Taking care of Islam

Every US intervention against Islam backfires.

Progressives believe that all religions, rightly understood, are Progressivism.

Viewed as a cynical lie, it is working pretty well. They actually are reasonably successful at remaking Islam into progressivism.

Unfortunately, it is not entirely a cynical lie. It is also sincerely held insanity. It is quite difficult for the Cathedral to do entirely cynical lies. Their stock in trade is not lies, but delusions.

Meanwhile, Muslims have been figuring out what is up, and are counterinfiltrating. As well as progressives lying that they are Muslims, we have Muslims lying that they are progressives. The former tend wake up with their throats cut by the latter.

Hence Major Hasan, Rotherdam, and Benghazi Embassy. The story of Arab Spring is a story of the counterinfiltration.

When Obama told the mercenaries to stand down, to not retake the embassy, it was not so that he could fool the American people by denying that Al Qaeda troops were operating freely in Libya. It was so that he could fool himself by denying that Al Qaeda troops were operating in Libya.

I don’t think progressives are going to succeed at remaking Islam into progressivism, and if they do succeed, I don’t think it would be a good thing.

A better solution would be to convert Muslims to the peace of Westphalia and monarchism.

If an Islamic country is ruled by a King, and he decides for war, he demonstrates superior holiness, but will very likely get killed. So he decides for peace.

If an Islamic country is a democracy, and a voter votes for war, he demonstrates superior holiness, but, being one vote of many, his vote makes little difference to his prospects of being killed. So he votes for war.

The problem with Islamic State is that the Caliph is elected for life by the consensus of the most holy. Which pretty much guarantees that soon your Caliph is going to be holier than Mohammed. Indeed he already is.

The Caliph should be elected for life by Sunni monarchs, and should be unable to declare holy war except in consultation with them. If anyone else declares holy war, this is infidelity to Caliph, and the holy warrior loses his head for irreligion and apostacy.

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  1. michael3ov says:

    Wow can you lie any more? Many of my positions would be considered progressive to you, even though I don’t allow myself to be put into a little box like the government and the media would like us all in. They can’t identify people or liie about people if they aren’t able to place everyone in a nice neat little box. You seem to be a victim of this effort by the government and media to swipe every person’s individuality and place a label on them. Truly sad. Again, you would view me as a progressive by many of my positions, Teddy Roosevelt progressive, and yet I despise Islam and never make aplogies for it. However, I still have the ability to view each muslim as an individual and not representative of a label or a group. When people like you see ‘progressives’ treat them as individuals and refuse to condemn them based solely on their religion you think they are apologizing for Islam or making Islam ‘progressive’. I’m sorry but I get the distinct feeling that you are an uneducated old man who has not explored the concepts of reason, logic, or understand what free thought means.

  2. J says:

    Yes, judaism has adopted to the exile, but here in Israel it is changing again to a land-rooted religion. For example, the cult of holy places, like the Wall and the hundreds of tombs of Saints. And they are not “objectively” parasitic and leftists – they are poor and consume little, and vote for the right.

  3. B says:

    Incidentally, the Rav covers many of the themes we’ve discussed, including how to prevent creeping holyism and how the Noahide commandments work, here:


    • jim says:

      So, supposedly there is only one precise way to worship God, God has instructed how to do it, and it is mandatory to worship God exactly that way.

      So how come you are not sacrificing sheep?

      Face it, Rabbis have been busily adjusting the religion for various reasons, including accommodation to the dominant culture, and are continuing to do so.

      The fast breeding orthodox majority are anti zionist, don’t want to fight, don’t want to acknowledge return, which makes them basically parasitic and thus leftist.

      Judaism having changed in the past to a religion of exile, has to change again to become a religion of the promised land. And the majority of orthodoxy is not it. It is still a religion optimized for exile.

      • B says:

        We are explicitly not allowed to sacrifice outside the Temple, there is no Temple today, therefore no sacrifice. When the Temple is rebuilt, there will be sacrifices there (probably.)

        The majority of Torah Jews are Da’ati Leumi, who work and serve in the military. As for what you mistakenly refer to as “Orthodox,” i.e., Haredi and Hasidic Jews, they are very socially conservative. They have slightly higher birthrates than the Da’ati Leumi, but many of their kids drop out into Da’ati Leumi society, and this trend is increasing.

  4. Adolf the Friendly Wolf says:

    The left has power to the degree of propaganda mechanisms they have.

    Printing Press -> Protestantism (specifically, Sola Scriptura, or books above authority)
    Newpapers -> American and French Revolution (specifically, mass politics above authority)
    Public Education -> Progressive Era (a dozen of broad ideologies above authority: eugenics, antitrust, and many more)
    Television and Mass Music – 1960s (pop culture above authority)

    In Afghanistan, they have almost none of these. And in Afghanistan, they stone adulterers.

    In England, they have all of these. In England, despite enormous tolerance for sandnigger behavior and ideas, what percentage of sandniggers support fag marriage?

  5. Just sayin' says:

    Muslims still suck at 3GW.

    Don’t let them in your country. Don’t go in their countries.

    They won’t be able to do anything serious to you, since they can’t actually invade militarily.

    Easy peasy.

  6. Thrasymachus says:

    It’s a matter of mutual use. It goes back to the Reformation. Progressives believe they are using Moslems, Moslems believe they are using progressives. Self-defense, including pre-emptive self-defense, only became evil in Christianity when it pleased Luther to see Moslems killing and enslaving Catholics. Moslems represented a good way of getting rid of anti-progressives.

    The same dynamic came into play much later with communism. Progressives aren’t communists, far from it, they are the bluest of blue blood capitalists, but communist revolution in places they aren’t free to do business is mighty convenient. Orthodox or Catholic elites with a mind to run their nations as they see fit are killed off, and the new masters are happy to sell what they can. Later the communist system collapses and full-on, children working in dangerous sweatshops 14 hours a day capitalism is established. All hail democracy and human rights!

    Progressives plan that from the chaos of Islamic revolution they will get totally ruined countries where they can establish gay rights and shoe factories, and they are probably not wrong. They are crazy and evil, but not stupid.

  7. Glenfilthie says:

    Well of course any interventions fail. As long as liberals and progressives have a say in military affairs, any mission they are handed will fair. Liberalism is the hallmark of the low intellect/low IQ voter and failure is the natural state of affairs for them.

    Any intervention in moslem countries should be limited to the use of explosives and bullets. There should be no effort to ‘reach out’ or ‘nation build’ or ‘win hearts and minds’. Those fig farming goat feltchers have neither so that is a lost cause.

    When they get too aggressive, they should be bombed FORWARD into the stone age – and left to clean up the mess and figure it out on their own. We should take their oil too – we will use the revenues to make the world a better place; all they will do is start wars with people they should be leaving alone.

    Oh well, the world will always be run by stupid people and the smart ones will keep quiet and take full advantage of that fact.

  8. Red says:

    A better solution would be to convert Muslims to the peace of Westphalia and monarchism.

    I’m not convinced that there is enough brain power for Arab Muslims to run their own advanced civilizations. A return of the Ottoman empire seems like a better solution.

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