And now to manufacture a Kent State Moment

But alas, no protestor is volunteering to die, and no cop is volunteering to be the designated bad guy.

The Occupy X encampments are drawing ridicule, because the incentives provided to draw campers (free food, free camping gear, free sleeping bags and a free urban campsite) tend to attract failed would-be members of the crust. The occupiers discredit the left by being over educated and under intelligent, and remind us that though a training in leftism is prerequisite for membership of the crust, there are not enough upper crust jobs for every idiot with a training in leftism and little else.

And so, time to end the occupations with a grand confrontation.

Randomly selecting the first news story on the Oakland confrontation, the first identified protestor in the story is: “Max Alper, 31, a union organizer from Berkeley” – a paid employee of a union. The unions at these protests are somehow always government unions.

I suspect what is happening here is not an attempt to generate dramatic riot footage, Greek style, which would probably just piss off most Americans, who are rapidly coming to the conclusion that the occupiers are spoiled brats whose fathers neglected them by failing to provide some vitally needed spankings, but rather to get some copy cat protestor to actually throw rocks at police accurately, instead of throw rocks and somehow always miss, thereby provoking some genuinely enraged cops to genuinely beat the crap out of the offender, who would then alas die in hospital, thus supplying a martyr. But every cop knows if he gets caught on video performing the Kent State Moment, he is going to be a human sacrifice. The plan is for some other cop to be the human sacrifice. Oakland cops are notorious for beating the stuffing out of people, which is probably why they were selected for this riot – but I doubt that any cop is going to beat the stuffing out of anyone when the entire world mass media is eagerly awaiting the event.

At the moment the designated victim is Olsen, who was hit in the face by a police projectile, causing him to bleed a few drops of blood. Kent state it is not.

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  1. Looks like the protesters got their wish, sort of:

    How heavy are tear gas canisters?!

  2. PRCalDude says:

    The Jews survived by moving from one ghetto to the next for near two thousand years, by being willing to pick up and move at any moment. As individuals, whites will increasingly find themselves in that situation, where plenty of nice places remain, but setting down roots in any one of them is inadvisable.

    Is this the Western way? What would have happened if the Spartans and Franks had acted this way?

    I can see your point, but pulling up roots and moving whenever necessary won’t be possible because we’ll just eventually outmarry with the native population of wherever we’ve settled, just as the Jews have done.

    Also, the Jews have a specific 4 thousand year-old religion and ethnicity to cling to. Whites have neither.

    Eventually, the only way to hold territory is to fight for it. If we won’t do that, then we won’t exist. I predict we won’t do it since we essentially don’t believe in anything and thus see no reason to exist.

    • jim says:

      Is this the Western way?

      It is not the way of those westerners that survived. Having been unmanned and disarmed by Roman occupation, the Britons were genocided by the Angles and the Saxons. Similarly the Greeks in Greece repeatedly suffered barbarians passing through who killed every Greek male, so that surviving Greeks are not descended from the original Greeks.

      Observing surviving Westerners, the winners were always quite severely patriarchal, and the women perfectly virtuous. This led to social cohesion, family connections. Reading old histories, what would happen is that three hundred knights would show up to assist so and so because such and such was married to so and so. The description of the battle was preceded and followed by a soap opera of so and so loved such and such, and this person promised his daughter to this other person, a long story of who was related to who by blood and marriage. A society that reproduces by lekking cannot defend itself. This is why leftists attack the family, first and foremost. By destroying social cohesion, they render the mass helpless and defenseless, a mere mob, a string of sand, that can be farmed like cattle.

      While the New Testament’s pacifistic commands were frequently disastrous, its strong social conservatism on sexual matters made Christians reasonably formidable in war.

      Note the new testament divorce laws: A woman may not divorce her husband, even with cause. A man can divorce his wife, but only for good cause. A woman divorced by her husband cannot remarry while he lives. The winning societies had those rules, plus female immorality had draconian consequences – a woman without chastity was not defended.

      In a lek based society, most men have nothing to defend, so will not defend it, and no strong connections to others, so will not gang up.

      • PRCalDude says:

        The New Testament is not pacifistic. If it were, Jesus would have told the centurion to repent and quit his day job. Instead, he praised him for his great faith and wondered why he couldn’t find such people from the Israelites.

        Similarly, the 6th commandment has always been interpreted to have positive and negative duties associated with it. Amongst the positive duties are just war and lawful self defense. See John Calvin’s Institutes or the Westminster Larger Catechism or the Heidelberg Catechism. EVen before those standards were written, a good chunk of the Roman army defending Rome from the Germans was Christian around the time Rome started collapsing in earnest.

        In Christianity, if you act cowardly towards people trying to kill the innocent, you are a murderer yourself. Jesus’ commands you to love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, but that does not mean he wants you to shirk your Sixth commandment duties.

