The trouble with fashism and 1488

January 12th, 2016

It is really great that so many young people are turning fashi, just as it is really great that so many people are turning to Donald Trump.

But Trump and fashism are just yesterdays’s leftism – a leftism that supports the white working class, while progressives piss on the working class.

Long ago, commies and fashi competed for the working class, and it became obvious that the white working class preferred the fashi. And ever since then progressives have hated the working man with the rage of a jilted lover, and suppressed fashism using methods that cast doubt on their claim of democratic legitimacy. If Trump becomes president, it will be delightful to see the fourth estate explode in apoplectic rage.

But sorry. Lower class people are not the solution. They are the problem. Fashism is just another near far alliance, intellectuals with proles, very similar to Trump with proles. It is a white with white alliance, but near far alliance is inherently suicide and treason. It will go wrong in a way that does not involve race replacement, but still involves the destruction of white civilization. If you are fashi, you are still on the slippery slope heading ever leftwards. Recall the last days of the Roman Populares. In their last days, they allied with the Samnites. The Populares, I suppose, probably wanted a Roman Republic in which the subject states, such as the Samnites, were treated fairly. The Samnites wanted to level the walls of Rome and kill all Romans. Kind of like the alliance of progressives with Islamic State.

The trouble with “gas the kikes” is that it presupposes the expropriation of the Jews. And when you expropriate people, you are going to screw up corporate capitalism, which is the foundation of western civilization, the foundation of the scientific and industrial revolutions. People thinking out of covetousness and envy think that if they take that rich guy’s stuff and make him poor, they will be rich, but instead, their neighborhood mysteriously winds up looking as if bombed.

Similarly “Day of the Rope”. You are proposing to hang Havel’s Greengrocer, though all you have to do, rather than hang him, is announce new and different posters for his window. He will put up the new posters, and barely notice that they say the opposite of the old.

“Gas the kikes” and “Day of the rope” are proposals for redistribution and disorder, when what we need is order in place of anarcho tyranny, and an end to redistribution.

Fashism is in large part just 1930s leftism, leftism as it was before the Jews came to dominate leftism. But leftism went to hell not when the Jews got in on it, but when they emancipated women, freed the slaves, raised the age of consent, and banned liquor, all of which they did well before major Jewish involvement. Genealogically, nazism is lutheran descended, progressivism is puritan descended, and communism is judaism descended, but in the 1930s, not so very different. National Socialism was just the New Deal on steroids. Jews that become progressives are conversos, Jews that become communists are heretical Jews.

It is really great that so many young people are turning fashi, and it is really great that so many people are turning to Trump. But the problem is that fashism is insufficiently radical, is just 1930s leftism, when what we need is 1660s restoration. Fashism is a step in the right direction, but far too small a step. Fashi support the white working class, and talk in dumbed down language to them. Western civilization was founded on feudalism and then corporate capitalism, systems that distributed power organically, valorizing and justifying severe inequality, decentralized but hierarchical, orderly but unplanned, systems that glorified and valorized the superiority of the few over the mediocrity of the many.

If you really want to secure the existence of our people and a future for white children, “gasing the kikes” is neither necessary nor sufficient. We need higher fertility, and we need eugenic fertility. We need smart women to get husbands and babies instead of PhDs and cats. Lots of babies, instead of lots of cats.

Hence my program “What to do in a restoration“.

What is stopping fertility is that:

* Marriage is not only an unenforceable contract, but the state applies enormous energy and effort to encourage and incentivise women to break the contract.

* That women are indoctrinated with the false life plan, where they pursue their careers while fucking Jeremy Meeks, and marriage and children just somehow spontaneously happens without them actually needing to do anything, while they really have to work hard on their careers, and hard on pleasing Jeremy Meeks.

* Coeducation means that fertile age women spend lots of unsupervised time in the company of men who have no ability to have a family, and no inclination or economic ability to settle down, and do not ordinarily get to meet men who might be able to marry them. By the time they get to work, they have already ridden far too much cock and have become jaded, their bosses are married, and their male co-workers are lower in status than they are.  And the smarter the woman, the more years she spends riding cock in higher education, so the less likely it is she will be able have a family.

