Gay families bang their children

July 26th, 2015

The Story of Moira Greyland

tl;dr She got banged a lot by her parents with lot of sadism and bondage, starting at age five.

from my experience in the gay community, the values in that community are very different: the assumption is that EVERYONE is gay and closeted, and early sexual experience will prevent gay children from being closeted, and that will make everyone happy.

Yes, she is right about that. Gayness in males is spread in whole or major part by adult men fucking male children, and they intend to spread gayness that way. Lesbianism is more complicated, since women remain sexually flexible all the way to menopause.

If you raise a sheep among goats, the sheep grows up goatosexual. Hence the program of providing schoolchildren with positive gay role models, and getting gay men into contact with scouts and schoolchildren. They want gay scoutmasters to recruit young gays. Whether it works or not, and I think it does work to some considerable extent, they believe that it works. They believe that gays are made, not born, and intend to make them, starting at a school near you.

New Study On Homosexual Parents Tops All Previous Research

Progressives are fine with rape and slavery, provided the right people are doing the raping, and the right people are being raped and enslaved. Truth is, I am fine with rape and slavery also, except that my definitions of the right people differ radically from those of progressives.

Why Islamic State is successful.

July 24th, 2015

According to progressive mythology

insurgents must be like a mist—everywhere and nowhere—never trying to hold ground or wasting lives in battles with regular armies. Chairman Mao insisted that guerrillas should be fish who swam in the sea of the local population. Such views are the logical corollaries of “asymmetric warfare” in which a smaller, apparently weaker group—like ISIS—confronts a powerful adversary such as the US and Iraqi militaries. This is confirmed by US Army studies of more than forty historical insurgencies, which suggest again and again that holding ground, fighting pitched battles, and alienating the cultural and religious sensibilities of the local population are fatal.

This, of course, is a load of horseshit. One needs a base area in which one can conscript and gather funds, where leaders can safely and openly administer and coordinate. Hard to run the war from a secret cave. Often that base area has been the Kremlin – and even more often, it has been the London School of Economics.

In asymmetric wars, one’s base is often beholden to others, and one is therefore handicapped by unwanted ideology and rules. So Islamic State decided it just plain needed to grab its own base area. Islamic law is that you cannot claim the Caliphate unless you have your own base area – because you cannot be Caliph if you are beholden to others. So, needed a base, took a base. So Islamic State chooses to fight symmetrically. In an asymmetric war, the weaker side is a muppet for somebody powerful, usually the London School of Economics, which is itself a muppet of Harvard. Islamic State is nobody’s muppet.

This allows it to be authentically Islamic – to implement its own program and its own ideology.

And, being able to implement its own program and own ideology, gives gays the high jump, reintroduces slavery and the marriage of minors.

Progressives are mystified and uncomprehending.

horrors unimaginable even to the Taliban—among them the reintroduction of forcible rape of minors and slavery—have been legitimized.

Slavery never really went away. Saudi Arabia reluctantly abolished it 1964. The suppression of slavery is not the natural result of the Zeitgeist, but the military programs of British imperialism. Since the imperial tide retreats, slavery returns. As for the “rape” of minors, minor girls are going to have sex, which is to say, be “raped” unless they are married off young or kept under tight control, pretty much locked up except when appropriately supervised, and progressives have never been worried about the statutory rape of minors, nor the actual rape of minors, nor the actual enslavement of minors for sexual purposes, provided that the right people get raped and the right people are doing the raping. The ever rising age of consent was always a pretense and a pretext. Provided that fathers lose control of their daughters and husbands do not gain control of those daughters, progressives are untroubled by pimps gaining control of those daughters.

Defining cuckservative

July 24th, 2015

By one popular definition a cuckservative is “conservative” who supports white replacement. (Gradual white replacement, of course, though I am not seeing anything that guarantees that the process will remain gradual.)

Based on cuckold, one who raises another man’s son as his own, which is in turn based on cuckoo, which plants its eggs in the nests of others.

