Fitna the movie

Most servers have been intimidated into silence, but the gutsy “Pirate Bay” is still serving “Fitna”, in bittorrent form, the only major commercial service still standing.

But the interesting thing is who is doing the intimidating. At first, it was a western, politically correct, demand for pre-emptive surrender..

Fitna shows a verse from the Koran urging murder, terror, or conquest. Then it shows today’s Muslim preachers urging murder, terror and conquest Then it shows acts of murder, terror, and subjugation. Then it shows another verse from the Koran urging murder, terror or conquest, then more of today’s preachers, then more dead bodies. In short, it is pretty similar to many Islamic devotional videos, similar to videos produced by the faithful to summon them to serve the faith, to donate their money, their lives, or their children, and in substantial part is composed of extracts from these devotionals.

Originally I wrote: “The Muslim reaction, naturally enough, has been “So What”. They are not outraged. They are bored. They get more than enough of this stuff from people asking for converts and donations.” This turned out to be dead wrong.

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