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Saturday, September 29th, 2012

This video is racist

Because reality is racist.

“Everybody in Cleveland got Obamaphone. You minority, you low income, you disability …”

The obamaphones are not paid by taxes, or printing money, or the US government borrowing from China. The phone companies are required to give obamaphones to people like this woman, so if you pay for your phone, you are also paying for someone like this woman,  someone in the 47%, to have a free phone.

And similarly if you pay for a college education, you are paying for someone like this woman to have a free college education, probably in victim studies, which probably gives extra credit for beating up white kids.

And if you pay your medical bills …

You have probably seen a cascade of spam mail in your inbox announcing that Obama is giving away a great big pile of free stuff. Mostly, it is true, spam mail but not scam mail. He is giving away your stuff to people like this women.

Most of the programs under which the government requires numerous enterprises to give away nice stuff to the supposedly poor long predate Obama, but every year, they get much bigger and give away more stuff. The obamaphone program goes back thirty years or more, but under Obama, has given away far more stuff than under all previous presidents. And I expect that under Bush it probably gave away more stuff than any president previous to Bush, though far less than under Obama.

You are outvoted. Every election from now on is going to be decided by who is going to make people like you give people like this woman more free stuff. Hence Greece, Spain, and most of Europe. And if you don’t like it, you are racist.

Time to end democracy.

The Dark Enlightenment

Monday, September 24th, 2012

The fundamental realization of the Dark Enlightenment is that all men are not created equal, not individual men, nor the various groups and categories of men, nor are women equal to men, that these beliefs and others like them are religious beliefs, that society is just as religious as ever it was, with an official state religion of progressivism, but this is a new religion, an evil religion, and, if you are a Christian, a demonic religion.

The Dark Enlightenment does not propose that leftism went wrong four years ago, or ten years ago, but that it was fundamentally and terribly wrong a couple of centuries ago, and we have been heading to hell in a handbasket ever since at a rapidly increasing rate – that the enlightenment was dangerously optimistic about humans, human nature, and the state, that it is another good news religion, telling us what we wish to hear, but about this world instead of the next.

If authority required me to believe in Leprechauns, and to get along with people that it was important to get along with required me to believe in Leprechauns, I would probably believe in leprechauns, though not in the way that I believe in rabbits, but I can see people not being equal, whereas I cannot see leprechauns not existing.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights,”

Well obviously if they were not created equal, which plainly they were not, then they were not created with certain inalienable rights either.  Rights are quite alienable.  If men were created, they were created by a God that wrathfully ordained Monarchy for sinful people who were unwilling or unable to govern themselves (first book of Samuel), a God who similarly also approved slavery. And if instead men are the product of the blind forces of natural selection, are risen killer apes, rights come from fire and steel, or the threat thereof, the second amendment being the father of all of the others, in which case you can rightly be enslaved individually for individual fecklessness, or collectively for collective stubborn but incompetent war making.

Rights and equality sound very nice, but it’s all fake, and we are being destroyed.

A lot of people do not want, and cannot competently exercise, real rights.  So “equality” means you start giving them such “rights” as “freedom from hunger”, meaning that someone more competent and thoughtful than they are has to provide them with food that they are too feckless to obtain for themselves, so the superior person’s real rights are destroyed to provide the inferior person with fake “rights”, the right to hay and a barn for human cattle – that being the only way that naturally unequal people can be rendered equal.

Rights and equality are fundamentally incompatible.  If you want rights, cannot have equality, because some people do not deserve, do not particularly want, and cannot competently exercise, real rights.  You are not going to make a below average IQ person with short time preference into a real citizen, independent, free, self sufficient, and property owning.  If some people are going to be free, they are going to be more free than such people.

And if you let such people, inferior people, vote, they will always vote against other people’s rights and other people’s property, being themselves incapable of exercising rights, and themselves too feckless and destructive to have nice things.  If they vote, they vote to drag everyone down to their own subhuman level, a desire politicians are eager to fulfill.

