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Official Reactionary Position

Sunday, June 1st, 2014

If I meet a tranny in person or on video disguised as a woman, I am apt to vomit. This does not mean that I refrain from text or audio conversation with a tranny. I do, however, refer to trannys as “he” or “him”, and when I hear someone using the other term, it puts me off my food.

A someone who has frequently been nominated for the as yet nonexistent post of Grand Inquisitor of the Neoreaction, I, naturally, endorse the Official Neoreactionary Position.

  1. Talking to, being friends with, showing normal human kindness to a disordered person is not tantamount to:

    a) approving all the free choices that person has made; or
    b) favoring social and/or legal norms that support the person’s disorder; or
    c) joining them in their organization (should it exist); or
    d) inviting them into your organization (should it exist)

  2. If someone wants to purge someone else then show up with an Institution and your name at the top of it, and then there’ll be something to talk about. Until then, all future such attempts to purge are moot, null, damaging, extremely embarrassing, and in very poor taste. This shall be construed as the Official Neoreactionary Position.
  3. I shall be the judge of who I can have a drink with. This should henceforth be construed as the Official Neoreactionary Position on this matter.
  4. Men shit-test men all the time. It may or may not be a good and proper thing to do. But who is the worse: the one who constructs the shit-test, or the one who fails it?
  5. It is the Official Neoreactionary Position that falling prey to hysterical over-reaction to a perceived personal attack is a disqualifying defect in a man who would lead other men.