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Dysgenics and mutational load

Saturday, August 31st, 2013

It seems probable that most variation in health, beauty, and IQ is due to genetic load, large numbers of rare genetic variants. About fifteen percent of the human genome is under negative selection, meaning that in about fifteen percent of the human genome, any random change is likely to be harmful, most variants get eliminated by natural selection in a reasonable time.

The mutation rate in humans is one or two mutations per hundred million bases per generation, probably around one mutation per hundred million bases, for a total of around thirty to sixty mutations per generation, implying around five to nine harmful mutations per generation.

Since we must have been near equilibrium in the ancestral environment, this implies five to nine harmful mutations were eliminated every generation.

This amounts to natural selection working fiercely – that just to stay in the same place we were running mighty fast, that survival of the fittest was pretty harsh.  Since we have not been experiencing severe natural selection since the Industrial Revolution, the number of harmful mutations in the typical individual must have increased by about forty or so.  We must have devolved quite significantly. (more…)

On Judaism

Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

I have been arguing in the comments with B about Judaism, and in the course of this argument, my position shifted considerably.

Judaism was a theocratic national religion, state religion, and ethnic religion, a nation state religion. Just what the doctor ordered, just the kind of thing reactionaries like, just the kind of thing that makes a people strong.

Upon the Jews being exiled, the Sadducees lost their power base and Rabbis remade Judaism to be an exile ethnic religion, inherently hostile to, and subversive of, the host nation and host society.

This has become a paradoxical and psychologically unhealthy religion, since the Jews are no longer in exile, but Judaism is still in exile, still subversive of the host nation even when the host nation is Israel, and still subversive of the host society even when the host society is Jewish.  (more…)

Christians did not build the Cathedral – but Churches did.

Sunday, August 25th, 2013

The Orthosphere is always apologizing for Christianity, supporting it, and defending it, while I treat as merely markedly less harmful than the belief systems that people are likely to believe when they stop believing in Christianity. And today the Orthosphere publishes a guest post that asserts Christians Did Not Build “The Cathedral”

Which tells us:

you should begin to doubt the internet authors who tell you that the leftist programs of what they like to call “the Cathedral” originated in the Christianity of the churches of New England.

Indeed, it originated not in the Christianity of the churches of New England, but in the heresy of the Churches of New England. (more…)

Words and meanings

Sunday, August 25th, 2013

When the ostensive meaning, the nominal meaning, and the nominal ostensive meaning of a word differ, the word is itself a lie, a lie contained in a single word that makes any sentence containing it a lie.

A word primarily means what it is used to refer to, its ostensive meaning. During childhood language acquisition, it means what mothers refer to when speaking to their children. The mother says “look, a dog”, and the child then knows what a dog is.

Then there is the nominal meaning, what dictionaries say the word means in terms of other words, what high status people say they mean, which is not necessarily what they do mean.

And then there is the nominal ostensive meaning – what people say they are pointing at, even though in fact they may be pointing at something completely different.

The difference between the ostensive meaning, what they point at, and the nominal ostensive meaning or the dictionary meaning, what they say they point at, is the lie. (more…)

Do not believe anything in the New York Times

Thursday, August 22nd, 2013

The New York Times has gotten hold of a secret Chinese Communist Party memo, which lists seven subversive currents in Chinese society, which could lead to the overthrow of the party after the fashion of the French Revolution. The New York Times, however fails to list all seven subversive currents, merely giving us their interpretation of selected parts of the document.

Therefore, spin, therefore a lie. If they did not intend to mislead you, would give you the full seven.

The total absence of a manosphere schism

Tuesday, August 20th, 2013

Lately a bunch of people have been complaining about a schism in the manosphere.  Roosh dissed everyone except pick up artists, which upset lots of people.  But Roosh’s complaint was that men without lots of experience with lots of women are poor sources of advice about women, which is trivially true.  Dalrock is good as a source of truth about women, but Heartiste is better, even if you approve of Dalrock’s goals, and disapprove of Heartiste, minion of Satan. 

If you care about truth, take it like a man. I knew the nature of women when I was teenage, but am a poor source of advice about women since I married very young, and stayed married, which cramped my style a little.

Since the greatest pick-up-artist blogger, enjoy-the-decline Heartiste, minion of Satan, is also a major inspiration to reactionaries everywhere, and himself a great blogger of the Dark Enlightenment, how can there be a schism?  It is not schism, it is disagreement in the search for truth.

If you worry about schism, you are trying to build consensus.  Consensus is the opposite of truth, it is the madness of crowds.  Consensus is truth by agreement.  The Dark Enlightenment truth by reality. (more…)

The time approaches for a Sulla or a Monck

Monday, August 19th, 2013

In a tranquil and orderly society a bunch of high status males work things out between themselves by means far short of actual violence, hence are “gentlemen”.  These gentlemen then present a unified and extremely violent front against outsiders.  Over time, their arrangement is apt to break down, their unified front against ungentle means of advancement dissipates, and it becomes increasingly possible to get ahead within the elite by using or organizing actual physical violence against fellow members of the elite, as for example Sonia Sotomayor and Ward Churchill did.  As they become less violent to outsiders, they find that increasingly those who have intruded among them are more violent to each other.

Elite politics then becomes progressively rougher, eventually resulting in a Sulla: rule by a single extremely violent man.

