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Pilgrim socialism

Thursday, November 28th, 2013

By now everyone knows the real story of thanksgiving.  The pilgrim fathers attempted socialism, as usual famine ensued, followed by mass die off, they appointed a new governor who concluded that when God expelled Adam and Eve from the garden, God ordained private property in the means of production.  Famine solved, prosperity ensues.  Pilgrims ordain a day of thanksgiving to thank God for their prosperity.

But strangely, the New York Times, and the left generally, is fighting back, attempting to speak power to truth.  According to the New York Times: (more…)

Moore’s law ends. Technological singularity postponed indefinitely

Wednesday, November 27th, 2013

The fabs will soon be delivering “16nm” chips.  But they are not in fact 16nm chips.  That is just marketer spin.  The wire to wire spacing, the pitch, is still 64nm, as it has been for some considerable time.  There have been substantial improvements in power consumption, and this and that, but chips have just stopped getting denser.  There are no more transistors per unit area than in previous technology generations.  They are 64nm chips, and we have been stuck at 64 nm for some time. (more…)

Black Privilege

Tuesday, November 26th, 2013

No Limit Nigga

Martin Trayvon

This is a picture of No Limit Nigga.  If he does not much resemble the massively photoshopped image of Martin Trayvon you see everywhere, he nonetheless is a good match to the pre photoshopped image.

The knockout game

You have doubtless heard of the knockout game, where a black suckerpunches some random white in the street.

Is the knockout game happening everywhere all the time and the press and police are politely ignoring it, or is it a very rare occurrence, and evil white racists are making a big deal out of this very rare event? (more…)

The history of the left

Thursday, November 21st, 2013

This is a relatively short recap of Moldbug on the origins of leftism.

Leftists like to trace leftism to the people who sat on the left hand of the French assembly, which traces back the left to its very first pretense to be something other than a religion, and then traces it no further.  The French left, before they were “the left”, were Gallicans, and before they were Gallicans, were adherents of the false Popes of Avignon.

Yet no sooner did they give themselves a secular name, than they proceeded to fight bloody holy wars in the Vendée and in Spain, as though the false popes were still seated in Avignon. (more…)

Predicting collapse

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

I am a prophet of doom.  There tends to be an oversupply of prophets of doom, and the proportion who turn out correct is quite small.

Equally, there are also a large number of prophets of non doom, for example the numerous prophets of complacency during the fall of the Roman Empire in the west, who assume that everything will continue as today, often even when spectacular collapse is under way, they assume that everything has now stabilized, or will very shortly stabilize.

So, I reach for the mantle of an accurate prophet:  Ayn Rand in her science fiction novel Atlas Shrugged accurately predicted the condition of today’s Detroit, though her book was published when Detroit had the highest standard of living in America. (more…)

Hayekian critique of Obamacare

Monday, November 18th, 2013

Hayek correctly predicted that socialism must be despotic, because it cannot operate according to laws, but according to decrees. And so we see the President issued a speech declaring his intent to ignore and unilaterally change some parts of a law, passed by Congress and signed by him, that he was suddenly finding inconvenient and then enforcing obedience on state employees, non federal government employees to obey his words and ignore his laws.

But, Hayek tells us, even this does not work, because the decrees are apt to be mutually incompatible. They cannot all be carried out. And so the Pharaoh winds up commanding bricks to be made without straw. (more…)

Your taxes at play

Saturday, November 16th, 2013

Crystal Mangum, the whore who accused the Duke University Lacrosse team of raping her, is currently charged with murdering her boyfriend Reginald Daye Wilson.

The incident that led to the death of her boyfriend started with her applying for food stamps, Medicare, subsidized child care, cash, and employment assistance, which application was, in whole or  substantial part, granted.   Your taxes at play. (more…)

Progressives are channeling me

Friday, November 15th, 2013

Not long before 10-10 no pressure came out, I compared environmentalists the French Revolutionary terrorists, and said that they would murder children for insufficient environmentalism, and then the revolution would devour its children. And lo and behold, they produce an ad depicting themselves murdering children for insufficient environmentalism, and then murdering each other.

Observe, the Obama ads for Obamacare: Now people who actually work for a living will fund your self destructive behavior! Is it not great? Obamacare is wonderful since it makes other people pay for your decisions! Now typical Obama voters, such as alcoholics and fat sluts will no longer have to bear the costs of their own decisions!

The only way they could have made the Obamacare ads more truthful would be to give the beneficiaries the appropriate skin color.

Stupid U

Thursday, November 14th, 2013

Inequality, as you know, is rising (because of the mass importation of a low IQ Indio and Mestizo non working underclass from Mexico into the US) The progressive diagnosis was that university makes everyone affluent and middle class, so they would run everyone, especially women, through university.


Between 2000 and 2008 the typical earnings of men with at least a bachelor’s degree fell by more than $2,000, after inflation, to $70,332 a year. Between 2008 and last year they fell a further $3,500.

Falling rewards for a Bachelor’s degree reflects the dumbing down of Bachelor’s degrees, which is in substantial part driven by the flood of women in higher ed. (more…)

The anti-anti reactionary FAQ: Sluts

Monday, November 11th, 2013

Scott, good progressive that he is, is horrified by the fact that reactionaries use the word “sluts” and feels that reactionaries are being illogical and inconsistent to endorse different standards for different genders. Which argument, like all his arguments, presupposes that men and women are exactly alike and everyone knows this and believes it.   So it is completely unnecessary for him to bother producing any argument for the proposition that men and women are alike.

Scott cannot believe that reactionaries say what they say and mean what they mean, and assures us that reactionaries do not really think that different standards apply to men than to women, and different standards should apply.  That would just be too awful even for reactionaries to think!

He piously explains that now that we have contraception and all that, there is no longer any reason for the old fashioned view of sluts. (more…)