December 4th, 2016

When mainstreamers read the red pill on women, they read it as “women are evil and dangerous”.  Well, women are certainly dangerous, but not exactly evil, rather subject to volcanically powerful sexual impulses that are apt to have disastrous consequences for themselves and everyone around them.

Now, me, I would fuck every fertile age woman I meet if I could.  The little man gives pretty much all of them the salute.  Obviously women are not like that, so men tend to interpret female behavior as women are less interested in sex than men – which rapidly becomes women are pure, women are angels, women belong on pedestals.

Not so.  It is that men are polygynous, women are hypergamous.  A woman will crawl nine miles over broken glass to fuck her demon lover.  And then not give her husband the time of day.

Conversely, if your wife does not much want to fuck you, she is fucking her demon lover.  If she is fertile age, and is disrespectful and disinclined to fuck you, she is going to leave, destroying all your assets and ruining the lives of your children.  Fertile age women need sex, quite a lot of sex.  If she does not need sex with you, you have a big problem. Conversely, if you fail to gratify her pretty regularly, you are going to have a big problem.

In real life I regularly see women behaving badly with disastrous consequences for themselves, their husband, and their children.  Yet I never see this in the media or in fiction.  In this, the media presents us with a wildly false image.  Women themselves are deceived, and their own bad behavior and the resulting evil consequences catches them by surprise.

Old legends present a more accurate and realistic picture of women.  For example King Gradlon and the City of Ys.

King Gradlon was raider based in Cornwall, but on one of his raids to the cold North, his armies melt away because of bad weather and logistic failure, and he is left all alone.  Then he meets Queen Malgven who proposes that he should kill her husband and steal the royal treasury, so King Gradlon gets back to Kinging again.  His wife bears a sea witch daughter, Dahut.  When Dahut becomes a teenager, she prevails on her father to build the city of Ys, which is built below high tide level, protected by dikes.  The city of Ys is a big success.  Many people migate to Ys.  It is a popular and successful pagan city based on sea trade.  At low tide the sea gates open to allow ships into its port.   Every so often his daughter sacrifices someone to the sea.  Then a sea demon arrives, makes love to his daughter, and prevails on her to open her gates to the sea at high tide, and the entire city drowns.

Female voting behavior in Europe is well explained by the theory that women rather like rape.  They are importing the rapeugees to do the raping that white men will not do.  Female resistance to rape is a shit test intended to separate the strong rapist from the weak.

At 1:20 in the video the white girl is groped by a bunch of Iranians. At 1:26 in the video freeze the frame to look at the expression on her face.

Similarly, if you see a woman alone in a twenty four hour laundromat, late at night when there is no one around, she is a single woman, because if she was married her husband would not permit it. Or if he is too weak to stop her, she will not be married very much longer.

Female sexuality and reproductive capability needs to be kept under male control and male supervision. If women have control of their own bodies, they are apt to behave badly.

Trump already setting things right

December 4th, 2016

The first hundred days has not even begun, but Trump is already governing through business connections, elite connections, and texting, bypassing the permanent government. The Philippines was moving, arguably had moved, from US alliance to Chinese alliance. Trump and Duterte have a friendly chat, and it was fixed.

The problem was that fresh from its great successes in overthrowing governments in Libya, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, etc, </sarcasm> the State Department and the Permanent US government was gearing up to overthrow the government of the Philippines, but Trump told Duterte not to worry. Problem solved.

The state department was not involved in setting up this phone call, which was organized through Trump’s private business connections in the Philippines. Expect mega outrage in due course at the total lack of separation between president Trump and billionaire CEO Trump. Trump is acting as if he has just performed a hostile business takeover of the very badly run US incorporated. The permanent government will call this corruption, and in a sense it is, though in practice it is more that Trump is spending his own money and using his own business assets to govern the country. Rather than public President Trump enriching private CEO Trump, CEO Trump is applying Trump’s own private assets to govern America. There was and is uncertainty over how rich Trump is, though he flies around in a castle in the sky with a gold plated bath tub, but whether he is rich, or super rich, he is rich enough to run a presidential campaign out of his own pocket and his private connections turn out to wield a lot of power, enough power that he is not helpless before the forces of the permanent government. He was not helpless during the campaign, and he will not be helpless as president. Putting his business into blind trust would render him helpless. We voted for Trump because we well knew he was an insider and a very powerful man, and we figured that power was much needed to deal with anarcho tyranny.