* Degree inflation means that young people spend their most fertile years listening to boring propaganda, when they could be working and breeding. Used to be that a school leaving certificate signaled that you were substantially smarter and more industrious than than the average Joe. Then every good-for-nothing moron was awarded a school leaving certificate, and you needed to graduate high school to signal that you were substantially smarter and more industrious than than the average Joe. Then every good-for-nothing moron was graduated from high school, and we have now passed the point where, as the Challenger inquiry revealed, plenty of good-for-nothing morons receive postgraduate degrees from good colleges.  When I was doing job interviews I found plenty of people with degrees in computer science from good colleges, who should never have been allowed to show up for computer science 101, and had been completely wasting their time by attending the computer science course, that with their computer science degree and substantial debt they were no closer to grasping the basics than they had been on the first day.

* Degree inflation makes children impractically expensive, since you have to support them in a good school for twenty three years or so, which often enough somehow turns into thirty years or so. If most kids failed their school leaving certificate when they began puberty and promptly got kicked out of schooling (thus making the school leaving certificate an actually useful qualification and allowing teachers to require children to learn actually useful stuff for the school leaving certificate) then kids would be a profitable investment once again – particularly if the law backed the authority of the father over his male children till 21, and his female children until married or infertile.

* Anarcho tyranny makes housing impractially expensive, since you if you plan to have children you have to buy land somewhere free from dindus and vibrants – and the only allowed way to keep out dindus and vibrants is to for housing to be impractically expensive.

* The anarchy part of anarcho tyranny means you need land in a dindu free area. The tyranny part of anarcho tyranny means the business at which you work needs to be close to the regulatory revolving door, meaning you face a long commute from your expensive suburb into a big city, a far too big city.

Rotherham Syndrome

January 10th, 2016

Approximately one thousand vibrants sexually assault two or three hundred white females. Zero arrests.

Thus though white males are legally second class before white females, all whites, including females, are legally second class before vibrants. Two arrests took place a week after the events, but this was a feeble gesture to appease the rioters. Nothing will happen to the two men arrested.

The interesting thing is not that this behavior happened, but that it received, and continues to receive, impunity.

And, similarly, when woman make false rape allegations – against whites, they also get impunity.

Government policy is that white males shall not get their wicks dipped, and vibrants shall get their wicks dipped. The government, and feminists, are super duper sensitive about female consent in some cases, but not others.

Hundreds of women were robbed of identifiable items, such as cards, jewelry, and cell phones. That very few arrests have been made indicates that not only did they not want to arrest anyone then, they still do not want to arrest anyone now.

The Anti American empire

January 8th, 2016

In foreign countries, we regularly see protest banners in English, written by Americans and intended for American audiences, whereby if the American writing the protest banner influences the American seeing the protest banner on television, this will redistribute power in the foreign protest country – and, more importantly advance the power of some Americans over others. This is a symptom of the American Empire – which I suggest is better called the Anti American empire.

Moldbug observed that anti Americanism is more accurately described at ultra Americanism. Subjects of the American empire proudly announce that they implement American ideals better than those dreadful Americans in flyover country, and hope for a pat on the head from the New York Times.

Some time ago, the New York Times has published a list of its most upvoted reader comments of all time — and the winner was a Canadian commenter who set out to explain how much more progressive, and consequently wonderful, Canada is relative to the U.S.

That this was noticed by their masters, this slight pat on the head from the emperor, resulted in a huge outburst of patriotic Canadian pride.

And similarly, the American empire is better called the Anti American empire, in that it produces costs, but no benefits, for Americans. For example American tax law claims universal reach, which disadvantages any American citizen attempting to operate a business overseas, making him legally second class to a European. And similarly American corporations are disadvantaged, resulting in all sorts of overly clever scams whereby American corporations form overseas corporations. If America is going to claim universal reach for its laws, those laws should advantage Americans by protecting their freedom to do business, giving them more freedom to do business than natives of foreign countries, rather than less. In practice, American universal jurisdiction is based on the principle that Americans are evil capitalist exploiters who need to be prevented from oppressing the foreign masses.

