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No, the Pope is not Catholic

Sunday, March 31st, 2013

Recently our state sponsored intellectuals have been waxing indignant about the fact that the recently elected Pope is Catholic.  They have not yet complained about bears shitting in the woods.

But, in fact, the Pope is not Catholic.  He is progressive, merely less progressive and more Catholic than our state sponsored intellectuals would prefer.

Our state sponsored intellectuals are indignant because the Pope opposes abortion, women priests, gay marriage, homosexual bishops and so on and so forth.  (I would have thought that the Church was seriously oversupplied with homosexual Bishops, but I suppose the objection is that they are not openly homosexual, or not open enough)

But notice that our state sponsored intellectuals are not attacking him for supporting marital rape (traditional Christian marriage) and the enslavement of women (traditional Christian marriage)

The traditional Christian position is that marriage was an irrevocable contract in which both spouses agreed each to be always sexually available to the other.  If you are married, you don’t need consent for sex.  You need consent to refrain from sex – and you are not even supposed to give consent to refrain from sex too easily or for too long.  You are supposed to “rape” your spouse, in order to maintain the marriage.  This seems reasonable to me, for my observation suggests that if people consent to stop having sex, they are apt to not resume, and pretty soon the marriage breaks up.

If there is such a thing as “marital rape”, then it is impossible to contract to marry and stay married, which is a massive violation of freedom of contract, which violation of freedom of contract gravely impairs our ability to form families and reproduce.

In fact, the Roman Catholic Church still supports that position – in Spanish.  In English, however, it is silent.    It seems that state sponsored intellectuals cannot speak Spanish, hence “rape” is one of the few things they are not attacking the Pope for.

Now since I think that all religions are at best pious frauds, at best a collection of children’s stories embodying ancient wisdom, at worst evil scams, Roman Catholics might reasonably say this is none of my business.  Trouble is, while Jesus gives permission to ditch any parts of the Old Testament that might prove inconvenient, no Christian has permission to ditch the New Testament.  If the priest ditches the politically incorrect parts of the New Testament, people smell that he does not really believe, and the churches empty out and turn into museums.

I regret the passing of Christianity.  Europe is the faith, the faith is Europe.  Civilizations die when their animating religion dies.  We will likely need a new religion, or some synthetic substitute, or shall vanish utterly.  When a people lose their religion they are apt, like the Romano British, to disappear.  In much of the Roman Empire in the west, the people remained and had descendents, but came under the rule of foreign aristocracies formed by invading bandits.  The Romano British were, however, pretty thoroughly genocided except in those areas least subject to Roman influence. The same will likely happen to much of today’s Europe.

I want an SPLC listing too!

Monday, March 25th, 2013

Scott Terry, famously, got listed as a hate group, for arguing at CPAC (conservative political action conference) that the slave Frederick Douglass was the recipient of a favor by his master.

I have often argued that most slaves were not enslaved for profit, but because they profiled as likely to only be able to survive by hunting someone else’s cattle and gathering someone else’s crops, and so the owners of those crops and cattle proceeded to chase them off to anywhere they could go, and if there was nowhere they could go, ship them off to anyone who would take them, which is pretty much Scott Terry’s argument – that slaves in large part were, and their descendents in substantial part are, people who to survive in the modern environment need either state subsidies or external discipline, both of which are favors commonly done by white people to black people.  The largest source of slaves was black elites exporting their unwanted underclass, or ethnically cleansing inferior groups that caused problems.  Underclass people do not deserve freedom, and are not capable of handling it.   If you allow them to vote, they will of course vote against freedom. (more…)

Bitches in Tech

Saturday, March 23rd, 2013

The internet is buzzing with the Adria Richards dongle incident that demonstrates what everyone knows, but that until now no one could say, not even me: That women in the tech industry are frequently humorless, dangerous, threatening, difficult, unreasonable, and hard to work with.  In a word, bitches.  That women bring drama and soap opera to the workplace, and males are unable or unwilling to prevent them. (more…)

Why East Asians vote Democrat

Monday, March 18th, 2013

It is easy to understand why Mestizos vote Democrat.  They are stupid. Observe Venezuela.  Chavez stole their food, told them the evil capitalists were starving them, and the hungry Mestizos loved him and voted for him, without wondering overmuch as to why Chavez was so strangely unsuccessful at defending them from evil capitalists.   But why East Asians?

