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More clueless conservatives

Sunday, May 27th, 2012

The Volokh Conspiracy naively, or pretending to be naive, piously asks about the Brett Kimberlin incidents:

One thing I do not comprehend about either story is the apparent reticence of local authorities. I would think local law enforcement would move heaven and earth to uncover who sicced SWAT on Patterico’s home and it is unconscionable the local authorities in Montgomery County, Maryland would sit by and allow the continued abuse of legal process that has victimized Worthing.

I wonder if any commenter who attempts to explain this mystery to him gets instabanned.

Anonymized funding for terrorists

Sunday, May 27th, 2012

I was outraged to hear that Fidelity and Schwab had seemingly funded Kimberlin, but held off mentioning it because I suspected that they had merely been laundering other people’s money in their role as financial institutions – which turned out to be the case. It looks like some people funding Kimberlin unsurprisingly did not wish this to become known, thus Schwab’s name was on the check, the way the bank’s name is on a bank check – the equivalent of a brown paper bag full of small used notes, except that you cannot get a tax refund on a brown paper bag full of small used notes.

Clueless conservatives.

Sunday, May 27th, 2012

In response to Brett Kimberlin’s attacks, clueless conservatives want to conserve a system that is fundamentally broken, entirely hostile against them, and inherently structured to move ever leftwards at an ever increasing rate.  (more…)

Soros and the rest fund domestic terrorism

Friday, May 25th, 2012

Normally I would not mention this, because for me, and everyone outside the limits of acceptable discourse, that the big names of the left fund terrorism against their opponents is like reporting that bears shit in the woods and the Pope is Catholic, but lately people who foolishly thought they were within the limits of acceptable discourse have asked everyone to blog about Brett Kimberlin.  So here is the requested boring public service announcement:

Not only do bears shit in the woods, but the limits of acceptable discourse shift ever leftwards.  Check your weapons.