Maybe a relatively painless Soviet Style collapse?

October 21st, 2016

I have been predicting, and still predict, that the fall of the Cathedral will be long, bloody, and terrible, and that the Cathedral will likely be replaced by something that none of us want, like the Islamic Caliphate.

But lately there have been happier signs, like the Trumpening.

And the defection of Duterte from the blue empire is another encouraging sign.

Duterte won the Philippine election on a hugely popular program of replacing the dysfunctional justice system with right wing death squads.  The Cathedral could not quite believe this, but after a while started murmuring about doing something, presumably another color revolution after the fashion of Syria.

Whereupon Duterte defected from the “International Community” to China, seeking Chinese protection against US military intervention.

Hillary’s program is to restore the blue empire by overtly violent means. Trump’s program is to let it go.

What happened in the Soviet Union is that when they let Afghanistan go, then another state went, and another state went, and a landslide of states, and then Moscow itself fell.

While the International Community, the blue empire of the consulates, has been struggling with Syria, Thailand and the Philippines have wandered off the reservation. Insurrection has a habit of cascading. To restore control, it would not be sufficient to destroy Syria and have the Alawites and Christians genocided, but war with Thailand and the Philippines might well also be necessary, and might well escalate to similar degrees of horror.

War tends to become far more horrible than those starting it expect. The Cathedral is piously indignant about barrel bombs, forgetting that the neighborhoods being bombed were often quite recently ethnically cleansed of their previous inhabitants by the forces supported by the Cathedral.

It seems to me that if a neighborhood was previously occupied by group A, and then group B drives them out, it is perfectly reasonable for group A and their allies to bomb the hell out the neighborhoods new and old occupied by group B. Yeah, there are children living it those neighborhoods. And there children driven out of their homes by violence when those neighborhoods were ethnically cleansed. The Cathedral has sponsored a whole lot of violent ethnic cleansing in Syria, which caused, and entirely justifies, the violence that we now see in the reconquest of Aleppo.

And the Cathedral has sponsored a whole lot of violent ethnic cleansing in America, to which everyone piously turns a blind eye.

The empire rests on white males, while sadistically increasing the oppression of whites and males to ever more ridiculous extremes. Contrary to the fantasies of the 1488ers, no backlash ensues, instead whites and males become ever more passive, apathetic, terrorized, and emasculated. But on the periphery of empire, the empire is collapsing.

This collapse does not reflect for the most part backlash against anti white and anti male measures (though Boko Haram is unambiguously backlash against anti male measures) but the fundamental military weakness of a society that is constructed by white males, that is entirely dependent on the work and military capability of white males, and is ever more hostile to white males. The utterly extraordinary and almost incredible British defeats in Basra and Helmand province show what happens when you feminize your military. The empire is falling not because white males will fight their oppressors, but because they will not fight for their oppressors. Will the fall of the Blue Empire go all the way to Washington, as the fall of the Soviet Empire went all the way to Moscow?

How to not be offensive

October 19th, 2016


Why women get tattooed

October 16th, 2016

In general female behavior is not explicable in terms of rational pursuit of goals, but as innate reactions to stimuli, at least in anything pertaining to sex and reproduction.

And most things do pertain to sex and reproduction, at least until they hit menopause.

Thus, to explain a female’s behavior, one does not ask “what do woman want” but rather “how would this reaction to stimuli have affected reproductive success in the ancestral environment?”

It is obvious and well known that tattoos uglify women, which has a direct and substantial harmful effect on their lives and reproductive success. So, why?

Well, I can report the reason in one case. The one women where I was around when she made the decision to get tattoos initially wanted to get tattooed as a shit test. Her motivation was to test if I was strong enough to stop her from doing stupid self destructive things. Which I was. And then eventually I dumped her. After I dumped her she proceeded to do a pile of stupid self destructive things while somehow going to considerable lengths to involve me in them. The message being “see, without you to care for me and protect me from myself, I will do stupid self destructive things.”