The entire world has been living under the threat that if you do not install prog government that keeps up with the latest in progressivism, your country will be destroyed, like Libya or the Ukraine. Trump has removed this threat. If the Philippines is safe from the murderous, sadistic, and indiscriminately destructive wrath of the state department, so is Poland and Hungary. Expect a cascade of fashy governments around the world.

The progs complain

populist strongmen have begun to put pressure on critical media, to violate minority rights, and to undermine key institutions such as independent courts.

“Critical media” means of course media of the permanent government, either openly and directly controlled like NPR, or with a thin pretense of private ownership like the white house press core, which despite being nominally private works from government offices and receives government benefits.

“Minority rights” means of course arrogant minority privilege. Hear disruptive female hires interrupt and talk over their boss, watch good-for-nothin black hires take up the whole corridor when they walk down the corridor. Because they are almost fireproof short of a lawsuit, and you are not.

“Independent courts” means courts under Harvard’s thumb legislating from the bench – and we are about to see the “Independent” courts legislate open borders.

Progs think the Scalia court was “right wing”. Let us reflect on three packages of judicial legislation that no one on the court would challenge

The supremes are by past standards, raving lunatic fringe frothing at the mouth left. All of them.

1. Law enforcement is crippled by rules that are intended to prevent them from discriminating against blacks. The court sees that blacks tend to be convicted at higher rates than whites, concludes discrimination, and issues rules. The rules, being designed to prevent nonexistent discrimination without actually imposing arrest quotas, fail, more rules ensue.

2. Political repression. For example the Bank of Beverly Hills was destroyed not for defying regulatory rules requiring them to make loans to Hispanics with no income, no job, and no assets, but for doubting the moral superiority of those imposing these rules. “Hostile environment” is in practice, search for thought crime. If people at your company commit thought crimes, regulators will destroy it.

3. “Disparate impact” prohibits hiring on merit and recruitment on ability, giving us the stupid elite.

To fix Disparate Impact, Hostile environment, and restriction on policing you would need to give five justices helicopter rides to the Pacific ocean, for I am pretty sure that every justice on the court currently supports these things.

The fall

December 2nd, 2016

Support for democracy is falling.

In practice, “democracy” has always been rule by the left. They fix the electorate as needed, by expanding it, “educating” it, applying political repression, or bringing in a new people to replace the old people, so as to ensure a vote for current leftism. Which gets ever lefter. And current leftism has been getting crazier and crazier, faster and faster. Which requires ever more drastic measures to massage the electorate to obtain an acceptable result.

Lockean doctrine implied a democracy of property holders – since the only legitimate activities of the state were to defend the realm and uphold property rights, and allowing non property holders to vote would obviously undermine property rights. In Whig history, the restriction to property holders and the importance of securing property rights gets forgotten.

In Whig history Lockeanism was triumphant in the Glorious revolution, which supposedly established the supremacy of parliament. Perhaps it did, but Lock and his patrons were exiled. If those in power were Lockeans they were forced to remain mighty quiet about it until the early 1800s in order to avoid the wrath of the divine right monarch.

Divine right was still live when George proclaimed that God had appointed him regent. This resulted in Trump/Bush levels of derangement on the left, and the entire Victorian era and the resulting emancipation of women and destruction of marriage can in large part be understood as an effort to retroactively destroy George the Fourth. His filthy slut wife is still today written up as a long suffering saint, and hence all women are saints, and only wives are ever wronged, never husbands. We are still today suffering under a propaganda offensive created to delegitimize George the fourth. The left is still today half cracked on anything King George related. Anything your read in official history related to King George the fourth is half lies and half butthurt madness.

