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Monetary growth

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

Estimated Monetary Base


Governor Romneycare promises to be a better Obama

Monday, May 30th, 2011

Governor Romneycare is campaigning to be the Republican presidential candidate.  He tells us that:

Every turnaround has three rules. Focus, focus, focus. Focus on what’s most important, devote all your energy to that which is broken. … Instead of focusing his energy on the economy he delegated the stimulus to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, and they built a stimulus which grew government jobs but didn’t grow private-sector jobs. And then he went to work on his real agenda. And that was cap and trade, to raise energy costs; card check to unionise at places of employment where the employees didn’t want unions; Obamacare, where the federal government takes over health-care; and regulatory reform relating to the financial services sector, which of course scared the heck out of anybody in the financial sector. He went to work on this agenda. And virtually every aspect of his agenda increased the degree of uncertainty that existed in the employment sector.

Employment is a means to an end:  We don’t need employment, we need productive employment.  The only thing the government can do to enable productive employment is to stop enabling unproductive employment. What you subsidize, you get more of. What you tax, you get less of. The taxpayer has massively subsidized the finance sector, and we now have far too many people employed in finance. Most of them need to lose their jobs.  The vast majority of them need to lose their jobs. (more…)

A lot of ruin in a nation

Friday, May 27th, 2011

Many bloggers, myself among them, have been predicting hyperinflation, socio economic collapse, and violent political change.  But a lot of countries are in worse shape than the US, and they have not collapsed yet.  (more…)


Thursday, May 26th, 2011

Like a frog boiled, we have now reached Stalinist levels of censorship.  They won’t send you to the gulag, but in the later days of Stalinism they seldom did that.  Rather, your career depended on compliance

I was listening to Chris Rock’s hilarious rant “We hate black people too!” and my son became alarmed, lest some one sneak up on my house and listen near the windows.

Democratic apocalypse

Saturday, May 21st, 2011

The latest events in the middle east are not looking too favorable for the theory of democratic peace.

I said this in an earlier post, and this is just an “I told you so” repeat.  Things were bad then, and they are getting worse now, as the middle eastern parties converge to the center and the mainstream – revealing that the center and the mainstream favors suicidal war on infidels.

If nearby Jews and Christians are on the firing line, Jews and Christians further away, for example in US airliners, will be next in line.  If they kill the Copts, the Israelis are next, if they kill the Israelis, we are next.

The difference between Islamists, and what passes for “secular democrats” in the middle east, is insignificant., much like the difference between Republicans and Democrats in the US.  No matter which party wins the elections, the outcome for the US will be much the same.  The Islamists favor war on infidels, and the secular democrats favor slightly more selective war on infidels, just as in the US, the Democrats favor national socialism, and the Republicans favor national socialism.

The Middle Eastern kings generally favor peaceful coexistence with infidels.  The popular dictators, for example Bashar al-Assad in Syria and Qaddaffi in Libya, could be intimidated into reducing their level of violence against infidels with moderate amounts of violence.   Democrats, however, will have to be killed.  If we are to live, they will have to die.

It should be US policy that no Muslim anywhere gets to vote.  Not in America, not in the West, and especially not in Muslim majority countries.  Voters are dangerous, and Muslim voters are exceptionally dangerous.

A voter votes to demonstrate his allegiance to virtue, and or the group to which he belongs, thus is apt to vote unselfishly, because his vote affirms his support for virtue, without making any difference to the prospects that he will actually be forced to be virtuous, since his vote is merely one of millions.  And if the official religion deems suicidal war to be virtuous, the voter will vote for suicidal war, whereas a King hopes to bequeath his country to his sons, so selfishly chooses policies that lead to peace and prosperity.

In the US, non white votes are encouraged to vote to demonstrate allegiance to their race or ethnicity, thereby demonstrating virtue, while white voters are encouraged to demonstrate lack of allegiance to their race or ethnicity, thereby demonstrating virtue.  If you are a Muslim, however, virtue is demonstrated by support for death.  They say “We love death more than you love life”.  It is fairly obvious that Muslim Kings do not love death, because if they decided for death, they would quite likely be killed.  A voter, however, can vote for death, without altering his chances that the policy will actually be put into effect.  As a result, it will be put into effect. They will vote for measures that force us to kill them all.  A Muslim voter demonstrates virtue by demonstrating that he loves death, which he does by voting for whatever policy will force us to kill him.

No compromise is possible, since the median Muslim voter does not demonstrate his virtue by voting for policies that will lead to Israel withdrawing to pre-1967 borders, or policies that will lead to the US withdrawing from the middle east, or policies that will support and uphold the family by excluding sexual corruption and controlling female sexuality, but by voting for policies that will likely get him killed.  It will probably be easier to stop them from voting than to kill them all, but in the end, will have to do one or the other.

Obama’s Birth Certificate Forged

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

What Obama released is a composite photoshopped together from multiple documents.

Archive Index Systems spots undeniable photoshop artifacts in the released birth certificate.

The background text, from one certificate, is slightly curved, which is what you get if you scan some paper that is not perfectly flat – the document was scanned from a book, so near the book binding did not lie perfectly flat. The name of the hospital is not curved– so was not scanned from the same document. The name “Barack” has white around it, being lifted from a document without the birth certificate background, lifted from a document that is not a birth certificate. They should have hired me. I do much better forgeries than that. This is a crude and amateurish job – typical government work.

