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Merry Christmas everyone

Tuesday, December 24th, 2013

The overclass hates you.

Saturday, December 21st, 2013

People notice the overclass (brahman, in Moldbug’s terminology) hates whites.  So they figure.

Well, people who think of themselves as white cannot possibly hate whites, so it must be Jews, who don’t consider themselves white, hating us.


The overclass hates whites because it is almost entirely white. It hates Jews because it is disproportionately Jewish. It hates males, marriage, and so on and so forth for much the same reasons.

And it hates all humans because it is composed of humans, hence the Greenie position that humans are a cancer upon the earth.

The left is the state and the state is the left, and the left has a long history of self destructive self hatred

The Populares (loose translation:  Democratic Party, or People’s Popular Party of Rome) allied with the enemies of Rome, and did not seem to doubt the wisdom of this alliance, when during their civil war, in 82 BC, their allies showed up at the gates with the intention of not merely defeating the other side in the Roman civil war, but of permanently and completely destroying the city of Rome.  The army of the Populares, seeking to rule Rome, fought shoulder to shoulder with the Samnites, seeking to destroy Rome, and against the army of Sulla, seeking to preserve the Roman Empire against internal and external enemies.

In 1647AD Chang Hsien-chong said:

Heaven brings forth innumerable things to nurture man.
Man has nothing good with which to recompense Heaven
Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill.

He committed an autogenocide more thorough than that of the Khmer Rouge.  As with the Khmer Rouge, first killed the landlords for owning the land, then the intellectuals for insufficient ideological purity, then the peasants for insufficient collectivism, and so on and so forth.

To update his words to the twenty first century just substitute earth for heaven:

Earth brings forth innumerable things to nurture man.
Man has nothing good with which to recompense Earth
Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill.
10:10 no pressure.

Perhaps the reason is that leftism is always based on allying with those far away against those that are near, and leftism always gets lefter, so they wind up allying with trees against humans.

Perhaps the reason is that the easiest way to be holier than thou, the way that takes the least effort or thought, is to hate those closest to one for insufficient holiness.

Likely, both reasons and several more.

The Jewish Conspiracy

Sunday, December 15th, 2013

A lot of people believe that the Jews act as one, that they secretively and conspiratorially pursue Jewish interests at other people’s expense.

The coordination problem is hard.  No one successfully acts as one.  Two Jews, three factions. That is why neoreactionaries propose terrible solutions to the coordination problem, on the grounds that other, more sophisticated, solutions are even worse.  The Cathedral acts more or less as one – one madman, but they have visible institutions to coordinate them, and even then, do not do it too well.

The Old Bolsheviks were mostly Jewish, and proceeded to purge each other until the party was damn near Judenrein.  The Trotskyists were overwhelmingly Jewish, and, lacking the power to send each other to the gulag, still are overwhelmingly Jewish, (hence the saying two trots, three factions) and they hate Jews more than anyone. (more…)

No peak oil

Sunday, December 15th, 2013

Inflation adjusted price of oil shows no obvious trend, suggesting that limits on oil production reflect social decay and technological slowdown, rather than physical exhaustion of resources.

Oil prices rose, and rose, to 2008, and in 2008, it looked like the peak oilers were, like a stopped clock, finally correct.  And then prices fell, a lot.  They have risen since, but not to their 2008 peaks.  From 2010 to the present oil prices have been high and steady in nominal dollars, while Chinese and Indian consumption soars.  But steady in nominal dollars means falling about six percent a year in real prices, (or three percent a year if you believe the official cpi)  So, more oil produced and consumed at lower prices, indicating that oil extraction technology continues to advance fast enough to keep up with increased demand.

If real prices start rising again, more likely social decay than limits to growth.

Radish on anarcho tyranny

Saturday, December 14th, 2013

Radish is excessively unkind to anarcho capitalism, though he is correct to point out that a lot of anarcho capitalists would be quite horrified by an anarcho capitalist polity in which, because the police and judiciary were in large part the direct employees of shopping malls and suchlike, capitalists had a lot of legal authority, and even more horrified if, because suburbia was protected by heads of households, and organizations paid by heads of households, each head of household had near total legal authority over his household, after the fashion of Republican Rome and the Old Testament.

But most of his wonderful article is on anarcho tyranny:

In 1961, 1971, and 1981, city street lights were not systematically de-wired. And the fact that plaques and bells of a century’s pedigree were just now looted attests that they all survived the Great Depression, the punks of the 1950s, and the crime-ridden 1970s.

Equal opportunity

Monday, December 9th, 2013

Whenever someone announces that they are in favor of equal opportunity, in favor of equality of opportunity rather than equality of outcome, they have usually a few paragraphs, or a few comments away, defended some outrageously unjust inequality of opportunity implemented and enforced by state power to destroy group X, as punishment for group X privilege.

Everyone is in favor of equality of opportunity.  I am in favor of equality of opportunity.  But, realistically, you are not going to get it, and attempting to get it is apt to result in genocide, as in the Congo, or terror, as in Sri Lanka. (more…)

anti anti anti anti reactionary faq

Wednesday, December 4th, 2013

Scot Alexander has answered the anti anti reactionary faq.

The anti anti reactionary faq argument to which he replies is that leftist have a dreadful record of misgovernment, terror, tyranny, artificial famine, and leftists tend to get lefter over a time.  It is a slippery slope, the slope gets steeper and steeper, and at the bottom of that slope, a deep pit filled with sharpened stakes.

Scot’s reply is that these bad things done by leftists were a response to the horrid horrid horrid evil oppression by extremely reactionary regimes, which made the masses so very angry.

The trouble with this story is the King Louis and Tzar Nicholas were very progressive – and very powerless.  To the extent that they were able to exercise any power, it was to reward and protect their enemies, and destroy their loyalists.  It is probably fortunate that King Louis XVI, a supposedly absolute divine right monarch, was completely unable to get any of his policies implemented, because they were all disastrously stupid highly fashionable left wing policies, in particular the proposal to abolish the taille.

The anti-anti reactionary FAQ: war and democide

Sunday, December 1st, 2013

Scott, good progressive that he is, assures us that with the rise of democracy, war has diminished.

He gets this bizarre conclusion in two ways:  By starting the clock at Zhang Xianzhong, after which violence diminished, and by starting the clock at World War II, after which violence diminished.

But Zhang Xianzhong was a radical leftist, not an emperor, and violence diminished after Zhang Xianzhong, because everyone was so horrified by the bloodthirsty record of leftism that they did not let it rise again for centuries,

Let us instead start the clock at the Restoration.  We then see wars and genocide getting steadily bigger and bloodier to World War II.

As the world got more demotic, war, and democide increased from the days of the Restoration until World War II, after which we got the pax atomica, the peace of terror, the nuclear peace. Things were, during the nuclear peace, if not quiet, comparatively quiet. (more…)