The first confrontation between the Trumpenreich and the permanent government.

February 6th, 2017

If Trump, vivat rex, appeals to the supreme court and wins, a Pyrrhic victory. But do not fear, there will be many more confrontations.

if he appeals to the supreme court, loses and cucks out, then he is, like Reagan, just another speed bump in front of the progressive steamroller.

If he appeals to the supreme court, loses, and ignores them, a huge victory.

When Kevin Rudd attempted to slow the exponentially increasing flood of “refugees” to Australia (most of them not from war torn countries but from India and Bangladesh) the courts aggressively overruled him, expanding their authority. When Tony Abbott actually stopped the flood of “refugees”, the courts aggressively overruled him, further expanding their authority. “Refugees” remained stopped, eventually resulting in courts suddenly and quietly accepting a diminution of their authority to merely judicial matters.

Trump’s confrontation has not started as auspiciously as Tony Abbott’s confrontation, but then Tony Abbot had the benefit of Kevin Rudd in front of him. Kevin Rudd had promised to stop the “refugees” and failed, and then Tony Abbot promised to stop the “refugees” and thus had implicitly promised to ignore the courts, and had a mandate to do so.

So far, Trump is acting more like Kevin Rudd than Tony Abbott, which worries me. But Trump is twice the man that Tony Abbott was, and ten times the man that Kevin Rudd was. So I hope and expect that this will change when the time is right to strike down his enemies.

The solution I would really love to see is congress fire the United States Court of Appeals for The Ninth Circuit and institute a new bench of solid Trump judges, as the constitution explicitly provides for. But congress is full of cucks.

Trump is going to exhaust all legal remedies. He will appeal this to the supreme court once his judge gets put on the bench.

As commander-in-chief, Trump can, legally, declare martial law, formally adjourn Congress, send all judges to military prisons, and govern by executive degree. That might be unwise at this time, but a good confrontation with the judiciary with the judiciary acting in a blatantly unlawful manner could bring us a good step closer.

Courts predictably rule Trump’s election platform illegal

February 4th, 2017

The judicial order is clearly illegal, being an exercise of executive, not judicial, authority, as it was in Australia. In Australia Tony Abbott ignored the courts, and found loyalists to enforce his will. Courts then went quiet, no drama ensued, and the precedent that the executive gets to make executive decisions is now respected in Australia, for the moment, despite the fact that Tony Abbott has been replaced by someone obviously weak kneed.

Upon being successfully defied, the Australian courts acted guilty, rather than outraged, eventually accepting their loss of status, and have made no attempt to reclaim the inflated status that they previously enjoyed and successfully claimed. They have been successfully humbled, and remain humbled.

After the Flight 93 election

February 4th, 2017

Comes the hour, comes the man. Trump, vivat rex, is president, and may well take the throne and save America from catastrophe.

But what happened at Berkeley University when Milo attempted to give a talk shows that winning, we can never afford to lose again – if there is danger we might lose, we cannot afford a free and fair election, for the left intends to devour us. The stakes are now too high to allow democratic elections to continue. A single defeat will be absolutely permanent and fatal. Once in power they will utterly crush us, and never give white males a chance to regain power. So we have to do them before they do to us.

They have stopped listening, they will not hear. So, inevitably they fear us, demonize us, and will attack us, are beginning to attack us. Berkeley is Krystalnacht for “racists”. We therefore have to attack them, in a more organized, efficient, systematic, and deadly fashion, to ensure that they will never regain political power.

The attacks in Berkeley were done under the protection of a police no arrest policy and where there is a police no arrest policy, you can be pretty sure that the person issuing those orders to the police, is the same person issuing orders to the rioters, and that destruction and the conflict between police and rioters has been scripted and choreographed, usually by someone who loathes and despises rank and file cops.

You can also be sure that if we did the obvious thing and organized some brownshirts to protect our freedom of speech and freedom of assembly, the original purpose of Hitler’s brownshirts, that no arrest policy would be instantly dropped.

So, if brownshirts are out, then blackshirts. Fortunately Trump, vivat rex, is president

Trump, vivat rex, has threatened Berkeley funding, and his FBI (yes, the FBI is mostly loyal) is examining that no arrest order and examining Berkeley for complicity in organizing the riots.