Herman Cain

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

The rest of the republican field is now acting as if Herman Cain is the man to beat, acting as if he is now the front runner for Republican candidate and president, which makes him the front runner for the moment, though it is a long way to go to the 2012 presidential elections.

I suspect this may be charisma envy. Obama has a lot of charisma, so Republicans are looking for someone with charisma. Herman Cain has more charisma than Obama, and more charisma than the rest of the republican field put together, though he is not as smart as the rest of the republican field, nor even as smart as the Obamessiah. Still, if you, unlike Obama, are not proposing to micromanage America, how much smarts do you need?

Does he have character, something that the Obamessiah conspicuously lacks? The democrats and the rest of the republican field are now putting his life under examination, so I suppose we shall soon learn about his character, or lack thereof.

It is a long, long way to the 2012 presidential elections, but they are Herman Cain’s to lose. A short while ago, the republicans had no candidate. Now they have a potential candidate and a plausible winner.

It will be an odd sight if in the 2012 presidential elections, we have two black candidates, one of them noticeably less bright than past presidents, and the other noticeably less bright than that. But if Herman Cain sticks to the program he is running on in the primaries, running on the American dream and American exceptionalism, he will be less bad than any recent president.

However, if he gets the nomination, he will probably swerve left, as the rest of the Tea Party has.

Anne Mansouret confirms rape of Tristane Banon by DSK

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

It seems that the chief of the IMF has been in the habit of raping women for quite some time – and no one called him on it until today.

Ann Mansouret confirms that her daughter, Tristane Banon was raped by Dominique Strauss-Kahn

So far, the hotel management has had balls the size of apples, the south central cops have had balls the size of apples, and, to my considerable surprise, the judge has had balls the size of apples. But, of course, the higher this goes up the judicial system, the smaller the testicles.

Lifestyles of the benefactors of the poor

Monday, May 16th, 2011

The other McCain has an interesting tale to tell:

Recently the World Bank, led by the leading socialist candidate for the french presidency, in its endless efforts to help the poor, helped the poor backward illegal immigrant Muslim majority of the Ivory Coast take over from the slightly less poor and slightly more advanced native Christian minority of the Ivory Coast.

But how do these people live when not tirelessly serving the poor?

The managing director of the International Monetary Fund, former French Foreign Minister, and until now leading socialist candidate for the French presidency, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, was recently busted for raping a hotel maid in his three thousand dollars a night hotel suite

I find the psychology of it interesting. He was in a foreign country, she was in her own country, still the most powerful country in the world despite our recent decline, she was an employee in her place of employment, he was a guest, which puts her in the strongest possible position get retribution for rape, and him in the weakest possible position to weasel out of it, in the position where one is most likely to get busted. These people think they own the whole world – and usually they are right.

Why did the USG kill Bin Laden out of hand? And why did almost all Americans approve of killing him out of hand, rather than charging him and trying him, or questioning him under torture and then charging him and trying him?

Because no one, not even the US president, trusts US courts to convict against foreign pressure, or acquit against foreign pressure.

It will be interesting to see what happens with these charges. It will also be interesting to see what happens to the career of whoever is in charge of the Midtown South New York police precinct.

I suspect that after he is released on bail, these charges will go nowhere fast, much like the careers of the police who busted him. His behavior suggests that that is what he believes, and the reaction to the killing of Bin Laden suggests that this belief is widely shared.

Democratic Peace

Friday, May 13th, 2011

For a while, the theory of Democratic Peace was popular, widely believed, and widely argued.  Supposedly democracies do not go to war with each other.

On the basis of this theory, Osama Obama and Bush have been promoting democracy in the middle east.  Supposedly, if Muslims get to vote, they will vote against making war on us.

Of course, one could look at much the same evidence and conclude that countries that are capitalist and predominantly free market do not go to war with each other, and that countries with McDonald’s franchises do not go to war with each other.

The last theory, in addition to being better supported by the evidence, also has  more plausible theory behind it:  If two countries both have McDonald’s franchises, they have business connections to the world, and thus to each other, so you have vested interests in both countries in favor of peace.

The democratic peace theory was always based on wishful thinking and torturing the evidence till it confesses.  The three most dreadful recent wars were the American civil war, between democracies, the first world war, mostly between democracies, in the sense that the Kaiser’s war budget had to voted by democratically elected legislators, and World War II, which was primarily caused by a democracy, the Weimar Republic,  suicidally voting for totalitarians.  Proponents of the Democratic Peace theory argue that does not count, because Nazi Germany certainly was not democratic, but the notorious propensity of democracies to commit suicide in a messy fashion certainly ought to count.  The Nazi party came to power in accordance with the Weimar Republic rules, because they got more votes than any other party in the Weimar Republic ever did in any election.  The only reason that they did not get an outright majority is that lots of people were voting for the communists, so though there was no clear majority for any one party, there was clear majority in favor war, terror, and bringing democracy to an end.

Now, the US has successfully exported democracy to Egypt. And how shall we be rewarded?

The most likely winner of the election proposes to end the peace treaty with Israel, confront Israel, and allow terrorists to operate from Egypt. None of the candidates are saying “war”, but they are proposing to act in a way that makes war likely, and perhaps unavoidable.