One could also apply it, and sometimes does apply it, to a conservative with no enemies to the left and no friends to the right, who thus conspires to the eradication of conservatism and its ever leftwards movement, which strictly speaking is inconsistent with the first definition. One implies physical and biological elimination, one implies mere memetic elimination.

However, the one is in practice pretty much equivalent to the other since leftist memes are in practice race replacement memes, as exemplified in Baltimore. Maybe in future there will be conflict between these two definitions.

The broader definition of cuckservative, however, communicates the neoreactionary concept of innerparty/outerparty, shows how the republican party does the left’s work for it. Though race gives the word its bitter power, the broader definition cuts reality at the joints, showing the relationship between inner and outer party.

Observe that Trump is beyond the pale and supposedly a joke for pointing at the costs of unlimited illegal immigration. Meanwhile Israel has the world’s toughest policy on illegal immigration, and Australia a close second. Both have no problem reducing illegal immigration to zero. But the Australian policy is “controversial”, and like most popular but “controversial” policies, may well be furtively changed. Note that the Austalian policy is somehow highly “controversial”, even though voters support the policy overwhelmingly. Something is unpopular and illegal. So the government puts a stop to it. This is “controversial”.

But it is too late to halt illegal immigration in America. Australia could halt illegal immigration because still mostly white. To halt illegal immigration in America, have to end democracy first.

But at least, if we use words that cut reality at the joints, we can see our doom upon us.

Traps, ladyboys, Corporal Klingers, and trannies.

July 22nd, 2015

A trap is young effeminate gay who likes sex with adult males and disguises himself as a woman to get banged by heterosexual men. To the extent that gays like sex with adult males, they like manly men, and gays are not manly.

A ladyboy is a trap who takes the drastic step of cutting his dick off.

Traps and ladyboys are low status losers, usually thieves and whores. They usually die young of suicide, criminal violence, drug abuse, or weird gay diseases.

Traps and ladyboys transition young, usually while still adolescents.

Another category of transexual, which we are seeing a lot of in the tech industry, is the quota busting transexual – the Corporal Klinger – someone who claims to be a woman to take advantage of hiring quotas. They are typically heterosexual (or as they say, “lesbian”) and look like Fred Flintstone in a dress, as Corporal Klinger did. They are usually competent engineers and usually high status winners. These guys transition shortly after entering the job market. Apart from dangerous levels of progressivism, they are not disruptive of corporate order and hierarchy, unlike actual females.

But the well known trannies are heterosexual men, usually extremely manly men who lived high testosterone lifestyles, extremely heterosexual men, usually high status successful men, and when they got older, middle aged, and then their testosterone levels fell, fell to merely normal levels, then they discovered that they were “really” women. Probably a better cure would have been added testosterone, but they could not get medically prescribed testosterone because their levels were “normal” – meaning normal for regular guys, not normal for those guys, not the levels they had experienced all their lives. After transition, their sex life consists of scaring little girls in the lady’s room. They don’t do anything that normal people would consider constitutes sex. They think they are women, but are merely eunuchs and act accordingly, while the Corporal Klingers act like the normal heterosexual males that they are, and the traps and ladyboys act like gays.

As I grew older my testosterone levels gradually fell, and my estrogen levels gradually rose. I found myself taking a gradually increasing interest in anime girls. Then I had medically prescribed correction of my hormone levels, and after several months with normalized hormone levels, anime girls started to look excessively cartoonish, while real girls looked way hot again. Of course my personal experience is just an anecdote. Could be just randomness. Before drawing any broader conclusions, would need more data. A single case is not necessarily indicative.

I also started to notice that the male protagonist in an anime show acted ridiculously girly, though I am not sure whether this reflects my normalized testosterone levels, or that anime protagonists are acting ever more girly. Probably something of both.

But it is plausible that falling testosterone and rising estrogen alters your brain, turning down the “tap that ass” recognizer, so that normal stimuli are not sufficient to activate the “tap that ass” circuits. Male sexual deviants generally look to me like they have low testosterone.