Whigs got the decisive upper hand when King George’s reign ended – and two years after his death instituted lockean democracy limited to property holders. Which property restriction was progressively diluted resulting in the election of lefter and lefter governments, until in 1918 they gave large numbers of non property holders the vote, who promptly proceeded to vote against property rights. So the period where Lock’s doctrines were actually in effect was about fifty two years, from 1832 to 1884. Britain went from kingly and aristocratic rule to democracy of the propertyless with an intervening period of rule by the property owning classes of about fifty to ninety years, from 1832 to 1884, or from 1832 to 1918.

This was classical liberalism, libertarianism, which is a reasonable and sane form of leftism. But it did not come to power by itself, could not come to power by itself. It came to power in coalition with two evil and crazy forms of leftism, hatred of colonialism and the doctrine that women are angels, which doctrine of women as angels was used as a bludgeon against King George and the Aristocracy, and continues to be used as a bludgeon against King George and the Aristocracy, even today.

Pretty soon the evil and crazy left devoured the sane left. Since women are angels there is supposedly no need to coercively enforce chastity on them, and the marital contract only needs to be enforced on men, not women, Enforcing it on women is supposedly just misogyny. The result was what you would expect, a massive wave of female promiscuity and adultery, for example the whore Florence Nightingale and the slut Queen Caroline, and a vast horde of illegitimate children.

A lot of libertarians believe that if we refrain from subsidizing fatherless children, we will not have fatherless children. Victorianism proved this false, with far too many women giving birth in dark alleys in the rain. If you don’t have a welfare state to support fatherless children, you have to do what the Victorians failed to do, forcefully coerce women to behave chastely, subjecting them to the authority of responsible male adults with authority to use corporal punishment. We wound up with a welfare state in large part because the Victorian failure to police female chastity with male authority and physical coercion resulted in an intolerable torrent of bastards.

The United States is a more complicated story, because, until the war of Northern Aggression, things happened state by state. Whigs generally came to power in the American Revolution, but not always and everywhere, so came to power somewhat earlier in America than in Britain. In America, Lockeanism, democracy restricted to property owners, generally had a short life. To get acceptably leftist governments elected, had to enfranchise the masses. And then had to enfranchise even more of the masses. And then enfranchise women. And then had to bring in the third world to replace legacy Americans.

Religions are synthetic tribes. So we are always ruled by a theocracy, defining religions broadly to include quasi religious doctrines like communism and proggism. But proggism, the religion descended from whiggery, itself descended from puritanism, has become ever more evil, ever more insane, and is getting crazier faster and faster. This is inevitable in a state religion that lacks an archbishop and a grand inquisitor to prevent holiness spirals. If adherents of a belief system took power, the way for the next guy to take power is to adhere to that belief system only even more so and with knobs on top.

So the day inexorably comes when proggism shall fall, and with it democracy.

Lockeanism was a pretty good idea – but ultimately it was a mere tool to power, and rapidly got left behind in the holiness spiral. The good ideas got used up, and the ideas remaining are demolition of Chesterton’s fence. When your ideology takes power, it becomes a state religion, and you are going to need an archbishop and a grand inquisitor to prevent your ideology from being devoured by those holier than you are.

You have to have someone whose job it is to stop holiness spirals, to officially discredit those who preach more than the required level of holiness, to ensure that those possessing state power are sufficiently holy but not holier than the King, the Archbishop, and the Grand Inquisitor.


November 30th, 2016

We just have to have stronger frame than theirs.

Their frame is that they are virtuous and we are wicked, and that we know they are virtuous and we are wicked.

They refuse to interact with anyone who fails to accept their frame of moral superiority – that they are better than us because they deeply care about people located in places that they cannot find on a map of the world.

