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April 8th, 2015

Blogging will be light to nonexistent until early May, as will answering email, approving comments that have gone into the moderation queue, and pretty much everything else.

Evil League of Evil wins Hugo awards.

April 5th, 2015

With assistance from Gamergate.

Hugo awards controversy

(Actually they dominated the short list, so it is not over yet, but the final outcome is pretty much baked in now)-

Politically correct science fiction simply is not science fiction, none of it, not a single recent Hugo award winner until now, because it continually lectures us on the latest issue, even if those delivering the lecture are supposedly martian elves, thus is always about the present place and the present time, and the martian elf costumes are less than skin deep.

All recent Hugo award winners have been boring tedious lectures spitting on their audience as racist and sexist, which is why Hugo award winners of fifty years ago are still today massively outselling recent Hugo award winners.

By the way, we don’t drag gays to death behind pickup trucks. That is a completely false and malign accusation. That would be lower class, demotic, and democratic. We take them out to sea, till we get to where the currents run offshore to the middle of the pacific, then blindfold them, and make them walk the plank to celebrate the traditions of our colonialist predecessors who so gloriously founded the British empire. It is much more dignified. (Were you wondering why there are so few old gays? Now you know.)

Chimp politics and Cromwell’s puritanism

April 4th, 2015

Moldbug is a big fan of Carlyle. Carlyle is a big fan of Cromwell.

Well I am a big fan of Cromwell also, but Carlyle takes Cromwell’s Christianity seriously. If Carlyle was around today, I would have the exact same quarrel with him as I have with B.

Reading Carlyle on Cromwell, Carlyle takes it as simple fact that the Puritans were very sincere and strong believers in God, which obviously they were – but declines to inquire as to why this sincere and strong faith in God increased dramatically with every election, until Cromwell made himself supreme, whereupon it evaporated like Marxism in the Soviet Union.

A striking thing about this simple and strong faith is that Carlyle shows us that they are always talking about the goodies, about who gets Church of England sinecures. Being simple and strong believers in God, they believed that the goodies should go to simple and strong believers in God, like themselves, and were homicidally indignant when the goodies went to more worldly men, men they indignantly accused of being interested in mere goodies. Carlyle enthusiastically endorses the passionate and angry language with which they expressed this indignation at the worldly concern of those who wanted Church of England sinecures merely for the money and power, rather than wanting them for the greater glory of God.

The Puritans focus on the next world resulted in remarkably passionate and intense focus on the distribution of state and quasi state jobs in this one. Carlyle reports, approvingly, a bunch of incidents where puritans acted like a mob of apes. One expects leftists to act like animals, since they identify with subhumans, but it is disturbing to see Christians act like leftists. Puritanism, to judge by the activities described by Carlyle, was almost entirely about jobs for the boys, and to the objective of getting jobs for the boys, they brought out the mob, made alliances with far against near (Englishmen using Scots against Englishmen) and became startlingly enthusiastic about equality and social justice.

The social justice puritans were outflanking Cromwell, being holier than he. But he put a stop to that.

A religion is a synthetic tribe. (I use the term religion broadly to include things like Marxism and progressivism.) Being a synthetic tribe, useful for shaking down smaller tribes and those less cohesive, thus religion and state naturally become one. A state can hardly exist except it propagates and enforces an official belief system, in other words, something suspiciously like a religion.

Membership of the state apparatus for propagating its official beliefs is lucrative and high prestige, thus if the official belief system is not already a religion, it will be taken over by an organized group of sincere believers in one thing or another, taken over by a religion. If you have open entry into the priesthood (also known as community organizers), you wind up with the most sincere and extreme believers organizing against the slightly less sincere and extreme believers, an endlessly escalating sequence of conspiratorial takeovers by ever holier people, endlessly taking over the State system for propagating official beliefs – in our case, high status universities are endlessly turbulent, endlessly going further left, and endlessly dragging the rest of society along with them.

