Julian Assange is a hero

Yes, he is a leftist, but he is an enemy of the regnant left, an enemy of the state, an enemy of my enemy.  Why are all these rightists complaining when Assange makes Obama look like a dangerous lunatic and the state department look like deluded religious fanatics?  Are these rightists loyal to a government that is at every level composed of men who hate them and regard them as enemies?  Apparently so.

What took down the Roman Catholic theocracy was not the light of reason, not the enlightenment, but bigoted religious zealot theocrats like Martin Luther, who were rebelling because the Church was not theocratic enough.  Julian Assange is one of those rebel theocrats.

Julian Assange’s most important accomplishment was not leaking a pile of private emails that show our masters speaking unspeakable truths that no one speaks in public.  What I found more disturbing was how often the cables were bland, how often they sincerely believed their deluded lies.  What I found disturbing was not that these diplomats sometimes spoke the truth, but that they usually did not, that while hereditary aristocrats and monarchs can usually see the truth and are apt to speak it, and foreign politicians can sometimes see it and sometimes speak it, American diplomats can seldom see the truth even when it is right in front of them.  The cables are shocking not because they reveal what was unknown, but because they sometimes reveal what everyone know but no one says – but far too often, the cables are not shocking, far too often they reveal a theocracy that piously and sincerely believes in its official religion, far too often the cables reveal a frightening lack of hypocrisy.

Julian Assange’s most important accomplishment was rubberhose, the predecessor to truecrypt.  In the long run, it is more effective to change society by changing the tools through which people interact, than by direct confrontation with the state.  The state exists only because people think it exists, and is therefore far more fragile than it seems.

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  1. Hello Jim,

    I’m writing from the BBC World Service, and I’d like to invite you to take part in a radio programme we’re putting together asking if Julian Assange is a hero.. It’s this evening 7 December 1800 GMT. The show is World Have Your Say, a global affairs discussion show. If you’d like to take part email me at xavier.zapata@bbc.co.uk thanks

    • jim says:

      Thank you for the invitation, but I seldom listen to government propaganda stations, nor am I much inclined to provide content for them, for they always report their own internal reality, and their references to external reality are mere colorful decoration, devoid of real content or relevance. While I love exposure, I am not much inclined to being a merely colorful decoration.

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