Why nation building fails

Because they are not building nations, but hotels for transnational progressives

That is the explanation of why Assad is supposedly a very very bad man. Because he refused to let a bunch of people with prior experience in being paid by the international community for dashing around the world raising female self esteem, stopping the oceans from rising, and caring deeply about the plight of international refugees, from taking power in Syria. And as a result the state department found itself funding and arming a bunch of genocidal totalitarians that make the Taliban and Islamic state look moderate.

They want to turn Afghanistan into a multicultural society where women get massive affirmative action.

“Nation building” equals nation dismantling. The globalist idea of nation is a hotel. Who will fight for a hotel?

If you actually want to build a nation in Afghanistan, so that the holier than thou mullahs will not have power, you start by finding the true king. The true King will of course have policies that are agreeable to the majority of Afghan fighting men. For example he will be opposed to educating girls past puberty, and will want them given education that focuses on their role of wife and mother. The true King will also tend to have policies that are agreeable to the leadership of fighting men, such as low taxes, and policies that are in accord with Afghan tradition, such as mandatory Islam and the execution of apostates.

The problem is that the international community is not building nations, but transnations, which have no natural support among local fighting men.

Progs simply assume they are entitled to rule, the arc of history and all that, and any opposition to them ruling is illegitimate, but they are in fact weak, due to gays and women and all that.

It would be easy to defeat the Taliban and set up a colonial regime in Afghanistan: Kill their leaders, take their women, and convert them to Christianity. It would be even easier to set up a traditional Afghan regime: Find the true King. But a tranzi regime will always need outside military support from unenthusiastic foreign soldiers who resent transnationalism.

The progs want empire, and they want the opposite of empire. They want white males to conquer their empire and hold it in brutal subjection, and they want an empire that hates and punishes white males. The state department cannot make up its mind whether it hates the Taliban the most, or US soldiers the most. It is endlessly puzzled that the Taliban continues to hate progs. Don’t they know that Islam is the religion of peace?

A genuinely independent Afghanistan is not going to be governed by people who want to emancipate women and stop the oceans from rising. So rule it or don’t rule it.

The US government needs to rule Afghanistan or not rule Afghanistan. And if it does not rule, whoever does rule Afghanistan is not going to emancipate women, and if it does rule, is going to have to keep soldiers there indefinitely and let those soldiers get their dicks wet.

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  1. peppermint says:

    A few years ago this faggot googler at my old college told me that we need to stay in Afghanistan for 20 years so the children born as we invaded can be grown up fully progressivized while the terrorists can all be dead.

    Right now we’re waiting for Trump to either pull the plug on the “occupation” or turn it into a real occupation, probably the former.

    • peppermint says:

      ps. google faggot was not from the US, and the middle easterner I was with when he said that nodded sagely.

      foreign students at my old college were more ideologically controlled that americans.

      • pdimov says:

        “When an opponent declares, “I will not come over to your side,” I calmly say, “Your child belongs to us already… What are you? You will pass on. Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp. In a short time they will know nothing else but this new community.””

        • Hidden Author says:

          We all know how Nazi modern Germans are…LOL!

          • Cavalier says:

            Hitler’s statement was an entirely honest and accurate observation of public school. Movies and TV take it many steps further, and the world has been drinking down Hollywood for 70 years now.

  2. Alan J. Perrick says:

    I think the whole nation-building thing was not anything more than a flimsy excuse, public relations, for the globalism ideas that the Cathedral would like to use to distract people from problems at home.

  3. TheBigH says:

    Off topic: Since Jim is a prophet of doom, what will be Putin’s response to the CIA killing the Russian ambassador to Turkey?

    • jim says:

      The stated reason for the killing was Aleppo, and the killer was not exactly CIA but one of the (State Department backed) terrorist groups that held Aleppo until they did not any more. Which is not exactly not CIA.

      I think Putin will ask the God Emperor to take care of the State Department, while he goes after the terrorists that they employ.

      • pdimov says:

        It very much seems that the CIA is at war with Russia. My theory is that the Russians have killed a number of CIA “instructors” in Aleppo in retaliation for the hospital strike but since the instructors weren’t actually there, there’s no way for the US to officially object.

  4. Davecdell says:

    “If you actually want to build a nation in Afghanistan,………”

    Love your Distorted Analogy.

  5. Cavalier says:

    Killing the men and taking the women is a fine idea, but it only works if there are white or near-white women to take. If not, you get Latin America. Or India. Or the Middle East. Do we really need more white elites lording it over the brown peasants, slowly being outbred by their subject peoples, slowly being browned themselves?

    We need massive elite overproduction in our own countries and equally massive population vacuum in not-our-own countries, and if we but act now, we will hold the world in the palm of our hands for the rest of time, but if not….

    • jim says:

      Afghans are mostly white. The original Aryans are still there. Plenty of blue eyed and green eyed girls. A few blondes and redheads.


      If we had the balls, we should have dealt with 9/11 by killing the men and enslaving the women.