Imagine if Hillary was president. Then any campus that did have an arrest policy would be getting the black-lives-matter treatment from the justice department, and pretty soon there would be a no-arrest consent agreement to allow antifa to beat people up and set fire to stuff.

Once you have the terrorists out of the cockpit, you do not let more terrorists board the plane on the next stop. If they had won this election, their victory would have been permanent and irreversible. They would have crushed us with physical violence, and brought in a hundred million black male military age Muslim voters to maintain the superficial appearance of democracy. If they win any subsequent election, their victory will also be permanent and irreversible.

The basic theory of democracy is that instead of holding a civil war, every so often you count heads, declare who would have won if you had actually held a civil war, and proceed in a civilized manner, thus avoiding a lot of death and destruction. But if you count women and blacks you are not really doing this. Further, if one side will not listen to the other, and thus inevitably demonizes the other, you are not going to get enough civility for the losers to peacefully acquiesce. The left is not civil enough for us to peacefully acquiesce. Should we hold an election and they win, we just cannot afford to yield power, so best not to hold anything like a fair election.

Politics, they say, is war by other means. With “no platforming” it has become war by familiar means. If they have the power, they will not allow us a platform. We have the power, we dare not allow them a platform.

Trump Derangement Syndrom and Status

January 31st, 2017

Trump’s 2017 order on Muslim immigration is not very different from Obama’s 2011 order.  But what makes it different, the reason liberals weep tears of outrage, is that during his election campaign Trump committed Lèse-majesté, blasphemy, against Muslims.

Now suppose a bunch of sluts and whores go into a Cathedral and perform obscene acts on the altar disrupting the service, and get away with it, then that lowers the status of Christians, and raises the status of sluts and whores.

Thus, when Russian cops jailed Pussy Riot for trespassing in a cathedral and committing obscene acts, the progs were outraged, because sluts and whores are high status, while Christians are low status, and obviously high status people should be able to give low status people a hard time, and low status people should just suck it up.   High status chickens peck low status chickens, and low status chickens do not peck back, they peck lower status chickens. High status chickens go where they please, and lower status chickens get out of the way.

If Putin does not let sluts and whores give Christians a hard time, he implies that sluts and whores are lower status than Christians, which of course causes progs apoplectic rage, because it casts doubt on the status of progs.  Until Trump was elected, looked very much as if progs were going to defend their status with nuclear weapons.

If Muslims are allowed to go where they please and give ordinary white people, aka racists, a hard time, that implies that Muslims are higher status.  Which implies that progs are even higher status.  If they are not allowed, that implies that progs are not higher status.

You will notice that Trump is creating safe zones in the Middle East for Muslim refugees.  Which is arguably a lot better for Muslim refugees than coming to an alien country where they cannot get wives or jobs.  The problem for progs is that not just that they want Muslims to go where they please, they want them to go where they please and give ordinary whites (racists) a hard time.  They are not worried about the welfare of Muslims refugees, but their status.  Safe zones, instead of US migration, undermines Muslim status relative to white Americans. It denies Muslims the opportunity to prove that working class white people in flyover country are low status contemptible hateful people who do not matter.

Hence the seemingly peculiar proposition that Trump is being racist.  Islam is not a race.  Banning Muslims is like banning communists. There are Muslims of all races and communists of all races. Trump is not banning Hindus. There are plenty of Muslims in Russia with better claims to Aryan ancestry than any Southern white gentleman, and there are plenty of Muslims in the countries on Trump’s ban list that are as white as any American – for example Assad’s wife, Asma al-Assad.

Trump’s ban is racist because it raises the status of white Americans, not because it lowers the status of Muslims. It is racist not because it lowers the status of nonwhites, but because it raises the status of people that progs hate and wish to destroy. Same as Putin’s police arresting Pussy Riot for vandalizing a Cathedral.

That Alawites tend to marginally whiter than some other Syrians is of course a major part of the reason why the State Department wants them genocided, but there is a very large minority of Syrians of all religions as white as Asma al-Assad. Asma was a Sunni, and Sunnis are a major part of the refugees from Syria. The ban is not racist because it lowers the status of Muslims, it is racist because it raises the status of American whites, particularly those American whites in marginal electorates in flyover country who have had large numbers of Muslims refugees dumped on them and are now suffering inner city levels of murder and Rotherham levels of rape, due partly to the fact that Muslims tend to rape infidels, indeed arguably this is a religious duty, and partly due to the fact that the refugees are generally single military age men who do not speak English. Of course they are going to rape, even if it was not their religious duty.