In actual fact their supposed good intentions usually have horrifying and brutal effects on the supposed beneficiaries, and when their supposed good intentions have horrifying effects on the supposed beneficiaries they are entirely comfortable and have not the slightest hesitation in blaming the victims, as for example the recent aid to Haiti fiasco, the earlier imposition of Aristide on Haiti at gunpoint which resulted in Aristide torturing to death very large numbers of real, suspected, and imaginary rightists in highly creative ways, the humanitarian intervention in Syria which if Russia had not intervened would have resulted in the total genocide of the Alawites, the expulsion of Christians to Lebanon, and the expulsion or genocide of several varieties of Shiite, in particular the genocide of the Palestinian Shiites, and the very similar humanitarian intervention in the Congo which predictably resulted in many, perhaps most, Tutsi women in the Congo being vaginally impaled with objects larger than themselves

Our frame has to be that they are hypocritical sycophants engaged in an ever escalating contest to speak power to truth, that they mindlessly regurgitate ignorant and formulaic Stalinist boilerplate to ingratiate themselves to power, power that is alarmingly capricious, brutal, cruel, terrifying, and erratic. That goodness begins at home – which implies that a grown woman with no husband is a bad woman.

Their supposed goodness is confirmed in their minds a false history of the world in which white males cause black and female underperformance. They supposedly believe that women and blacks are equal while indulging female irresponsibility and black violence. Women are in practice treated as children, except that when a child misbehaves the child is hauled off to the responsible adult who is told to discipline his child, but women misbehave and get away with it, for no one can haul them off to the responsible male who will be told to discipline his women.

In their history of the world Rhodesia, the Belgian Congo, segregation and slavery were hurtful evil crimes against blacks committed because whites hate blacks. They read and believe a press in which covers in hostile and mendacious detail every incident where a white kills a black, while piously ignoring an enormous number of incidents where blacks attack whites out of hatred inculcated into them in school, in university, and in the mass media.

In fact, blacks were immensely better off under white rule in Rhodesia and the Belgian Congo than before and after, slavery was necessary because of black disinclination to work for a living, and ever since slavery whites have been carrying blacks upon their backs. Segregation was an early form of affirmative action for blacks, artificially creating a black middle class by protecting them from white competition.

Their supposed moral superiority rests not on actual deeds to friends and family, which are generally hateful and contemptible, but on what they have been mendaciously and flatteringly told about things that happened long ago and far away.

Hard core and softcore Trump appointments

November 26th, 2016

Early appointments hard core, and primarily directed at those departments that you need to prevent a coup by the permanent government against the president, or make a self coup by the president against the permanent government.

Later appointments softcore cuckservative, and directed at those departments that are irrelevant in the event of a coup.

A big exception to this is the Department of State, which applies semi soft power to overthrow foreign governments and manipulate political outcomes within America. It does not directly control anything that can be directly used to make a coup, except for organizations like the CIA for which Trump has already chosen an establishment figure who is nonetheless extremely hostile to the State Department, but it does control the NGOs that can send out a mob of protesters to delegitimize the government and provide justification for a coup. Trump’s plans for dealing with the State Department (coup central) are unclear. I conjecture he is going to promise them someone they are happy with, then change his mind a few weeks after becoming president, once he has his own men in the army, the FBI, and the justice department.

Hail Trump

November 26th, 2016

That is Hail, not Heil

That is Hail Trump as in Hail Caesar Augustus, not Heil Trump as in Heil Hitler.

This is a reference and reverence to God Emperor Caesar Augustus who did to decadent Roman democracy much what Hitler did to decadent German democracy for much the same reasons, but fortunately your average Harvard graduated social justice warrior does not know any history other than Hitler killing the Jews, whites enslaving blacks, and that every thing was invented by blacks except what was invented by women.

That is why we call him God Emperor Trump, not der Führer.

By the way, the Roman salute to God Emperor Caesar Augustus differs slightly from the Nazi salute, in that the palm is visible, rather than down, and the fingers may be semi closed, but not clenched, but don’t try it because social justice warriors will not know the difference.

We are who we are, so to salute president elect Trump in the hope that he will soon become God Emperor Trump, I recommend the military salute universally used by western armies for a long time. For extra fun points, this salute was in fact the salute used by the German army in World War II, and every other white army, but social justice warriors don’t know that.

