency to identify its own plans and policies with the volonte generale: on the other the new left which has taken up the slogan Retournons a la nature! exemplified in the rabble of unwashed, unkempt, debauched, unbridled ignoble savages who look to the Third world of the underdeveloped for inspiration. It’s heroes are…Che Guevara….the Harlem criminals etc”

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