Rational terrorism

A lot of people, myself included, have suggested that Breivik’s terrorism was unlikely to be effective, but he has information we did not. If his account and perception of reality is accurate, if his thesis about the reality of Norwegian society today is correct, then his terrorism mostly killed bad people who were soldiers for the evil side, and may well have the intended effects, over the lengthy intended time frame.

Brievik is handsome, intelligent, scholarly, and well read, a natural member of the elite, but in a society dominated by gangs, grew up in a white gang of vandals and thugs, mainly because the chicks dig gang bangers, particularly if their gangs are connected to the right gangs. Chicks dig bad boys, chick do bad boys, and Breivik tells us that in Norway, as in much of the US, the baddest boys get government funding and police protection.  And if you are a bad boy with government funding and police protection, you get the girls.

He smoothly made the transition from the gang elite to the nominally non gang academic elite.

According to Brievik, Norway is organized similarly to the way the Democratic party in the US in areas with a substantial non asian minority is organized.  The government directly funds the Democratic Party machine, (as for example the health insurance scam) the Democratic party machine funds and is in large part composed of community organizers, who get government money and police protection, the community organizers fund and are in large part composed of gangsters who rob, vandalize, mug, and shakedown prostitutes and good time girls for money, drugs, booze, and sex.  The gangsters get out the vote, and adjust population composition along voting district boundaries, and get government money and police protection.  If there are too many of group X in the congressman’s district, they ethnically cleanse members of group X out.

In order to travel around without being beaten up, you have to have the correct gang affiliations, which you get primarily through politics.    But suppose the price of the right gang affiliations is too high? Sometimes politics has to be backed by force. Well then you can do a drive by shooting thereby persuading this other gang that is causing your gang grief to adopt more favorable attitude.

With this social order, it is frequently rational to do a drive by shooting, to shoot up the street.  A couple of guys from your gang shoot up example street.  The gang that rules example street needs to make peace with you, so lets your gang hang out on example street, so you get to beat up the chicks in example street, take their money, and fuck them.  And the chicks dig it – hence the reproduction and childbirth statistics from those parts of America resemble the reproduction and childbirth statistics from Norway as a whole.

In Norway even females with high educational qualification, if they have children, generally have children without marriage or any long term relationship, and my personal observation (not of Norway, but of other parts of the world)  is that upper class women who have children without marriage or a long term relationship, commonly have children by thugs whom they financially support.

This act of political terrorism was also yet another gang shooting, with the important difference that Breivik, having what he plausibly claims to be a clearer perception of how things work than the average gang banger, went after members of the top gang, instead of its dark skinned minions.

Since Brievik is likely to be doing a long time in jail, he may not necessarily be reproductively successful, but in the US, a gang banger who does a long time in jail for shooting up the street for his gang nonetheless usually manages to have a couple of dozen kids on welfare by a couple of dozen women, so Brievik’s strategy may well be personally successful from a Darwinian perspective.

For Brievik’s strategy to be long term successful, his new Knights Templar need to succeed in getting laid. The top gang in Norway has been favoring gangs of the new people, the imported underclass voters, and disfavoring gangs of the previous people, gangs formed from the previous inhabitants of Norway. If this terrorist act results in a change of that policy, then gangs of the previous people, the new Knights Templar, will get more pussy, money, drugs and booze.

Gangs dominate, so you join a gang. Your gang, however is politically disfavored, so the girls give you less pussy, and less of their wages, welfare money, child support money, drugs, and booze, than they give members of other gangs. What should you do? Maybe you should do a drive by on a gathering of the most powerful gang of thugs of them all. That is what Breivik thought, and he is clearly a lot smarter than the average gang banger.

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