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Racism explained

Sunday, June 30th, 2013

Yet another excellent post by Radish.

All whites are racist. Only whites can be racist. Therefore all whites need to be attacked and beaten up – starting of course, with someone like a small woman who cannot and will not fight back.

This post categorized under culture rather than politics, because politics implies that there is some conflict and disagreement on the issue, whereas culture refers to universally shared and accepted values.

The left devour their own

Saturday, June 29th, 2013

In the latest re-run of Racefail09, Barry Malzberg and Mike Resnick are being demonized for insufficient leftism – primarily Barry Malzberg, previously a leading leftist of Science Fiction, who, in his younger days, was substantially influential in imposing the then new and rigidly boring political orthodoxy on science fiction and fantasy. Now in their seventies, they failed to quite keep up with the latest orthodoxy, falling two or three years behind the latest feminist line. Or rather they were in their seventies. They are now, like Winston Smith at the end of “1984”, pre-dead. (more…)

On ripple

Friday, June 28th, 2013

Ripple is a scam cryptocurrency.  Pity, since the alleged design is more scalable than bitcoin.

A cryptocurrency is mainly worth its speculative value, worth the possibility it could replace the US$. Obviously Ripple is not going to replace the US$, being a wholly controlled muppet of Cathedral minions.

If Ripple was funded by Baidu rather than Google, I would be on it like a tomcat on a pussy in heat. (more…)

Selecting for stupid

Monday, June 24th, 2013

Before Google became a huge success, it tried to select for the smartest people, in so far as it was legally possible to do.  It then became a huge success.

Today, Google’s chief human resources officer tells us selecting for smart does not work, so Google does not do it any more.  (Hat tip, Lion of the Blogosphere)

What do you think is more likely:  That selecting for smart does not work, or that it gives politically incorrect results?

This looks like the same phenomenon as elite educational institutions furtively or openly blowing off the LSAT, and contenting themselves with an intake that is low on the LSAT.   Google says smarts are not useful, colleges are finding the results of LSAT inconvenient.


Economic efficiency of slavery

Saturday, June 22nd, 2013

For tasks requiring intelligence and independent judgement, for the kind of job where one would ordinarily employ a contractor or high level free employee, slave owners generally gave one of their best slaves an incentive environment approximating that of a high level free employee, where the slave had a future career path, the opportunity to save and invest, to own money and buy assets, including buying other slaves, indicating that slavery does not work to get such tasks done – hence the failure of the Soviet Union.

However for many tasks, tasks suitable to stupid people, tasks for bad people, tasks where you want people to reliably do as they are told rather than make good decisions, the sort of tasks that most black people are suitable for, slavery was markedly more productive and efficient than free labor, with the slave producing more value for himself and his owner with less labor, than he did when freed.

When the slaves were freed, they became for the most part, considerably worse off economically, having to work harder and getting less to eat.

My! dem was good ol’ days.

Twarn’t long atter dat dey tell us we’se free. But lawdy, Cap’n, we ain’t nebber been what I calls free. ‘Cose ole marster didn’ own us no mo’, an’ all de folks soon scatter all ober, but iffen dey all lak me day still hafter wuk jes’ as hard, an some times hab less dan we useter hab when we stay on Marster John’s plantation.

Freedom is all right, but de niggers was better off befo’ surrender, kaze den dey was looked after an’ dey didn’ get in no trouble fightin’ an’ killin’ like dey do dese days. If a nigger cut up an’ got sassy in slavery times, his Ole Marse give him a good whippin’ an’ he went way back an’ set down an’ ‘haved hese’f. If he was sick, Marse an’ Mistis looked after him, an’ if he needed store medicine, it was bought an’ give to him; he didn’ have to pay nothin’. Dey didn’ even have to think ’bout clothes nor nothin’ like dat, dey was wove an’ made an’ give to dem. Maybe everybody’s Marse and Mistis wuzn’ good as Marse George and Mis’ Betsy, but dey was de same as a mammy an’ pappy to us niggers.

Source: American Slave: North Carolina Narratives14 (1): 284-290. (more…)

Always betraying, and always betrayed

Wednesday, June 19th, 2013

Observe that the Tea Party is on the brink of its first great achievement: Population replacement of whites by a voting majority of mestizos on welfare. (The two thousand page amnesty law, which we have to pass to learn what is in it, is being written by two Democratic Party immigration lawyers, and the usual government employees).

The psychological mechanism underlying this is that the overwhelming majority of politically active people are unwilling to  speak or think ill of those to the left of them, perhaps because the left rules, and have no hesitation in demonizing of anyone to the right of them, perhaps because the right is powerless and afraid. Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say the non left, since no one wants to identify as right, and because there a thousand rights and only one left. The left is a thousand points of doctrine every single one of which must be affirmed, while whosoever disagrees on any one of these thousand points is deemed right wing, and deemed evil and hateful, not merely by the left, but by anyone less right wing than himself, and indeed by anyone who disagrees with the left on a different point of doctrine.

