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Murdering Grandma does not substantially save on health costs

Monday, November 4th, 2013

All the intellectuals in the US who are officially deemed to be very smart people are officially telling us that the big problem with health care, the reason your Obamacare bills are going out of sight, is that keeping Grandma alive for a few months longer can cost unlimited amounts of money

As you doubtless know, most government health care systems around the world wind up murdering Grandma to free up beds: “Prolonged deep sedation”; “The Liverpool Care Pathway”.

To rationalize this, as we in the US increasingly move towards a government healthcare system, everyone is telling us that grandma is causing out of control health costs.

People 65-79 (9 percent of the total population) represented 29 percent of the top 5 percent of spenders. Similarly, people 80 years and older (about 3 percent of the population) accounted for 14 percent of the top 5 percent of spenders (Chart 2, 40 KB).2 However, within age groups, spending is less concentrated among those age 65 and over than for the under-65 population. The top 5 percent of elderly spenders accounted for 34 percent of all expenses by the elderly in 2002, while the top 5 percent of non-elderly spenders accounted for 49 percent of expenses by the non-elderly.

But what all that adds up to is that grandparents dying of complications of old age are causing only a small proportion of total health care costs.  The article whines about how selfish grandma is for expensively remaining alive, but reveals that grandma is not in fact costing enough to make a noticeable difference. If in each year you kill off the most expensive five percent of over sixty fives, you save twelve percent. (more…)

The anti-anti reactionary FAQ Part 4, Ever leftwards movement

Sunday, November 3rd, 2013

In his anti reactionary FAQ Scott argues that ever leftwards movement is not a bunch of conspiracies run by Harvard and the State Department, but rather a natural response to prosperity and power.  We are richer and safer, so can afford a little decadence, perhaps a lot of decadence.

This fails to explain the ever more drastic measures applied by the state to move us left, for example population replacement, and the ever more strident propaganda in school and on television.

This also predicts that no crisis shall ensue, that we will reach an equilibrium level of leftism appropriate for our level of prosperity and power, that there is a natural level of leftism, and this natural level has moved left because we are richer, have contraception, treatment for sexually transmitted diseases, dominate all our enemies, etc.

But every other leftwards movement has become ever more extreme, moved leftwards ever faster, eventually resulting in crisis, usually a bloody and disastrous crisis.  The reason that leftists of anglosphere puritan origin rule the world is in large part because all the other left wing movements self destructed horribly, leaving Anglosphere leftists of puritan origin the last power standing.

Karl Marx predicted the second coming crisis of capitalism, in which capitalism would collapse, and the saints his followers take over.

I can confidently predict the collapse of leftism, but alas, not that the saints get to win. It sometimes happens that reactionaries take over after the crisis, and all is peace and order, but the more usual outcome is outside invaders take over, sometimes genocidally, or pirates and brigands take over, and slowly over centuries the brigands transition to being feudal lords.

A reactionary victory is possible.  Strange things are apt to happen as history approaches a left singularity.  White autogenocide is also possible, in which first all white heterosexual males are murdered, largely by each other, then all whites are murdered (Jews discovering to their great shock and surprise that they are white after all), all heterosexuals are murdered, and all males are murdered, then anyone insufficiently leftist is murdered, then the bar for being sufficiently leftist is raised, and raised again, until some of the remaining leftists wise up and murder everyone who is excessively leftist, thus ending the crisis.

If it winds up that bad, or any where near that bad, will not end in the second coming of Charles the Second.

Apostolic Succession

Friday, November 1st, 2013

According to some branches of Christianity, notably Roman Catholicism, Jesus ordained his disciples to perform certain sacraments, and they in turn ordained others to perform these sacraments, and only the legitimate successors of the apostles can validly perform these sacraments.   So supposedly most sacraments are invalid unless performed by a priest, by someone who has been authorized by someone who has been authorized … all the way back to Jesus.

Trouble is that because the official Roman Catholic Church has not believed in Apostolic Succession for some time, Pope Francis arguably never got ordained, in the sense that his ordination did not grant him power over sacraments, in the sense that it failed to say, or act out, the granting of power over sacraments,  and is therefore only a layman who cannot perform a valid sacrament.

If you do not believe in apostolic succession, then Pope Francis is just another man.  And if you do believe in apostolic succession, then he is still just another man, because ordained by people who corrected the ordination to avoid expressing belief in apostolic succession. (more…)