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Mencius on the Fall

Monday, December 31st, 2012

Mencius addresses the question:  Does today’s US resemble the late Roman Empire in the west, or the late Roman Republic, in his usual wonderfully cryptic, long winded, and obscure fashion.

Mencius’s proposed solution to our crisis, oligarchy or military dictatorship, assumes that America is analogous to the late Roman Republic.  The people have become too degenerate to rule themselves, and so must be ruled by others.   In his latest post, however, he considers the possibility that there really is no solution. (more…)

The watchmaker is dead

Monday, December 24th, 2012

When the religion dies, so dies the empire.  Europe is the faith, the faith is Europe, and the faith is no more.

Everyone who resents the destructive, self indulgent, and self destructive rule of the ever more left wing Cathedral, regrets the passing of Christianity, everyone including the secular right, perhaps especially the secular right, and some of them imagine it could be revived, though the remnant be small as a mustard seed.

Before Darwinism, intelligent Christians believed in a creator God in the same way they believed in Mongolia.  Intelligent Christians thought seriously about the implications of theology for the observable world, and the implications of the observable world for theology.

After Darwinism, they did not.

Consider for example CS Lewis.  He was an intelligent Christian, familiar with the works of intelligent Christians who wrote before Darwin.  But he primarily wrote fantasy and science fantasy, without troubling to make his theology consistent with the observable world, or even with itself.  When he discussed the worldview of past Christians, he made no effort to reconcile them with recently discovered facts, treating their theories and analyses the same way he treated his science fantasies, not the way they treated their theories and analyses (more…)

Kill their leaders and convert them to … progressivism

Monday, December 17th, 2012

Ann Coulter famously said “Kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity”.  Regrettably, all the versions of Christianity that once upon a time would have been capable of implementing such a program have replaced the worship of Christ the Redeemer with Jesus the community organizer.

The “Arab Spring” was the Cathedral deluding itself that it was installing progressive “Muslim” regimes in the Middle East – only to discover what was obvious to everyone else, that it was installing “progressive” Muslim regimes in the Middle East.

For a long time the Cathedral has been promoting a transformation of Islam, promoting progressive Islam, which I parody as “There is no God but Allah, and Mohammed is his prophet, and Mohammed, rightly understood, was a feminist and gay rights supporter who only commanded killing Zionists, not killing Jews as such, and furthermore opposed terrorism, except when conservatives and Jews who won’t get with the program get terrorized.”

They believe they are succeeding, but this belief is deluded.  They think that they defeated Christianity by persuasion, by the self evident truth of progressivism, and don’t realize that they crushed Christianity by theocratic state power.  (Any Christian commenters who think their Church is still doing fine, how is your church treating divorced women who want to remarry?  If your church has yielded on several major points, it will soon be yielding on several more, until Christ the Redeemer becomes Jesus the community organizer, and the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost become the spiritual force, so as not to discriminate against parishioners who believe that Jesus gay married Buddha and visits earth from time to time in a flying saucer.)

Progressives gravely underestimate the amount of violence required convert Muslims to progressivism, because they gravely underestimate the amount of violence they used to convert Christians to progressivism.

Progressives think that sincere Muslim believers are rural rednecks, people living in mountain compounds, and that is where they send the drones to blow up terrorists.  They think that people like themselves – urban, privileged, affluent, highly educated in all the correct elite schools – must be progressives and cannot possibly be terrorists, cannot possibly take religion seriously, but, in a Muslim country, that is exactly where you find the Muslims, aka “terror”. In a theocratic state, belief in the official theocratic beliefs is strongest among the products of the elite schools, and affluent people living close to the center of power, such as, for example, Barack Hussein Obama and Osama bin Laden. We are a progressive atheocracy, the Middle East is full of Muslim theocracies.

The reason that in America, the Christians tend to be in the backwoods and away from the center of power is that the official religion, progressivism, dominates and is more passionately believed, the closer you are to the center of power.  Obviously, in a theocracy, faith is centered on the capital, the government bureaucracy, the elite schools, the privileged, the powerful, the wealthy.  School attendance is church attendance at the official church.

There are moderate Muslims but there is no such thing as moderate Islam.  Moderate Muslims are Muslims who don’t take Islam seriously. And you find them in the backwoods and rural areas, in the same sort of places as in America you find Americans who don’t take progressivism seriously.