        I think your plan is a good one, btw. OZ is the least disgusting of all the Anglosphere countries. I hope it remains so. I’ve lived with Vietnamese before and they’re pretty right wing and unPC as long as they don’t end up in government employment. I personally think I’ll just go down with the ship if I can’t come up with a better alternative. GEtting white people to work together on anything, let alone defending themselves, is like herding cats. None of the Rhodesians or South African whites learned anything from their collapse and neither will we.

        I’m interested in these old histories you write about.

  3. PRCalDude says:

    When does it all end, Jim? The reason I can’t leave CA is that I can’t see a place to go where I won’t be followed by THEM (SWPLs and the Mexicans in their employ). One spot is as good as the next to me, unless Greenland melts.

    If we’re headed for a Japanese style permanent recession, then the firehose to the Mexicans may finally be turned-off. Of course, the Japanese still find plenty of buyers for their bonds, and so do we. Either way, the Mexicans definitely spell the end of our way of life, so I might as well get used to it where I am.

    • jim says:

      The entire white population of Detroit lives in a few tiny white ghettos, and any white who shows his face outside the ghetto is apt to get the shit beaten out of him. The Jews survived by moving from one ghetto to the next for near two thousand years, by being willing to pick up and move at any moment. As individuals, whites will increasingly find themselves in that situation, where plenty of nice places remain, but setting down roots in any one of them is inadvisable. I am living in a very nice place, a zero crime area with lovely climate and views, where the only non whites are orientals – Vietnamese and Hong Kongers. Western civilization is dying, but western individuals face no difficulty surviving.

      Western civilization has recovered from near death experiences before, but any recovery would require some kind of elitist revolution, where power goes into the hands of a superior minority. The left hold power and think themselves a superior minority, but because they recruit by consensus, they are evil and insane.

      Then next civilization may well not be western, not substantially white. It will may well be Eurasian. As I have mentioned before, Singapore looks a lot newer, more high tech, shinier, than America, and those parts of Australia that are facing Asia, closest to Singapore, do business primarily with China, Hong Kong, and Singapore, look a lot newer, more high tech, and shinier than those parts of Australia that are further from Singapore and still oriented on decaying Europe.

      The word “civilization” comes from “city”. You can tell who is civilized by who can build tall buildings, as well as who can fly to the moon. The aftermath of 9/11 revealed we can no longer build tall buildings.

      The least drastic reform that could succeed would be to restrict the franchise to tax producing heads of households. This seems unrealistic to me. Collapse followed by radical change is more probable. Most likely radical change to something quite horrifying, but if we are to recover, radical change to neo-feudalism or anarcho capitalism is the least improbable path to recovery.

  4. PRCalDude says:

    The best way to “Kent State” the OWS San Francisco would be to “de-police” Oakland.

    • jim says:

      The OWS originally planned not to camp out in parks, but to occupy office buildings, symbolically important office buildings. Zombie and others report that the rentacops and security reacted swiftly and forcefully, without need for orders or coordination. We are descended from killer apes. The guards did not defend property because of orders, rules, procedures, civilization, culture, laws and police. Rather, the defenders of property reacted instinctively, but refrained from killing and eating the intruders because of civilization and culture.

      • Matthew C. says:

        I am surprised to read all this animosity towards OWS on the various libertarian blogs.

        There is a heavy streak of Ron Paul / End the Fed presence at the OWS protests, Gadsden flags, and generalized antipathy towards the crony socialism / bailout culture. Of course, there are also a fair number of unreconstructed leftists. But the protesters recognize that the current system completely screws the young and unjustly enriches the politically well connected / bankster class.

        • Steve Johnson says:

          OWS is an inter-left struggle.

          They’re on the side of the worst of the left.

          • jim says:

            Although there are always one hundred and one interleft struggles going on, OWS is not one of them – observe the government allowing their camp sites for them, both real and Potemkin, and funding free food and free camping gear.

          • Steve Johnson says:

            Well yeah, they’re being funded by the left – that much is clear. It is a leftist protest.

            The (stated) objectives are purely leftist – a wish list of the permanent government / academia.

            The implicit message, on the other hand, is that the left is running short of resources (or rather that they’ve expanded the coalition to include those they can’t pay) and that the ideologically pure and sincere aren’t getting as much as the ideologically pure but cynical and this makes the ideologically pure very angry. It’s not a coherent message – the competent but cynical are far more needed to keep the leftist machine running – but the OWS protesters certainly believe it. They also don’t believe that the competent but cynical are even on the left at all yet somehow a huge array of leftist organizations get funded by organizations run by the competent cynicals.

            • jim says:

              the ideologically pure and sincere aren’t getting as much as the ideologically pure but cynical and this makes the ideologically pure very angry.