And of course, Americans spend blood and treasure meddling in foreign regions.

By and large, the objective of these shenanigans is to install in power in foreign places regimes that hate and despise Americans in flyover country, and eagerly hope for a pat on the head from the New York Times. Hence, better called the Anti American Empire.

Reflect, for example, on the installation of Aristide. Aristide “won” the Haitian election, which was called at American insistence. When it became obvious he was going to lose the Haitian election that the American government had called, the American government demanded that the rules were changed, and changed again, until Aristide could win because no one else important was allowed to run. Then, after Aristide “won”, and the permanent Haitian government ignored the election outcome, the US government invaded Haiti, and installed Aristide.

There scarcely was and is anyone in the world more loudly, vociferously, and obnoxiously anti American than Aristide, who spent much of his career in Washington seeking American support for him to rule Haiti, rather than in Haiti seeking Haitian support for him to rule Haiti.

During decolonization, there were a pile of Marxist national independence movements, with names in English, composed of rubber stamp Harvard jargon, rather than referencing the names, history and culture of the countries whose independence they were supposedly seeking.

And similarly, when Cuba ridicules US presidents, it ridicules the evil stupid Bushitler and Ronald Raygun, while groveling for a pat on the head from Obama the Lightbringer.

I have often written favorably of the red empire of the bases, and contrasted it with the evil blue empire of the consulates. But they are both the American empire, and without the hard power provided by the empire of the bases, the empire of the consulates would find that their soft power was parasitic on the hard power of the bases, and their NGOs would be exiled or banned. Shut down the empire of the bases, as Trump proposes, and the Anti American empire withers on the vine.

If we really must intervene in the Middle East let us steal their oil and ravish their women. Three hundred thousand vets have suffered brain damage from explosions. It is not worth it unless they get their wicks dipped.

Trump proposes to cut loose all those countries that hate us, despise us, and cost us blood and money. Should he actually carry out this policy, which is completely within presidential power and requires no consent from judiciary or legislature, only the obedience of the military, the horror and outrage will be beyond belief, making the former Bush derangement syndrome, and the current Trump derangement syndrome seem like courteous and rational discussion. The only reason the media’s heads are not already exploding on television is that they really cannot believe the proposal.

While I don’t think the merely temporary government can achieve real and lasting change, it will be good to hear those blood vessels popping like firecrackers on New Years Eve.

Just as the Turkish empire really sucked for Turks, the American Empire really sucks for Americans, hence, the Anti American Empire. Not to mention that Aristide, the loudest Anti American on the block, was our proconsul in Haiti.

Those were the good old days

January 5th, 2016

When La Droit de Seigneur was in effect, an ordinary man could expect to marry a wife that had only slept with one alpha male.

When the Spanish inquisition was operating, they shut down free lance witchfinders.

In 1992, I visited Cuba and remarked how Cubans walked small, walked in little steps, took up little space. I could see the fear pressing them down, squeezing them, making them little.

Today, I see white males walking small, taking small mincing little steps, keeping their hands close to their bodies. The statistics show falling testosterone and falling sperm production, but you don’t need statistics, you can see the that the testosterone has drained out of white males, while blacks walk large, as if they are aristocrats and whites are peasants, and women casually talk over their boss and interrupt him.

Boys are staying home, staying in Mum’s basement. There is no place for them in the world.

Saudi Monarch executes US agent who tried to overthrow him.

January 5th, 2016

Note the sudden explosion of friendliness between Iran and the US State Department.

They were both trying to overthrow King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, King of Saudi Arabia and Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques.

Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr was the face of Arab Spring in Saudi Arabia. Pretty obvious he was a tool of Iran, but the interesting question is: was he a tool of the US State Department?

“NGO” stands for “non government organization”, but if an organization is actually non governmental, for example McDonalds, no one calls it an NGO. In practice, “NGO” means “US State Department Front Organization”. This is an open secret, as for example when they advertise for employees, they are apt to describe the openings as government employment.