Stable long lived states have some mechanism against this. The Hebrews had a hereditary priesthood. Japanese shrines were and are private property, even though it is a state religion, and you cannot easily whip up new and competing shrines. Pagan Icelandic shrines were private property, and again, new shrines were not permitted. You could buy your way into the cartel, but you were not allowed to out holy them.

A lot of reactionaries daydream about the dissolution of the universities. It is plausible, indeed likely, that the universities will be dissolved in the quite near future. When the tail wags the dog, surgical tail removal becomes increasingly likely. Leftism can go on getting ever lefter for a while longer, but universities cannot go on spending ever more money, becoming ever more expensive, taking up ever more of people’s time, and becoming an ever greater pain in the neck for the Pentagon and the State Department.

Such dissolution would not necessarily in itself result in the abolition of state supported official belief, and abolition of the wealth, privilege, status, and power that comes from controlling the system of state supported official belief. Henry the Eighth dissolved the monasteries, but a hundred years later the problem was back and worse than ever.

The system for propagating official state belief is an attractive nuisance, and attractive nuisances need to be fenced. A libertarian would like to abolish it, but fencing is easier. I would like to see true separation of information and state, which is to say, true separation of Church and state no matter how religion redefines itself to be not religion, but this is utopian. It is a lot easier to have an Archbishop and a Grand Inquisitor to stop the process of mutation to ever greater holiness. We also need to make positions in the system semi hereditary or private property in order the bribe the indolence of the clergy. We need clergy to have the power and the incentive to keep out those holier than themselves, just as we need a King to keep people out of politics.

B complains that I use the word “Holy” to mean “Screaming mob of chimpanzees hurling their feces and biting anything they can bite, including themselves”, but no one was holier in B’s sense than the puritans, as Carlyle quite correctly tells us, yet when goodies were in reach, they became a screaming mob of chimpanzees hurling their feces and biting anything they could bite, including themselves, as for example the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland in the prelude to the Bishop’s wars.

Anime and decadence

April 2nd, 2015

Japan is decadent and is committing suicide with impressive grace and style. This is intentional Cathedral and MacArthur policy.

It does decadence very well, and decadence is attractive and entertaining. A little poison, every now and then, makes for an agreeable life, and a lot of poison, in the end, makes for an agreeable death.

In the course of watching more anime that I should, I have observed that the ideas projected in anime are invariably corrupting and self destructive, and probably a major cause of Japan’s epidemic of shut ins who live in their mother’s basement, watching hentai and playing video games all day.

Been watching various Japanese anime which increasingly indicate a terrible testosterone deficit in Japan, and probably are part of the cause of the deficit.

I recently randomly sampled an episode from the anime series Cat Girl Planet. Science fiction harem anime about cat girls. Sounds good.

Episode five, starting in the middle. Big pirate battleship whose all female crew wear a cross between sexy maid costumes and sexy pirate costumes.

They are under attack by umpteen different and mutually hostile groups, among them a couple of pirate girls wearing bunny costumes and teensy weensy itsy bitsy bikinis, two girls wearing powered battle armor suits, with almost identical uniforms but belonging to different and opposed factions, a bunch of identical robots, and probably maybe some more factions

Oh, I forgot, also under attack by the male protagonist and his super powered cat girl friend.

Unfortunately, her super powers, and her mind, are gone, because she is in heat. To restore her to normal, she needs to be laid, but the protagonist, the only male around, fails to take the hint.

Maybe I forgot them because they fail to do anything brave or manly unlike all the other teams.

Much dramatic action girl combat ensues, action girl on action girl. Finally the big confrontation.

Whereupon the male protagonist, the only male on the entire ship, and if he was not surrounded by extremely feminine girls, you would think him a girl also, proceeds to lecture people with moral lesson of the day – which moral lesson does not seem particularly relevant, but everyone is so impressed by this that they stop fighting.