              But not angry enough to rebel. The OWS protests are reliably echoing Obama’s talking points. That a lot of them are going off message indicates discontent with their cynical and well paid leadership, but none of them are inclined to point to the glaringly obvious fact that Obama is continuing to bail out the banksters. They are wandering off message a lot, but none of them are pointing to their cynical and well paid leadership as the bad guys. When they dissed John Robert Lewis that was the even further left dissing the far left, but you had to look carefully to see the inter left conflict. They were not holding up signs saying “we are the far far left, and we really hate the far left such as John Robert Lewis.”

        • If OWS was really opposed to bailouts for bankers, they would have protested in 2008 and 2009.

          Hey guys I hear the US Army is drafting men to fight commies in Asia, you might want to protest that too.

        • jim says:

          “There is a heavy streak of Ron Paul / End the Fed presence at the OWS protests, Gadsden flags, and generalized antipathy towards the crony socialism / bailout culture.”

          Show me one sign saying “No more bailouts”, or “Businesses that lose money should be out of business”

          Show me one sign mentioning any of the major villains: Freddy, Fannie, the FHA, Countrywide Bank, or WaMu.

          Everyone is onto Goldman and Sach, whose villainy is minor, obscure, and complicated to explain, and no one worries about WaMu, because Goldman and Sach are Jews, while WaMu, whose villainy was massive, spectacular, flagrant, and outrageous, are not Jews.

          • Steve Johnson says:

            Everyone is on to Goldman Sachs (ahem) and not your list for a few reasons:

            1) People who are more knowledgeable than average seem to be concerned about GS’s behavior and this trickles down to people who know nothing except how to look smart by parroting the right concerns. It’s fun to look like an insider by knowing who Goldman Sachs is – an organization that both no one at OWS is likely to have ever transacted with and one that an average American will never transact with. Protesting them is special. Protesting your local bank is insane.

            2) WaMu and Countrywide are out of business.

            3) Fannie, Freddie and the FHA are all government organizations (well, explicitly so) – the left knows that the only government organizations that are capable of evil or even of error are those allied with the Pentagon. They’re off the list.

            “Everyone is onto Goldman and Sach, whose villainy is minor, obscure, and complicated to explain”

            Obscure and complicated to explain – yes.
            Minor – no.

            From Huffingtonpost:

            “Goldman Sachs collected $2.9 billion from the American International Group as payout on a speculative trade it placed for the benefit of its own account, receiving the bulk of those funds after AIG received an enormous taxpayer rescue, according to the final report of an investigative panel appointed by Congress.”

            Yes, $2.9 billion is minor in terms of government spending. It’s not minor in terms of dividing up $2.9 billion dollars.

            • jim says:

              Yes, $2.9 billion is minor in terms of government spending. It’s not minor in terms of dividing up $2.9 billion dollars

              It is a minor part of the bailout.

          • PRCalDude says:

            GS steals $2.9 billion from AIG in a bailout.

            Mexicans steal about $75 billion per year in CAlifornia tax revenues alone, leaving aside federal.


        • PRCalDude says:

          Really? Out here the current system mostly involves transfer payments to Mexicans and theft by the politically connected. Until I start hearing the OWS kooks complaining about the Mexicans shutting down 12 ERs in LA County alone, driving all the non-Mexicans out, and collecting billions in taxes, OWS gets nothing but my contempt.

          Banksters were only part of the equation over the last 10 years. The Mexicans were signing up for NINJA loans like there was no tomorrow.

          • jim says:

            As I have frequently said, Sunnyvale, California, 2005, 2006 was ground zero of the mortgage disaster, and the overwhelming majority of loans were loans made to deadbeat Mexicans, gigantic loans, no money down. People whose own mothers would not loan them five bucks were buying million dollar houses with cashback under the table. Of course the loan officer who made up the lies for the Mexican to sign got some of it, and the valuer who inflated the value of the house got some of it, and if the bankster managed to unload the loan on Fanny of Freddy or some other sucker before the $#!% hit the fan the bankster got quite a bit of it, but the guy who made his mark on the contract and got ten thousand cashback under the table, plus the house, was a usually a Mexican, usually illegal.

            In all the world, most of the money was pissed away on political loans, but in the US, political loans for the most part went not to the well connected, but to protected minorities, went primarily to Mexicans, in large part to illegal immigrants.

            It was primarily a manifestation of Moldbug’s overclass/underclass alliance, not a manifestation of Moldbug’s maturity transformation.

            Maturity transformation produced, as Bagehot describes, the world wide glut of stupid money. But in the US that money mostly went not to overclass con men like Madoff the way that it usually does, but instead to underclass con men.

  5. Tschafer says:

    Yes, unfortunately for the left, conservatives have actually learned a thing or two since the 1960’s. Unfortunately for the right, they haven’t learned enough…

  6. Bill says:

    It would be a significant loss if you were to stop blogging.

  7. A large part of leftist activity seems designed to annoy conservatives into doing something embarrassing. Sometimes it even works.

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