January 5th, 2017

The Dark Enlightenment is simply the scientific method applied to politics, society, and religion – resulting in a big pile of highly unpopular bad news, that people are different from each other, that races are different from each other, and that the sexes are different from each other being a major part of that bad news.

Neoreaction is a political program (largely inspired by the Dark Enlightenment) for restoration – to recover western civilization and rebuild Chesterton’s fences – racism, ethnic states, and patriarchy. Israel should be Jewish, and America should not be Jewish. That does not imply that America should murder and rob all Jews in America, any more than it implies that Israel should murder and rob all non Jews in Israel – but it is fine if Israel murders and robs any non Jews in Israel who are determined to take political control of Israel away from Jews. The Old Testament position on non Jews in Israel is reasonable, commanding tolerance and hospitality for the stranger in the one case, and mass slaughter for the stranger in the other case. One should neither be a cuck on the one hand, nor avoidably multiply enemies on the other hand.

The alt right is everyone who is literally worse than Hitler and has decided to laugh about it. Needless to say, one alt rightists is literally worse than Hitler for one reason, and another alt rightist is literally worse than Hitler for a different, and often entirely opposed, reason.

One of the Eldar listed various missions for Neoreaction:
1. Vaisya Political Party of Soldiers — try to get a combination of numbers and power to actually take over USG and end democracy, or at least democracy with universal suffrage. I favor rule by a semi hereditary class of officer aristocrats, but Trump as God Emperor to be succeeded by his sons, or a republic with franchise limited to fighting men and males with property and children would also be good. Anything is better than a democracy in which we are bound to be permanently outvoted by a bunch of stupid parasites.
2. Vaisya Political Party of Priests — Build an out-of-power state church, ready to be adopted by Vaisya who take power. Provide the ideological justification for a Trumpist or soldier takeover, so that they won’t feel bad about themselves for doing so, and will have something to replace the Cathedral with if they do take over.
3. Subversive Brahmin Political Party — figure out someway to bring reactionary ideas about by appealing to disaffected Brahmins and doing an inside job. But Brahmin rule tends inevitably to produce the results it has been producing. Rule by the holy results in holiness competition, and here we are.
4. Mutual Aid Society/Fraternity/Meta-church/Asimov-style Foundation — provide a support system for helping red-pilled fathers or would-be fathers surviving the decline. Produce a religious political sect where mutual support between males supports male authority over women, so that in four hundred years or so, the foundation remains, and the Cathedral has quietly vanished. The plan is not to win power in the near future, but to survive the coming social collapse and dark age preserving something from which Western Civilization can be rebuilt. Observe that the high fertility of Orthodox Jews reflects a social order that demands that women give way to men, etc. This not only increases the fertility of the Orthodox Jews, but everyone who has substantial interaction with them, since they demand that all women, not just Orthodox women, give way. Similarly, Saint Paul on various methods for keeping female social status down. This plan is to maintain normal families in the here and now, and in the distant future, in a world where normal families are pretty much illegal. If we can have patriarchal families, we win in the long run, since the non patriarchs vanish, and our descendants survive. Men who believe in old style marriage and patriarchy get together socially and have social events in which the proper role of women is socially enforced. Notice that the Mormons also arrange for Mormon women to get together and have social female events – from which events a woman is excluded if she fails to behave.
5. Antiversity — an institution dedicated 100% to finding the truth. If all the smart people quietly believe the Dark Enlightenment, while merely giving lip service to progressive pieties, one day there is a preference cascade, and suddenly it is revealed that all the elite is quietly red pilled. Infogalactic is a good step towards this. I have set my browser to redirect Wikipedia links to Infogalactic links, and I recommend you do also. Infogalactic explicitly commits to observable truth, rather than official truth and official spin.
6. Poolside at the decline — just continue to live life, and maintain a select circle of smart, red-pilled buddies to correspond with and occasionally have a beer with. Die with no children, or thirty children that are half South Asian. This position accepts the end of western civilization and the white race as unavoidable. We shall drown, and no one will save us. Our race, and our greatness, will not be remembered, nor will we have descendents to remember us. The next civilization will find a few strange, ancient artifacts, and will be astonished to find the ruins of ancient machines on the moon, wondering who put them there.