Well, that is one case, and maybe it does not generalize, but this is the case where I know the reason why a woman got tattooed.

The imaginary Free Syrian Army

October 14th, 2016

The US is theoretically aiding the “Moderate Muslims”, the free Syrian Army, the FSA, which theoretically controls a small and rapidly shrinking patch of Aleppo.

In actual practice, those that control Aleppo will murder any male non sunni Muslim on sight, regardless of age, which makes them less moderate than Islamic State. The US is, as Putin observes, aiding terrorists.

Stuart Ramsay was in Aleppo when those moderate Muslims of the Arab Spring, the movement to make the middle east democratic and progressive, took control, and was there when they almost immediately lost control. It seems that the FSA only existed for a few weeks or months, with rank and file FSA fighters swiftly going over to those fighting holy war for race and religion, and the FSA leadership mysteriously vanishing.

In retrospect it is clear that the Arab Spring was an act of aggression by the Cathedral against middle eastern regimes, no doubt genuinely inspired by the most noble sentiments, but entirely without real local roots.

The “moderates” were, it is now apparent, rootless cosmopolitans who identified ideologically and politically with the “ïnternational community” and expected to get quasi governmental jobs, for example NGO jobs, media jobs, academic jobs, and so forth, provided by the international community, in international places.

Ramsay reports that the FSA made no real effort to set up a governing structure in the areas they controlled, unlike the various groups waging tribal and holy war against various other Syrians minutely different from themselves. This is the typical problem with quislings. They don’t really care because they expect their foreign masters to do the heavy lifting. If they do nothing, maybe their foreign masters will pick up the slack, if they do something, their foreign masters will capture most of the benefit. And if everything goes bad, they expect to be working for an NGO some place else.

The FSA, like the rest of the Arab Springers, were rootless cosmopolitans who acted the way quislings serving a foreign master typically act. And now they are all dead or fled, mostly fled. And they fled four years ago, and are now doing international community jobs like section eighting refugees into your suburb.

On the current path

October 10th, 2016

If you teach your elite to hate western civilization, whites, and modern technology, you are not going to have any of them for very much longer.

It looks rather as if 99% of western peoples are going to perish from this earth. The survivors will be oddball types, subscribers to reactionary and rather silly religions in barren edge regions like Alaska.

Recent events in Syria suggest that the Russian capability for air warfare is substantially more technologically advanced than that of the US – Russians are acting as if they think it is, and Americans are also acting as if they think it is, though no one will know for sure unless war ensues. Maybe Russians are bluffing, but when civilizations decline, it is normal for the center to decline first, while the periphery keeps going for a little bit longer. That American spacecraft rely on Russian plutonium, and that for a while America relied on Russian transport to the space station suggests that technological decline has hit America harder than Russia, is consistent with Russian air superiority over Syria.

Chinese GDP now substantially exceeds that of America.

Singapore is a trap. Smart people go to Singapore, they don’t reproduce. People illegally hiding out in the wilds of Chernobyl do reproduce. But Chernobyl is also a trap. People there turn into primitives.

The west conquered the world and launched the scientific and industrial revolutions starting with restoration England conquering the world and launching the scientific and industrial revolutions.

The key actions of the Restoration were making the invisible college into the Royal society – that is to say, making the scientific method, as distinct from official science, high status, and authorizing the East India company to make war and peace – making corporate capitalism high status. Divorce was abolished, and marriage was made strictly religious, enforcing patriarchy socially and legally, thus encouraging reproduction.

Everywhere in the world, capitalism is deemed evil, the scientific method is demonized and is low status, and easy divorce and high female status inhibits reproduction. If women get to choose, they will choose to have sex with a tiny minority of top males and postpone marriage to the last minute – and frequently to after the last minute. (“Top” males in this context meaning not necessarily the guy in the corner office, but rather tattooed low IQ thugs)

We need a society that is pro science, pro technology, pro capitalism, which restricts female sexual choice to males that contribute positively to this society, and which makes it safe for males to marry and father children. Not seeing that society anywhere, and those few places that approximate some few aspects of this ideal are distinctly nonwhite.