The protagonist fails to do anything brave or manly, fails to hit on any girls, and fails to respond appropriately when girls hit on him.

The story line requires that the cat girl be restored to her normal self by the end of this episode or the start of the next. I suppose a bad guy is probably going to wind up servicing her off screen, demonstrating that manliness and hitting on girls is bad, but was not inclined to watch the rest of this series to test this theory.

Watched Btooom!

The protagonist has never hit on a girl, never intends to attempt to hit on a girl, lives in his mother’s basement playing video games all day. Never intends to get a real life woman or a real job. His single mum is getting increasingly pissed with this.

We see a flashback to his schooldays:

Evil horrible oppressive to women horrible sexist horrible bully at school learns that the protagonist loves some schoolgirl from afar. From very far. Evil Bully tells protagonist that evil bully is interested pumping and dumping that same schoolgirl, but he will hold back so that protagonist can score some sex.

Protagonist declines to hit on girl. Evil bully tells him to man up and hit on the girl. You will get no sex if you take no action he tells him.

Protagonist declines to hit on girl. Evil bully tells him to get moving or evil bully will hit on girl.

Protagonist declines to hit on girl. Evil bully tells him to get a move on, damn it.

Protagonist declines to hit on girl. Evil bully hits on girl, pumps her and dumps her. She cries a lot. Oh the horrible outrage.

Protagonist savagely attacks evil bully. Evil bully declines to fight back, even though he could easily beat the crap out of the protagonist. This is probably even more humiliating for the protagonist than being beaten up. The girl beloved from afar never has any idea why the protagonist attacked the evil bully.

It is perfectly obvious that the evil bully is going to become a successful man in a high status job when he grows up, and the protagonist is going to grow up to be a total loser. Further, the evil bully is not evil at all. He is mentoring the protagonist, trying to give protagonist a little bit of the fathering that he has never known and desperately needs, to help the protagonist to not become the total loser that he is growing up to become.

In the Btooom! universe fathers are invariably evil and a bad influence, and children are better off without them.

In the protagonist’s video game universe his player character has an in game wife. His fellow players tell him there are no women on the internet, and the player playing his wife is probably a fat fifty year old male. His in game wife declines requests for her real life identity, leading the main character to suspect “she” probably is a fat fifty year old male.

By an extremely improbable plot contrivance, he gets thrown into a real life adventure with the player playing his wife, who turns out to be an incredibly hot chick very much resembling her in game avatar.

Aaaand – still won’t hit on her. In fact, despite having completely heroic adventures, he remains the total loser he always was, never growing an inch.

I originally decided to watch Btooom! because of an online review that it oppressed and degraded the female love interest, though in fact the male protagonist is horribly castrated, and is incessantly bullied and oppressed by the female love interest, on whom he never makes a move.

Instant girlfriend plot, in that they wind up living together in an abandoned building. He risks his life to get food. She does not cook. Building is indescribably filthy. She does not clean. She treats him with absolute and total lack of respect. And did I mention the lack of cooking and cleaning? Good. I will mention it again just in case you forget.

He never hits on her. She never does any housework for him. The place where they hang out continues to look like a homeless squat. Skipping forward to the end of the series, he still has not grown an inch. At the end of the series, she assumes the position (on a couch that is no cleaner than when they first arrived) but instead of screwing her, or better, telling her to clean the couch so that it is fit for screwing on, he talks to the demons in his head.

Now I can see there is a moral argument for him refraining from slapping her around and telling her “I saved your life umpteen times per episode, so put out, woman” but she desperately needs to be slapped around and told to do some cooking, cleaning, and lose the bad attitude. Just as the protagonist would have been a whole lot better off if evil bully / mentor had beaten the crap out of him, she would have been a lot better off if the protagonist had beaten the crap out of her.

The moral universe of both animes is that masculinity is bad, the behaviors that lead to success are bad, male sexuality is disgusting and evil, while female sexuality is pure and chaste. Fathers are absent and/or evil in both animes.