The government is making it increasingly difficult for doctors to prescribe testosterone. At the same time, no one wants to know if there are health problems related to low testosterone, let alone behavioral problems related to low testosterone. Researching harm done by low testosterone is like researching benefits of global warmming. You have to have quite dangerously low levels before you can get treatment.

And since we have an extraordinary epidemic of falling testosterone and rising estrogen …

Just about every male these days has testosterone levels that are deficient by historical standards. Maybe just about every male these days needs medical intervention.

Going home

July 19th, 2015

kakistocracy on going home.

Home is not just geography. Home is a place of comfort, safety, and familiarity. Of mutual trust and understanding. Of common past and shared future. Home is where children play without fear in a parent’s eyes. Home is where speaking honestly offends no shrill aliens. Home is what is passed from your father to your son. And most importantly, home belongs uniquely to you.

There are great swaths of her country now no more Ms. Makin’s home than the violent North African city she longs to escape. And when those swaths broaden to encompass everything, where will her daughter seek sanctuary upon saying…

I want to go home.

Some time ago, I moved from silicon valley to a place pleasantly undiverse. People leave their doors unlocked when they leave their houses. The kids are respectful. By the roadside, one sees unattended fruitstands. You take the fruit and drop the money in a box. Small children wander off unsupervised. I am a stranger here, yet it fits like an old sock.

Even wealthy whites in Silicon Valley live in a place that is frightening, dangerous, hostile, hateful, and alien. A place that hates them for the intolerable sins of sexism racism colonialism homophobia islamophobia and imperialism, and sooner or later will punish them as they deserve for those unforgivable and ineradicable sins. They are frightened and weak. And they cannot afford to have children.

Social Justice is highly lucrative.

July 18th, 2015

One of the more noticeable Social Justice Warrior takeovers was the takeover of anarchism reddit. First they banned one “troll”, then another, then every moderator who was not in full agreement with social justice, then anyone who noticed that no discussion was possible except full and firm enthusiasm for social justice, so the anarchism board became yet another social justice board, and pretty much died except for repetitious social justice spam. The fact of censorship was censored, the fact of hostile takeover was censored. And you might well say, “what is the point in that? Silencing anarchists is pointless.”

Yes, in itself, and in isolation, taking over things like the reddit anarchism board was pointless. But its not isolated.

Consider the Effective Altruism movement. Taking Reddit anarchism facilitates taking over the Effective Altruism movement, and taking over the Effective Altruism movement facilitates stealing three billion dollars in aid to Haiti – well, aid to everywhere, but Haiti is a famous example. There was an earthquake in Haiti, which flattened a lot of buildings and destroyed a lot of infrastructure. This led to a lot of aid, which one might expect to rebuild a lot of buildings and infrastructure. Which has conspicuously failed to happen. Very little of the money even reached corrupt Haitian bureaucrats, let alone manifested in bricks and mortar, let alone benefited the supposed beneficiaries. Corrupt Haitian bureaucrats have been complaining about this for some time.

Now if the effective altruism movement was actually interested in altruism being effective, one might expect it to be asking questions about the near total lack of aid funded rebuilding in Haiti, and the fact that the aids epidemic in India and subsaharan Africa is neither heterosexual nor homosexual, but rather caused by needle reuse by aid funded organizations. Foreign aid is the main cause of aids.

But instead, very conveniently, the Effective Altruism movement seems to be forgetting about altruism actually being effective, just as reddit anarchism forgot about anarchism.

The Future Primeval observes that social justice warrior takeovers are driven by:

Ideological hijackings like these are a spontaneous failure mode or result of a widespread vulnerability of human communities, with the social justice leftism stuff just standing in as a common available ideology to take advantage of it.

These ideological hijackings are the result of a conscious conspiracy of social justice wizards plotting in the back room to take over the world one internet community at a time.

“Hijackings” like this are just the removal of unprincipled exceptions to a widely held moral code that, when consistently interpreted and applied, demands that all communities must be primarily concerned with social justice issues.

