One more crazy murderous totalitarian pal of Obama’s

Zombietime reads the writings of Obama’s science Czar, discovers he is a total loon who wants to use the panic du jour to impose a totalitarian world state.
Why is that a more or less reasonable sounding fellow like Obama has so many terrorists, totalitarians, and frothing at the mouth nutcases as friends, mentors, and allies?

I conjecture that Obama, and Obama’s science czar, is enabled by people like Larry Summers, who can find no end of rationalizations along the lines that Reverend Wright and John Holdren are moderate reformers who want reasonable and moderate changes in our lifestyles, not withstanding the fact that these guys are screaming their heads off that they are fanatics who want to totally smash our way of life.

Coalition building is a lot easier if you maintain total delusion about your allies.

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  1. Morrisminor says:

    I thnk the loons are right wing arseholes like you who are so hypocritical adn full of loathing that you have to create panic at every chance

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