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Radix on Christianity

Tuesday, February 17th, 2015

Another profound post from Radix

The institutional Christianity that flourishes today is no longer the same religion as that practiced by Charlemagne and his successors, and it can no longer support the civilization they formed. Indeed, organized Christianity today is the enemy of the West and the race that created it.

When the Puritans claimed to be returning to the original Christianity, that was, unfortunately, exactly what they were doing – returning to Christianity as it was before Charlemagne.

I would recommend referring the Charles the Great as Charles the Great, rather than Charlemagne, and Charles the Hammer as Charles the Hammer, rather than Charles Martel, because these were the first major figures in history to have modern names, reminding us that they were the very start of yesterday’s European civilization.

The weak have it coming to them

Sunday, February 15th, 2015

The New York Times is getting worried about the wave of persecution that it has done so much to create.

They recently did a pity piece on poor little Justine Sacco

Justine Sacco is a good progressive. She has no enemies to the left, no friends to the right. She had a good progressive job with a good progressive company. She had a good progressive family. One fine day she twittered

“Going to Africa. Hope I don’t get AIDS. Just kidding. I’m white!”

Ten thousand progressives mobilized in outraged horror. She lost her job. Her family disowned her, and she was deeply, deeply ashamed. Whenever anyone told her that her tweet was OK because whites seldom get AIDS, was as outraged as anyone.

Meanwhile I had sometime earlier posted that

The Red Cross donation form is way too long. Could cut it down to one line “Are you a member of an official victim group? If so, we don’t want your filthy AIDS infested blood”

with no reaction other than some moron arguing that sodomy was just as bad if a white person does it.

Among my many possibly controversial posts:
Slavery was good for most blacks, segregation was good for blacks, we should have different laws for blacks and whites, we should restore slavery for problem people – and most such problem people would be black.
Very few rape accusations are real, very few rape convictions are just.
Cuckoldry is worse for men than rape is for women, therefore we should deal with heterosexual sex offenses on the old testament model as property rights violations against the owner of the woman.

To the best of my recollection, the only time I got a substantial hostile reaction was when I very politely opined that sex change operations usually left the victim in uncanny valley between male and female, hence the high suicide rate. Perhaps had I added that such perverts make me want to chuck, would have gotten away with it. In my subsequent post on the topic, was careful to emphasize the horror inducing characteristics of intersexuals.

The mob that the New York Times has unleashed is attracted to the smell of fear and weakness. Phil Robertson stands up to them, and it blows over. The victims usually issue confessions of their crimes and apologies for their crimes, as if they are about to face torture and the gulag – because they have been selected for the propensity to break down easily.

I think the Phil Robertson incident led to a general feeling “Let us not try shaming people who live in the middle of nowhere”. People who live on the revolving door are vulnerable to all sorts of consequences, and so the mob jumps in, hoping to apply those consequences. If you work in PR, extra vulnerable crunchy target.

Revolution in the Ukraine

Wednesday, February 11th, 2015

Some time ago, democracy in the Ukraine produced the wrong result. The Cathedral violently and conspiratorially overthrew the elected government, installed a new government, which then held elections, which elections, predictably, produced the right result.

Revolution ensued against this democratically elected government, and is spreading

Meanwhile in Britain “antifascist” thugs, who are all full time employees of government unions, operating with impunity under police protection, use violence and the threat of violence to disrupt the political activities of the UK Independence Party.

Nothing exciting happening with Greece

Wednesday, February 11th, 2015

For as long as I can remember,  the Greek government has been spending other people’s money.

For as long as I can remember, there has been a financial crisis in which those reluctantly funding the Greek government announce this is now going to stop.

In the latest crisis, the German government meets with the Greek government and with great firmness tells them to stop spending German money.

But, short of Germany leaving the Euro, the German government has no power to stop other people from spending German money.  The European Central Bank has, through a variety of moves, some of them immoral but arguably legal, some of them flat out illegal, gathered the power to spend unlimited amounts of the money of the more solvent countries of the European Union on its clients and cronies.

Only the unelected and permanent European Central Bank has the power to stop funding Greece.  When the Greek government starts negotiating with the European Central Bank, then negotiations might matter.

Female Sexuality

Sunday, February 8th, 2015

Promoting a great comment by “John” from my previous post “Roissy is correct”

“20 yo women who were consciously expecting to spend 10 years getting laid by a variety of studs before even thinking about selecting a father for their child”

This is the true market shift. Women today are allowed to do what they want, so they maximize the benefit derived from having a hot young female body. This means a variety of temporary relationships with the hottest, most charismatic men they can find, followed by marriage with one or two kids to their “best friend” who is usually an attractive beta provider of similar age.

Having a baby traps them at home and prematurely degrades their hotness. Being legally bound to a single man prevents them from maximizing the enjoyment they can receive from sex.

So the fittest and most desirable women these days are just as commitment averse as the most alpha of cads. It’s not until their glory run is over and their looks start to slip that they even start to consider marriage and family.

At that point, if they have managed their looks well, cultivated their charm, avoided becoming totally insane, and didn’t wait too long — they can still EASILY scoop up a quality man.

The mating market power of the attractive 18-25 year old female trumps everything else, however, the alpha male’s trump card is longevity. He can fuck prime age women (though not lock them down) into his 50s.

Not even trying to lock them down is key, because it is always sure to drive them away if they are pre-baby-rabies. This is the fruit of sexual liberation — a sexual utopia for high achievers who enjoy high quality and quantity of sexual relationships, with varying levels frustration and internet porn for everyone else.

All while the birthrate plummets because it is individually optimal for prime fertility females to keep those peak attractiveness years for themselves by delaying reproduction. Women will make this choice every single time if given the option.

