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The last pope

Saturday, August 3rd, 2013

Pope Benedict XVI was the last Roman Catholic Pope. It is unlikely that there will be any more. There will be people called popes, but they will be megaphones for progressivism, not Roman Catholicism.

Progressivism is an entryist movement, the last major entryist movement standing, having fully assimilated the remaining communist movements. The progressive believes in Jesus the community organizer, Marx the moderate progressive, Mohammed the prophet of progressivism, Adam Smith the anticapitalist, and so on and so forth. He also believes in Christ the Redeemer, where by redemption is meant bringing people to progressivism, and in Salvation, where by salvation he means electing a progressive government that does everything a progressive government is supposed to do, including, indeed especially, those things that are impossible for a government to do.  Jesus would drive a prius were he here today, and his mission, rightly understood, is to save the earth from man. (more…)