Replacing Obamacare

January 5th, 2017

The major problem with the American healthcare system is that it has no prices, making it a completely non market system.  It also has a massive redistribution from whites to nonwhites, which wealth redistribution system disrupts the provision of healthcare.  What tends to happen is a hospital treats a hundred illegal immigrants for morbid obesity, and they do not pay their bills, and then it treats one white male, and he does pay his bill – which is set high enough so that the one person who pays covers the hundred people who do not pay.

The best system is Singapore, which has a socialist healthcare system for the poor, and the most Ayn Randian hard core capitalist healthcare system in the world for everyone else.  Which system provides healthcare at a fraction of the cost of everyone else’s system and for the most part healthcare of substantially better quality.

If you are poor and sick, or sufficiently healthy that the quality of your healthcare does not matter much to you, you go to a government owned hospital, consult with a government employed doctor, buy government owned medicines from a government owned pharmacy.  Otherwise, you just pay for it as if you were hiring a plumber to make modifications to your bathroom. The major government intervention in the private sector is making pricing information accurate and available.  Private healthcare practitioners are free to dump people who will not or cannot pay on the socialist sector, or just not let them through the front door if they fail a credit check.

So the explicitly socialist system takes care of the pity cases, and the explicitly capitalist system takes care of everyone else.  So everyone else gets the benefits of capitalism, and only the poor or the healthy suffer the consequences of socialism.

Russia did not hack the Democrat’s emails

December 31st, 2016

And Obama and the spy agencies know it.

Wordfence, a cyber security company, reports that the attacker used version 3.10 of an open source hacking tool written by a person who speaks English that can be downloaded for free from a Ukrainian website, by anyone in the entire world.  The current version is 3.17

Presumably the KGB uses its own custom written hacking tools, written by Russian speakers, with the documentation kept under lock and key at KGB headquarters, or at least keeps its free shareware tools updated.  The tool used is not Russian malware.  It is English language open source malware, used by hackers around the world.

Wordfence report that the IP addresses used in the attack have no particular association with Russia, and are similar to those used to attack random WordPress websites.  There is no Russian fingerprint in these attacks.

Obama’s story is that the tool and the IP addresses indicate the attacker is the Russian government.  Rather, the tool indicates the attacker was some English speaking kid in his pajamas whose mother did not give him enough pocket money to buy professional hacking tools, and the IP addresses indicate he has enough smarts to hide his own IP address.

Hat tip small dead animals

Against Liberty

December 27th, 2016

Liberty allows and encourages the highest human flourishing. But when your enemies seek your destruction, it is time for liberty to go.

The time approaches for the warrior ethic, wherein the highest good is to crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women.

It takes two to keep the peace, only one to start war. Every time that Muslims drive a truck into a bunch of Christians, or Black Lives Matter ethnically cleanses the neighborhood of whites and burns down a shopping center, people start panicking “Oh, the terrible white backlash is forcing Muslims and blacks to become radicals.”, though no one has seen any white backlash yet.

The way to respond to war, is with war. History shows us that only war works.

Let us try massacring some peaceful Muslim men and enslaving their women, and see what the effect is on Muslim radicalism. Let us try reenslaving those blacks that are causing the most problems. That would be backlash.

For liberty to exist, there must first be law. For law to exist, there must first be order. For order to exist, there must first be peace. For peace to exist, there must first be victory. And victory usually requires the most horrifying means.

Submitting to your enemy’s war making is not liberty, nor order, nor is it peace.

It is been too long since the last war, people have forgotten how terrible war is, and our enemies have become too used to easy victories, where they make war unopposed, and this war making is answered by generous concessions, which necessarily leads to more extreme war making by our enemies. The only way to real peace, is now through real war.

Why nation building fails

December 26th, 2016

Because they are not building nations, but hotels for transnational progressives

That is the explanation of why Assad is supposedly a very very bad man. Because he refused to let a bunch of people with prior experience in being paid by the international community for dashing around the world raising female self esteem, stopping the oceans from rising, and caring deeply about the plight of international refugees, from taking power in Syria. And as a result the state department found itself funding and arming a bunch of genocidal totalitarians that make the Taliban and Islamic state look moderate.

They want to turn Afghanistan into a multicultural society where women get massive affirmative action.

“Nation building” equals nation dismantling. The globalist idea of nation is a hotel. Who will fight for a hotel?