Progs are apoplectic with rage because the Muslim ban raises the status of the sort of people in flyover country who voted for Trump, and thus lowers the status of progs. People in flyover country are low status, so should get pecked, and Muslim refugees are dumped upon them to do the pecking. Trump grants the people in flyover country high status. Trump is acting like a King, the fount of all honors mortal and divine, hence the prog cry “Not our president”. They reject his status, and his power to grant status, because they see he is disinclined to grant them the status they deem appropriate.

Long may the God Emperor reign.

You will notice that progs are almost as much outraged by Trump’s safe zones as by his ban on Muslim immigration, for the one takes away their power to rub their enemies faces in the dirt almost as much as the other.

The psychological benefits of protectionism

January 29th, 2017

Free trade is good on average, but:

1. Protectionism declares production, which is at present condemned as fascist nazi sin against Gaia, to be righteous and good.  Protectionism strikes at the moral superiority of progs, who think that shutting down factories, mines, and sawmills is inherently virtuous.

2 .  International agreements like the Transpacific Partnership are not free trade, and impair people’s ability to form families and have children, which harms the kind of people that voted for Trump.

3.  Even genuine free trade, even though beneficial on average, hurts some people.  In particular free trade between China and the US tends to equalize worker’s wages between China and the US, which harms the kind of people that voted for Trump.  On the other hand, free trade between Britain and the US is fine for the kind of people who voted for Trump.

When Trump permitted two pipelines, conditional on them using US made steel in US made pipes, the delicious liberal tears flowed – for not only did they consider the pipelines sinful, but they considered US made steel and US made pipes sinful as well.  When Trump added those protectionist conditions to the pipelines, he used the bully pulpit to tell liberals that they were not holy, that producing stuff is right and good.  No matter what the detrimental effects of protectionism on efficiency, the effects of a moral climate that condemns work and production as sinful and illegitimate is a thousand times worse.  When Trump explained his permits to the American people, Trump told the people that a steel mill belching out carbon dioxide is a good thing.

Obviously free trade is good on average.  But international trade agreements that consist of thousands of pages of legalese like the Transpacific Partnership are not free trade.  Rather, they are arrangements to replace local regulation with regulation by “The International Community”.  But distant regulation is necessarily more rigid, inflexible, and out of contact with reality, than local regulation.

Local regulation is corrupt in that you have a beer with a friend, who has a beer with his friend, who arranges that the regulation will be overlooked for you.  Or one of your employees seduces the bureaucrat.  Distant regulation, international regulation, is corrupt in that you hire a team of Harvard lawyers and team of lobbyists, who occupy several towers in Washington and New York City and get to write the regulations that bugger your competitors more severely than they bugger you.  Thus distant regulation, the Transpacific Partnership, inevitably favors giant corporations in major cities, and crushes small businesses in small towns – favors the people who voted against Trump, and crushes the people who voted for Trump.  When Trump dumped the Transpacific Partnership, he took a boot off the throats of the people who voted for him.

Inevitably, international trade agreements like the Transpacific Partnership favor people in the big cities, and hurt people in flyover country, hurt the people who voted for Trump, benefit the people who voted against Trump. So people move from flyover country to the big cities.  And it is hard to marry in big cities, and there is nowhere for the kids.  Women in big cities, like women on international trips, are free from the watchful eyes of friends and family, and tend to fuck around, rendering them unmarriageable.  If you repeatedly reuse stickytape, it stops sticking, and women that fuck too many men become emotionally incapable of bonding to husband and children.  Also, in the big city, hard to know what your wife or girlfriend is doing.  In a small town, your wife will not misbehave, because she knows news will get back to her husband.  Because the big city makes it easier to cheat on your wife or husband, the big city makes it harder for men and women to cooperate to form families.  Notice that most of those women screaming in outrage about Trump grabbing women by the pussy are big city women who are old enough that they are quite safe from the likelihood that Trump might grab them by the pussy, are single, are too old to marry and have children, and are facing what they thoroughly deserve, a lonely and unloved old age.  Again, Trump benefits those who voted for him, and to hell with those who voted against him, to hell with those who are now screaming at him and weeping tasty tears.