“Social Justice” is a sort of semi-autonomous collection of ideas evolved or designed like a rudimentary fungus to take root, grow, take over, and expand from communities in certain conditions, a memetic disease, a demon, a system of ideas that perpetuates itself at the expense of its hosts.

Another factor is: No enemies to the left, no friends to the right.

Since the left has been getting ever lefter, and has been ever victorious, and anyone insufficiently left gets destroyed sooner or later, as soon as a social justice warrior screams like a little girl that she is offended, everyone is terrified, and to protect themselves from future destruction, flings feces at the designated target like a monkey in a tree: Yes, Scott and Esr, I am looking at you.

So how do you stop social justice warriors from taking over.

One method is a commitment to free speech and rational argument. One refused to denounce dissent as unacceptable and beyond the pale, and instead engages in rational and relevant discussion, rather than stridently screaming strident stupid ignorant insults like a monkey in a tree. (And if I am specifically mentioning Scott and Esr, that is not because they are the worst, but because I had expected better of them.) That fixes the spontaneous tendency to failure, and the memetic disease, but does not really do much about the organized conspiracy, nor the systematic removal of unprincipled exceptions one by one.

To deal with the organized conscious conspiracy, one has to answer in kind: “You social justice warrior. You evil stupid and hateful. You die.” Only the McCarthy solution works.

To deal with the systematic removal of unprincipled exceptions – well, there is nothing for it but to stop defending them as unprincipled exceptions, but instead to defend them as surviving remnants of the ancient functional social order – in other worlds, no solution other than neoreaction.

Reality television reveals the difference between men and women

July 16th, 2015

I have been watching “survivor amazon” and the second season of “The Island with Bear Grylls”

In both reality television series, a team of men, and a team of women, are dumped in separate locations to survive in a tropical paradise.

In both, the men promptly locate a campsite, build a fire, and build shelter. The women hang around in the open in the rain. They do very little any work, and what work they do do is hopeless incompetent and ineffectual.

In “The Island with Bear Grylls” the men locate a campsite and build a fire immediately. They then build first an impromptu shelter for the fire, to protect it from the torrential tropical rainstorms, and then a proper shelter for themselves.

The women spend the first four days in on their Island hopelessly lost wandering in circles in the jungle.

Their efforts to build shelter are feeble, slight, grossly incompetent, and ineffectual, and they soon give up on them.

Eventually they set camp, in the sense that they give up on moving around looking for a nice place to camp, start a fire and attempt to boil some water in a jerry can – which they leave sealed while boiling. Disaster ensues.

After a while they realize that the location where they are hanging out (you cannot call it a camp site, for there are no camp facilities except for a fire) is no good, and move to site previously scouted by one of the few competent women.

They attempt to start a new fire with the fire starting kit that the organizers provided for them (bow and stick) but cannot repair it when it wears out

The organizer has to personally intervene, and gives them a new fire starting bow and stick that he personally made.

Both of these shows indicate that in the ancestral environment, men supported women and children, and women provided sex and children, that women are incapable of looking after themselves.

In both shows, the difference was not physical strength and endurance. The difference was that men are simply markedly more competent, better able to work together as a team, and that men have dramatically longer time preference than women. Some of their superior competence reflects that fact that men are innately smarter than women in the kind of intelligence tests that they faced – physical problems rather than verbal, but most of it reflects their willingness to defer to the most able amongst them, while the women just bitched at each other.

Just as any normal healthy adult male is dramatically stronger than any normal healthy adult women, with essentially zero overlap, the shows revealed a much more important difference: Essentially zero overlap in future orientation.

The women were suffering hypothermia in the rain, and were nonetheless lying about in chilling rain the making no effort to build a shelter. Not one man on the show “The Island with Bear Grylls” behaved as every single woman in the shows behaved.

The women were disinclined to do anything that did not give immediate payoff, so spent pretty much all the time goofing off while homeless, thirsty, and starving in the rain. They very much needed men, not only to look after them, but to tell them what to do, to restrain their bad behavior, and command good behavior, to put them to work, to make them useful.