The reason that they call themselves non governmental is that they actively campaign in US politics and foreign politics, which is illegal or embarrassing for the US government to openly do.

When the Saudi princes arrested Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr for trying to overthrown them, the NGOs – pretty much all of them – went bananas, revealing Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr to be an NGO tool, and thus a US State Department Tool.

Note the great success of Arab Spring in Syria, Libya, and Egypt.

In favor of a repressive state religion:

January 2nd, 2016

We anthropomorphize the Cathedral as a person or a conspiracy.  Such anthropomorphizing is a good approximation for corporations, since they make considerable efforts to make the approximation true – by concentrating all power in the CEO, and then delegating power from the CEO.

However, the cathedral is rather a bunch of conspiracies, and its direction is determined by entropic forces akin to enthalpy, rather than a sinister and clever plan.  To build a ruling coalition, divide power into bite sized morsels and distribute widely.  Not a good plan for operating a functional organization.   Mann is sovereign, and Mann is an idiot.

In Europe you go directly to jail for thought crimes.   The US has the first amendment, so employs a workaround.  If a business employs thought criminals, it has a “hostile work environment”, so gets sued by social justice warriors, and has to pay them large sums, making thought criminals effectively unemployable, and social justice an obscenely lucrative career option.

This, however, does not work on open source, hence Gamergate is relatively successful.  The Social Justice Warriors attempt to seize open source projects.  Sometimes they seize them, and to their surprise destroy them, often they get pushback, which pushback they attribute to Gamergate and the Neoreaction.  And indeed it is true, in that Gamergate and the Neoreaction is the think tank of the pushback, but what makes the pushback effective is the propensity of the revolution to devour its children, what makes the pushback effective is that leftists pretty soon start persecuting leftists for insufficient holiness, with the result that pious leftists find themselves, to their horror, deep shame, and great embarrassment, joining forces with Gamergate and the Neoreaction in self defense, as the Montagnards found themselves collaborating with the Dantonists.

There is always a state religion.  There never was a golden age of freedom of speech and thought.  However if you have many states with many state religions, and there is a lot of movement and communication between them, as in America before the civil war, then truth stands a chance, because if the gentleman from Massachusetts cannot say the truth, the gentleman from Virginia can say it, because before the Mormon War and the Civil War, the State of Virginia had a different and independent state religion from the state of Massachusetts.

The religion of Massachusets wound up conquering the US, and eventually the world, in large part because Virginia took religious freedom seriously, while Harvard and Massachusetts was unyieldingly and fanatically determined to extirpate it with fire and steel and still are unyieldingly and fanatically determined to extirpate it with fire and steel. When crazies and fanatics go up against moderate, compromising, and cynical cosmopolitans, the moderate and cynical cosmopolitans tend to get trampled.

If ever there was freedom from the state religion in a white state, that state was Virginia before the War between the States, and it did not end well.

We today have two problems:  A single monolithic state religion, that since World War II has dominated the entire world, and a state religion with no archbishop and inquisition to keep the crazies in line.   Kings put Bishops on the payroll to shut up the crazies.   If you have a state religion controlled by the holiest, you get holiness spirals of ever more holy people

Having freedom would be the cure, but freedom within a single state is tricky, and, as we saw in Virginia, vulnerable to violence from the holy.  Whites are prone to state religions.  Asymmetric repression leads to movement ever leftwards.  The state religion has to repress the excessively holy as well as the insufficiently holy, or it inevitably gets ever crazier.

If freedom for the insufficiently holy is hard to achieve, restricting the liberty of the excessively holy is easy to achieve.

White nationalists tend to mistake repressing the excessively holy, controlling the priesthood, for controlling the Jews. Effective measures to keep the priesthood and the excessively holy in line would quite disproportionately affect Jews, but Jews as such are the wrong target.