He who is subject to this mechanism, which is most of those in politics, has  no friends to the right, no enemies to the left, which means all his friends are his enemies, and all his enemies are his friends, which means that he is always betraying, and always betrayed.

See for example Bryan Caplan vomiting the most extraordinarily hateful bile, as if possessed by demons, at those who oppose the importation of mass of low IQ voters to live on welfare and crime, and at those who think that fatherless children are prone to moral defects. But he would never dream of drawing the glaringly obvious conclusions from the “10:10 no pressure video”, that those who composed it are monsters, or notice massive and systematic fraud and conspiracy revealed by the Climategate files.

Whosoever argues that those to the left of him are merely mistaken, not malicious, despite many cases where malice is obvious, will argue that those to the right of him are malicious, even when honesty and decency is obvious, thus no enemies to the left, no friends to the right, thus all his friends are his enemies, thus always betraying and always betrayed, thus utterly untrustworthy. Any organization that contains such people will be destroyed from within. If you give such a person any power within the group, he will conspire with that groups enemies and commit fraud, theft, and violence.

Thus, for example, in the American Revolution, the British general Lord Howe not merely supplied Washington with gunpowder, but arranged for his men to die, in order to advantage Washington. ( See Sydney George Fisher’s True History of the American Revolution.) He deliberately caused the deaths of those near to him to advantage those far from him, the classic alliance with far against near so characteristic of leftism.

Quite simply: Unreasonable willingness to trust the powerful is a very reliable indication that someone is dangerously untrustworthy. So someone who supposedly agrees with you 99%,  for example Bryan Caplan, except that he says that Obama is mistaken while he fails to notice that Obama hates America, Americans, and whites in particular, will stab you in the back, like Lord Howe, whereas someone who disagrees with you 100%, who thinks that Obama is the lightworker will merely stab you in the front.

We don’t need ideological purity.  We do, however, need to be pure from those who grovel to power.  Any organization that contains such people will move left, as the Tea Party did, regardless of what ideology they purport to have.  If someone cannot read fraud and conspiracy in the climategate files, cannot read hatred of America and whites in Obama’s history, cannot see monsters in those authoring public education videos such as “10:10 No Pressure”, he can be relied upon to knife you in the back.

If your comrade cannot see evil, because power obscures his vision, then when you expect him to stand with you against power, he will stab you in the back.

Speaking truth to power

Saturday, June 15th, 2013

The big lie is not equality. The big lie is not that women are naturally virtuous. The big lie is not that gays want monogamous marriage. The big lie is not the magic negro.

The big lie is that the Cathedral is holy. Every item of propaganda issued by every Cathedral spokesman has the subtext “I am holier than thou”, and it is this subtext has to be attacked in the same utterly venomous and fearless manner that Jesus attacked it. (more…)

Bitcoin scaling problems

Friday, June 14th, 2013

When bitcoin was first proposed, I argued that the proposed algorithm failed to scale.

Well, when getting started, scaling does not matter.  Now, however, a bitcoin wallet is starting to cost substantial bandwidth and processing power.  There are plans to address this, but I am underwhelmed by those plans. The proposed plans will make bitcoin more centralized, and will still have scaling issues.

Seems to me that we need an algorithm where no one computer needs to keep a copy of all transactions, or even a complete listing of who owns what coins, so as to maintain scaling all the way to operating all of the world’s transactions, and full decentralization both. (more…)

Moral Progress

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

At one of the main supposedly libertarian sites on the internet, where, every few days, they pimp for mass migration of the Latin American underclass to come to the US to live on welfare and crime, and vote Democrat, they recently preened themselves on the wonderful moral progress we have made since the horrible evil bad old days.

Fosetti cut them a new anal orifice. (more…)

Preparing for Civil War Two

Wednesday, June 5th, 2013

Many reactionaries compare today’s America to the latter days of the Roman Republic, reflect on the excellence of the early Roman empire, and hope for a military coup that ends the corrupt and decadent American republic, replacing it with disciplined imperium.

The reigns of the five good Roman emperors illustrate that the reign of stationary bandit, an absolute dictator secure in his power, fearing neither votes nor coups nor riot nor military insurrection, is a pretty good system.  He has an incentive to shear the sheep, but not flay them, while other forms of government tend to flaying.  Observe that taxes on the rich are everywhere far above the Laffer limit, and in many places, such as Greece, taxes on the working poor are far above the Laffer limit.

Unfortunately such a tranquil transition seems improbable, for every officer above company grade in the US army is selected not only for political correctness, but, more importantly, for lack of military competence.  The Cathedral fears losing a war with the US military far more than it fears the US military losing a war with some external enemy.  A successful coup requires a leader who commands a reasonable level of respect from the junior officers. Being such a potential coup maker absolutely disqualifies officers for promotion above company grade.

Nor could the US military provide order after such a transition, for order requires legitimacy, and such a tranquil transition would leave the new imperator illegitimate.  Coercive power is insufficient to enable a government to govern. (more…)