If you actually want to build a nation in Afghanistan, so that the holier than thou mullahs will not have power, you start by finding the true king. The true King will of course have policies that are agreeable to the majority of Afghan fighting men. For example he will be opposed to educating girls past puberty, and will want them given education that focuses on their role of wife and mother. The true King will also tend to have policies that are agreeable to the leadership of fighting men, such as low taxes, and policies that are in accord with Afghan tradition, such as mandatory Islam and the execution of apostates.

The problem is that the international community is not building nations, but transnations, which have no natural support among local fighting men.

Progs simply assume they are entitled to rule, the arc of history and all that, and any opposition to them ruling is illegitimate, but they are in fact weak, due to gays and women and all that.

It would be easy to defeat the Taliban and set up a colonial regime in Afghanistan: Kill their leaders, take their women, and convert them to Christianity. It would be even easier to set up a traditional Afghan regime: Find the true King. But a tranzi regime will always need outside military support from unenthusiastic foreign soldiers who resent transnationalism.

The progs want empire, and they want the opposite of empire. They want white males to conquer their empire and hold it in brutal subjection, and they want an empire that hates and punishes white males. The state department cannot make up its mind whether it hates the Taliban the most, or US soldiers the most. It is endlessly puzzled that the Taliban continues to hate progs. Don’t they know that Islam is the religion of peace?

A genuinely independent Afghanistan is not going to be governed by people who want to emancipate women and stop the oceans from rising. So rule it or don’t rule it.

The US government needs to rule Afghanistan or not rule Afghanistan. And if it does not rule, whoever does rule Afghanistan is not going to emancipate women, and if it does rule, is going to have to keep soldiers there indefinitely and let those soldiers get their dicks wet.

The Wicked Flee

December 25th, 2016

The wicked flee when no man pursueth.

I don’t want this blog to turn into all Trump all the time, but those liberal tears just taste so delicious.

Trump asks for the names and activities of those engaged in countering “violent extremism”.

And immediately government employees panic that Trump will engage in reprisals against those countering violent extremism and will undo all their good work in countering violent extremism.

Now why would they worry that Trump will undo their work in countering “violent extremism” – unless their idea of violent extremism is not a Muslim driving a truck into a crowd of Christians but rentacops maintaining order at Trump rallys, unless their idea of a violent extremist is not a member of the Muslim Brotherhood but the first person to stop cheering at a gay wedding?

Well guess what:

“One type of domestic extremism includes those who disdain others due to a person’s immutable characteristics, such as race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender, gender identity and disability.”

So if you notice that women are markedly and strikingly less competent than men at men’s activities, such as work outside the house, and men are markedly less competent than women at women’s activities, like finding the car keys and taking care of small children and the very ill, then you are a violent extremist. The only possible reason that you could believe your lying eyes it that you hate women so much you are likely to attack and kill them.

By which standard, Muslims are only a very minor part of the very big extremist problem. Nothing but the constant vigilance of the Obama regime prevents blond blue eyed males from running amok and massacring people. Obviously we urgently need to register, and probably deport, white males.

America’s nuclear arsenal

December 22nd, 2016

Trump: “The United States must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability”

“Why”, you ask “Cold war is over. Surely we have more nukes than we know what to do with.”

America’s nuclear weapons are, for the most part, thermonuclear, and need a little bit of tritium to get them to ignite.

Tritium has a half life of twelve years, and due to technological decline, we have not been able to make tritium for quite a while.

So the number of nuclear weapons that we can ignite has been halving every twelve years.

To greatly expand our weapon supply, need to resume production of tritium, which the Obama regime has been attempting to do – so far unsuccessfully We should also resume testing to try to create thermonuclear weapons that do not need tritium detonators, but if the US was unable to do that back when it could put a man on the moon, its no longer great descendants might find that difficult.

Expect universal outrage and ridicule at Trump’s statement, but when under Obama we tried and failed to resume production of tritium, greatly expanding our nuclear capabilities was what we were trying and failing to do.

The last man on the moon is now eighty two years old, the tallest building in the US was built in 1973, and when we tried to replace the two towers, we were unable to do so. Dysgenic decline, promoting women and coloreds to posts beyond their capability, “disparate impact” prohibits employers from choosing the best, and superior expertise is deemed to be mansplaining. Google has been purging its best engineers, an ailment I attribute to the problem that smart males get up the noses of dumb blue haired social justice warriors. Recall that Obama could not get its Obamacare website up until they threw in the towel and accepted an all white and east asian, all male, team to get it up.

If we are going to greatly expand our nuclear capabilities, need to send women back to the kitchen and keep them barefoot and pregnant. That is the lesson of Team Obama’s efforts to get a website up.

