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Vote Cthulhu

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

Why vote for the lesser evil

Why vote for the lesser evil?

If you vote Democrat, you vote for the branch of the Cathedral’s public relations department that specializes in moving the left edge of the Overton window leftwards

If you vote Republican, you vote for the branch of the Cathedral’s public relations department that specializes in moving the right edge of the Overton window leftwards.

A vote for Romney will slow the destruction of the private economy, but it means that private health care goes outside the Overton window, that ending population replacement goes outside the Overton window.  If Romney gets elected, advocating private health care or border control, or stopping illegals from voting will be as crazy career suicide as advocating white supremacy – as  crazy as advocating any non left policy that no longer receives support from the mainstream parties.

The left is the state, and the state is the left.  The Republican party is part of the state, and so the range of policies that it is thinkable for republicans to endorse moves ever leftwards. (more…)

Origins of Leftism

Sunday, October 28th, 2012

Bruce Charlton, who is usually wise except when his religion gets in the way of reality, argues that the origins of the left are not in Christianity, but rather in secularism, that Christianity became corrupted into leftism by becoming secular, rather than secular because corrupted into leftism.

He is wrong.  Christianity really is to blame.  First Christians became leftists, then, being leftists, became secularists.

Christianity became corrupted, then became secular because corrupted.  It did not become corrupted because secular.  It was corrupt when it opposed New Testament style marriage, slavery, and supported the emancipation of women. (more…)

The Flaw in Moldbug’s proposed dictatorship.

Saturday, October 27th, 2012

Obviously democracy is not working, is failing catastrophically.  The productive are outvoted by the gimmedats, in large part non asian minorities and white sluts. Moldbug’s solution is simple:  Dictatorship, evolving into Monarchy.  The dictator, he hopes and expects, will fire all government employees, except for military, police, and some tax collectors.  What use are all the rest of them to a strong dictator?

A good government is a stationary bandit, since a stationary bandit has an incentive to shear the sheep, rather than flay them.  A bad government is a mobile bandit, and the government service in democracies increasingly approximate mobile bandits.  Each bureaucrat seeks to increase his power and wealth, even if the total burden is well above the Laffer limit.

The trouble is that a dictator is not necessarily a stationary bandit:  A secure dictator, for example a martial and charismatic monarch of a long established dynasty, is a stationary bandit.   Unfortunately, not only are long established dynasties in short supply, but when you have one, the legitimate heir to the throne is seldom martial and charismatic. (more…)

Block google analytics

Sunday, October 21st, 2012

Google takes particular and exceptional interest in people with heretical views, as illustrated by the fact that people who post subversive material under their google accounts get special treatment, and special requests for identifying information. (more…)

Google is evil

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

Google has shut down my gmail, you tube account, google documents, and so on and so forth, until I give them a phone number at which I can be contacted – which is to say, until I give them a provable link to my true name.

This did not come as a total surprise, so I have not lost anything important.

How to fire big bird

Tuesday, October 9th, 2012

Romney has promised to defund the Public Broadcasting System.

Reagan promised to defund the left, and did not seriously try it. If Reagan did not, what chance Romney? But if Romney is serious about it, which I doubt, here is how to do it:

The Public Broadcasting System is, in large part, half a billion dollars paying media people to be left wing, which includes paying them to be nasty to Republicans in general and Romney in particular. If you are going to defund the Public Broadcasting System, might as well defund the other key major left wing institutions: the State Department, the Justice Department, the Department of Education, the National Endowment for the Arts, and Harvard. You will have the same sized conflict either way. Theoretically this is a straightforward application of financial power of congress, but in actual practice, will be more like a military coup. (more…)

The Romney/Obama middle east policy

Saturday, October 6th, 2012

The major problem with Obama’s policy is that it is a progressive policy. By being nice to our enemies, and hateful to our friends, our enemies will supposedly come to love us. This policy has been tried from time to time over the last several thousand years, particularly by Christians towards Muslims over the last thousand years, with entirely predictable results. Though doubtless sincerely believed, it has in practice a suspicious resemblance to the elite selling out their subjects to their enemies, has a suspicious resemblance to the far against near alliance so characteristic of leftism, wherein the rulers, in pursuit of power over the ruled, destroy the polity that they rule. (more…)

the gimmedat party

Friday, October 5th, 2012

Today, you can predict pretty accurately how someone will vote from which interest group she belongs to. I say “she”, not out of political correctness, but because this is most obvious for females.

The gimmedat party is non whites and single white females. And it has a majority in the US. Thus, Obama and Romney pander to it to precisely equal degrees. This is the end state of democracy, for the politicians seeking votes will steadily increase the gimmedats, until they have a majority, whereupon democracy self destructs.

Even if a Sulla cured the problem by throwing the gimmedats off the voter rolls, this would not be a permanent solution, because it would remain in the interests of politicians to create more gimmedats and put them on the rolls.