Google searches left wing indoctrination for you.

November 25th, 2016

Duckduckgo search for Hillary Clinton images. Of the top ten images three are are photoshopped and/or selected against her, three are photoshopped or selected for her, and four are neutral photos, which is exactly what you would expect in a country split down the middle.
Google search for Hillary Clinton Images. Every single image photoshopped in her favor.

If you are using google search, you are only searching half the web, the half that carries the official truth. For Google, authoritative sources are those inside the Overton Window. If you specifically search for a subversive source, Google will find it for you, but if you do a general search, you will not easily find crimethink.

No enemies to the right

November 24th, 2016

Observe that no enemies to the left works great for the left. Obama was an office boy to Bill Ayers, communist and terrorist, and no one ever asks him to disown communists and terrorists.

Similarly observe that no enemies holier than oneself works great for Islamists:

“Hello, I am a moderate Muslim, a very moderate Muslim, with extensive connections to immoderate Muslims and considerable influence over them, so give me a basket full of degrees from high status universities and a big cadillac with girls in the front and sacks of money in the back, or else my immoderate friends might be displeased with you.”

If we disown Nazis then we have to have to disown those one step removed from Nazis, and then we have to have to disown those two steps removed from Nazis, and then we have to have to disown anyone whom the left points the finger at and screams “racist” at, and then we are cuckservatives.

If the lips are gone the mouth will feel cold. Having actual unironic Nazis in the alt-right makes it safe for me to be in the alt-right, since leftists will be too busy having mental breakdowns at the actual unironic Nazis to have mental breakdowns at me.

The left has a thousand points of evil and madness, while anyone who disagrees on a single one of those points is “literally worse than Hitler”. The alt-right is everyone who is “literally worse than Hitler”.

Typically one alt-rightist is “literally worse than Hitler” because he disagrees on one point, while another alt-rightist disagrees on a different point, so typically two alt rightists have nothing in common except the nine hundred and ninety eight points where they agree with the left.

How then should we deal with disagreements within the alt-right?

One cannot debate everyone, but you should never criticize a fellow alt-rightist you are unwilling to debate. And if you do criticize them, and do not wish to debate them, retract, apologize, and affirm alliance against the common enemy.

Remember you grew up immersed in leftism, that your media shows a radically false picture of life. In the media fathers and husbands are always wicked and/or incompetent, and generally bad for women and children, female sexuality is always chaste and pure, blacks are always magical, women never divorce men for foolish and wicked reasons, all criminals are affluent white males. So if you disagree with your fellow alt-rightist there is a very high chance that you do so in ignorance, foolishness, or even wickedness, since you were raised on media that presents evil as clever, nice, and high status, and good as stupid, nasty, and low status.

Always criticize a fellow alt-rightist as a brother, not an enemy. If you criticize your brother, it is because you want to speak to him, and him to speak to you. If you criticize your brother, you must first be willing to learn where he is coming from, you must first want to learn where he is coming from.

The Overton Bubble

November 23rd, 2016

The Overton window has formed a bubble. People inside the bubble now refuse to have anything to do with those outside the bubble, refuse to hear, refuse to understand, refuse even to notice, react to them only with ignorant crazy hatred, and if anyone respectable shows signs of listening, he loses respectability and gets cast out of the bubble. No longer will respectable people have anything to do with him. He shall be friendless and alone. Except that so many people have been cast out of the bubble that he probably will not be friendless and alone.

This particular form of the left singularity, like many forms, leads inevitably to civil war. Unlike most forms of the left singularity, it will lead to civil war that the left is likely to lose.

Know your enemy and know yourself, win a hundred battles without jeopardy
Know yourself, but not your enemy, win some, lose some.
know neither yourself nor your enemy, always lose.

The left has weaponized self inflicted ignorance, symbolized by literally and physically turning their backs on their opponents. This weapon is apt to backfire. Not a good idea to show your opponent your back.