      • bob k. mando says:

        that’s not a blonde.

        that’s a brunette with bleached highlights in her hair. even if you can’t tell what a highlight bleach job looks like, you can clearly see that she didn’t bother paying to have a full highlight job done by looking at the unbleached underside of the hair on the left side of her face.

      • Cavalier says:

        Afghanistan’s mean IQ is somewhere in the mid-80s. Light-colored eyes aren’t enough, that girl is pig-ugly, and Bob notes her hair.

        • jim says:

          This may reflect inbreeding and poverty – mostly inbreeding.

          • Cavalier says:

            Moneylending in European cities since 800 AD gave the Ashkenazim most of a standard deviation. Christianity profoundly outbred whites within the Hajnal line. There is no reason to suspect that Islam did not genetically damage its adherents in other ways as equally terrible as raping their gene pools and turning them into inbred goat-fuckers.

          • viking says:

            Jim we can claim half of the mideast and north africa going by roman empire greek empire and byzantine empire. Some claim without genetic proof yet we from there I think they simply want to claim the rights to all civilization it might even be true time will tell. however whats true now is they are somewhere between a nigger and a white and we dont have the luxury of reclaiming them, if we had the power better to simply slaughter them all and take back the land than risk contamination.frnkly its going to be a challenge to reclaim the Balkans etx

        • bob k. mando says:

          Jim made no assertions about her intelligence or bangability, therefore the failure of his cited documentation to ‘prove’ these qualities is irrelevant to the discussion.

          he claimed blonde / red hair and blue / green eyes. i’m not going to waste time trying to figure out the color of her eyes from that pic, but that does nothing to buttress his case for hair color.

          besides, one of the most famous NatGeo covers of all time is the green eyed, Afghan girl ( still brunette, though ):

          if however, you insist upon a more thorough analysis, i would rate her no higher than a 5, and that only because of her youth. with the expectation that she’s going to pork out in the next 5-10 years as she already looks a bit fleshy even in spite of how young she is.

          • Cavalier says:

            Jim linked to an article entitled “sexy afghani girl picture” on a website with the title “beautiful girls pictures” and the byliine “[shitskin] girls, [shitskin] girls, [shitskin] girls, actresses, and pictures of [the whitest girls we could find] from around the [Third World]”.

            Jim didn’t explicitly comment on intelligence, but his claim that Afghanistan is mostly white clearly implies that they would have white-like intelligence and behavior.

            For all practical purposes, light-colored eyes don’t exist outside of Europe. On the extreme margin, sure, a tiny fraction of a percent of the Middle East have light-colored eyes, the broken remnants of an Aryan past long since lost to a deluge of Semitic semen, and National Geographic hunted far and wide to find the whitest-looking woman they could, and she still doesn’t look very white.

            • bob k. mando says:

              “Jim didn’t explicitly comment on intelligence, but his claim that Afghanistan is mostly white clearly implies that they would have white-like intelligence and behavior.”

              given that inner city US whites are now testing down around that level … you’re kind of making the point for him.

              but he never asserted anything that you’re complaining about, therefore your complaints against both he and myself are specious.

              he’s merely talking about the mechanics of occupying a nation. which is “kill the men, fuck the women”.

              IF Jim wanted to advocate for high quality rape booty
              THEN Jim would be telling us to invade Iceland or Sweden.

              however, quality rape booty is not often a modern justification for invasion ….

              • viking says:

                mechanics like kill the men fuck the woman and slavery and colonization have all been very bad for us in the long term.if you need more space kill everyone move the wall farther out.half assed faggotry gives you a festering wound inside your empire

    • peppermint says:

      the fix is to only allow women to marry men at or above their purity level and conversely for men, unless the man has proven his worth somehow, but this system will be enacted by default when people understand the situation. We can take up the White man’s burden to liberate the rest of the world from their contaminated DNA, I’m skeptical of the number of Afghani girls with Aryan features, but they can be the new aristocracy of Afghanistan and replace the rest of the population over a few decades. Other countries can be Whitened just as easily as the White countries could be browned over the past few decades.

      • Cavalier says:

        Contrary to most of our related propaganda, most of our countries’ browning over the past few decades is not due to miscegenation, but simple displacement.

        It’s perhaps a bit unreasonable to ask any man to take the genetic hit of taking an Afghani wife unless he has a few fully human wives already. It will take many generations before the Afghani DNA is fully decontaminated, and the same goes for the other regions.

      • viking says:

        the answer is for whites to remain white,if we need more land we take it and kill everyone or move them, which we do not if we evict the niggers we have plenty

        • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

          I largely agree; if we consider the teleology of fucking the women and cucking the men: the progressive whitening and eventual elimination of foreign residue in the colonized populace, then one might conclude the more elegant course of action would be to just get rid of them in the first place. Only cognitive dissonance would stand in the way.

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  7. Alt-Rightist says:

    Assad is a good white man.

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