If you want to make war on “terror”, you are going to have to make war on Islam, which means you are going to have to start by blowing up the leading schools and think tanks where the children of the privileged hang out.  Progressives are losing against Islam because they are blowing up the wrong Muslims.

When Sunni Muslims are in power, they persecute Alawites in the same way they persecute Christians and Jews, since they don’t believe the Alawite claim to be Muslim.  To avoid persecution, Alawites seized power in Syria.  The Cathedral perceived this as soldiers snatching power from priests, or, as they phrased it, “undemocratic”, though Alawites are Muslim enough that the distinction between soldiers and priests is small, thus the distinction between democracy and military dictatorship is small. Alawites claim to be Shia Muslims, a claim barely tolerated by Shia Muslims and generally rejected by Sunni Muslims. Alawite ruled Syria allied itself with Shia Iran, allowing Iran to project force against Israel and hostile Sunni Muslim powers, whereupon Iran found it convenient to give credit to the Alawite claim to be Shia Muslims.  Because Iranian aid to Hezbollah and such was channeled through Syria, the Cathedral defined the Syrian regime as “terror”.

And so, the Cathedral set to overthrowing the Syrian government, intending to replace “terror” with progressive “Islam”

The Alawites fought back with unexpected ferocity, knowing that if the Sunni majority gained power, they would be enslaved, and so the war went on inconclusively.

Syrian Christians support the Alawites, and are fighting beside them, which tells me that Alawites are less dreadful than most Muslims, which is probably the reason that Sunnis don’t count them as Muslims.

Indeed, the fact that there are a reasonable number of Syrian Christians still alive tells me that Alawites are less bad than most.  America should not be fighting on the other side from middle eastern Christians.

After the murder of America’s Libyan ambassador, the Cathedral suddenly realized that in a genuinely free and fair Syrian election, an al-Qaeda franchisee would likely be elected.

Moderate, which is to say insincere, Muslims seem to be in short supply in Syria.  So now, in Syria, we have a three cornered war, the Cathedral versus the Alawites versus the Sunnis, the Cathedral versus just about everyone in Syria.

Kissinger said of the Iran Iraq war

“It’s too bad they both can’t lose.”

Whereupon Reagan proceeded to make sure they both did lose.

I hope that in the Syrian war, all three of them will lose.  Indeed, chances are, all three will lose.  The Alawites have their backs against the wall, and no alternative but to hang on to power, so in the end, will probably do so, but pay a very high price for doing so.  Everyone says that the Assad regime, which is to say Alawites, are on their last legs.  Perhaps they are, but they have been on their last legs for a long time.  The next most likely outcome is that Al Qaeda gets Syria, while progressives continue to piously pretend that progressivism is winning.

The Syrian government, which is to say the Alawites, agreed to hold free and fair elections, under supervision of China and Russia, but with the Alawites organizing the election. This was of course entirely unacceptable to the Cathedral, which wanted the Alawites to first be thoroughly removed from any power, and then elections held under the supervision of the Cathedral.

The Cathedral proposal resembles the “election” whereby it installed Aristide in Haiti. Not only are the Alawites unlikely to fall for that one, the Sunni majority are not going to fall for it either.  If the Sunnis win, there is going to be a genuinely democratic election, one man, one vote, once, and then an Al Qaeda franchisee will be in charge, while New York Times optimistically rationalizes that Al Qaeda franchisees contain moderate elements.

The left singularity versus the technological singularity

Friday, December 14th, 2012

Lately this blog has largely been about the left singularity:  That leftism leads to more leftism, which leads to even more leftism even faster, until everything goes to hell. The best known singularity, however is the information technology singularity, the rapture of the nerds

What of the theory that information technology leads to more information technology?

Well, in a sense, in the long run, looking back over the last several million years, it is obviously true.  Problem is that it is far from obvious that dramatic technological change is coming any time soon. We have had quite a few dark ages interrupting the process, and there is what looks like a dark age coming up now.