The evil of libertarianism.

December 21st, 2016

As the central defining issue of the left has become hating cis hetero white males and destroying capital, rather than hating capitalists and seizing capital, Libertarianism has become irrelevant.

Libertarians have responded to irrelevance by becoming evil. Tyler Cowen, who is arguably the primary remaining libetarian blogger, certainly one of them, just published a blog post that he does not care about Aleppo– this is the man who cares deeply that a billion black African Muslims are much worse off in Africa than they would be if they were allowed to come to America to live on welfare and crime and vote for more welfare and more crime, this is the man who is so much more moral than you are that you are worse than Hitler for not caring as much as he does.

We are under no obligation to worry about far away strangers hurting, particularly when they are being hurt by other far away strangers as is usually the case. We are, however, under an obligation to worry about us hurting far away strangers, particularly as if we hurt far away strangers and do not much care, they are morally entitled to defend themselves by killing us.

Aleppo is the result of a failed American effort to overthrow the legitimate and long established government of Syria.  To this end, the American government sponsored a bunch of genocidal terrorists who intended to kill every Syrian Alawite and kill or expell every Christian and every Shiite of Palestinian origin.  These foreign genocidal terrorists seized a portion of Aleppo, kept the civilian population hostage as human shields, and proceeded to lob mortars and rockets into the rest of Aleppo.

The reckless cruelty of progs in general and the American government in particular, with the extraordinary cheerleading of a mainstream media drunk with the blood of innocents, was steadily leading us towards thermonuclear war with Russia.

And this is the question on which Tyler Cowen decides he will not care.

The Cathedral defined

December 19th, 2016

Because of the big expansion of the Alt Right, the Dark Enlightenment, and Neoreaction, we are getting a lot of people unfamiliar with the theory.

Know your enemy, know yourself:

The Cathedral is the Academic-judiciary-media complex.  It is also priestly power, even if some of the priests are not actually in academia, the judiciary, or media. It the set of people, with actual privilege under democracy.  All people are equal, but some are more equal than others.  The Cathedral are the ones that are more equal than others.  Jews tend naturally to priesthood, but the Cathedral is not entirely ruled by Jews, and in practice Orthodox Jews are normally excluded from the Cathedral as unbelievers, revealing the Christian roots of progressivism.

The Cathedral has organizational continuity with the state religion of Massachussets, in that Harvard was the headquarters of the state religion of Massachusetts.  Harvard is a heretical offshoot of the Church of England, in that Harvard was founded by clerics expelled from the Church of England by Charles the second, clerics known at the time as dissenters or noncomformists, and the State Religion of Massachusetts was founded by clerics who fled England to avoid the authority of Charles the first, clerics known at the time as Brownists.  The frequent name changes, which continue to this day, indicate that this religion keeps developing a dreadful reputation.

The problem is the priesthood of all believers.  This is wonderful in theory, but in practice, some believers are more equal than others, so what you get in practice is what Moldbug calls informal power – power that is unofficial, secretive, insecure, conspiratorial, and based on lies and pretence, as illustrated by the Climategate files.

It used to be that Royal society decided what was science, what was the scientific method, and awarded prestige to some scientists more than others.  Its motto was “Take no one’s word for it” – which meant that scientists that claimed X had to show how they knew X.  When Harvard got supremacy over the Royal Society as a result of World War II, we got scientific truth determined behind closed doors on the basis of secret evidence that they will not show you even if you mount freedom of information requests.  Peer Review is in practice the clerical synods that the State Church of Massachussets demanded.  Similarly accreditation of educational (credentialing) institutions.

The British civil war (1640-1660) was a result of dissident/brownist clerics demanding that the authority of Bishops appointed by the King be replaced by the authority of clerical synods.

This led to riots against the King’s Bishops, which Charles the first failed at first to treat as full on revolution against the King and at first failed to crush with full on military power.  The mainstream interpretation of events leading up to the British civil war is that Charles was too harsh, but my interpretation is the opposite – that the more revolution you allow, the more revolution you are going to get.

We are now entering a similar crisis, in that the permanent government claims to exercise authority and regulate not on the basis of what some mere president tells it to do, but on the basis of objective fact, where some people behind closed doors get to determine objective fact and others do not.