The urban gene shredder

January 29th, 2017

The discussion on the Jewish question raised several interesting and important issues, which tended to be drowned out by obsessive and repetitious discussion of the kill-them-all-and-take-their-stuff option.  (If you think too much about outgroups, it is bad for your mental health.)

One of which is that Latin America browned out and went down the shithole because brownish people in the countryside reproduced and whitish people in the cities did not, and were replaced by brownish people from the countryside.   Failure of elite reproduction.

But failure of elite reproduction is going to make us stupid even if the city imports fresh elites from a white countryside.  Pretty soon we will need Jews to rule us (descended from rapidly reproducing orthodox urban Jews) just to keep the electricity and water going, just as Nigerians need whites and Chinese to keep the electricity and water going.

Mormons manage to reproduce in the cities.  Right wing Jews manage to reproduce in the cities.

Men and women want to form families, but fail because of prisoner’s dilemma.  There is an obvious state level solution to this:  Empower husbands, disempower women.  Authorize more violence by husbands, both in that they should be allowed to physically discipline wives and children, and in that they should be allowed to kill adulterers.  Also death penalty for sleeping with another man’s wife, regardless of who carries the death penalty out. Enforce chastity on women, with “Homes for Wayward Girls”, similar to the female factory in late eighteenth century Australia.  Lower the legal and social status of women.  Prohibit women from exercising authority over men, other than their sons.  Generally encourage manliness.  Legalize dueling.    Give property owners broader police authority. Videos should depict feminine women, manly men, patriarchal families, and obedient and respectful children.

Orthodox Jews and Amish are successful in reproducing in substantial part because they keep their kids out of an education system hostile to males, manliness, and household formation.  Reversing credential inflation is important.  Girls should finish formal education at puberty, and men not long thereafter.  Engineers educate themselves informally all their lives.  Everyone should do the same.  It is easy now in the age of the internet.   Unfortunately businesses are legally compelled to rely on educational credentials.

Trump’s family successfully reproduced in a society hostile to males and family formation, possibly because the Trump dynasty is uncomplicatedly and straightforwardly patriarchal.  A large part of this is sheer force of personality, which men can and should cultivate.  Be like Trump.  Trump Trump Trump.

But force of personality will not do you much good if there are no marriageable women, and there are no marriageable women in Silicon Valley.  Look at Zuckerberg’s wife and Bill Gates’ wife.  In Silicon valley, the pump and dump lifestyle is simply the only viable strategy, because we have a social order dedicated to making women unmarriageable.

Fathers need to protect daughters from this social order, but it is hard for them to do so.  If you are a silicon valley engineer, and you want to get married, need to take a year off and go for a trip around the world.

Trump’s healthcare plan

January 28th, 2017

Trump has explained the free market part of his healthcare plan in detail. It is heavily influenced by the free market part of Singapore’s tremendously successful free market healthcare system. I have no doubt that if implemented as described, it is going to work and work well.

Trumps plan for the free market healthcare system is great.

But what about Singapore’s socialist healthcare system for the poor and unfortunate?

Trump gets vague. Hospitals, he tells us, are going to get paid to take care of people “who really cannot take care of themselves”.

The trouble with this is that as I said earlier if bums, vagrants, and drug addicts go through the same intake, queue in the same line, and get the same treatment as you and me, there are going to be so many drug addicts looking for free drugs, and so many vagrants looking for free room and board, in line ahead of you and me that you and I are not going to get treated.

The way Obamacare deals with this problem is that you and I cannot afford to get treated because we are paying so much to look after drug addicts and vagrants.

Obamacare has provided insurance for everyone, by making everyone equally uninsured, provided equal access to everyone by equally denying everyone access. Obamacare has, predictably, collapsed. Ann Coulter cannot get insurance that covers broken bones and cancer. If you cannot get insurance that covers broken bones and cancer, not much point in having insurance at all. (Ah, but she is guaranteed free abortions, which get priority above broken legs.) If she suffers anything expensive, she will wind up with the same treatment options as the homeless bum who heads to hospital for free room and board. Which is to say, really crappy room and board, which is what you got in place of treatment in Cuban hospitals. Universal healthcare for the poor has become universal lack of healthcare for the well off.

The healthcare system has, predictably, collapsed, because it is being swarmed by bums, vagrants, and drug addicts.