The distinguishing feature of the technological singularity, what makes it singular, is accelerating progress.  Progress has been accelerating  from the sixteenth century to the early twentieth, but during the twentieth century, in one field after another, progress has slowed, usually stopping altogether within the west, while continuing at a somewhat slower pace in Asia.   Accelerating progress continues in DNA reading, but that is the last place where it is still evident that progress is accelerating. Progress may well have stopped in DNA writing, and any future advances in DNA writing are likely to come from Asia.  Rapid progress continues in integrated circuit manufacture, but that progress is not accelerating, and the shrinking number of fabs and increasing cost of fabs threatens to end that progress.

If yet another dark age hits, then when the next civilization rises, the high point of western civilization will be dated precisely to 1972 – last man on the moon, tallest buildings in the west, coolest muscle cars. (more…)

Derivatives did it!

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

Bernie Madoff steals from his depositors. An evil Jew did it! Punish the evil Jew Bernie Madoff. Jon Corzine, pillar of the progressive establishment, senior financial regulator, steals from his depositors. Derivatives did it!. Poor Jon Corzine. We must punish derivatives by regulating them further. (more…)

Recent posts on Urban Future vanished

Saturday, December 8th, 2012

Recent excellent posts on the excellent blog “Urban Future” have mysteriously vanished.

Perhaps the bitbucket ate them, but I suspect the problem was that he said “the Left”, instead of saying the US Government.

Edit:  In the comments, Nick Land reassures me that they were merely eaten by the bitbucket.

He was discussing the left singularity.  He suggests that the left singularity was akin to an alcoholic drinking shoe polish in the gutter, which not only implies that the future of the US government is likely to resemble an alcoholic drinking shoe polish in the gutter, but also inadvertently implies that the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution resembled an alcoholic drinking shoe polish in the gutter, which of course everyone knows to be true, but is inadvisable to say if your blog is located in China.

Edit:  In the comments, Nick Land  implies that he is not taking any very great risks when indirectly and inadvertently implying that the Cultural Revolution and Great leap forward resembled an alcoholic drinking shoe polish in the gutter.   If so, he is a lot safer in China than in US academia, where it is still inadvisable to be unkind to Mao.


As in Britain, maintaining order is being criminalized

Saturday, December 8th, 2012

As you know, another photo has come out showing that five foot eleven athlete Trayvon Martin beat the stuffing out of  five foot seven overweight George Zimmerman, while Zimmerman never hit back, until he finally shot Martin.

And when I say “come out” I mean that Zimmerman’s new lawyers extracted it by a year of litigation.  His first set of lawyers were happy to roll over for the state, and help railroad him as a dangerous raaaaciiiiiist, hence the widespread accusation that he must have been dangerously insane to fire them and get new lawyers.

As you may also know, the sound on one police call of George Zimmerman getting out of his truck to check out Trayvon Martin happens seven and half minutes before the sound of the gunshot on another police call when he shoots Martin, which means that Martin had ample time to walk to his fathers house, rant to his girlfriend a bit about how horrid Zimmerman was, then turn around and walk back to look for George Zimmerman

That Martin was still walking around in the rain seven minutes after passing Zimmerman’s truck implies that he was looking for Zimmerman, or looking for a house to burgle, or both, rather than looking to get home and dry. (more…)

China more capitalist than the USA

Monday, December 3rd, 2012

With the USA becoming more socialist, and China more capitalist, it was inevitable that they would cross over.

And so today we see that private property rights in China are more secure and respected than in the USA.

Which means that in a little while, the average Chinese will be richer than the average North American.

At present, Chinese cars per capita is 21% of the US, electricity per capita is 29% of the US, and most middle class goods are roughly similar, which suggests that Chinese GDP per head is somewhere around a quarter or so of US GDP per head, despite optimistic US figures to the contrary. Since Chinese GDP is rising at about 10% a year, while US GDP per head is probably falling, despite official figures supposedly showing that it is rising, individual Chinese should be richer than individual North Americans after 2026 or so, assuming both countries continue on their current paths for that long, China continuing to head towards capitalism, and the US continuing to abandon it.

Moldbug’s mission completed

Saturday, December 1st, 2012

Moldbug has a new post of substance, but not a whole lot of substance.

That a significant proportion of votes are fraudulent, disproportionately in the most critical states, such as Ohio, and everyone piously turns a blind eye to voter fraud on a scale that makes the difference between one presidential candidate winning, and another winning, is interesting in that everyone turns a blind eye. Democracy is now so dead that it is impolite to pay attention.

It is not interesting in that even honest elections would not produce results markedly different.  (more…)