The 2007 British surrender incident.

A British warship was sailing in Iraqi waters, waters that Iran had in 1975 agreed were Iraqi, which treaty it had never disavowed.  Iraq was at the time effectively ruled by the British and Americans.

Two small boats with fifteen British sailors left the warship to inspect a small ship for contraband.  Under the nose of the British warship, in Iraqi waters, three Iranian coastguard vessels kidnapped those British sailors.  Despite immensely superior firepower, those aboard to the British warship were too terrified to do anything about it.

There were several different official versions of why the warship failed to act, with the final and official version being that they failed to notice.  Oh come on.

The sailors, and Britain, and numerous organs of the British government, proceeded to issue apologies to their captors.  After much groveling, the captives were released.  The denouement of this incident reveals its cause.

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  2. peppermint says:

    modern christians: cucks who want to give everything they own to the refugees a pearl of greater price than White DNA

  3. R7_Rocket says:

    Found some interesting “Winter-Chan” memes:

    “Gods of Europe hear our plea
    Freeze this land from sea to sea
    Make this land a frozen waste
    So the Muslim horde will leave with haste
    The white man can survive the cold
    So bring us back the winters of old
    May the icy wind be hard like Fenrir’s bite
    Kill all the Muslims, both Sunni and Shi’ite
    Make all the land white, just like our skin
    Mother Europa, protect us, your kin”

    “Once great and mighty, hear our plea
    Bring us a winter as harsh as can be
    Spare us no mercy are grim gods of old
    Cover our Europe in ice and in cold”

    Some more.

    “Ukko of Finland hear our cries
    Lend us your strengths in these dire times

    Cailleach Bheur goddess of Celts
    Look at your sons, Alba Gu Brath!

    Septentrio and Boreas, winds of the north
    Blow the invaders back from our homes

    Skadi of North lands answer our call
    Lend us your power and let us stand tall

    Grim Morana from the darkest East
    Send forth your hailstorms, send forth your beasts

    By snow and by cold, by hail and by ice
    Freeze over the Muslims, we’ll pay you our price
    Our ancestors old, hear us once more
    Answer your sons, let Winter-Chan grow”

    And even some more from the Internet…

    “Hail Ullr, Hail Skadi, lord and lady of snow and ice.
    Hail Odin, hail the furious God, Allfather of Europe and our kin.
    Hail and come, Winter-chan, make haste to aid our blood and soil.
    Bring your cold, and fuel their wrath, protect our land where we’ve made our hearths.
    Ullr and Skadi, bring your snow, Allfather Odin, your furious storms, Winter-chan we call to you, freeze the land, so the children of Ice and Snow can thrive, and the horde may end.
    Hail the Aesir, Hail the Vanir, Hail the Children of Odin!”

  4. Trimegistus says:

    It’s entertaining — and depressing — to think about what Palmerston, Disraeli, or Churchill would have done in those circumstances. Back in the day, Queen Victoria sent a hundred thousand men to invade Ethiopia because they locked up a consul. Not an ambassador, just a consul. And he wasn’t even hurt!

    • red says:

      Churchill would gotten on his knees and sucked the Iranians off. Churchill did whatever his American and/or Jewish handlers told him to do. The rest of the time he was drunk.

      Conservative Heroes are always such failures. The Churchill advocated starting WW2 to defend Poland, refused to stop the war after Dunkirk despite the German offer to let the UK keep it’s empire. In the end the UK lost it’s Empire, Poland, and it’s Independence. Churchill might very well be the worst leader the UK ever produced.

      • peppermint says:

        the UK Jews produced him. Jew patronage is how he failed up over and over.

        • jim says:

          You tend to attribute mystic powers of mind control to the Jews, just as blacks attribute mystic powers of mind control to whites.

          • fnd says:

            Mystic powers AKA high IQ and lack of morality(or twisted morality).

          • peppermint says:

            mystic powers like money and media. it’s not complicated, everyone knows Churchill was a bungler but his patrons kept him in the running. Just like pm pigfucker

        • Red says:

          I watched a somewhat honest documentary on his fiscal problems a few months ago and it was very clear that by the failure to name his backers names that they were jewish. But he also spent a great deal of time in America in the company of men like John D. Rockefeller, so it wasn’t just the jews. As usual they were the bag men for the men with the real power.

          The best part of the documentary was the section on churchill’s hobby of laying brick. He was either so drunk when ot so stupid that he didn’t realize the wall he was building was about to topple over from bad alinement. So the actual Bricker layer and churchill’s aid tore the wall down a rebuilt while he was at lunch. Churchill couldn’t tell that the completed wall wasn’t his work.

          With leadership like that it’s not suprising that UK got it’s clock cleaned during the war. Even the plan to get Germany to bomb British cities to enable retaliation was bomber commands idea, not Churchill’s.

  5. war jerk says:

    Every day I pray for acts of extreme violence. Doesn’t even matter which side starts it, the migrants slaughtering a hundred Swedes or the reverse.

