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Yes, Obama is a Muslim.

Friday, November 5th, 2010

I  doubt Obama believes in anything, not in God, not even the evidence of the senses – but to be officially a Muslim, you have to publicly pronounce the Shahada:  “There is no God but Allah, and Mohammed is his prophet”.  Obama did as a child, and recently repeated in public as an adult.  To cease to be a Muslim, you have to publicly reject that proposition, which he has not done, or publicly accept a contrary proposition, such as “Jesus is Lord”, which he has not done.

To be officially Christian, you have to be baptized in the name of Jesus, and call Jesus “Lord”, which Obama has not done, nor has his “Christian” pastor, the Reverend Wright, done.

As for what I am:  I think that Mohammed was a mass murdering pedophile rapist who made up all that stuff about angels telling him the word of God.   I think Jesus was making an honest and sincere effort to reform Judaism into a more peaceable faith, both for the general good and to protect Jews from getting squished by Romans, but the evasiveness of his prophecies reveal him to be a mortal.

“Nation shall rise against Nation, and Kingdom against Kingdom”.   And verily I tell unto you bears shall shit in the woods.

Jesus’ prophecies for the fall of Jerusalem and temple were only marginally more impressive.  He did not give an approximate date, nor tell us that the Romans would be the ones to do it – thereby keeping his ass covered against the possibility that Rome would fall before Jerusalem did – which ass covering reveals him to be a mortal, though it also suggests the books of the New Testament were written up before seventy AD.  If they had been written up after the fall of Jerusalem, his prophecies probably would have been sharpened up a bit by the chroniclers.  The argument that the New Testament must have been written after seventy AD is people irrationally hostile to Christianity going overboard in their desire to piss on Christianity.  To cast doubt on Christianity, you merely have to cast doubt on the proposition that Jesus lives, not on the proposition that Jesus lived.  The argument that the books of the bible were written long after the ministry of Jesus is an effort to disprove the existence of Jesus the man, which effort is silly – there is plenty of historical evidence that Jesus lived, preached, was crucified by Pontius Pilate, and stayed dead.

What I do believe in is that our senses give us straightforward access to reality as it really is, to things in themselves, that we are not trapped in Plato’s cave because we can reach through the windows and break things apart to see what they are really made of, that with due care and competence, categories and concepts can be and should be constructed to correspond to the likeness and origins of particular things, reflecting commonalities between particular examples of real things.  I believe that all words are defined by pointing at examples, or defined by other words that were defined by pointing at examples, that children rightly learn the meaning of words from the examples pointed at by their mothers, and that the ultimate authority of what words mean is the type examples provided by mothers and fairy tales to children – thus words mean what children think they mean, and not what ideologues and philosophers say they mean, that language, reality and the connection between language and reality are what children think they are.

While Obama is a Muslim, I not only doubt that he believes in Allah, but doubt that he believes that reality exists external to himself, or that words have any definite meaning.

Yet another vote for European style Social Democracy

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

As Europe collapses, Americans vote to be like Europe.

The republicans now have control of the purse strings, and, among other things, have promised to reduce next years deficit from $1470 000 000 000 to $1370 000 000 000.  We are in a bus heading towards a precipice at seventy miles and hour, and the republicans promise to slow down to sixty five miles an hour.

Any tea party candidate that made vague noises in the general direction of doing something to preserve America and avoid total collapse, lost.  That position just is not popular.

The only solution is that after the collapse comes, we have to install a system other than democracy with broad or universal franchise.

When the franchise was extended to all males, people predicted that eventually the voters would fall for politicians promising that they could vote themselves rich, and everything would collapse.   Observe.  The voters have fallen, and now collapse is in sight.

Vote Cthulhu

Monday, November 1st, 2010

Why vote for the lesser evil?

Bush, of course, launched numerous expensive new programs and entitlements, and failed to restrain the inherent growth of Clinton’s affirmative action easy mortgage program.  He encouraged the growth of that program, though to judge by the screaming of the Democrats at the time, probably slightly less than the Democrats would have done.