The stupid elite

March 30th, 2015

It seems obvious to me that our ruling elite has been getting less and less elite, less and less intelligent, since around 1875, and I have previously produced a great pile of anecdotal data on this subject, for example the endless dumbing down of university entrance tests throughout the twentieth century, the hilarious conversations found in the Challenger inquiry archives, showing spectacular examples of pointy haired boss syndrome, the staff of the World Bank, Obama’s scriptwriters, and so on and so forth.

Purging engineers for real, suspected, or imagined heresy, seemed to me to purge the smartest engineers – seemed to me that whether or not smarts equate to heresy, smarts are suspected to equate with heresy regardless of whether the suspect is really a heretic or not, much as the Khmer Rouge wound up murdering everyone who wore glasses. They did not intend to murder everyone who wore glasses, or even intend to murder intellectuals. If you told one of them they were murdering all the intellectuals he would not have believed you. He would have said “We are intellectuals, would we murder ourselves?” (And immediately thereafter the secret police would have dragged him away to the torture chambers because of excessively complicated sentence construction, leading to suspicions of disloyalty and plots, much as the New York Times gets agitated because it is unable to parse sentences spoken by Sarah Palin.)

But all this is anecdotal. Ferguson has some actual statistics, showing systematic discrimination against dangerously smart people.

The probability of entering and remaining in an intellectually elite profession such as Physician, Judge, Professor, Scientist, Corporate Executive, etc. increases with IQ to about 133. It then falls about 1/3 by 140. By 150 IQ the probability has fallen by 97%!

Observing heresy persecutions in engineering, looks to me to a good approximation, they are getting rid of everyone above 145, that everyone above three standard deviations is excluded from engineering or science in high status firms, so I am unsurprised by Ferguson’s report that the same applies in academia, law, and so forth.

Looks like they are recruiting people two standard deviations above the norm, but purging anyone significantly smarter, whether out of deliberate hostility to dangerously smart people, or because smart people exclude women and blacks.

When a female engineer tries to talk to a smart engineer, she finds it hard to talk to him about engineering, so she concludes he raped her repeatedly and demands a million dollars in compensation. Thus the exclusion of smart people could be inadvertent, as the extermination of smart people was with Khmer Rouge. The purging of smart engineers appears to be inadvertent, a byproduct of including women. Likely the same thing is happening to judges, as I see happening to engineers. I see engineers, don’t see judges. Ferguson sees judges.

Ferguson’s data does not address whether problem is getting worse or better. My anecdotal information indicates that the problem is getting worse, and has been getting worse since around 1870 or so. You notice that smart members of the elite, like Rumsfeld, are much older than regular members, and that when they say something that shows that they are smart, all the chimps get rattled, start shrieking and flinging poop.

The elite:

OK, I hear you saying, these are two dumb as toad dropping nigger scum who won the debate because black and female.

But could not they find someone black and female who had an IQ above retarded?

OK then, lets look for a white male Jewish member of the elite chosen for his performance in a STEM field. Aaron Swartz. Official genius. a Fellow of Harvard’s Ethics Center Lab on Institutional Corruption.

Aaron Swartz conspicuously lacked hacking and social skills.

If he had been marginally competent at computers, he could have downloaded millions of documents from JSTOR through the MIT network without bringing the MIT network to a screaming halt, without committing burglary and vandalism against the MIT network administrators, without creating side effects that every single user of the MIT network noticed and was enraged by.

If he had been marginally competent at social skills, he would have known that despite the fact that the police and prosecutors were treating him as just another dumb no account petty crook, who got videotaped by security cameras performing criminal acts and got bagged by security, he was not going to prison, not going to be convicted, that he was still a member of the elite that never goes to jail or gets convicted no matter how stupid the crimes they commit.

If he had any of the normal prosocial qualities like diligence and forethought, would have found a way to hack the MIT network that was not blindingly obvious to every single user of the network.