When you fly, there is business class and cattle class. For Trump’s plan to work, hospitals are going to have to have separate intakes for those who are insured and paying deductible, and those who are getting free handouts. And those who are getting free handouts have to be made to really wish they were getting the kind of treatment that those who are insured and paying deductible get.

The big, big, problem, the problem he is being very quiet about, is preventing his plan for “Insurance for everyone” from devouring free market insurance the way Obamacare did. To prevent it from devouring the free market, you have to be mighty harsh on people who are getting medical care free.

You cannot adequately take care of bums, because bums will always demand more care than can be supplied. Thus a genuine universal scheme always winds up not providing care for anyone. If Ann Coulter breaks a leg or gets cancer, probably will wind up flying to Singapore, Thailand, or India.

For Trump’s scheme for “those who cannot take care of themselves” to work without destroying healthcare for paying customers, hospitals are going to have to have a separate door for “those who cannot take care of themselves”. And behind that door there needs to be someone with a taser, a stun gun, and a baton, plus doctors with a very simple and effective treatment for drug addition and obesity. They give the druggie no drugs till he completes withdrawal, and the obese person with no food at all till he is slim. Doctors have a hundred too clever by half rationales for not giving unpopular treatments. For non paying customers, however, need to give the most unpopular effective treatment possible.

Poll on the Jewish Problem

January 27th, 2017

The Jewish Problem

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The bitter bitch march

January 26th, 2017

Chateau Heartiste is full of great wisdom, about how to get women to submit to your will, and about what motivates women, and has put his insightful finger on the Washington Women’s march. It is the Bitter Bitch March.

Ashley Judd is the star and exemplar of the anti Trump women’s march. Ashley Judd is single, childless and forty eight, soon to be forty nine. She is a nasty woman. In other words, she has failed as a woman. He ex husband, whom she dumped, has a hot young wife, a woman as beautiful as Ashley used to be when she was married to him, who recently gave him a child.

She used to be super hot, she was a movie star – but her perception of her sexual market value grew ever more inflated as her actual sexual market value hit the wall. Her last real movie was “Someone Like You” in which she was thirty three and her character was a woman waking up to falling sexual market value and about to hit the wall. Since then she has been in NGOs and a few political movies, and one real television series where she played a single woman with no love interest – only one year of real acting work – in other words, since she hit the wall fifteen years ago she has primarily been on the State Department payroll as part of its program of state sponsored leftism to move America and the world left.

Yesterday, a whole bunch of State Department heads “resigned” – in other words, were fired by Trump. I suspect she will not be getting any more gigs during the Trumpening. Childless, alone, and soon to be unemployed.

A man is not old at forty or fifty but a childless woman is. And in her old age, no one loves her and she is useful only for hurting people and making trouble. A nasty old woman, angry at older men with hot young wives, and about to be fired.

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals

January 25th, 2017

This is an Obama program, still legal and operating right now, that gives illegal immigrants who are “children” de facto legal status – automatic permission to live and work in the United States, provided that they apply for it and register. In effect, retroactive magic soil citizenship, retroactive anchor babies.

Question: How young does your child have to be to be your retroactive anchor baby.

Answer: Your child had to be under sixteen when you arrived. If you illegally entered the USA with a child under sixteen, he can be your anchor baby.

People are telling Trump to let it stand, for if he stops it the press will go crazy with pictures of cherubic five year old orphans, and he will be discredited.

In Australia Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull had a big run in with the press on imprisoning and throwing out cute little babies who had arrived illegally, or were born in Australia to illegals, and who were suffering from sad photogenic illnesses that supposedly could only be treated in Australian hospitals. If Tony Abbot and Malcolm Turnbull can tough it out, Trump should breeze through it.

No other advanced country in the world gives citizenship on location of birth (Except Canada). Nearly every country very recently used to give young illegals, and children of illegals born on magic soil, the heave ho, and there was never anything controversial about it until very recently. Further, Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull got away with reversing the supposedly irreversible tide of history, and undid magic soil citizenship. The press thought it outrageous and extremely controversial, but it simply was not. In the end, no big deal. The dogs barked, and the caravan moved on.

On the face of it, giving illegals who have been in the US a long time citizenship is reasonable – if it was accompanied by measures to stop new illegals from arriving and deport recently arrived illegals. Which it never is. Wall and deportation has to come before amnesty.