Russia did not hack the Democrat’s emails

And Obama and the spy agencies know it.

Wordfence, a cyber security company, reports that the attacker used version 3.10 of an open source hacking tool written by a person who speaks English that can be downloaded for free from a Ukrainian website, by anyone in the entire world.  The current version is 3.17

Presumably the KGB uses its own custom written hacking tools, written by Russian speakers, with the documentation kept under lock and key at KGB headquarters, or at least keeps its free shareware tools updated.  The tool used is not Russian malware.  It is English language open source malware, used by hackers around the world.

Wordfence report that the IP addresses used in the attack have no particular association with Russia, and are similar to those used to attack random WordPress websites.  There is no Russian fingerprint in these attacks.

Obama’s story is that the tool and the IP addresses indicate the attacker is the Russian government.  Rather, the tool indicates the attacker was some English speaking kid in his pajamas whose mother did not give him enough pocket money to buy professional hacking tools, and the IP addresses indicate he has enough smarts to hide his own IP address.

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  1. Jack Highlands says:

    In the name of sharia, the traitors who rule Britain have committed extrajudicial execution of an Englishman for merely insulting Islam:

    May they meet hemp soon.

  2. Anon says:

    Jim do you have a throwaway email at which you can be reached?

    • Anon says:

      Jim; I (belatedly) realized the post above could have been interpreted as a joke given the subject of your post so I included an actual email that I use if you wanted to shoot me a message.

  3. Alan J. Perrick says:

    Making Russia into a bogeyman may be a disastrously bad error, one made of desparation. Maybe.

    The ‘Boomers who remember Russia as the Soviet Union, who may have been disposed to being negative or indifferent to Russia, are now forced to take Russia’s side for reasons of political-partisan respectability. A lot of people were saying that the TRUMP candidacy would tear the Republican establishment asunder, with the cuckservative Grahams and McCains on the dustier side, how much more a TRUMP presidency?


  4. thinkingabout it says:

    Someone on Steve Sailer’s blog commented that it might have been Israel that did the hack.

    • jim says:

      Israel uses its own custom written software to hack, not stuff you download off the internet.

  5. peppermint says:

    What it’s about is keeping lefties in the denial, bargaining, and anger phases. Lefties must not reach acceptance because that means normalization of White supremacy and that makes them worse than Trump who is Hitler.

    They also can’t get stuck in depression because they need to keep protesting.

    Today’s headless left is making its final mistake. Meanwhile, I’m talking up nationalism to these intellectual oldfags on normiebook who who would simply have replied Hitler at any point in the past.

    • Cavalier says:

      The Trumpenführer said we would win so much we’d get tired of winning, but I think he was lying.

      If 2017 is half as good as 2016, the headless left really will be headless.

  6. Wilbur Hassenfus says:

    I read that article. Minor nitpick: The latest version is 4.x; 3.1.7 is the last in the 3.x branch.

    Major nitpick: People use old software all the time, for a lot of reasons. This doesn’t *rule out* the Russian government. Still no very strong reason to believe it was them, of course.

    Putin just said he knew Trump was going to win. That was meant to confirm to the crazies that “Russia did hack the election”, and it’ll sway a few who were on the fence. Remember that while Putin did not “hack the election”, and probably did not leak the emails, he is not our friend.

    • jim says:

      Major nitpick: People use old software all the time, for a lot of reasons.

      When using hacking tools, you don’t want to use hacking tools the enemy is likely to be familiar with. Thus paid malware is better than free shareware malware, and custom written malware is better than paid malware.

      Then again, if you send out emails saying “You urgently need to change your password, click on this obfuscated link” you probably figure your enemy is not all that bright.

      • bob k. mando says:

        this assumes that the intelligence agency in question is not employing double, triple and quadruple play espionage.

        using hacking tools that are available to 9 year olds provides the inference that 9 year olds may have done the hacking.

        this can be quite useful if you’re looking for Plausible Deny-ability, as an intelligence agency is wont to do.

        it is NOT, however, evidence that any particular party DID do something.

        hell, you might as well accuse the Israelis of having done it with the evidence we have so far.

        • jon dough says:

          I prefer invisibility to deniability.

          • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

            Conspicuous lack of any traces is, in itself, evidence (how many entities would have such capabilities?).

            Presuming you have competent counterintelligence that would otherwise be able to find such traces if they did in fact exist (not always a sure bet these days).

            • jim says:

              Conspicuous lack of any traces is, in itself, evidence (how many entities would have such capabilities?).