In the ancestral environment, in the environment of evolutionary adaptation, this behavior would have resulted in the hot chick getting pregnant to an alpha male at thirteen, and then married to a beta male at fourteen, and then stuck with that beta male, which is optimal for the individual female in that environment, and not too intolerably harsh on the beta male, given that the alpha male probably had a spear and sword and was pretty good with them, and infant mortality was mighty high.

In the current environment, however, this behavior is apt to continue to age thirty or so, which is pathological, and extremely harsh on the beta male. This is analogous to our love of sweet things being optimal in an environment where the only sweet things are ripe fruit. With contraception and abortion, women are free to overindulge in a supernormal stimulus.  In the ancestral environment, this behavior ended with them settling for a beta male at fourteen.  In our environment, this behavior ends with them settling for a beta male at thirty.

Rape accusation for grades

Wednesday, February 4th, 2015

Emma Sulkowicz gets an advanced degree in false rape accusations. I hope it comes with a mountain of student debt.

Emma Sulkowicz decided that her last booty call with Paul Nungesser was rape, after several months went by with no further booty calls from him, despite her prompting on instant messaging. Or perhaps she decided when her academic advisor went fishing for rape cases.

Society is a racial construct

Sunday, February 1st, 2015

No amount of social change is going to change the nature of races. Egypt has had racial mixing for several thousand years and blacks have always been criminals, servants, and slaves.

But change the race, as is the policy of the permanent and unelected government in every formerly white country except Iceland, and you will change the society.

In a few white countries the merely elected government is resisting the policy of the permanent and unelected government. In Australia, the merely elected government has the support, loyalty, and obedience of the military, and is prepared to use it, so, despite a continual storm of attacks by the permanent government, it gets its way on this issue against the will of the permanent government – until the next election. The elected government is only temporary after all, and so, from time to time, will yield to pressure.

What has happened in every white country is that the merely elected government has laws limiting illegal immigration, and limiting benefits received by illegals. And in every white country, those laws are not enforced.

Asylum laws are knowingly and intentionally abused to bring in people persecuted for ordinary non political crimes, and for such political crimes as terrorism. Many recent terrorist incidents in white countries have been committed by terrorists who gained asylum on the basis of persecution resulting from crimes of terror or from ordinary non political crimes. The permanent government wants an underclass, and it wants the worst possible underclass, the worse the underclass, the better it can be used as a weapon against the former majority. Hence the active recruitment of terrorists and criminals, and the use of the school system to indoctrinate the new majority with hatred against the former majority.

Yes, Roissy is correct

Sunday, February 1st, 2015

A lot of people who claim to teach how to pick up girls are just scammers.  For example, “Neuro Linguistic Programming” is just a variation on the old “Get Girls by Hypnosis” scam. But Roissy is the real deal. I know well his stuff works.

Most beautiful high IQ high socioeconomic status women are blowing their youth, their beauty, and their most fertile years on low income semi employed assholes with room temperature IQs, the kind of guy who sometimes gets a job folding sweaters, sometimes deals a little dope, sometimes a bit of burglary, but mostly sponges off his exceedingly numerous girlfriends, particularly the flock of them that are high socioeconomic status.

And here is a post from a young lady who is industriously blowing her youth, beauty, and most fertile years confirming many of Roissy’s maxims.

Which raises the interesting question.  Why are most naturals kind of stupid?  If female hypergamy works, should not naturals be above average intelligence?

I conjecture that much of the problem is that stupid people act brave, not because they are brave, but because they don’t think about the consequences of their actions.  The man who is a part time sweater folder, part time burglar, and full time sponger off girlfriends is unlikely to be intimidated by political correctness.

A smart nerd and a dumb asshole are forced to attend a lecture on rape and respecting women and consent and all that boring stuff.  The smart nerd is terrified and believes everything he hears, and thinks that if he says “hi” to a pretty girl he will arrested.  The dumb asshole does not understand a word.  All he sees is a fat diesel dyke making menacing gestures like an overweight angry gorilla and braying “waah waah waah”

So the dumb asshole goes forth and grabs some girl’s ass, while the smart nerd cowers in the corner trembling in fear.

A long time ago I was walking along, and ran into a girl I knew vaguely.  She was a friend of a friend of friend or something like that.  So I grabbed her and kissed on the lips.  After several seconds she pulled away and protested vehemently:

What the hell do you think you are doing

She said with much indignation.

To which I impudently replied with a big grin:

Kissing you on the lips.

After a couple of seconds she grinned also, and we kissed a little more.

Then she gave me the “I have boyfriend” shit test, which shit test, being ignorant and innocent back in those days, I failed.

I was never a pick up artist, but however embarrassingly incompetent my efforts to meet girls were, I did better than anyone too frightened to try.

Before 1972, there was no stereotype of the sexually unsuccessful awkward high IQ nerd. I don’t believe the awkward high IQ nerd existed until recent times.  Something has changed.  The stereotypical smart person used to resemble Feynman and Wernher von Braun, who were notorious hits with chicks.

What has changed that leads to stupid people cleaning up?

1.  Elite culture has become more hostile to intelligence.  Catcher in the Rye replaces Anabasis.  Smart people tend to exclude women and blacks.   Shirtgate guy.

2.  Smart people have a tendency to deal with girls on the basis of what they are taught, rather than instinct, hence, the blue pill generates men who are very bad at women.  The smarter you are, the better you are at absorbing and accepting misinformation.

When I was kid, quite a long time ago, a lot of what is now PUA lore, that nice guys finish last, that a man should take rejection imperturbably, that faint heart never won fair lady, was common knowledge, stuff that everyone knew.  This widespread knowledge of women was suppressed, and replaced by misinformation, and the intellectuals were the primary targets of that misinformation.  The smarter you are, the more exposed to the blue pill.