It is sometimes argued that the Restoration did not last long, that the Glorious Revolution put Whigs and Whig doctrine in power and ended divine right. Which version of history has Whigs presiding over the triumph of the West.


But for a hundred and twenty years, any Whig that said the Glorious Revolution was Lockean was apt to find himself in exile.

Divine right was still going strong when George declared that God had appointed him regent, though this unleashed a firestorm against him and all the Georges similar to that against Trump today.

Indeed, the doctrine that women are pure and chaste, and that therefore men are always in the wrong, which is currently being used to attack Trump, was originally deployed to attack King George, in much the same style, deploying much the same rationales. The entire Victorian era can be thought of as weaponizing the sainthood of women against that horrid alpha male, King George. To this day Queen Caroline is still sainted, and to this day they either deny that George was Regent, which makes it a bit odd that there is an entire period of art, science, and architecture known as “Regency”, or else they say he was “appointed” regent, passive tense, without, however, saying who appointed him. They are still to this day in shock that divine right was live and effective for King George.

Corporate Capitalism lasted about as long as divine right lasted. Aristocratic control of the army lasted a little longer, to the Crimean war. It is hard to say when patriarchy ended, but the sainthood of women logically implied an attack on patriarchy. If women are naturally virtuous, there is no need to coerce women to obey their marriage vows, only men. So all coercion against women was an unprincipled exception, albeit in much of the world that unprincipled exception lasted all the way to 1972. The Scientific Method, enforced and upheld by the Royal Society, lasted all the way to end of World War II.

One could argue that Whiggism was victorious in 1788, when the Whigs successfully prosecuted a revolution on the principle that all men were created equal – while refraining from suggesting that women were created equal, and kind of avoiding the issue of whether blacks were created equal, but I would not count the triumph of Whiggism in America till the war of Northern Aggression. Whiggism was victorious and triumphant in some American states starting 1788, but not in all.

The sainthood of that whore, Florence Nightingale, was part of policy of demonizing the warriors who actually fought the war, and led to a policy of logistics being carried out by high status people classified as soldiers, rather than low status people classified as camp followers acting under the supervision of regimental commanders and lower, acting under the supervision of officers who were expected to actually fight in person. This reorganization of military supply put warriors under bureaucrats, thus dramatically lowering the authority of warriors within the military. This eventually gave us today’s British army, which has two hundred generals none of whom have heard a shot fired in anger, but which can only put two hundred actual fighting men on the field of battle to combat their enemies.

The argument was that there were a lot of dismal failures of logistics during the Crimean war, but in fact it is not obvious that transferring power over feeding and clothing soldiers from those close to the soldiers being fed and clothed, to those in the capital, has led to an improvement.

The greatness of the west derives from patriarchy, science, and capitalism, which in turn derived from the divine right of Kings, the established state church, and the supremacy of King over Church, for all of these were established or greatly reinforced in the restoration of 1660, and fell apart after divine right came under sustained and venomous attack in the nineteenth century.

Maybe we still have corporate capitalism, but in the nineteenth century the state took the guns away from corporate capitalists.

Saying “Things went wrong on date X” is misleading, because entropy is constantly increasing while efforts to clean up the mess and expel entropy are sporadic, but things suddenly got a whole lot better in the big clean up of the restoration, and things started going to hell a whole lot faster after they sainted women in order to demonize King George.

While Pol is always right about Jews, the trouble with Jew centric theory is that it prescribes nazism, which is just a return to nineteen thirties leftism from twentieth century leftism. Any real fix is necessarily going to resemble the restoration, which makes puritan centric theory more applicable. And if we look at the carpetbaggers sent to rob the Ukraine, they did not come from the vicinity of Jerusalem, but from the vicinity of Harvard, the headquarters and seminary of the State Church of Massachusetts.

