Vote Cthulhu

Why vote for the lesser evil

Why vote for the lesser evil?

If you vote Democrat, you vote for the branch of the Cathedral’s public relations department that specializes in moving the left edge of the Overton window leftwards

If you vote Republican, you vote for the branch of the Cathedral’s public relations department that specializes in moving the right edge of the Overton window leftwards.

A vote for Romney will slow the destruction of the private economy, but it means that private health care goes outside the Overton window, that ending population replacement goes outside the Overton window.  If Romney gets elected, advocating private health care or border control, or stopping illegals from voting will be as crazy career suicide as advocating white supremacy – as  crazy as advocating any non left policy that no longer receives support from the mainstream parties.

The left is the state, and the state is the left.  The Republican party is part of the state, and so the range of policies that it is thinkable for republicans to endorse moves ever leftwards. Supposing it matters which party gets elected, the median voter is a gimmiedat, and both parties, in order to win, must appeal to the median voter.

Further, the median voter is a gimmiedat due to policies that used to be unpopular, furtively implemented by both parties, back in the days when the majority of voters were producers and taxpayers, furtively implemented unpopular policies to increase the number of gimmiedat voters and decrease the number of producer voters, steps towards the day when such policies could be openly implemented, as they now are.

The destruction of marriage increases the left vote, as do most government policies.  Married women overwhelmingly vote republican, for obvious reasons, single women overwhelmingly vote Democrat, for obvious reasons.  Single women expect the government to redistribute wealth from males to them, married women expect their husbands to support them.  Thus single women are part of the gimmiedat coalition.  One of the big factors destroying marriage is affirmative action accreditation of women and affirmative action employment of women.  Give a woman a PhD, and chances are she will wind up a cat lady, because even if her PhD is total rubbish, she will be reluctant to marry a non PhD.  Can you imagine a Republican addressing this issue, or any of a thousand other policies to elect a new people?  The government encourages and pressures people to move from the producer class to the gimmiedat class by a vast multitude of measures, and no elected republican proposes to end any of these measures.



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  1. Steve M says:

    Vote for Queen Elisabeth II

    • jim says:

      Unfortunately, we mostly have what Thomas Carlyle called “sham kings”. For monarchy to work, need reasonably martial and charismatic monarchs, in the style of Charles the first, Charles the second, and today’s prince Harry. For that to happen, they need to take their wives from an aristocracy selected to be able, martial, and charismatic, which we don’t have. Today’s monarchs and those immediately in line for the throne are, for the most part, inherently weak, for example Prince Charles.

      One needs to ask who can maintain order? What is happening to the Somali pirates, and what happened when Occupy wall street attempted to occupy various symbols of capitalism indicates rentacops can maintain order. This suggests the future is neo feudalism, anarcho capitalism, or anarcho piratism.

  2. RS says:

    I think Kyle Bass sees a shorter timeline for the demotic republic than you do. You’ve been talking currency collapse — he says the fiscal end is in ten years. He says no one will be electable at all — which means ‘be remotely popularly legitimate’, I guess — due to the severity of cuts required, and the current form of government will basically end. At least that’s how I read him.

    • jim says:

      Not so different from me: I say collapse or civil war II in 2026. He is saying 2022.

      If it is 2022, I will surely say I was right, and if it is 2026, he will surely say he was right.

      • Thales says:

        2020 roughly coincides with the Strauss-Howe generational cycle, so anything around that time seems reasonable for WWIII/CWII.

        The exact time will be some trigger, which is just the exact moment that confidence collapses. Otherwise, there should be no substantial difference between pre and post — the wood will hat rot years before the spark.

  3. zimriel says:

    I have endorsed a blank field at the top of the ticket, and conservative votes in statewide and local elections.

    Evangelising this point in conservative blogs, though, is generally a nonstarter. They are GotV blogs until Tuesday evening.

    • jim says:

      I assume GoVt is a misprint: You meant they are Government, which is to say left wing, blogs until Tuesday evening.

  4. fnn says:

    I think you need PR with a low threshold to move the Overton Window to the right:

    The purported free speech in the US mainly allows comedians like Limbaugh, Coulter and Savage to say outrageous things year after year while having zero effect on public policy.

    • jim says:

      To move the Overton window to the right:

      Government schools should teach Economics 101 instead of Marxist economics.

      Affirmative action should be ended.

      Government schools should teach Darwinism, rather than evolutionism.

      The first thanksgiving should be remembered as giving thanks of the ending of a failed socialist experiment.

      If women get the choice of abortion, men should get the choice not support a child absent a public contract (marriage) to the contrary.

      Creating fatherless children, and stripping fathers out of the lives of their children should be punished, rather than rewarded.

      Bankruptcy should involve the creditors swiftly and efficiently seizing the assets of the bankrupt, including creditors wandering through the board room, emptying the liquor cabinet, and snatching the Rembrandts off the walls.

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