              It really is not that hard – the methods used are documented in the report – nothing new, unusual, or clever. The attack came through tor, and through websites that had already been powned.

              As Trump said, a lot of machines are hacked, it is not hard to do, at least if your opponent has affirmative action IT staff as the Democrats did, and it really hard to tell who is responsible.

  7. Hesiod says:

    Of course the Ruskies didn’t leak Hillarity’s emails. But President Butt-Naked, like Saddam, has to burn the oil fields as he retreats out of pure spite. Duterte was right when he called Obama a son of a whore.

    • Salger says:

      Obama’s antics are those of a sore Gamma male. Say what you will about Bush Jr., but even he had the grace to bow out at defeat.

      This goes to show you that there’s more to SMV than apparent status.

      • viking says:

        or you could say those are examples of typical left right differences. the cuck conservative bows out stiff upper lip, fair play, and all, while the left fights as if it mattered by any means necessary.

      • Oliver Cromwell says:

        What he’s doing looks rational to me. The Russian hackers line, though apparently obviously wrong to us, is relatively effective at delegitimising Trump among normies.

        In the long term one can argue that delegitimising elections serves us more than it serves them, but I think they are not thinking that far ahead.

        • Salger says:

          There isn’t any actual evidence the Russian hacking talk has a hold among Trump’s support base (Which is productive Whites and some better non-Whites). The hordes Trump pushing are the ones who are Anti-White in act if not admitting to it.

          • Brit says:

            It seems to be propaganda which leftists can get behind, even if there is no evidence. Their equivalent of Skype. I think it is sucessful, at least better than nothing.

          • Oliver Cromwell says:

            That isn’t the point. They are not trying to convince Trump’s base. They are trying to convince each other.

            They are not saying to our guys, ” you should regret voting for Trump”, they are saying to their guys, “I’m down for a coup if you are”.

            Of course it does not matter how many sociology professors, metrosexuals, and Starbucks baristas are down for a coup.

            • Salger says:

              > I’m down for a coup if you are

              In which case they might as well shoot themselves to skip to the end. The Obongo Team has neither the institutional support (talk about Cuckservatives all you will, it’s doubtful more than a few in the GOP will go as far as to engage in rebellion for a sore mulatto), infrastructure, or men (see the noticeable support for the GOP among the able military and police with the guns of Republicans) to wage a civil war without failure.

            • jim says:

              Bring it on.

              They live in a bubble, so they think they have the numbers. I imagine they visualize brave warrior princesses, after the fashion of Rogue One, taking on dumb hicks.

            • Cavalier says:

              God, I hope they try a coup. Nothing could lend more legitimacy to our impending Trumpenreich.

          • Corvinus says:

            There is a wealth of evidence from the attack on the table, mostly detailing how the hack was perpetrated, and possibly the language of the perpetrators.

            It certainly remains plausible Russians hacked the DNC, and remains possible that Russia itself ordered it.

            There is substantial proof indicating Democratic email accounts were breached via phishing messages, and that specific malware was spread across DNC computers. There’s even evidence the attackers are the same group attacking other targets in the past.

            Indeed, Russian attribution has been repeated so regularly and emphatically it has become easy to forget no one has ever truly proven the claim. But no one has also truly disproven the claim.

            • jon dough says:

              jesus…still gay…

            • jim says:

              There is a wealth of evidence from the attack on the table, mostly detailing how the hack was perpetrated, and possibly the language of the perpetrators.

              The attack was perpetrated using an out of date copy of an English language tool that any nine year old can download off the internet. Therefore the perpetrator most probably spoke English as his mother’s tongue.

              If hacked by a state level actor, the state level actor would be using their own custom written super secret hacking software documented in the language of that state.

            • bob k. mando says:

              the “evidence” presented is so obviously specious AND non-country specific that even Ars Technica ( who participated in the promulgation of the “Gamers Are Dead” Fake News blitz that kicked off GamerGate ) can no longer toe the line.


      • bob k. mando says:

        Shrub won both of his presidential elections.

        maybe you’re thinking of Poppy?

    • Steel T Post says:

      I wondered if the I-I-I-I-I narcissist could control himself from throwing a post-election temper tantrum.

      Scholars have noted that mean levels of self-regulation differ across racial categories with Black respondents tending to score higher on measures of impulsivity compared to Asians and Whites.

      Blacks are more likely than Whites to be narcissistic.

      Studies find that darker pigmented people average higher levels of aggression and sexual activity (and also lower IQ).

      There Are No Successful Black Nations

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