To keep organizational entropy under control you need one man in charge. And then the entropy grows in those parts of the state that he has trouble controlling. The decay of our civilization is priest led and priest caused, (defining priests broadly to include the professoriat and similar). So, when there was a state church under a divine right king, that king could, and often enough did, expel the entropy – frequently by encouraging problem priests to emigrate, often to America. Would have worked considerably better if England had had an inquisition, to make sure that those professing adherence to the Church of England were actually adhering to it, rather than actively subverting it. And if he had expelled the offenders to cut sugar cane in the tropical sun, rather than to America.

With the death of God, hard to manage a divine right King. Somehow I doubt that Moldbug’s crypto locks would do as effective a job as God did.

Maybe there is some other solution to installing science, the scientific method, corporate capitalism, and patriarchy, and preventing the growth of entropy within the organs of the state. But the method that mostly worked from 1660 to the early nineteenth century was divine right monarchy ruling over a church and state united.

Corporations are often effective in controlling entropy within the organization, because the CEO has plenary power. But we are not yet seeing any well run corporate states.

As the current election campaign demonstrates, America today is rather close to being church and state united, but with no one man in charge, and no inquisition, we get holiness spirals and phariseeism. Free lance witch finders always manage to drum up business more efficiently than state sponsored witch finders.

The usual way these things end is that one leftist makes himself supreme, makes it as dangerous to be to the left of him as to be to the right of him, and proceeds, like Cromwell and Stalin, to put some order into the system. And if you are lucky, he is eventually replaced by a rightist who, being a rightist, is able to put a whole lot more order into the system. On the other hand, a leftist singularity can go directly all the way into a dark age, or just kill pretty much everyone until outsiders take over.

Nuclear Technological decline

October 9th, 2016

The US no longer produces weapons grade plutonium. Supposedly this is a choice.

It has asked other countries to not produce weapons grade plutonium, and to get rid of the weapons grade plutonium they do have.

The economical way to destroy weapons grade plutonium is to burn it in nuclear reactors, to use it for power, which destroys some of it and irreversibly contaminates the rest with plutonium 240, making it unusable for weapons, though still usable for power.

Unfortunately, the US, in attempting to do so, ran into “massive cost overruns”, which is to say, technological decline. Putting it in breach of its agreements with Russia and Japan.

Under the US-Russian PMDA, originally signed in 2000, both parties agreed to dispose of at least 34 metric tons of weapons grade plutonium, enough to produce 17,000 nuclear bombs.

The US, however, has not disposed of any plutonium, despite spending a lot of money attempting to do so. If you cannot use it, probably cannot make it.

Deus Vult

October 5th, 2016

Spandrel observes that religion is our genes looking for a tribe to join, and concludes We shall drown, and nobody will save us

Alfa NL observes that Spandrel is very clever, but the natural law arguments for marriage, the family, for desiring the survival of our personal descendants are kind of chilling, and it is a lot easier say that marriage, property, and the survival of our descendents is the will of God, and that the purpose of organized religion is not to be a synthetic tribe in which the tribe secures the genetic survival of its members, but to help its members follow the will of God.  “God is a better sounding story than nihilism. I prefer the story of God. If that makes me a LARPer for holy status points in the eyes of Gnon’s guardian, so be it.”

Recall the wisdom of Heartiste, minion of Satan.  In human affairs, irrational optimism will get you your way, while rational pessimism will not.

God wills our survival.  We shall therefore win.  We shall defeat those such as Merkle that wish to take all of us quietly and comfortably with them to their graves.  We shall silence them and exile them forever from the seats of power.  We shall tear down their temples and make their temples and their prophets damnatio memoriae, so that like the Amalekites nothing remains but the condemnation, the erasure, and the memory of their wrongs.

Cathedral decision making

October 3rd, 2016

The president does not make decisions.  The presidency does not make decisions either, at least not in the sense that an individual, or a well run corporation makes decisions.

Rather, it is driven entropic forces, which tend over time tend to have certain outcomes, like a river slowly changing its course.  Thus we see the presidency gradually yielding on Aleppo.