Aaron Swartz, Jewish Harvard fellow, official genius, is only marginally smarter than the two retarded black ghetto scum that won the debate.

Now you can find genuinely smart members of the elite, for example Larry Summers. But notice: They are getting mighty long in the tooth.; whereas when you find a conspicuously retarded member of the elite, like Aaron Schwartz, they are very young. This is an elite that is getting dumber. When the likes of Larry Summers retire, they will be replaced by the likes of Aaron Swartz.

This is an elite that has been getting steadily dumber since 1875 or so. And it has been getting dumber faster.

Larry Summers born 1954. Aaron Swartz, official genius, born 1987.

A lot of people looking at the war powers debate say, ahh, that was Jews making black people look stupid. Well Aaron Swartz did not make Jews look smart.

Andreas Lubitz mass murder explained

March 28th, 2015

Andreas Lubitz murdered one hundred and fifty innocent people by locking the pilot out of the cabin and deliberately flying the plane into a mountain.

Roissy explains it all

Lubitz was a nice guy, so naturally his girlfriend left him. So he converts to Islam and flies the plane into a mountain to get his six pack of virgins in the afterlife.

This is part of the collateral damage we suffer by allowing women moment to moment sexual choice, and part of the collateral damage we suffer by allowing Islam.

Moment to moment female sexual choice needs to be forbidden, and Islam needs to be forbidden outside of Dar al Islam.

Harry Lee was the greatest statesman of our age, but …

March 24th, 2015

Harry Lee took Singapore from third world to first world. He created an economic order that every nation should imitate, and many have.

Singapore was about to fall to communism and racial violence, following the path of so many other third world hell holes abandoned by their colonial masters. Harry Lee created order peace, and economic freedom, which brought prosperity. As Spandrel says, he was a legalist, not a reactionary. Legalism, done right, brings order, peace, and prosperity. So, why would one need more than legalism?

In legalism, the great man decides what is to be done, then makes people do it. And then he dies, and the tide comes in, and washes away his sandcastles, however impressive they may be.

Ever purer Islam

March 22nd, 2015

Once upon a time, there was a Caliphate, and the Caliphate was hereditary. The Caliph had a thousand sons. When his grip weakened, the sons would kill or imprison each other till only one remained, who became the new Caliph. The Caliph was the supreme leader of both Church and State, and any preacher boy who claimed to be substantially holier than the Caliph was apt to wind up a head shorter. This prevented spirals of holiness competition.

The Caliphate was overthrown, because the Turks became sick of the burdens of empire, an empire in which outsiders were continually favored over Turks, not to mention that the Caliph tended to be noticeably whiter than the Turks.

In the ensuing chaos, the House of Saud grabbed quite a lot of land, on the basis that they were holier than anyone else. Since then, we have seen one movement after another claiming to be holier than the house of Saud. A day or so ago, US troops fled Yemen, abandoning their heavy weapons to the extremely holy Islamic State or the extremely holy Al Qaeda, or, very likely, both. Yemen has not fallen yet, probably will not fall for a quite a while, but the writing is on the wall.

To the extent that these movements adhere to the plain wording of the Koran and the Hadiths, they are delightfully reactionary. I particularly like Boko Haram’s position on marriage and western education. But, if you simply stick to the plain wording, that kind of limits how holy you can be. So, as each strives to be holier than the other, we are seeing increasing egalitarianism and socialism. All holiness spirals tend to wind up in much the same place regardless of religion of origin, just as all aneuploid malignant metastatic cancers look very much alike, regardless of tissue of origin. Pretty soon they will be holier than Mohammed, as Christians have long been holier than Jesus. If it were not for that, I would convert to Boko Haram’s brand of Islam right away.


March 21st, 2015

“Racist” is just a hate word for white, therefore I am not racist, merely white. I am anti anti racist.