In both shows the primary difference between team woman and team man was not strength and speed, but that team woman was lazy, stupid, feckless, incompetent, disorderly, disobedient, and irresponsible. I am sure that any eighteenth century gentlemen seeing the even numbered episodes of Season two of “The Island with Bear Grylls” would say “Those women, all of them, need a good whipping.”

It was also immediately obvious that women are by nature nurturers, the source of life, while men are by nature killers. When the men encounter a crocodile, ancient instincts command them, and they suddenly become a team of brave, extremely violent, and absolutely determined killers, even though in civilization they answered phones or developed web graphics. When the women encounter some wild pigs, they treat them like babies, they domesticate them. Even though the women have no food to give the pigs, they seduce them into becoming tame and following the women around. And then they tearfully kill and eat the pigs. Clearly it was woman who first domesticated animals. No way would a man have seduced those pigs. And equally, no way could team woman have killed the crocodile.

Greece to receive yet another bailout

July 14th, 2015

If you know the the details of the bailout, your brain is being filled with useless misinformation. The important facts are the thirty thousand foot view:

That this bailout is much smaller than the previous bailouts.

That the previous bailouts had extremely harsh conditions that Greece was unable and unwilling to fulfill, and this bailout has even harsher conditions that Greece is even less able and even less willing to fulfill.

That this is not the first time that Greece has been asked to hand over the family silver as surety for a loan, and on previous occasions, the alleged family silver proved to contain no silver. Greece has a lengthy track record of yielding non asset assets to creditors.

The death of Christianity

July 11th, 2015

I have often remarked that Christendom is as dead as Roman paganism was in the fourth century AD, but, not being a believer, have been unable to explain why in ways believers could understand.

“Throne and Altar”, however, has nailed it:

The first is a sense of the sacred, the spirit of reverence, coupled to a sense of God’s revelation in the given meanings of the world. The second is a horror of nihilism, so that a man fears meaninglessness more than he craves license. The last is basic tribal loyalty to the Church and her members throughout the ages. The theologians scorn these attitudes because they are after all natural; one finds analogous or even identical things in any vital religion. But without them, any spiritual quest is bound to begin in pride and end in apostasy.

Heartiste, minion of Satan, observes the symptoms with horror.

A religion is a synthetic tribe. But progressives hate tribalism, so Christians have piously stopped being tribal.

Some Jews are still tribal, as B smugly reminds me rather frequently. But if they are, B’s version of Judaism is not doing a lot to encourage it.

And how many fingers is O’Brien holding up, Gcochran9

July 8th, 2015

The blog “West Hunter”, which investigates our ancestry, sometimes gets close to the edge of permitted thought. But will not slip over the edge. The globe is warming catastrophically, gay “families” are just are … just like normal families and are definitely not harems of sex slaves, and so on and so forth. And, while it industriously investigates the origin of races, there are, nonetheless, no such thing as races.

In a comment on that blog jamesd127 gives a summary of some of the more horrifying hate facts contained in “The Root of the Phylogenetic Tree of Human Populations” by Masatoshi Nei and Naoko Takezaki, Institute of Molecular Evolutionary Genetics, which tells us that the genetic distance between human populations is of the same order of magnitude as the genetic distance between humans and chimps, and that not all human populations have evolved at the same rate, with humans in environments very different from that of the common ancestor of man and chimp evolving substantially faster than humans in environments resembling that of the common ancestor of man and chimp.

To which the blog author responds simply “False”

Now it might well be that the conclusions one might draw from the paper are false, but to deny that the paper says what it says is on par with saying that O’Brien is holding up five fingers.

Nonetheless he is a good bloke. I also would say O’Brien was holding up five fingers if they had electric wires attached to my testicles.

But, since he probably does not really believe that the paper does not say what it says, I wonder what he really believes about global warming and gay families.

He does not want further discussion of this topic on his blog. He does not say “Because several large black professors with base ball bats and room temperature IQs will visit my office if this discussion continues”