The end of democracy

Winston Churchill quipped that democracy is the worst form of government except all those other forms.

Democracy worked when the franchise was restricted to property owning adult male heads of households, and when the population had high moral standards. Visitors to America frequently remarked that while democracy worked for Americans, Americans being virtuous and self reliant, it would not work for the corrupt and degenerate mob they had back in their home countries.

Today the white population is substantially fatherless, the other populations generally worse, those on some form of government benefit substantially outnumber those paying taxes, and the government is buying up huge numbers of low IQ voters from the third world and importing them.

We used to at least get Mexicans who wanted to work, but increasingly, these days we get the Mexican underclass, the ones that normal Mexicans do not want, people who lived on their votes in Mexico, and proceed to do the same in the USA. We used to get Mexicans imported by farmers to pick strawberries, but we now get Mexicans imported by politicians to vote left.

Now the voters are a corrupt and degenerate mob that votes for the highest bidder, resulting in insolvency and socialism.

The modern electorate is substantially composed of bastards (people who were not raised by their biological fathers) and is in substantial part composed of an underclass purchased by politicians and imported from foreign lands.

And so democracy votes for insolvency and socialism.

Government is not the solution to public good problems, but the rather the greatest public good problem of them all.  A public that cannot themselves produce public goods, cannot produce good government.

With a corrupt and decadent public, elections become advance auctions of stolen goods.  Everything is up for grabs, thus private property is insecure, hence is not used productively.  Everything is dissipated, spent on buying votes, thus public and private insolvency.  Toyota gets sued for practicing capitalism without being a crony.

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  3. Nick Land says:

    Thanks Thales — but given the general flakiness of the platform, even I don’t have a link to Urban Future

  4. roger says:

    Dems treat elections like war. Repubs treat elections like tea and biscuits at a country club.

    For leftists politics is their religion. For rightists religion is their religion.

  5. Thales says:

    Unrelated, need to update your link to Urban Future:

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  7. VXXC says:

    “If Romney had won, the outcome would have been no better, possibly worse.”

    Yes, because other than war the modern President has limited power.

  8. VXXC says:

    I am talking about the ruin of the country, not the last election.

    We are not governed by democracy, we are governed by the New Deal, which is administrative government. It was originally virtuous and benevolent paternalism [whatever it’s faults]. Virtue is defined as the absence of corruption.

    What we have is a pervasively corrupt Ruling class that hates the majority of the country, making it impossible to govern well.

    And the majority did not vote. Obama had 66.5 million votes, Romney 65 million. America has over 310 million people. They aren’t voting, as they may have realized it does not matter.

    • jim says:

      And the majority did not vote.

      And a good thing too. Most non voters are to the left of the voters, and more easily manipulated.

      • Red says:

        The left would have to actual act in a populist manner, and they hate that. You could see how much they detested it during get tough on crimes years.

      • roger says:

        “And a good thing too. Most non voters are to the left of the voters”

        I don’t agree. That may have been true once but not now. In swing states black turnout was massive, way higher than white turnout. Obama’s voters are all color-coded and Obama took full advantage of this. For example in Ohio blacks’ representation was much higher than their proportion of the population. Democrats in swing states were identified years ahead and contacted a dozen times each once earlier voted began.

        Romney’s ground game was nil.
        Lots of whites boycotted the election on principle. Blacks almost never did.

        • jim says:

          In swing states black turnout was massive, way higher than white turnout.

          Anomalous turn out in swing states indicates not turn out, but ballot box stuffing. Black areas are one party democrat, and completely corrupt, thus easier to stuff the ballots. “Turnout” reflects one party domination of any institutions that might potentially make a fuss about ballot box stuffing.

          And naturally, in one of the districts where Obama won 100% of the vote, there was 100% turnout. What a coincidence!

          Obama won in St. Lucie County, Florida, which had over 140% voter turnout.

          • roger says:

            Well why on Earth wasn’t a Romney man at each of these poll places as an observer. It’s certainly allowed and if he gets attacked for being a poll observer, that’s good for showing the enemy as they are.

            Of course the media instantly and seamlessly melded with the Obama campaign in the end so that is hard to compete with.

            • jim says:

              We get reports from Republican observers that what looks very like a whole lot of ballot box stuffing is going on. They observe all manner of suspicious behavior and suspicious events, but are not permitted to inquire further, because any kind of examination constitutes voter supression. No one pays attention, not even me.

              Not only does the press ignore this, the Republican party ignores it. Being an observer in a democratic controlled district is a complete waste of time. You have to take complaints about ballot box stuffing to Democrat judges, and they are the ones organizing the ballot box stuffing. The state is the left and the left is the state. To prevent ballot box stuffing, would need a purge of government employees.

  9. VXXC says:

    Not all the people of course. This Son of the Valley is what’s needed…and the real bonus of this video is watching the Smug turn to FEAR…tight lipped but visible.

    Koba would have executed them all for showing either.

  10. VXXC says:

    Do not blame the people. They did not do this, for they have not been sovereign since the New Deal. You cannot blame democracy, we do not have it.

    We do not have democracy.

    And that is not a problem. It is a God sent opportunity.

    The people – a rising power – are awakening to the Great Swindle of our government, which insanely has decided to stop pretending. Insane because if your basis of governing is “manipulating procedural outcomes”..that is to say deceit…you DO NOT tear back the curtain. It’s all very well in the Wizard of Oz, but in reality he doesn’t live happily ever after being exposed. He’s torn to shreds.

    The rising power of the people also cannot be blamed for the abuses of the last 8 decades. For although in theory they might have wrought these things in fact THEY DIDN’T.

    This places the government in the position of frauds. It’s an opportunity for returning to the Constitution not as Revolution but Restoration.

    That requires power, and the only power that can is the people.

    We need a Second democracy to restore the Republic.

    • jim says:

      Do not blame the people. They did not do this, for they have not been sovereign since the New Deal. You cannot blame democracy, we do not have it.

      Probably Obama won through ballot box stuffing, but only a small amount of ballot box stuffing was required. If Romney had won, the outcome would have been no better, possibly worse.

      What is undemocratic about that?

      • secede says:

        i’ve read that states with voter id requirements voted for romney. those without voted for obama (i don’t have cite at hand). read into that what you will.

        • Red says:

          A good test to tell when the left finally has total dominance with voting: They’ll suddenly push for internet voting. Till that time you can be assured that they still need a lot of fraud to win.

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