If Xenophon, or Raffles, or Clive of India, or Atilla the Hun was running the show, he would decide whether to hold them, fold them, walk away or run.  What we see the American government doing is drifting and wobbling, and right now it is gradually drifting amorphously and slowly towards abandoning its long held plans for regime change in Syria.  By and large, the decisions of the presidency have no clear motive, no clear objective, and are not well modeled as decisions by a self interested individual.  When IBM does X, it is generally because the CEO has decided that X would be profitable.  When the presidency does something, it is the net outcome of a bunch of individuals each pursuing his particular self interest, each maximizing his particular microslice of power and his particular reputation for holiness, the net outcome of a great many individuals each with a tiny microslice of power each doing something that serves his particular interest, as a river changes its course as the net outcome of the drift of many tiny grains of sand. There are no elders of Zion, or if there are, they don’t care what happens to Zion.

If Clive was running the Aleppo operation, he would fight, or run, or cut a deal with Russia.  But the presidency is incapable of cutting a deal with Russia over Aleppo because, as the Russians have discovered, it is “not agreement capable”, a term generally used for failed states.  The American negotiators may agree with Russia that America will do X in return for Russia doing Y, but then X does not happen, not so much because anyone in America made a conscious decision to double cross the Russians, but because there is in fact no real chain of command connecting the negotiators with people who might have the ability to make X happen.  So the presidency neither fights, nor runs, nor cuts a deal.  Today it is drifting slowly in the general direction of running.

The amorphous, erratic, unpredictable, and uncontrollable drift of the presidency on matters of war and peace contrasts dramatically with Harvard’s ability to decisively and abruptly make decisions on matters of faith and morals, for example global warming or second hand smoke.  One day every academic everywhere in the entire western world believes X.  The next day, every academic everywhere in the entire western world believes Y, and not only believes Y, but has always believed Y, and has absolutely no recollection than anyone anywhere ever believed X, except perhaps a few ignorant bible thumping racist loons in the wilds of Appalachia or the marshes of Florida.

Women prefer men with the stones to rape them

October 1st, 2016

Left wing activist hot heterosexual chick with no apparent boyfriend works as refugee aid activist.  Predictably gets robbed and gang raped.  Predictably continues to work as refugee aid activist and blames German racism.

Why, you may ask, does a hot chick have no boyfriend?  Well in my experience it is extremely common for way hot chicks to have no boyfriend because they are on booty calls to guys who are, by the rather strange and hard to understand female measurement of status, higher status than they are.

This post is intended to hint she was quite likely cruising for a gang bang, and quite likely still cruising for another.  Of course I have absolutely no direct evidence that she was cruising for a gang bang.  For all I know she might have been a pure minded virgin with unfortunate naive misconceptions about refugee behavior.

But I do have direct evidence from personal experience that cruising for a gang bang from males that are low status in the ostensible male hierarchy is alarmingly common behavior among hot chicks, and of course all us with any significant contact with women know from direct personal experience that most women are unimpressed by the ostensible male hierarchy.

Indeed one of the primary functions of patriarchy is to overrule female choice so that pussy goes to males who are high status in the ostensible male hierarchy, rather than high status in the disturbing and hard to fathom way that women perceive status – so that pussy goes to high IQ prosocial, well behaved, brave and hard working males, rather than to the Jack Dawson character in the film “Titanic” – an unsuccessful musician with no apparent means of support, whose numerous real life equivalents live mostly by sponging off their numerous high IQ high socioeconomic status girlfriends, partly by folding sweaters, partly on welfare, and partly on burglary and drug dealing.

Bunker busters said to be war crime

September 29th, 2016

As you know “the international community” is denouncing Russia’s use of bunker buster bombs as a war crime.

There is a rebel video on you tube examining the hole made by a bunker buster.  Looks like the bomb blast went through two meters of concrete to blow up inside a bunker.

Somehow I doubt that you will find all that many civilians under two meters of concrete inside a bunker.  But I rather suspect you might find a few members of “the international community” in there.

Looks to me that Putin is using bunker buster bombs to bust bunkers.