But even if Bush had launched no new entitlements, restraining the inherent growth of Clinton’s mortgage program would have been unthinkably drastic and “racist”, would have been “cuts”, “cuts” directed at particular racial groups supposedly for racist reasons, “cuts” immeasurably more extreme and controversial than anything any tea party candidate dares speak out loud about, “cuts” far more dramatic than the quite controversial cuts happening now in Britain.  To maintain the Clinton status quo against the inherent growth of Clinton’s programs would have required unthinkably drastic “right wing racist cuts”.

Every institution tends to grow.  Institutions are made of people.  They exist because they give those people what they want, so people in them always want more of that institution.  Market institutions, such as firms, are inherently limited, because if the customer says “no”, the institution fails to grow, or vanishes altogether.  Government institutions have no such inherent limits, so always grow barring frequent, extreme, and drastic “cuts”.

The growth of government in America was restrained by federalism, by market competition between the states.  When the constitution was gutted, that restraint was removed.  Almost everything the feds do except the post office, the patent office, and warfare, is unconstitutional.  If all that stuff was passed back to the states and states such as California were allowed to go bankrupt, state to state competition and state bankruptcies might slow growth to levels that could be accommodates without social collapse.

There is a natural selection process going on– government programs that can be stopped half way, generally are, or at least are slowed, so government tends to be dominated by programs that inherently have limitless growth that can end only in social collapse or total domination of every aspect of society.

If any politician stops affirmative action mortgages, he launches himself on a path where he is going to stop all affirmative action and wind up in front of the television cameras ridiculing Marie Curie’s Nobel prizes and women scientists in general.  You cannot stop affirmative action half way.  The inherent logic and needs of affirmative action, like most successfully expansionist government programs, require total domination of every aspect of society, or complete repudiation.

The dominant part of government is programs that cannot be cut half way, can only be cut off at the roots, because the ones that can be cut half way, frequently are.

In the private sector, natural selection selects well run firms, so firms are mostly well run, and where most firms are badly run, for example retailing, well run firms such as Walmart tend to dominate.

In the government sector, natural selection selects programs whose growth is impossible to restrain  For example:  If  you give “under represented groups” their fair share of Nobel prizes, you soon have to give them their fair share of degrees.  If you give them their fair share of degrees, you soon have to give them their fair share of well paid high status jobs.  If you give them their fair share of well paid high status jobs, you soon have to give them their fair share of mortgages. If you give them their fair share of mortgages, the economy collapses.  So there is no help for it but to resist and ridicule giving them their fair share of Nobel prizes.

You cannot have half affirmative action, and half not, because if you do, either the half that is not affirmative action be racism and sexism, or the half that is affirmative action must be fraud, lies, pretense, and special privilege, must itself be racism and sexism. This is the formula for a successful government program – that any attempt to restrain its growth must be politically outrageous and extraordinary.

It follows that the biggest and most uncontrollable programs will be those that to cut is unthinkable,  and that the only cuts of those programs that can succeed is total abolition.  Compare and contrast with the most “radical” of the Tea Partiers.

If you can cut a program by five percent or ten percent, then it is unlikely to be a big problem.  Most government is programs that cannot be cut by five or ten percent, cannot even have their growth much slowed, except by abolition.

If George Osborne slows the growth of Britain’s National Health scheme to levels that Britain can afford, in a few years the National Health Scheme will consist entirely of committees of expert authorities sending memos to other committees of expert authorities, while Britons die in the streets of readily treated ailments.  Indeed, we are already seeing the horror stories in the British press.  George Osborne tells some government entity that is blowing ludicrous amounts of money that it will have a few hundred million pounds less money that it asked for, a mere drop in an overflowing bucket.  The entity finds some pathetic and deserving client, whose very life has come to depend on them spending a minuscule amount money on him, and announces that they will save a few pounds by letting him die.  And then they do it.