West Hunter reports on Dan Freedman’s research on babies: (more…)

Soft Power

Sunday, March 17th, 2013

Modern leftism is a plot by some white males to use women and non whites to destroy other white males. Obama is president, but he does not know what some white male has written on his teleprompter until he reads it.

Spandrell complains about a Chinese billionairess piously saying the the politically correct things about democracy. (more…)

The latest PC

Sunday, March 17th, 2013

It used to be mandatory to believe that evolution was a mere creation myth, something that happened long, long ago, and far far away, but had not happened in the last hundred thousand years or so, so that it was impossible for there to be differences between races, or indeed between men and woman.

But, in that case, we would still be shaped for eating meat and fat, and not yet shaped for eating wheat and vegetable oil, which is horribly politically incorrect. Vegetable oil would produce heart disease, which is as bad as lack of global warming. And so, it is now mandatory to believe that evolution is extremely fast when it would produce politically correct results, and does not happen at all when it would produce politically incorrect results.

PC gets ever more stupid, as the arrogance of power has excused it from making any sense at all. (more…)

Moldbug’s solution to the moron problem

Friday, March 15th, 2013

There are a large number of people who have no jobs, who make their living by voting left. Many of them, mostly the males, entertain themselves with arson, assault, and burglary, though we are seeing overweight women engaged in such manly pursuits with increasing frequency, though for the females the major recreation seems to be engaging in unprotected sex with males who demonstrate their superior manliness by mugging and arson.

Moldbug discusses solutions to this problem, as did I, People of Negative Economic Value, and Red in a comment

Did Hormonal Contraception cause the destruction of the family?

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

The sexual revolution happened when the pill happened, that is, when Hormonal Birth Control happened.

In the comments Spandrell provides compelling evidence that the effect of hormonal birth control on the sexual revolution was not very large. 


Christianity and morality

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013

A lot of Christians argue that atheism must be nihilistic, and that nihilism cannot possibly oppose or resist the self confident moralizing of the progressives.

There are three problems with this theory:

  1. The pagan Greeks had Gods that were no better than men, and for the most part a good deal worse, and yet the Greeks did not suffer from nihilism until after they suffered social decay. Social decay and childlessness caused nihilism. Nihilism did not cause social decay. We could do with their heroic and manly morality, in place of the excessively feeble, defeatist, and other worldly Christian morality.
  2. Progressives are atheist or New Age, and their new age spooks are easily recognizable as what used to be called demons and the evil undead, hating life and the living, the beings that used to be mocked and appeased at Halloween and Samhain, the evil fairies and gibbering ghosts of Samhain. And yet progressives are full of self confident self righteous anti morality, not nihilism, the atheists even more than the New Agers.
  3. The reactionary atheist branch of the PUA movement, though defeatist, is not nihilist, but rather evinces the manly and stoic spirit of the Greeks, a manly morality ultimately rooted in Darwinist teleology.

Since Darwinism, no one takes a creator God very seriously. CS Lewis celebrated those medieval thinkers that took theology as serious account of the world that had to make sense and explain the world as it is, while he himself wrote children’s stories. Christianity is down to a mustard seed, while progressives take over the churches, empty out the old bottles, and fill the old bottles with progressivism. God is dead.

What did Auster do about progressive takeover of the Churches? If Christianity is going to defend us against progressivism, where is the defense of Christianity against progressivism? Only Dalrock and Sunshine Mary are resisting the progressive takeover of Christianity, and they are heavily influenced and motivated by the atheist reactionary branch of the PUA movement. It is the atheists influencing Christians to put aside nihilism, rather than the other way around.

Libertarianism and Equalism.

Sunday, March 3rd, 2013

I regard myself as a libertarian and anarcho capitalist, but I see all these Libertarians who want the the government to import unlimited numbers of underclass people from Mexico to live on welfare and vote democrat.  They worry about the government intruding into people’s lives by not allowing gays to marry, and are entirely unworried about the government intruding into people’s lives to desecrate the sacrament of marriage, by forcing everyone to recognize gay marriage, despite the fact that those few gays that get married frequently do it to épater les bourgeois by having sex in public in a great big pile. (more…)