Fighting to lose in Afghanistan.

Hillary has just announced that it is fine by her for Karzai to steal the election.

“that bestowed legitimacy from that moment forward”

Details, x

Democrats of the Vietnam generation long for a re-run of Vietnam. Karzai is militarily incompetent, an enemy of western civilization, and is fighting to lose, thus to allow him to steal the election is defeatism, guaranteeing the Vietnam quagmire that Democrats long for.  Next stop, conscription, compulsory voluntary community service.

The correct response, as I have long argued, to this and to each of Karzai’s previous grave provocations, is to put him in a sack, and drop the sack on Pakistan’s presidential palace from ten thousand feet as a message to the president of Pakistan.

This Afghan government is clearly a disadvantage in our efforts to slay our enemies.  If Afghanistan can only be governed by enemy tyrants, why should we permit it to be governed?  Propping up governments is hard, costly, and bloody.  Propping up illegitimate enemy tyrannies is stupid.

In Afghanistan we are already defeated. From now on, it is just a theatrical display of American weakness and impotence, to the great rejoicing of our enemies within and without.

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