    • fnd says:

      For the west to notice, needs to kill way more whites. Punch a brown person, be white and you will be world famous.

    • Dr. Faust says:

      A landslide happens slowly at first, with cracks that are barely noticeable unless you know what you’re looking for, but then you wake up one day and half the hill falls down. The ignorant stand amazed. Yesterday they had a mountain and today they have rubble and destruction. The cracks are beginning to show, slowly at first, but then a sudden surge of activity. I hope before I die that I’ll wake up one morning in a different world.

  6. Alan J. Perrick says:

    Wonder what the Vatican Pope thinks about British control of the Falklands?

  7. Alan J. Perrick says:

    There’s something very wrong about not allowing the officers on the scene not to exercise their own judgment or autonomy enough. When events unfold, the men making the orders will fall back into their habits “we perform the way we train” and if that means hearkening back to what goals the adminstrators want rather than what’s best for their men in the field, overseas military embarassments should continue to happen.


    • jim says:

      Strikes me as a basic manliness deficit at every level. Leftism is not just anti male, it is anti maleness. Cucks waiting for someone manlier than themselves to dominate them.

      • Alan J. Perrick says:

        Manliness, yes. But which of the masculine virtues would be the one needed to improve this situation? Probably the virtue of loyalty, which would allow the national militaries to be trusted by their administrators more, and not the virtue of skillfullness, especially not in the industrial era where troops can be trained relatively quickly. Let’s be more nuanced…

        • jim says:

          Everyone involved obviously lacked courage.

          • Alan J. Perrick says:


            Your flippancy especially shows that you don’t get it…Courage is the result of Loyalty, just as Project would be the result of Skillfulness.

            Don’t get ahead of yourself.


            • jim says:

              Should they really be loyal to the people who sent a woman into danger and then instantly descended to their knees when trouble ensued?

          • Alan J. Perrick says:

            The loyalty deficit goes mostly the other way. Administrators are disloyal (traitors) to their nation including the military. In the case of the military, they do not trust the military to get things done so they have been micromanaging them into uselessness…Hope that’s clearer.


    • jim says:

      It was not the rules of engagement that caused those captured to cry and apologize.

      • Alan J. Perrick says:


        Specifically, I’m referring to all of the Politically Correct doctrines being shoved down the officers’ throats. If you want to call those the rules of engagement, I think we would disagree on the definition of that terminology.

        Best regards,


        • jim says:

          While it is likely that political correctness has a general demasculinizing effect, I doubt that there is a specific rule of engagement that specifically requires captured soldiers to cry and apologize.

          • Alan J. Perrick says:

            Well, there certainly isn’t. From what I know, rules of engagement are often done up in very sterile environments where there may be a lot, even inordinate amount of foreign influence. Rules of engagement are practically flowery pieces of chivalric optimism or idealism. Thus, liable to break down under an amount of stress especially when put upon men with bad hearts by men with bad hearts, that is to say those who are less loyal than would be necessary.


      • Oliver Cromwell says:

        A woman sailor cried. The Royal Marines remained stoic. The woman should never have been there but the decision to put women on warships was neither a decision made at that time nor something unique to the RN.

        • jim says:

          The most disgraceful behavior by far came from the woman. Woman are not made for such feats, and should never be permitted in a war zone except to pleasure the soldiers. Placing a woman in harms way predictably embarrassed the nation. However the behavior of the rest was not a whole lot better.

  8. Glenfilthie says:

    Again – blaming the military when the gov’t is at fault. Sending out those teams without a clear cut set of rules of engagement was about the extent of the military’s culpability.

    You have to understand and delineate the difference between tweaking your enemy’s nose and committing an act of war. Birds were flipped, prisoners were taken and prisoners were returned. It’s called sabre rattling and it happens all the time.

    • jim says:

      Iranians committed an act of war. Britons cowered and apologized. The soldiers cowered and apologized. The officers cowered and apologized. And the political leadership at every level cowered and apologized.

  9. Mycroft Jones says:

    Shit. We’re on the downward slope of this Empire Cycle. Didn’t realize it was this far advanced. Genghis Khan conquered a quarter of the civilized world in 20 years. Isis is only 3 years in…

    The western world is in Calhoun Phase 3; it may not have much will to fight. It will do just like Babylon did for the Persians: open the gates, and send the women to sit on the invaders cocks while the men shower the invaders with all their wealth and possessions, hoping to retain their lives.

    • peppermint says:

      We can only turn this around if we’re willing to be indecent by the Cucktian definition of decency.

      Cucktian decency means saying African-Americans are oppressed and need understanding when you personally know women who have been raped by niggers. Cucktian decency means believing Paul’s words about no male or female but all are one in Christ and refusing to notice that women have different aspirations and strategies from men. Cucktian decency means not noticing, or feeling good about, the fact that the Chosen Ones own he media, finance, and control he political process through donations.

      Say the word nigger, if only in the privacy of your own thoughts. Say it for truth, which is more important than decency.