Contrary to Moldbug, societies ruled by a single strong man rarely prosper, since the single strong man has limited capability to shake down the society, and so tends to maximize his take, rather than maximize what is to be taken, thus under a single strong man, the state is apt to become more corrupt and violent, not less corrupt and violent.  Because one man is weak and vulnerable, the difference between stationary bandits and mobile bandits is less than advertised.  Moldbug is correct to argue that the weakness of the ruler is a problem, wrong to think it is soluble.  Stationary bandits are always apt to mutate into mobile bandits due to institutional decay.

Our elite is not all that violent, and exceptional cases, such as Sonia Sontamayor, are not all that elite, but is is apparent which way the wind is going.  Like a neighborhood going bad, the level of trust is going down, the level of corruption is going up, and actual violence, once quite unimaginable, is now, though still uncommon, entirely imaginable.  The Occupy rentamob was intended to physically threaten the financial elite and physically occupy their premises, though it instantly became apparent that the financiers and their rentacops were way tougher than the occupy rentamob.

Democratic politics is a mock civil war:  The side that could call out the most people were it to come to actual fighting is agreed to rule.  But the failure of the Occupy movement suggests that the inner party cannot, in fact, call out a significant mob.

On Funding Science

Saturday, August 10th, 2013

Funding science is not a job that government can do, due to diseconomies of scale, and because government is inherently a religious organization.  It winds up funding pseudo science, thus damaging real science.  The patron has to know and appreciate that field that he is patronizing, and has to personally gain status from the success of his clients.  Otherwise he has the wrong incentives and the wrong knowledge, so patronizes the wrong things, resulting in pseudo science substituting for science. (more…)

The history of leftism against freedom

Wednesday, August 7th, 2013

Today’s state is the left, and the left is the state, as is apparent when one traces the funding of Occupy astroturf to itself.

Recapping Moldbug on the history of the left:

If we trace back the American left through the years, decades and centuries, we find the roots of today’s distinctly anti Christian and disproportionately Jewish left were nominally Christians, the super protestants of the 1940s, who in turn have plausibly Christian roots – the prohibition movement, the early feminist movement, the movement to raise the age of consent, the movement to give women the vote, and the anti slavery movement:  “Onward Christian soldiers”. (more…)

The first rise and fall of the Left.

Monday, August 5th, 2013

Before the English Civil war, the state was Throne and Altar, what we would now call the right.  The state maintained slavery, enforced official religion, and everyone was required to pretend to believe in the divine right of Kings, much as today everyone is with equal plausibility required to pretend to believe that women are equal to men.

The English Civil war was intended to secure the rights of Englishmen, but to Englishmen’s dismay, what we would now call right dictatorship was replaced by a dictatorship of the predecessors of today’s left.

Holy leftists were continually outflanked by people even holier and lefter.

This is not some weird Moldbuggian reinterpretation of what leftism means.  Marx also traces the roots of the left to the movements holier than Cromwell and suppressed by Cromwell, the Levellers and the Diggers. A faction of the twentieth century hippy movement called themselves “The Diggers”, claiming to be continuation and revival of the seventeenth century Digger movement.

Cromwell became dictator and ended the left singularity, announcing that England had become sufficiently holy, and repressing those to his left equally with those to his right, much as Stalin declared the Soviet Union sufficiently socialist, and proceeded to kill everyone more socialist than Stalin, as well as everyone less socialist than Stalin. Threatened on the left, Cromwell took the royalist General Monck out of prison and gave him a high command, and his own personal right wing praetorian guard, now known as the Coldstream guards.

When Cromwell died, his son was to succeed him, but, since Cromwell and the holy left had been busily opposing monarchy and undermining monarchism, this failed to take.  General Monck then marched on London, defeating the New Model Army.  He set his Praetorians to “guarding” Parliament,  The puritan parliament immediately voted to dissolve itself and hold a new election with rules more favorable to the cavaliers.  A Royalist parliament was elected, still guarded by Monck’s Praetorians, the Coldstream guards, who continue to guard the British Parliament to this day.  The new Parliament restored the monarchy and Anglican theocracy.  For anyone to get near the levers of power, they had to swear fealty to the thirty nine articles, much as today you have to submit essays showing how progressive you are.

This loyalty oath remained in effect from approximately 1662 to 1826.

The restoration regime was an astonishing success.  It created the scientific revolution, the industrial revolution, and British adventurers conquered most of the world, forming what would later be called the British empire.

Under the restoration regime, science was high status – not official science, but real science, the scientific method.  Today, the scientific method is only carried out by subversive troublemakers, who are likely to be deemed enemies of the state, for example the climate skeptic movement.  Similarly, before the restoration, as today, the scientific method was largely carried out furtively.  The predecessor of the Royal Society was the invisible college, and the reason it was invisible is that they would rather not be seen.

I attribute the success of officially Anglican England to the fact that official Anglicanism was latitudinarian  In Bruce Charleton’s terminology, it tolerated heretics but not apostates.

Today, one must believe everything the state believes, one must believe all official truth, of which there is a great deal.  Deviation is tolerated amongst the lower classes, since they are deemed hopelessly ignorant, but the higher one is in society, the more precise and detailed one’s knowledge of the official truth is expected to be, and the higher one’s status, the more one is expected to agree ever more meticulously and in ever more precise detail.  In contrast, the thirty nine articles mostly focused on points where members of competing theocratic movements would disagree, mostly focused on the antigens of hostile enemy theocratic movements, permitting much greater intellectual freedom than can exist today.

Because the thirty nine articles were latitudinarian, they did not cause an ever rightwards movement analogous to today’s ever leftwards movement.  The requirement to enter the corridors of power was not to be sufficiently holy, which test Charles the Second would surely have failed, but to not be an adherent of Roman Catholicism, Puritanism, or Puritanism’s successor movements.