And if God created woman, he created woman to be a help meet for man. And if the blind forces of natural selection shaped women, they shaped women to function in a role profoundly unequal to her husband and her father, for in the ancestral environment, women were completely dependent upon men, resulting a female psychology that is apt to produce bad results for independent women, as is readily observable as one walks past a fertility clinic and looks at the clientele going in and out.

No prophet mocking

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

Obama don't allow no prophet mocking around here

They hate our freedom – and so do Obama and Clinton

Friday, September 14th, 2012

“This video is disgusting and reprehensible,” Mrs. Clinton said in remarks at the State Department, broadcast live on CNN.

Maybe she should not be telling people who murder ambassadors that they have perfectly good reasons for doing so, regardless of whether they do or they don’t. (more…)

Religion and reaction.

Wednesday, September 12th, 2012

Fosetti criticizes Bruce Charlton’s claim that

there are only three sides: Christianity, Islam and secular Leftism

Obviously most Christians are secular leftists, in that they have chucked the Gospel overboard because of all those horribly reactionary bits commanding patriarchy and commanding toleration of all sorts of things that progressives are not supposed to tolerate, and in the process they have demoted Christ the redeemer to Jesus the community organizer.

See Dalrock’s wonderful blog for its magnificent condemnation of actually existent Christianity.  By and large, if we consider the actually existent mainstream churches to be Christian, Christians are leftists.  Not only are today’s militantly atheistic progressives the ideological descendents of the 1940s Christian left, today’s Churches are being frog marched along the same path the progressives have already walked.  They are just lagging a little, and on the issues that matter most to progressives, such as the destruction the family and fatherhood, they are not lagging in the slightest.  Dalrock reports that you will get the same demolition of fathers and fatherhood in the sermons as you get on prime time television.

If we define Christianity by its willingness to socially enforce the politically unacceptable parts of the Gospels, which is most of what Christians were supposed to socially enforce, then Christianity is dead except for a remnant, and heavily outnumbered by Randians, anarcho capitalists, atheistic monarchists in the mold of Moldbug, and the rest.

It is simply ridiculous for churches to oppose abortion and gay marriage, when they have already abandoned fatherhood and traditional heterosexual marriage.  Having conceded everything that matters, they will concede on the rest soon enough.

The neg in romance stories

Monday, September 10th, 2012

The authors of A Billion Wicked Thoughts: What the Internet Tells Us About Sexual Relationships have surveyed thousands of porn sites and great stinking piles of slash romance fiction. It was a tough job, but someone had to do it.

They tell us that the ideal-looking hero of a romance story has “dark hair,” which accents the “white teeth” in his “sensual mouth” curved into a “crooked smile.”.

But a crooked smile is an expression of contempt. If the hero is looking at someone with a crooked smile he is laughing at them. I checked one romance fiction for a crooked smile, that being all I could stand, and yes, that is what hero was doing, negging the heroine most savagely – no he was not negging,  since a neg is back handed compliment, an unsettling comment that could be interpreted as insult.  He was just insulting her.

So yes, all women are like that.


Monday, September 10th, 2012

A lot of people, including pretty much everyone in academia, including supposed libertarians in academia, agree that deregulation has been happening.

Everyone agrees that the US banks were “deregulated” – in that a seventeen page law governing their permitted activities was replaced by three thousand pages of laws governing their activities, which three thousand pages were not so much laws, as headings for regulators to title their decisions. It is impossible to say how many pages of regulations were created, since the extraordinary flood of regulations bypassed the normal mechanisms such as the federal register, and consist of all manner of document categories – not only does no one know how much regulation there is, no one even knows how to find all the regulations that there are.

This was indeed “deregulation” in that activities that banks were previously forbidden to do, were now permitted under the supervision of regulators. (more…)

The reaction to Clint Eastwood’s speech

Sunday, September 2nd, 2012

Every television station, every radio station, every newspaper …

Every mainstream blog that mentions the topic is being spammed with suspiciously repetitious comments. An abrupt and coordinated attack, endlessly repeating a single message, is like an army, its behavior showing it is thrown into action by a single command, issued by a single commander.

And what is that single message? (more…)