“Racist” has multiple, vague, slippery, and shifting definitions. I think it is really bad news to live close to blacks, and property owners should be entitled to protect themselves against what happened to those owning property in Ferguson. I think that blacks are, on average, genetically inferior. I think that the genetic and cultural differences between genetic and cultural groups are such that they need different laws, de-facto or de-jure, and in particular that blacks should be subject to different laws than whites, laws that are simpler, harsher, and more restrictive. And in practice, we see that in highly progressive left wing towns like San Francisco, blacks are furtively subjected to different laws than whites.

Those that have a ready supply of numerous different definitions of racism, which definitions they selectively apply in some circumstances and refrain from applying in other circumstances, will undoubtedly find that a pile of my positions fit a pile of their definitions. And I don’t care.

Power laws in polygyny

March 21st, 2015

When we read that only one man in three reproduced, we tend to imagine two thirds of the men in an underclass detached from society, enslaved, killed, or driven out, and one third of the men forming society, with three wives each. Or you could have two thirds killed in war and the survivors get the booty. And similarly, if only one man in seventeen …

But obviously it is likely to be a power law. The ratio of men having n wives to men having n+1 wives will be roughly constant.

It turns out that, assuming equal production of males and females, this power ratio is equal to one minus the proportion of men contributing to the gene pool.

If one third of men reproduce, then about one man in nine has one wife, about one man in thirteen has two wives (that is to say, two thirds of the number of men who have only one wife), one man in twenty has three wives, (that is to say, two thirds of the number of men who have two wives), about one in thirty will have four wives and so on and so forth.

That seems like a fairly stable society, assuming you keep the excluded men under control. One solution would be to give the more valuable part of the excluded men the used up old wives of the men who are actually part of society, women approaching their use by date, women who have exceeded their use by date. This corresponds to the ancient Hebrew system of easy divorce for men only, and the traditional Muslim system of alarmingly easy divorce for men only.

Equal distribution of pussy by basically socialist means is fair, which is to say, monogamy with patriarchy, since we are reluctant to use market and capitalist incentives to manage the production of women, which is to say, fully propertize them and sell them to highest bidder for profit, with breeder farms functioning like piggeries. If we are not going to incentivize the production of women by capitalist cash market means, should not distribute them by capitalist cash market means.

On the other hand too much equality in the distribution of pussy is dysgenic. We want some men excluded, but two thirds excluded seems so large as likely to be destabilizing.

And of course, we want the right men excluded, which at present does not seem to be happening. Although production of children in marriage is mildly eugenic at present, in that wealthier men have more wives (serially and informally) and more children, the effect is weak, and probably more than counterbalanced by the grossly dysgenic production of children outside marriage – dumb women producing little bastard thuglets, smart women never getting married, never much wanting to get married because they cannot find any men who are their social superiors, and the supply of immortal vampires is a bit low, so they just don’t feel much like having sex. And, if they do feel like having sex, which mostly they do not, having had sex with someone they feel is a social inferior, they form weak attachment to any resulting children, aborting, neglecting, or outright murdering, or looking the other way when stepdad number three does the murdering. To become good mothers, women need to first be good wives, to feel themselves owned and mastered by someone better than themselves. Charles Murray argues that upper class women are well behaved, but in fact women who are married to upper class men, which is not quite the same thing as upper class women, are well behaved. Upper class women who fail to form suitable marriages and stay married in those marriages give truck stop strippers a run for their money.

A ratio of fifty percent – half the men have no offspring, a quarter have one wife, a eighth have a wife and a “maid”, a sixteenth have a wife and two “maids” and so on and so forth would be pretty stable, since no possible combination of those missing out could overcome those getting some. We could dispense with the easy divorce, at least for wives. One should enforce patriarchal monogamy, which is to say, the socialist equal rationing of pussy, to the extent necessary to ensure a majority of men are attached to society at a youthful age, but enforcing it more than that might well be overkill.