      • Mycroft Jones says:

        Last time it was the west that releived the east of Islam; perhaps this time it will be Russia and China that band together and hold Islam in check, the way Genghis Khan did. Without Genghis Khan, reconquista may never have happened. It annoys me that the Ostrogoths (Russia) have their manliness and balls while the Visigoths (us) have become weak and effeminate. On the other hand, the British plan to destroy Christianity utterly is almost complete. But what did they plan to replace it with. Do they really think they are smart enough to come up with a new religion that does all the neat things the Abrahamic ones do? Or are they (as it seems now) purposely adopting the more powerful Islam as the state religion.

        Islam might be alright if it wasn’t so blatant about destroying knowledge and history. Our elites may hide the truth and lie to us, but at least they keep it for themselves, knowing it might come in handy later on. Muslims just destroy it outright, with no way back. Talk about narrative control… And also, brittle. Hard to correct a wayward course without accurate info.

      • fnd says:

        All that is happening today was masterminded by a jewish carpenter who got killed by other jews and his convert. Mind=blow.
        Let’s forget all the pagan cucks who ditched their religion to worship the “jew on a stick” haha. Cry more faggot.

      • A Pint Thereof says:

        I can’t really agree with peppermint’s general argument. The defense of the West has always been the job of the various Christian rulers and their military might. It is precisely because the West has been defenestrated of its association with Christianity that we see its impending doom today.

        • peppermint says:

          you must reject the Cucktian idea of decency. or say nothing as your family and friends are raped by niggers. your call.

          if you choose to keep your inculcated moral values, I hope they kill you soon while you are on your knees apologizing for genetic privilege. Since you believe that all White men must be enslaved to provide for the underprivileged and no privilege lords should be born, I hope you die before your pets come for me.

          • A Pint Thereof says:

            The forces that have weakened Europe and the rest of White society are not Christian in nature.

            Rather, the forces spring from the rejection of historical Christianity.

            Ask what are the strains of thought that caused the Anglican Communion to permit the invention of female priests back in the 1970s? From where did those novelties come from?

            • jim says:

              I can tell you exactly where they came from.

              In the eighteenth century women were under fairly severe restraint, on the theory that if you gave them half a chance, they would bang their demon lover like a dunny door in a high wind, with disastrous consequences for themselves, their family, and society.

              Early in the nineteenth century there was a movement against male immorality, the double standard, and aristocratic male immorality, which sounds Christian enough, and was pushed by evangelicals and such, but held the theory that women where virtuous angels, and would never behave immorally, except evil men made them do so, resulting in lots of movements to rescue fallen women.

              This movement dismantled the punitive, and supposedly unnecessary, restraints on women, thus beginning the sexual revolution and the emancipation of women.

              This movement was primarily Christians who had transcended being holier than thou, and started to become holier than Jesus (ant slavery, female emancipation)

          • fnd says:

            For a jew hater, Peppermint surely hates white people.

          • peppermint says:

            Any religion including the line ‘no Jew or Greek, nor male or female, nor cis or trans, but all are one’ is not going to protect the existence of our people and a future for White children. People claiming the frock and tiara may have done so in the past, but today, what prevents a dune coon with 1000$ from foreign aid from catching a plane to Constantinople, walking a few miles to pretend to be illegal, claiming to be a refugee from a war for Israel, and signing up for welfare and rape benefits? Certainly not a religion that says blessed are the migrants, they shall inherit Europe and North America.

            Five questions you cuck.

            * Do niggers have souls?

            * Are interracial marriages valid in the eyes of the Lᴏʀᴅ?

            * When Paul says “There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” in Galatians 3, does he also mean neither White nor Negro?

            * Will you accept sacraments from nigger priests?

            * Is Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in heaven?

  10. Irving says:

    Note too that one of the British captives humiliated himself, his family and his country by crying because the Iranians, it turns out, confiscated his ipod. Also, the captives got on Iranian TV and made confessions, though I have no idea what they confessed to, even though they weren’t even threatened with any kind of torture and had to have know that they would be released soon.

  11. Mark Citadel says:

    This is abysmal. How can they expect to win anything with such a humiliating attitude?

    • red says:

      The US did largely the same thing at Benghazi.

      • jim says:

        Not the same thing at Benghazi, though a comparably bad thing. The US embassy, a legitimate military target in time of war was attacked by Al Qaeda practicing conventional warfare – in uniforms, with officers, chain of command present on the battlefield, all that stuff as required by the laws of war, though I think the laws of war probably forbid sodomizing the ambassador. But then, he was gay, appointed because he was gay, so he probably liked it. The US which was at the time pretending that Arab Spring was going just fine, had trouble acknowledging what was happening, and what had just happened. The US was not cringing, but rather was in denial. British were cringing.

        • red says:

          So he was sodomized. I’d always wondered why they didn’t talk about how he died.

          • ivvenalis says:

            You should basically always assume that anyone who is held prisoner by non-Asian Muslims (who I think don’t have this problem, although on the other hand I might be ignorant) has been sodomized/raped unless there are compelling reasons to assume otherwise.

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