Externalities of IQ

December 26th, 2015

“Hive mind” is in error by comparing the individual correlation between income and IQ with the national correlation. Correlations are dimensionless quantities, and we need a quantity with dimension “increase in income per IQ point”

From Scott’s graph of income by IQ decile, I conclude that within a nation, individual income increases by a factor of 1.024 per IQ point, that for IQs in the normal range, average income for people of that IQ within a given nation is proportional to 1.024^(IQ)

This closely agrees with Dallards result, obtained from different and independent data, that the average income for white males is proportional to 1.025^(IQ)

From La Griffe’s table, I construct a graph of log of national income against IQ, draw a trendline, and conclude that between nations, income increases by a factor of 1.099 per IQ point, that the average national per capita income is proportional to 1.099^(IQ).

This curve (exponential in IQ) gives a better fit than linear in IQ, and as good fit as smart fraction theory (linear in the proportion of people above a certain threshold).

From which we may conclude that the only a quarter of the benefit of IQ is internalized, that three quarters of the benefit goes to everyone else.

And that therefore importing inferior people people will lower your income much more than you yourself being inferior.  Inferior people benefit by going to the countries of superior people, but destroy what they come for.

Note the the neoreactionary classic gives a clear explanation of why national IQ matters. Because ruling IQ matters. A couple drive through the Congo. Everything has gone to shit since the white rulers left, everyone is trying cheat and rob everyone else, and often enough, trying to eat everyone else.  Cannibalism is not common, but it is a lot more common than one would prefer. Every so often an entire village comes after them with machetes, presumably intending to eat them.

In France, forty percent of births are African, and this fraction is rapidly increasing.  It is worse than Brazil, but France is still France, rather than Brazil, because pure blooded whites still rule.  From which we may conclude that in a few decades, French cuisine is going to feature people more than snails and frogs.

James Deen rape and porn

December 11th, 2015

The very Jewish and quite politically correct pornographer James Deen has been accused by eight female porn stars of raping them.

The accusations are all obviously false in that none of the pornstars are bringing charges or suing him, probably because he has videotapes of most of the “rapes”.

What is obviously happening here is that pornstars realize that they are hurt, humiliated, degraded, and their souls are being destroyed, but the culture gives them no words with which to express the thought except “rape” and “consent”.   But female consent really is not all that significant.  Consent does not make it good, nor lack of consent make it bad.   Thirty year old women are only marginally more competent to consent than nine year olds.

James Deen tells us (and since it is all videotaped, doubtless truthfully tells us) that all the BDSM is done with safe words and carefully negotiated boundaries.

I have done a bit of BDSM also, and never used safe words or negotiated boundaries.  Safe words and negotiated boundaries are contract negotiations, and you get contract negotiation in sex that is done for money.  The safe words and boundary negotiations are not an indication that all is well, but rather an indication that something is terribly wrong.

Trump has a good chance

December 7th, 2015

I, and Trump, have always expected that at some point the Cathedral would change the rules to block him because racism.

But now it looks as if they are comfortable with him as Republican candidate, because supposedly Hillary can beat him.

Hillary is a stupid drunken carpet munching bitch.  No matter what polls may say, people are only saying they will vote for Hillary because they know that that is what they are supposed to say.   If Trump becomes Republican candidate, as is highly likely if nothing extraordinary and obviously undemocratic is done to stop him, and if he then starts to lead on Hillary, and then the government does something extraordinary and undemocratic to stop him, that is likely to lastingly discredit democracy.

Mass immigration, and the ensuing fall in living standards and rise in rape and murder, has caused the half boiled frog to show ominous signs of twitching.  The standard response to a twitching frog is to allow the outer party, the conservatives, the appearance of power so that they can conserve the gains made by the left until the frog calms down and the left can resume boiling the frog.

Standard operating procedure would be Trump wins, illegal immigration is halted, legal immigration, like that which brought in the recent jihadi mass murderers, continues, jihadi terrorism continues and escalates, then in eight years illegal immigration quietly resumes again despite loud announcements to the contrary.

But as the left moves ever leftwards, it becomes harder for them to pull off their standard operating procedure.  They are reluctant to slow down just because the frog is showing signs of life.

