“Love Live’s Here” in action

Since Richard Spencer is a hard target, and since the alt right will not disown him, “Love Lives Here” is now gunning for his mother.

I think it is time to show “Love Lives Here” a little tough love.

This Tanya Gersh is doing a great job at dispelling hostile stereotypes of Jews. </sarcasm>

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  1. Zach says:

    I am now at war with the entrenched ideology. Starting now. I’ve had it with these liberal cunts.

  2. Alan J. Perrick says:

    He already has a good family name, you know. Spen_s_er was an Anglo-Saxon writer, first name Edmund, who wrote allegorical stories of virtuous fantasy, so to present Christian themes and rebuking of papist influences in very palatable form. The seminal writing was of course named The Faerie Queene. So it is fitting that this generation be given a Spen_c_er as well to drive forward the race.


    • anon says:

      lol the Faerie Queen. So he wrote about gay people?

      • Garr says:

        No, alt-right gossip-mongers write about gay people. I’m in the middle of Book Three of The Faerie Queene, AJP, because of my half-Jewish need to appropriate and pervert your culture, as you appropriated and perverted my father’s.

  3. vxxc2014 says:

    Gersh wants to act like a Chekist or some half assed gangster she can live by those rules.

  4. Pseudo-chrysostom says:

    >This Tanya Gersh is doing a great job at dispelling hostile stereotypes of Jew

    All stereotypes are distillations of greater truths; unfiltered emanations of common experience. ‘Hey you know that thing where…’, ‘yeah that totally happened to me too!’

    The parable of the Frog and the scorpion neatly encapsulates the relationship between neandertalics and the khazarians; they can hardly help themselves, it is in their nature.

    • Garr says:

      Google “Jews Neanderthals” — can’t you Nazifags at least be consistent about who the Neanderthals are around here? I mean, who looks more “Neandertalic”? Not you, flatface.

      • bob k. mando says:

        Porch Monkeys are the only race which has no Neanderthal / Denisovan admixture, have the most prognothism.

        Asians are the race with the least prognothic faces, have primary admixture with Denisovans.

        what next for jigaboo science?

  5. Jack Highlands says:

    In other news, the FBI is now claiming ‘credible data’ support the CIA claim about Russia hacking the election, and ‘the American intelligence agencies are in broad agreement on this.’

    They cite ‘very convincing’ items such as ‘some hackers can be traced to Russia’ and ‘they were less active on Russian holidays.’ Like Russian teenage boys haven’t been trading their chess club memberships for hacking for years.

    Anyway, bottom line is that the 3 letter agencies know heads are going to roll in the new admin and are upping the ante in advance, bigly. Interesting times ahead, especially re Jim’s Reichstag Fire idea.

  6. Jack Highlands says:

    All WN’s and sympathetic supporters who are in the Flathead Valley or are prepared to make a trip there should plan to participate in a show of strength for Richard if it becomes necessary.

      • Jack Highlands says:

        If Brett Stevens and others really get the Montana Board of Realty Regulation to act against Gersh, or Christie’s, her employer, this is great. It seems Gersh really was utilizing political threats to force Richard’s mother to sell, which would hardly be ethical behavior for a realtor, maybe not even legal.

        I will say that I had difficulty getting a clear picture of what was going on, even from Amerika, let alone Daily Stormer – it seemed like Sherry Spencer had already agreed to sell, maybe even listing with Gersh, but that was probably just further manipulation by ‘Extortion Lives Here.’

        • Fabius says:

          People should use Gersh’s same tactics against her. Scorched earth. Threaten boycotts and protests against everybody who does business with her, and generally make it impossible for her to make any income, until she publicly repents and makes a donation to NPI.

      • Jack Highlands says:

        PS: Gersh claimed to have a buyer all lined up for Sherry Spencer’s property, which was not even listed. With Gersh the agent, of courshe.

        Apparent name of the prospective buyer? Hillary Sanders. You almost gotta admire the chutzpah.

        Donald Jeff Trumpinsession should investigate.

    • Doug says:

      The Kulak method is like tracers, they work both ways

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