Vice Provost for Diversity & Climate

And what, you may ask, connects these two fields?

The Center for Equal Opportunity had criticized the University of Wisconsin for its grossly race based admissions, and cast doubt on the impartiality of its grading and graduations.

And so the University of Wisconsin’s Vice Provost for Diversity & Climate organized a mob to beat the crap out the heretics, who were giving a talk at a hotel. The mob invaded the hotel. The people giving the talk escaped, but hotel employees were assaulted.

Statement from Tom Ziarnik, General Manager of DoubleTree:

First and foremost, it is our job to protect the guests of our hotel.

When threats were made by the protesters to rush the hotel, we secured all entrances to the property. Many protesters were telling us to “call the police” and “we want to be arrested.” Unfortunately when escorting meeting attendees out of the hotel through a private entrance, staff were then rushed by a mob of protesters, throwing employees to the ground.

The mob became increasingly physically violent when forcing themselves into the meeting room where the press conference had already ended, filling it over fire code capacity. Madison police arrived on the scene after the protesters had stormed the hotel.

These protesters were not guests of the hotel and were repeatedly informed that they were trespassing on private property and needed to leave, per Madison General Ordinance Sec 23.07.

We are extremely grateful that no one was seriously injured and no property was damaged.

Let us reflect on the large turnout that the Vice Provost for Diversity and Climate obtained, and the rather small turnout that showed for the “Day of Rage”

The title “Diversity & Climate” implies very great power to punish and reward, to permanently destroy people’s lives and careers. How many, I wonder, would have shown up to riot without threat of punishment, or hope of reward?  For this riot, hard to tell how much is government astroturf – other than the fact that it has been a very long time since anyone saw left riot in the US without government astroturf.

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3 Responses to “Vice Provost for Diversity & Climate”

  1. jim says:

    So I guess ‘diversity’ means black and ‘climate’ means mexican? Or is it the other way around?

    Diversity and Climate are the two major subjects on which dissent is silenced – thus the title means “Political Commissar”

  2. Alrenous says:

    So I guess ‘diversity’ means black and ‘climate’ means mexican? Or is it the other way around?

    I do so love it when they prove the allegation true by attempting to suppress it.
    It’s like accusing someone of being fat. If it isn’t true, they just go, “Uh…no?” Take a picture if it’s important; case closed. If they fly off the handle, they’re either touchy as hell or fat as hell.

    I wonder why they don’t just cover it up: falsify the records.

  3. anonymous says:

    the disappointing wall st protest perhaps indicative of a leftist protest without the usual astrotuf

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