So, predicting Trump gets the Republican nomination, predicting that he easily outpolls Hillary, predicting that he will win unless the government does something undemocratic to stop him, which it well may, predicting that if elected, he will find the permanent government highly uncooperative, and that anything he manages to do, will be quietly undone.  Predicting high risk of crisis that the left causes, and does not need to cause, that just as they are engaged in proxy war with Russia and are spoiling for open war with Russia for absolutely no sane reason, they are spoiling for proxy war and open war with the American voter for absolutely no sane reason.

To state the same prediction in different words:  Either Trump wins or the left does something considerably crazier even than the crazy stuff we have recently seen to stop him.

Technological decay

December 6th, 2015

I have long argued, and commenters on this blog have long been disputed, that science died shortly after World War II, replaced by official state religion wearing lab coats as priestly robes, and using test tubes as aspersoria for holy water.

The age of science began with the Restoration and the Royal Society.  The Royal Society’s motto was “Take no one’s word for it”.   Feynman, in his address “What is Science?”, rephrased this as “Science is the belief in the ignorance of experts.” Now, however science consists of taking the word of secret anonymous committees meeting behind closed doors, committees that refuse to show their evidence, data, calculations, and method of calculation even while demanding trillion dollar programs, gigantic human sacrifice, and challenged by freedom of information requests.

I have long argued, and commenters on this blog have long been disputed, that since 1972, the west has been in technological stagnation or outright decline in most everyday fields, in an ever increasing number of fields. Yes, DNA reading and computer disk drives keep improving, but clothes washing machines have gone to $#!&, and there is a reason why people are nostalgic for the old muscle cars.

Observe our ability to build and operate tall buildings has been diminishing since 1972.

The highest level of technology is found in war. Soldiers are to take control of or destroy men and assets. Tanks, artillery, mortars and Armored Personnel carriers are to destroy soldiers. Ground attack planes and helicopters are to destroy tanks and armored personnel carriers, and air to air fighters are to destroy ground attack planes, and other air to air fighters.

So the highest level of technology, and the greatest expense, is found in the air to air fighter. A people’s capability to build and operate air to air fighters is the most sensitive barometer of its technological level, and a vital factor in that people’s capacity to win wars. You get air superiority, so the other side cannot use tanks against your soldiers, and you can use tanks against their soldiers, and artillery against their population centers and assets. You flatten their population centers and destroy their assets so that they cannot feed and equip their soldiers, and then your soldiers take charge.

And as you know, American air to air fighters have been getting slower and slower, more and more expensive, less and less maneuverable, flying less and less high, and carrying less and less ordinance. But now they are stealthed, right?  And Russian fighters are not stealthed.

Stealth can be beaten by sufficiently advanced electronics – you need two radars in substantially different locations whose radar is coordinated – one paints the target with a radar beam, and the other views the scatter from a substantially different angle. In response to the Turkish attack Russia now has part of the technology to beat stealth deployed in Syria: AEASA radars that can spray beams out in several thousand completely different directions per second. Does it have all of the technology deployed? Does it have the capability to coordinate two AEASA radars so as to see through stealth? Maybe. Probably. Though we will not really know until we see a major air battle between Russia and another advanced power.

Further Russian air to air fighters can fly faster, fly higher, are more maneuverable, and carry more ordinance than American air to air fighters. The recent display of Russian capability in Syria seems to be giving the Pentagon a nervous breakdown.  The Su-34 is every way superior, except for the very important defect that it lacks stealth.

When Dubai wants to build a tall building, it hires western experts. But those western experts are expatriates, semi permanent exiles from the west. They have foreign wives, girlfriends, and concubines. They don’t build tall buildings in the West because a horde of bureaucrats would shake them down for bribes (politely laundered through “consultants”, aka bagmen) and because they could not get any decent pussy in the west.

Our increasingly diverse ruling elite loses cohesion, in part through diversity, in part through selecting for cowards and liars. Because of this loss of cohesion, if you want to build a tall building in the west, you have to bribe a thousand priestly bureaucrats (whose self justifications are increasingly priestly – mostly they are protecting Gaia) and each of these thousand bureaucrats wants his pet consultant to collect ten percent of the surplus value that would be created by the building, adding up to a demand for one hundred times the value, while the King of Dubai is likely to content himself with a mere fifty percent of the value.