The permanent government has long been apt to commission “research” that makes it a moral and legal necessity to reward friends and punish enemies, and in the last months of the Obama regime has been aggressively claiming priestly independence similar to that of the judiciary, academia, and the mainstream media.  It has also been organizing quasi military forces independent of the regular military.  This is the priesthood of all believers all over again.

The priesthood of all believers would be fine if you added a little addendum that non religious authority gets to decide which believer may administer the sacraments – the family patriarch, the magistrate, or the King, as appropriate, so that we had formal, rather than informal, inequality between believers and priests.  Arguably this is implied by Saint Paul’s remarks on divine right, and in the end Martin Luther took this interpretation. Secular authorities should be able to regulate the church provided that they are not hostile to the faith and do not demand repudiation of the doctrines of the faith.

Or we could go with apostolic succession, and holy oil.  There is a sufficient supply of holy oil, because  if you have a bottle half full of holy oil, and top it up with regular oil, you get a full bottle of holy oil.  The holiness does not get diluted. (It is a miracle) But the Roman Catholic Church and the Church of England has become rather shy about apostolic succession.  Seems to me you cannot have apostolic succession, unless one apostolic successor who is a Bishop actually says to a candidate Bishop something like “By the power granted to me by the apostles, I  appoint you successor to the apostles”, and sloshes him with holy oil, or something along those lines.  A ambiguous pat on the head does not really count.  By which standard, no one in the Roman Catholic Church or the Church of England has apostolic succession any more, so if we go with apostolic succession we will have to import some Bishops who do have apostolic succession from Mount Athos or Moscow.  Mount Athos is safer.  We don’t want Moscow to lose intellectual sovereignty to Harvard, and equally we do not want Washington to lose intellectual sovereignty to Moscow.

To deal with the problem, Trump is going to need to forbid heavy weapons and armored personnel carriers to any federal government agency other than the regular military, and then replace holy synods with Bishops – in other words re-organize the federal bureaucracy on das Führerprinzip.

He also needs to reduce the power of the Judiciary by demonstrating that an airforce commando outranks a supreme court justice.

And after he is done with the federal bureaucracy, do the same to Academia.

He needs to radically reduce the status of Academia by radical degree deflation- we need to reintroduce the bar exam and the civil service exam, so that you can take the exam without bothering with an accredited college, and create a viable apprentice  + exam based model for doctors of medicine.  And simply repeal all the other accreditation requirements, in particular and especially “disparate impact”.

Trump has already struck effectively at the power of the media without even being president.  Now he needs to do to the rest of the Cathedral what he has done to the media.

After that, send a request to Mount Athos for some holy oil.  We need to close off open entry into the priesthood.  Even when disempowered, it is still an attractive nuisance that will attract the dangerously ambitious.

Some possible approaches to closing off open entry into the priesthood.

1:  The priesthood of all believers firmly regulated by the state. The state gives them privileges and power, in return for them teaching loyalty and patriotism, but keeps them under tight formal and explicit control. (Luther’s later more conservative Lutheranism)

2: Bishops derive their authority from the King, combining apostolic succession with (1) as in the Church of England from 1660 to 1820

3: Full on apostolic succession, with appropriate respect for secular authority, as with Eastern Orthodoxy and today’s Russian Orthodox Church under Putin.  Get some holy oil.

4: Hereditary priesthood, as in the Old Testament Israel.

5: Priesthood as private property, as in today’s Japan and saga period iceland, where private ownership of an official state endorsed shrine makes you a priest.  We make the universities as independent in reality as they are in form, so that Academia tolerates, is unable to prevent, is incapable of suppressing, open dissent within Academia, shutting down the network of committees controlling committees that causes all Academia to speak with a single voice, that makes it a thousand loudspeakers all echoing one microphone.

Since the shrines are official, solution five always has substantial elements of solution one.  Give them too much independence, they will conspire to create an informal and unofficial apparatus of coercion that enables them to speak with one voice, for the added power that this gives them.  The state not only has to ensure that the priesthood is dependent on the state, but also ensure that the priesthood is genuinely independent from synods of priests, for synods of priests lead to wars and revolutions, exercising power without responsibility.

“Love Live’s Here” in action

December 17th, 2016

Since Richard Spencer is a hard target, and since the alt right will not disown him, “Love Lives Here” is now gunning for his mother.

I think it is time to show “Love Lives Here” a little tough love.

This Tanya Gersh is doing a great job at dispelling hostile stereotypes of Jews. </sarcasm>