The back turning maneuver is a DHV (demonstration of higher value) It subcommnicates “You want our attention, but are beneath us, and are no threat to us”. It will be harder to pull off once Trump imprisons the officials of a few sanctuary cities and fires the Washington press core. (Which despite being a supposedly private enterprise organization works from government offices and receives the usual services and benefits provided by government employees to people in government offices, as do a great many politically critical supposedly private enterprise organizations. The phrase “NGO” has become a joke, with even NGO employees describing their work as government employment.)

A good reply to the physical back turning maneuver is to pour an iced drink over the offender. You have to respond to the “You are no threat” subcommunication by showing you are a threat.

Trump’s secret plan to defeat Isis

November 21st, 2016

He is not telling me, and it is risky to attempt to predict the actions of individuals, but Trump has a long history of picking up hundred dollar bills lying on the pavement that everyone else refuses to pick up.

And for the defeat of Isis, the hundred dollar bill lying on the pavement is:

Islamic State’s claim to be the Caliphate rests on it being a state, on it controlling territory, a capital, a uniformed army with proper chain of command, and wealth. If you are hiding in a cave on a mountainside, you cannot be the Caliph. So, to kill Islamic State, make it stop being a state. As yet another mere terrorist organization, has less appeal.

So cut a deal with Putin and Assad for a joint attack on the capital of Islamic State. Follow Assad’s brutal example by leafleting the place telling everyone to flee or die. Give them the opportunity to flee. Then kill everyone who has not fled. Level the capital to the ground. Utterly flatten everything. What the bombs leave standing roll over with mine clearing tanks followed by bulldozer tanks. Rebuild under the control of Sunnis who are in Assad’s pocket. Make sure any Sunnis not in his pocket are dead or fled, preferably dead. Repopulate with cooperative Sunnis so that your genocide does not look too much like genocide.

Islamic State will probably still be around as a terrorist organization, but they are, or recently were, committed to realist version of Islam. If they are not a state any more, will not call themselves “Islamic State”, will not claim their leader is the rightful Caliph, merely the future Caliph.

He is keeping the plan secret, because he needs to cut a deal and it will make it hard to bargain if he is precommitted to getting the deal.

Of course the left is going to scream genocide, but their humanitarian intervention in Syria was predicated on Alawites being genocided and Christians being expelled to Lebanon, and their humanitarian intervention in the Congo predictably resulted in many, probably most, Tutsi women in the Congo being vaginally impaled with objects as large as themselves. The left murdered about a hundred and seventy million people during the twentieth century, and we should just stop taking their pious cries of moral superiority seriously.

Leftists are weak people, are noisy women and weak men, who identify with power and cruelty, and thus identify with mass murderers and torturers like Che Guevera, Aristide, and Zapata. They loved the Khmer Rouge until the Khmer Rouge lost power by murdering each other until there were not enough competent Khmer Rouge left to uphold the regime. They loved the Khmer Rouge as long as the Khmer Rouge were successfully engaging in mass murder and mass torture, and hated them when, and only when, they lost, hated them not for mass murder and mass torture, but for weakness. As small boys identify with men who drive monster trucks, leftists identify with those who murder and torture. Hence the tendency of teenage boys to be radical leftists, and to cease being radical leftists when they reach their full growth and realize they need to be careful about getting into fights lest they kill someone with their bare hands.

So why are people reluctant to pick up this hundred dollar bill?

Because of an ideological left wing progressive belief in the potency of guerrilla warfare. In practice, guerrillas only succeed to the extent that they are backed by an outside power – usually the State Department. The Vietnam war with in part a proxy war between Russia and America with North and South Vietnam as proxies, but in larger part a proxy war between the State Department’s blue empire of the consulates, and the Pentagon’s red empire of the bases, as was increasingly obvious towards the end. Islamic state is largely a creation of the State Department, a part of their efforts to overthrown various Arab regimes, in particular Libya, Iraq, and Syria. Once they go back from State to State warfare down to guerrilla warfare and lose State Department backing, they will be insignificant.