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Yes, inferior races have smaller cranial capacities on average

Sunday, June 12th, 2011

So what is a politically correct intellectual allowed to say?

Lately, people who are quite politically correct and academically respectable, are acknowledging that Gould and Lewontin were wrong and making $#!% up, and no heresy charges ensue.  Indeed, they have been pissing on Lewontin since 2003.  Now if Lewontin is wrong, then the races are genetically different in important ways, if Gould is wrong, then Darwin is right that races are the origin of species, and Morton was right that negroes and native Americans have smaller cranial capacities than whites. (more…)

What would have happened if no bailout in 2008?

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

Steven Horwitz has the experiment.

A golden oldie on the minority mortgage meltdown

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

Ann Coulter rarely gives links, and frequently employs hyperbole and humorous exaggeration, so when she reports entirely ridiculous real events, it is difficult to be sure whether she is engaging in humorous hyperbole, or things really are that outrageous.  Vdare has helpfully annotated one of her posts with links, and I have added a little more annotation.  And yes, Ann Coulter was not making this up. The government really is as ludicrous as she depicts it: (more…)

Again the brilliance of Sarah Palin

Saturday, June 4th, 2011

In her supposedly non campaign tour during which she is theoretically not seeking the republican presidential nomination Sarah Palin told us:

Come on, everyone knows who Paul Revere, the silversmith and patriot is.  “He warned the British that they weren’t gonna be takin’ away our arms, uh, by ringing those bells, and um, makin’ sure as he’s riding his horse through town to send those warning shots and bells that we were going to be sure and we were going to be free, and we were going to be armed.

Of course all the good progressives, including the supposedly respectable right wing, have been brought up on the hate America first history which erases from our past the fact that Paul Revere was fighting gun control, and which  erases from history anything related to his fight against gun control, such as ringing the bells to sound the alarm, such as warning the British that any attempt to disarm the people would be resisted with deadly force.

So they  promptly sneered at her supposed ignorance

“Not the history channel version”  they said.  “Not the version we were taught in school”, revealing their own ignorance.

Indeed was not, for the version you were taught in school, the version on the history channel, was the hate America first version.

Whether she gets the nomination or not, she reveals how ignorant and out of contact with reality our elite is.  She is the one and only major politician running against our ruling elite.

Paul Revere’s ride was to fight gun control.  The Pilgrim father’s were not thanking the Indians for giving them corn, but thanking God for his wisdom in commanding capitalism, or guiding them back to capitalism.  And Darwin’s big idea was natural selection, not the idea that similarities between different species are due to blood relationships, common descent.  Common descent, in the sense that families of species, such as the mammals, are actual families by blood if you go back far enough, was Lamarck’s big idea.  Darwin’s big idea was that natural selection was a plausible explanation for different races arising, and developing into different species.

Death panels

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

No, Obama is not setting up death panels.  He is just creating rules that hospitals can only comply with if they quietly and unofficially have death panels for medicare patients.

If a hospital discharges a patient who lingers on for years sucking up lots of expensive services outside the hospital, the hospital is penalized.  If, however, the potentially expensive patient should conveniently croak while in hospital …

In a number of European countries, quite a lot of patients die “under deep sedation”– in other words, medically administered barbiturate overdose, murdered.

If the patient is dead of IV drug overdose with a drug clicker in his hand that controls the amount of fentanyl in the IV, then that is suicide or death by misadventure.

If the patient is dead of IV drug overdose with no clicker in his hand, murder.  And that is the way patients in Europe die when they die “under deep sedation”.

Pain control is morphine or fentanyl.  “Deep sedation” is lots of barbiturates.  Barbiturates are deadly in large doses.

Barbiturates are not to prevent pain, but to prevent the patient from making a fuss about his medical treatment, or making a fuss about dying – or from making a fuss about lack of medical treatment, lack of food, and lack of water, hence given with IV, but without clicker.

There are legitimate medical uses of barbiturates, typically to keep patients from making trouble when the doctor is giving them an examination that is painful and embarrassing, for example a colonoscopy.  But there are seldom legitimate reasons to give barbiturates to a patient lying in a hospital bed, and there are never legitimate reasons for a patient to die “under deep sedation” while lying in bed.  Yet somehow quite a lot European patients do die “under deep sedation”.

The usual procedure for extreme pain control is to give the patient a clicker, whereby the patient directly controls the level of morphine or fentanyl, up to a limit.  If no limit, this also gives the patient the option of voluntary euthanasia, by clicking hard enough.

“Sedation” means barbiturates, which means not controlling the patients pain, but rather controlling the patient.

These barbiturates are applied through the IV, without the patients knowledge, consent, or control, thus death during deep sedation is involuntary euthanasia: murder of the inconvenient and unwanted.

If the patient is dead with a lethal quantity of fentanyl inside him, and fentanyl clicker in his dead hand, obviously voluntary euthanasia or death by misadventure.

If the patient is dead with a lethal quantity of barbiturates inside him, the barbiturates administered by IV with no barbiturate clicker, obviously involuntary euthanasia:  murder.

“Deep sedation” is never given with a clicker, therefore always involuntary euthanasia, murder.  There is a lot of medical murder in Denmark and many other European countries, and now hospitals in the US have a compelling financial incentive to do the same with potentially expensive medicare patients, including medicare patients that have something expensive but not swiftly lethal wrong with them that will create endless expenses after they are discharged from hospital.